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Right now I’m making final modifications to Real estate agent game – FREE dating sim with 3 gorgeous woman to date. Still waiting for some texts and soon I’ll be able to ask INSIDERS for some beta testing.





There’s a lot going on in this department. We’re working over a new projects with new copywriters and I’m very excited about it. Also our visual artist are still upgrading their skills and our new games are going to look awesome.

In terms of already announced projects. First I plan to launch short and very immersive game – Margaret and Walther.




Then I plan to prepare another set of new events to Eleanor 2.




UPDATE: INSIDERS, please take a look at our latest project – link below WALKTHROUGH section.

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  1. Come on guys, remember the wait for Eleanor 2? If we get news too early about LWT2, the wait will be unbearable. It’s clear that Margaret and Walther & new Elanor events are coming out first, so let’s focus on them.

    The thing that I want to see is news on S&G. They haven’t had any posts on that in 2 months. Since that post we’ve had updates on both LWT2 and the updated Blind Date 3D.

    1. as much as i’m looking forward to lwt2 i agree with what you said,it would be nice to get new teaser on instagram though

      real estate agent looks great,renders are getting better and better
      new content for eleanor looks great too,keep up with great work

    2. The wait’s already unbearable lol.
      There was a post that said LWT2 would come out in April, so I understand why fellow players are upset the game isn’t released yet. I’m not sure if these new games were supposed to come out BEFORE (I don’t remember the schedule saying so), but it’s fine I suppose. As long as LWT2 is at it’s best once released.

  2. Looks like its Amelias turn to fuck the guys in the club and we know she isn’t a light weight in the fucking department. Can’t wait for the update. Thanks Leon.

  3. For those asking about LWT2, Leo has made it clear he wont give estimated specific release dates anymore due to all the hassle that entails. I’m sure if they had a general estimate (like the 3 month one given before ELE2 was released) he’d of said so. Otherwise given all the screens, mechanics and story info we’ve already been given, the only other news would be “we’re working on it”.

    1. He did, actually. There was a post about a few months ago, maybe a year ago, that stated that LWT2 along with ELE2 would be released this time around April 2016. I understand that the game would be delayed, if it needs more fine tuning. I’m not very understanding about how they’re releasing updates about ELE2 and nothing on LWT2. I’m sure they know what they’re doing, However.

  4. Hi leo, you said that you are working on new projects so I guess they are new games and not the ones we are know they are coming this year, just please I guess the almost all the blog will agree, take into consideration agent 069 for a new game ! She is one of the hottest girl from your games ! Ty keep it up

  5. Hi guys! a great work like always, hey i wanna make a suggestion for a future game, one in one you can chosse between two women for the adventure, something like two best friends or two sisters, who start college, a new job or anything and you can chosse if do the adventure with one or the other, each one with different situations and a posible cameo of the other girl, like two games in one

    I know that is too early to talk about an Eleanor 3, but if you want to do that someday… What about one with Melissa (Eleanor daugther from one of the Eleanor 2 finals) but now the years has pass and she is a sexy coed?, and like my suggestion you can chose between run the adventure with the sexy coed Mellisa or the Sluty MILF Eleanor

  6. It looks like I cannot comment in the insider page…
    I tested the game, but there is no comment box there, and I don’t want to give you feedback here, of course.
    Can you please fix it?

    1. True, I wasn’t able to find a comment section over there either.
      Probably is gonna be fixed soon.

      @Leo: There’s a lot to say about the game, can’t wait to let you know.

      1. Has there been a password change to LOP insiders?

        I tried using the first one they gave us for Farm Stories but couldn’t access Insiders: Test Project R

  7. Would like to find out how to become an insider? I have played just about every game in gold. Sex and glory, as well as Blind date. Either way thanks for the games and look forward to the next update.

    1. Dear Mr. Leonizer,

      Good job for all the up coming new games.

      Thank you sir Leonizer.

      Please have more updates in Eleanor 2 game, have an asian babe as Mr. Kensington wife.

      I also like to request to have Amelia, Samantha, Eleanor, Don Mario’s wife and also Mr. Kensington wife to have blackmailed and force sex by Mr. Kevin.

      Please have all these included and I cannot wait to have all these complete sex scenes in Eleanor 2 game.

      Thank you once again Mr. Leonizer.

      David Ong.

      1. Dear Mr. Leo,

        I can’t wait for Eleanor2 additional add-ons

        Is this the final in coming add-ons for Eleanor 2 game?

        Thank you.
        David Ong.

        1. Dear Mr. Leonizer,

          For Mr. Kensington hot asian wife to be included in the up coming Eleanor 2 game, I wish that you could have some rough ideas to use images of hot japanese av stars such as : –

          1. Yui Hatano photos
          2. Yuna Shiina photos
          3. Yuki Toma photos
          4. Takako Kitahara photos
          5. Reiko Kobayakawa photos

          All these av stars photos to be included in your up coming Eleanor 2 game would be awesome.

          Thank you.

          David Ong.

    2. There was a window of opportunity. You had to send them an email, and there was another process after. I think they reply if they want you on the team and if you convinced them you have good taste. Then you’d have to reply back within a time (missed the deadline, myself, since they changed the process of doing it), and they would give you more info. I don’t think it’s available anymore.

  8. I’m kinda waiting for the free games with new artists, like Weekend By Bradleys or Living With Lana.

    The more artists who stand the test, the faster the results. Really looking forward to the last one.

    1. Dear Mr. Leo,

      When is Eleanor 2 final add-ons to be release, any specific dates?

      I hope to hear from you soon.

      Thank you.

      David Ong from Malaysia.

  9. Awesome stuff, excited for the free game! In regards to Eleanor, do you think you could add some functionality to the clients and James? Samantha mentioned that James goes to college nearby, so maybe we could interact with him and have sex with him on a daily basis like Don Mario, like in his dorm room or even classes/parties. In addition, you could also do the same kind of thing with the clients, Tony and Mr. Kensington, as both could be people we can interact with (to boost income) and hook up with daily as well. I know that Mr. Kensington forced her, but maybe it could be a love/hate relationship where he pays her quick cash each time she spends time with him. Finally, since Don Mario is a mob boss, he could be more aggressive. For example, in addition to having sex in his office, you could invite him for public sex in the park, in the office under Drake’s nose, or even at your home when Drake has no idea.

    Anyways, these are just suggestions but keep up the great work!

    1. I agree with you !, James has a lot of potential, even you guys can add a new location “highschool”, eleanor can have a teacher’s role, even Eleanor can have a lot of new scenes, with James and new students ! Just one idea of tons that I have.

  10. Looking forward to this upcoming Eleanor expansion.
    Although I agree it would be nice to have some information on LWT2, I think we should just let them crack on with it and keep giving us these expansions. Leo has even said they’re upgrading their visual skills… so why rush them? Let them develop, let them making an awesome looking game!

    Anyways, has anyone created a playthrough for Eleanor 2 yet? Or does anyone have a list on endings + a rough idea of how to achieve them?

  11. I think they mentioned somewhere they LWT2 was coming out in April? I know that that’s the reason why they stopped posting dates, but it would still be a real big shame if the reason the game was delayed was because of ELE2. I tried the games, and I can’t really say I like them, but I won’t say they’re bad. Just not my taste, that’s all.
    Anyway I’m really hopeful on LWT2, I’ve been hooked to LOP since that game, and I always find myself coming back to play that game again and again. As the other guy before mentioned, any news would be great, but no pressure. I just hope no more delays are because of other games lol

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