LWT2 – work in progress

I just want to inform you that LWT2 is our top priority right now and we’re working full speed, together with Tracy and Lisa, to prepare their new story for you ASAP.

Next week I plan to start internal beta tests and probably this month we’ll release it.

UPDATE 2016.08.29 
More time to complete the game is needed. 

We all know that you were waiting for this game for so long and you want LWT2 to be released ASAP. It’s gonna happen soon. But not this month, sorry.

More time is needed to complete the project. Extra time will help us to maximize your gameplay experience, let us tweak all small issues and add couple of new images / scenes that would provide extra feeling to the game.

More images from the game below:





355 thoughts on “LWT2 – work in progress”

  1. it’s happening
    fantastic news,i was hoping that you could release lwt2 this august and now it seems like a real possibility
    thank you for your efforts,keep up with great work

  2. That’s great news! Glad to hear you guys are working hard! Not that I’m surprised. Is the beta testing going to be for insiders our just LOP team members? I really appreciate the update I think keeping a connection with fans would be very beneficial for both party’s. Like what was mentioned in the previous thread either weekly or bi weekly updates or maybe a twitter? Thanks again! Keep up the great work!

  3. Wow great news! Although Im dying for it to be released, take your time and make sure that the game is as perfect as possible. Also, I like the decision to not spoil us with anymore screenshots, you already gave us a fair amount of them, perhaps too much. Fabulous update!

  4. Sounds great guys but take your time even if you release it in September or October. I don’t want to be disappointed like with ELEANOR 2. I just hope it has more than 30 days like the last times (Eleanor 2 ; Seducing the thrones etc.).

    I wish you all a nice week.

    1. I 100% agree with Rickster.

      My love for LOP began with Living With Temptation (my world, needless to mention), so I’m super duper hyped for my dream game.
      @LEO please take as much of your valuable time as you want, I don’t have any issue. But please, as a special request to you, make this LWT2 a LEGEND!! One that will blow our skirts away!! lol

      I’m waiting for what’s about to come…please make it greater than GREAT!!

  5. Damn it. I’ll be out travelling for the next two weeks and won’t come home till the very end of august. You guys need to stop timing your releases with my vacations 😀

    All joking aside, this is good news for all of those who are eagerly anticipating LwT2 (which, if the the comments on the blog are any indication, is pretty much all of us).

    What I’ve seen and heard of the game so far sounds very intriguing and I am very much looking forward to playing this title. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    1. As he said, the release COULD be PROBABLY in this month. Expect it September when you come back from your vacations.

      Even if the latest releases were decent in their game mechanics7-play, I still have very high hopes for LWT2.

      Still, I ´d like to know which is the developers ending for LwT that the story could continue in the second isntallment

      1. I am ok with the game launching this month if that’s the case. It means they’ll have time to work out any bugs or glitches before I get to play it.

        As for the ending: As far as I have understood it, there is not one single canon ending to the original LwT that will be continued into Lwt2. Rather, the player will have the option to partially decide the outcome of the first game in the sequel. You’ll be able to chose if you cheated on Tracy or if you remained faithful, and you will be able to chose whether you went to the swinger club or not.

  6. Nice job guys, you are really working hard. I’m not a big fan of lw1 but It seems that it is your most popular game. I’m sorry that I’m kinda annoying with this but do you guys have think about using agent 069 one more time?, I mean using her as a character but with a different story, she is one of my favorites characters. Also i’d like to see another game focusing on college/highschool as roommates in this case not a lesbian game but I think lop gold needs a college game!. Keep it up

    1. It was a while ago, insiders had to “apply” by sending observations about a previously relased story, and they sent you an email if you became an insider. I do not know if they are accepting new ones though.

  7. Best news of the month! Even if it doesn’t get released on August, I’m happy we get sort of a release period. Good job guys. I can’t wait to see Lisa again!

  8. If LWT2 is not a stat building game how will actions be determined? I hope it won’t be throwing dice or poker cards. Strip poker game had beautiful renders but was painful and repetitive to play.

    1. I have really no idea how it should be without stat building & day cycle. But I trust the LOP team. They’ll make a good game. But a game like TRIP TO PARADISE or HANK MOODY would be a disappointment tbh. But of course I’m optimistic. 🙂

    2. Hi all.
      I can not really answer any specific questions here, though I appreciate the interest in LWT2 and the concerns. To be honest, I am concerned too. Scared shitless, actually, of how you guys will like LWT2. But I am hoping the changes to game play, shifting away from stat building will not ruin the game. The reason I went that way is because at the end of LWT Justin is supposed to have basically maxed his stats, so I didn’t want you to have to start over. You start wth both Lisa and Tracy hot for you, and choose whether you cheated or swung in the first game. If you choose that you did not cheat or swing then it assumes the ending you got was fucking Tracy after the dinner party.

      I guess the lack of stat grinding will make single play throughs take less time, but there is a lot of content specific to choices, so I think you will want to play it through many times to see everything. I am sure that for some people the expectations are so high they will be disappointed no matter what, but I am hoping the variety of scenes, and the creativity behind them will be enough to satisfy most of you. I am giving no hints of scenes, because that would only lessen the impact they have when you finally discover them.

      Anyway, the game is not coded yet so some aspects of game play will change as Leo develops it. We will play test the shit out of it to mske sure it doesn’t feel too empty without the stat building.

      I’m texting this post from an airport so please forgive any typos.


      Thats is what Iksanabot said on sharklaggon.

      1. Thanks Gamer400 for your informed reply. I know I’ll really like the game too. Of course I’ve my hopes held high to infinity for this game. Just hope the absence of stat building in this game will not make the game less boring, and a special request, please don’t make the game like Strip Poker where the action becomes too repetitive and have to start all over again.
        Just make something like, as my opinion, a crossroads of multiple choices at different instances of the game, just like a maze, where selection of a choice will take the player to different outcomes at all times. By doing so, you can also arrange checkpoints at different points of the game where the player will have to accept in order to progress forward.

        What I’m saying is, in a nutshell, to make the game decision based that the player has to make at several points to proceed forward, just like in the video games Heavy Rain or The Witcher.

        That way the game player will not get bored, and the mystery of the game will be preserved, allowing us to find our way through to different outcomes.

        Hope you like the idea.

  9. Take your time as much necessary and please give us a good game that we have waited for so long. High hopes dude on this game!!
    Nice to see the news on progress of Lwt2.

  10. just wondering. Do you guys from LOP and S&G has some problem with incestuous stuff? If not, is there any chance of you guys producing an incest game? I’m talking about true, blood-related incest, not step-something crap. It would be amazing to see some hardcore incest game with brother-sister or son-mother(or both) from you guys.

  11. I am actually sad, that the game will be finished so soon. I will miss all those off-topic posts abut “when will LWT2 be done”


    No, wait. I don’t

  12. Looking Foward for it!

    And please, provide Lisa’s anal sex this time. Something like 30 inches of dick in her little horny ass will be a good start.

    Now seriously, make at least 50 days in game, Eleanor 2 become too short. And think about frequent updates

    Hey, the anal is serious too…

    1. 30 inches= 76.2 cm= 2.5 inches…. bro you can’t be serious. It would be hard to fit that part to the story line of Lwt2. I guess this would be possible if any games made involving monster or ogres or something like that. Anyways I think your idea is completely out of the box and I won’t deny that it sure can be interesting with proper story line. I think if the cock size be even 12 inches and very thick as well as broad, it will surely do the trick. As everyone highly demands for Lisa’s anal sex scene to be included in this game, don’t you think Lisa’s anal sex scene should involve more than one cock at the same time?

        1. Yup threesome with Lisa and Tracy would really be an awesome idea!!! OH GOD!! It would be really the best part of whole series of Lwt.

          And about your idea you posted earlier, it was out of the box totally which can be preserved for games such as seducing the throne, dignity one type of games. I only wanted to say that this story line might be hard to fit in Lwt2 with no intention to criticise you.

          I just hope Lwt2 surpass our expectations.

          Cheers bro!!!!

    2. I think that idea is the height of fantasy and I don’t know about others but I like it. I know this idea of yours may not be shown in Lwt2 but still it’s very good.

    1. I totally agree with that point of yours and also I think same should have been done with eleanor 2…. I mean ele 2 soundtrack was good but ele 1 soundtrack was outstanding, gives a totally great feeling.

  13. In Lwt 2 I hope you guys are giving extra focus on sex scenes of Lisa as she was not as such explored in Lwt 1, as there was not even a single anal scene. Now that this game is almost complete I guess we can just find out that in few more weeks maybe.
    If not I can only suggest that you guys add some scenes in your updates. Since in Lwt 1 Tracy’s husband(I forgot his name, T’s hubby in short) told Lisa about winning some poker game in vegas in a conversation, a scene can be easily added where Lisa and T’s hubby hanging out in a club one night gets challenged by some guys for a hand in poker which those guys win eventually. Now either T’s hubby pay them some good amount of money (say $ 1000) then his relation with Lisa increase and if he fails then those guys just gangbang Lisa. Now in this gangbang you can include some anal sex scenes and dp (dap would be great). T’s hubby can challenge them in fight( if higher fitness) or call Tracy for some back up money (for those players who don’t like this part) to save Lisa from the gangbang. If T’s hubby saves Lisa from those guys then Lisa rewards him by inviting into her room at when tracy is asleep. There Lisa plays as a sex slave, eager to satisfy his masters desires.

    1. Correction for last line ‘…her master’s desires.’
      One more thing guys, you can just give an update of a single scene rather than three everytime, in that way that single scene updated would be far better in quality and will be more enjoyable for all.
      I wish Lop team all the best for Lwt 2 and hope it matches everyone’s high expectations again.

      1. Very good storyline it could be, I think! Anyways, just one correction, there should be an option to call his cousin for the money rather than Tracy. If he calls his cousin then Lisa rewards the same to Derek’s cousin instead of him.
        Now Derek’s cousin may allow Derek to join them (and they dp Lisa in ways that they like) if they have a good relation. Derek might only be able to watch if the relation points is lower.

        So like I said your idea for this scenario was fabulous and a little polishing will make it even better.

    1. Title of what the update or are you talking about a separate game altogether? I think it would be fine bothways as long as it follows this storyline and showing the pentrations properly using many sex animations and sex positions.
      So basically I didn’t give any thoughts about the title at all. Anyways I would like to know if you guys came up with any names, I might be able to help you tell which is the better one from your suggestions.

        1. Wow I thought almost exactly the sameonly, I thought ”Lisa’s double trouble”. But as we can see only using double trouble would be better.
          The update of ‘double trouble’ then!

  14. Hi, I’m new to the site, so please forgive me if it’s inappropriate to ask a question concerning a different game….it’s pertaining to Roommates, and the most recent column on that game doesn’t seem to have active comments.

    My question is this…when progressing through the various levels of teasing, modelling and sex, is there a way to know ahead of time if you have progressed enough to earn the next star? Or is it simply designed to force you to make multiple attempts? I many times feel like I have waited a fair amount of time to build up Vivian with additional stars at the club, or giving her massages or presents, and making sure she’s happy, only to have her not be ready to progress to “the next level”.

    I’m not complaining as I actually enjoy the degree of difficulty and in some respects the guessing game, but I am curious. It would be helpful to know, particularly as the end of the game is approaching as the hearts become more precious and you hate to waste them repeating a step she isn’t ready to move past yet.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance

    1. The only way to get an extra star is by repeating the interaction.
      Giving her massages or what you do in the club doesn’t matter. It’s just repeating until a) you get the next action or b) the game tells you you need something else first.

  15. And one more question. I’ve read some vague information regarding giving dirty pics to the Dean in order to reach the orgy. Can anyone give more specific tips on achieving this. I’m sort of at my wits end. I read that you meet him at the shop, but I keep going at every possible time of day and he is never there. And when I meet him at the school he just shuts me down.

    Thanks again

  16. Thanks SeanCages, I was attempting to play it through without having her fail any exams. Unfortunately, now I have a new dilemma. I failed and did the Dean action. I met him at the store, and in his office. I took all the modelling photos, but now he just slams the door on me when I go to meet him. I read somewhere that you can get modelling tips from the dancer at the club, but I have gotten untold dances from her and she has never offered any tips. I’ve even tried the extra service achievement to see if that would unlock it. Anyway, I seem to be totally stuck now. I wish I could figure it out myself, but I feel like I’ve tried almost everything. I’ve done the threesome. I’ve gotten Vivian access to work at the club. How do I get the Dean to talk to me again?!

    Thanks again

    1. After you give the Dean the first naked photo of Vivian go to the girls computer and look online for modelling tips. There they notice the dancer at the club, if memory serves you need to pop bottles > mingle > private dance. Then you should get the option to ask her for modelling tips.

  17. … All this talk about a sausagefest rape-gangbang where the woman is nothing but a silent object making herself available to her master makes me worried about the future of LOP… and humanity in general…

    1. hopefully we won’t see that,lop games are much classier that that
      and it seems to me that all those kind of comments are coming from one person with different nicknames

      1. Exactly , no sane person would want that many desperate stuff in a game . And that kind of ‘addiction fetish’ would actually offend many player . Exactly st1 said , those comments are coming from 1 ‘ desperate hobo’ .

        1. I’m not really offended by the notion pf rape of fictional characters… I am more annoyed by the unoriginality, the notion of cheap imagery over strong writing and the notion that the characters don’t matter, only the scenario… it’s plain lazy.

          Also, nothing against homosexuals (my brother is gay).. but… What’s with the focus on all the dicks? When Eleanor gets raped it must be with 3 dicks in her ass. When Lisa gets raped it must be with 2 dicks in her ass. Why so much sword crossing?

          1. Even though having dicks in porn isn’t something I find gay. And I really enjoyed the swingers club in LWT1. I have to agree that triple anal is just absurd. Indeed, keep it classy, don’t feed someone elses horrid addiction with these games.

          2. SeanCages. I thought the swinger scene was amazing. It was built-up progressively, contained bullet-proof writing and actually treated Tracy as a character rather than a fleshlight. Having many dicks in one scene isn’t gay… having them all touch each other via triple analizing a human-sized fleshlight… that one is on the brink… 😉

            I have a kink for anal and look forward to an anal scene with Lisa… but it has to make sense in terms of her character… wanking of to a blank slate of tits and ass… I have pornhub for that

      2. Wouldn’t rule it out. Some of them do have the same writing pattern, down to using some of the exact same sentences.

        Anyways, I hope you are right and that LOP sticks to intriguing stories and strong characters, rather than cheap imagery and characters behaving like objects…

          1. What a nasty, yet accurate, cough you’ve got there 🙂

            To be fair, as an archetypical trophy-wife, Eleanor was probably always intended to be the target of objectification far more than characters such as Tracy or Lisa… But I do think Eleanor 2 went overboard with pretty much all of its female characters.

  18. Like I said before Lisa is one of the favourite characters of lop and many we want to see her virgin ass getting double stretched by bbc, maybe a bit adjustment in storyline but the background of Justin telling Lisa about winning poker money of certain amount made Lisa to him in a poker game challenged by a group of men.
    Justin lost the match, losses all his money. Those guys give a proposition to Justin that he may play another game betting Lisa. Lisa agrees after Justin remind her the poker victory in Vegas. He fails again and this time there goes Lisa.
    Now either Justin pays them 1000$ or call his cousin or let them have sex with Lisa.
    So those horny men tries one of their sexual fantasies over Lisa, double anal pentration.

    They will go easier on her if Justin pays them $500 or so.

    In this update I am suggesting that Lisa’s anal virginity is to be shown lost with a bang.

    I hope Lop team thinks about this potential update after all this type of scenes are yet to be done by you guys. Lisa being not a nympho like Tracy, it will be really great to see her in that way.

    1. Also I forgot to mention those who may not like forced stuff can also leave and have a romantic sex scene in the alley with Justin. This option should also be available when a player chooses Justin and Lisa to leave. Those guys restricted but backed up after seeing Justin’s fitness or bicep,whatever.

      Lastly, if he is able to pay he gets rewarded by Lisa at night. Even here a player will have full control over his actions, he can go for a rough anal or only a deepthroat.
      His cousin gets to do all this if he pays and while Justin does spying over them.

  19. I guess it will be really great to know if you can tell about the updates i.e. if you guys have already made updates decided. Then there will be no point in thinking ahead with this update. Anyways, it would be better to be titled as ‘double trouble’.

    Lisa really needs to be explored more with all wild type of sex and all but atleast settle for this update.

    One more thing it would be better if Lisa is shown to enjoy the gangbang after completion of 80% of it and 50% when Justin pays them to do the DAP gently. Also Lisa would offer a blowjob to Justin after completion of 80% of gangbang only when Justin pays them.

  20. Anyone who likes the idea of gangbang, fantasy sex stuff may read the comments of my above and feel free to express if you like it as an update. Don’t fear about sharing your sexual fantasies here. It’s a blog for that only.

      1. It would be right to say that storyline of mine should actually be an outline and it would have been better to use outline of the story of the update from now on

  21. You’ve made your point, debtosh. I think everyone has an idea of what floats your boat now. If the team likes the idea they will use it, if not they won’t. Please stop repeating your ideas over and over. Don’t get me wrong: It’s perfectly okay to share your fantasies on here even if I don’t necessarily share them. Just be sure not to spam around, please.

  22. #strike.1

    This is the warning note provided at the Lopgold site which I think should be read by all

    “2257 Exemption Statement
    All models that appear in any visual depiction of actual sexually explicit conduct appearing or otherwise contained in this Website were over the age of eighteen years at the time of the creation of such depictions. In reference to 28 CFR 75.2 Maintenance of Records , relating to sexually explicit performances and imagery, be it known that this site is exempt from record keeping requirements as covered under subsection [A] of 28 CFR 75.2 , as it contains no images of actual persons, either living or dead. All imagery is computer generated and is considered to be of a “cartoon” format. All violence presented is for the plot and dramatic effect and is necessary to the development of the stories and is in no way intended to glamorize or advocate humiliation, degradation, injury or death to any real world, actual person. All content is presented for entertainment purposes only. Persons wishing to review the legal interpretations of these laws and court rulings should consult the Federal Register Volume 70, Number 99, page 29607 , which presents the US Attorney General`s Office commentary on the laws and their cartoon exemptions. All persons involved in the creation, maintenance, and operations of this website, to include creation of it`s content, are above the age of 18 years.”

    So the points I may like to highlight are
    1. No character here to be shown as minor or under 18.

    2. “…All imagery is computer generated and is considered to be of a “cartoon” format. All violence presented is for the plot and dramatic effect and is necessary to the development of the stories and is in no way intended to glamorize or advocate humiliation, degradation, injury or death to any real world, actual person. All content is presented for entertainment purposes only…” The part of the quotation says it all.

    3. So basically all the ideas within this limit are to be acceptable and hence the discussion on such topics are also welcomed.

    P.S. So those of you who think that lop does not support your idea of forced sex and would not be able to make such games well think again coz here is the proof.
    There is a provision for those ‘wild ideas’ of yours and all you need to do is to share them here. Sharing those idea is in all way legal but the harassment that you may face after sharing such thought is not.
    In my next comment I will share some laws and rules as prescribed by American Cyber Cell also the actions that can be taken.

    1. Dude… Give it a rest.

      You have literally talked about Triple Anal + DP anal on like 2 Eleanor posts and on here as well.

      Guess what… WE GET YOUR POINT.
      There is absolutely no need to keep spamming your ideas. If they like your idea, they’ll only need to see it once. Not 4 times. Yes some people don’t like forced sex. And I don’t like it either. We have all allowed you to give your opinion, and we’ve given our opinion. So can you stop spamming your idea now?
      I’d hate to break it to you, but just because they can create such games doesn’t mean they will. If there are more people who don’t hate forced sex, then they’re more than likely not going to create it.
      You can mention your laws and rules all you want. We just want to play their games.

    2. @debtosh – Dude, I think you’re barking up a pretty narrow tree here. The stuff you’re asking for is pretty, um… niche. It’s not likely going to appeal to enough people (at least in this audience) to warrant the development of a game, or even scenes in a game.

      1. Nope! People do like the outline that I shared, few in this blog (I agree) but received several emails since my first post on Eleanor 2 gangbang idea
        And also about making such scenes or games- well we will see to that as well.
        You may not know me but believe this the number of ex members and current members who liked my idea are way more than all of them combined


  23. Well, Lisa is so hot for sure but i like Tracy more. She is the one that i looking forward to see again:). Just like most of you, Lwt is my favourite game as well. To be honest i did not like Eleanor 2 and i hope this game will be epic!. Have a nice day all:)

    1. Tracy was my favourite too! Although I didn’t actually mind Eleanor 2, I thought it was good, with just a couple of aspects that could of been improved.

      I just hope, if for some reason there was a delay… they release a “Demo” version like they did for Eleanor 1. Just so we have something to do whilst waiting for the full game.

      Anyways, I really cannot wait for this game to come out!!!

    2. Same here really expecting something from LWT2 . ELE 2 was a let down at first release though a little improve came with the updates , but still it wasn’t that satisfactory , its more like so-so . LWS was a good game but the expansion was totally too small comparing to the delays . Not sure if there will be any new gold game coming after LWT 2 , but if not then this year will end with little reputation bad for lop gold games ( excluding the bonus and free games ) .

      1. *** opps , what i meant is is LWT2 doesnt match the expectations of many and no new gold game comes out after LWT 2 then this year will end with little reputation bad for lop gold games ( excluding the bonus and free games ) .

  24. great news… can anyone help me .. do anyone know which software they use for rendering???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????plz help

    1. As far as I am aware they use a “layers” style format with their renders.
      They render solely the character and then use a background underneath. To me it looks like they use 3Delight but I wouldn’t be surprised if they now use iray.
      The “team” has multiple 3D artists so each probably use one of these two render engines.

      I prefer Octane render myself 🙂

  25. I am super hyped for LWT2, Lisa was my favourite main character but overall I felt Sandy was super hot. Is Sandy going to make an appearance in LWT2? If so I am even more hyped, but if not, I hope the new girls will be gorgeous as well.
    Can’t wait for LWT2 and I hope it’ll be better than ELE2 (that was a bit of a let down). Leo, are you looking at any expansions for ELE2 and/or LWS?

  26. Just to throw my 2 cents in, I’m excited to see LWT2 like everyone else seems to be, but in my opinion quality matters more than anything else. No need to rush. I’m a fairly new subscriber, so forgive me if this has been discussed somewhere else and I’ve overlooked it; has there been any talk of a Serena sequel? I really enjoyed that game, and thought it may have been underrated due to it being a bit short, and not one of the epic games like SDT, or LWT.

    1. well mate as a matter of fact you did skip alot . LWT 2 is a subject , the team talked about since last year , October or September . there was even speculations that LWT2 would be released at the within the first few months of 2016 and now its near end august . so yeah i think its not so less time that you can call it ‘rush’ . so you did missed alot . And about LWS , yeah it was kinda dis-appointment to many cause of the ‘short story expansion’ despite those ‘many delays’ .

    2. Don’t worry, rupertholmes. You aren’t alone on your way of thinking. I also prefer to wait more for a better game in terms of quality.

      About LwS, I don’t think the team ever explicitly said something about a sequel. I liked the expansion (the only negative point on it was Serena’s betrayal that could’ve been done so much better) and I wouldn’t mind to see a sequel for it. But, only if it isn’t a stat-builder game that I can’t stand to play anymore. I really appreciate the fact that LwT 2 won’t be a stat-builder kind of game.

  27. Everyone is obviously excited about LWT2 just as i am and I definitely wouldn’t want to be a member of the LOP Team Software Development right now as this game has been so hyped up, anticipated and talked about on every thread for what seems like forever. I would be worried that no matter how good the game is, can it live up to the expectations of everyone?? Yes i would definitely be worried right now….. LOL its much like how Star Wars The Phantom Menace was hyped up so much and didn’t live up to unreal expectations from the fans.

    1. But TPM was a bad movie overall( but better than AOTC)
      Sometimes you can’t please everyone even if the game is excellent.
      They’re working so hard to test the game because if there is a little bug or issue, people are going to get angry.
      I have faith in Leo and company. LWT2 is going to be their 9th symphony.

    1. There NEEDS to be at least one pure Tracy and Lisa lesbian scene. A threesome with Justin is great too, but that lesbian one on one needs to be in there somewhere.

    2. There isn’t. There is tension, and there is room to put a purely Tracy-Lisa lesbian scene in for an expansion, but in the first release, there is no Tracy-Lisa lesbian sex scene. But there IS a Tracy-Lisa-Justin threesome.
      I’m testing the pre-alpha now. We’re probably 7-14 days from release. The alpha-testing is taking a long time mostly because I’m so picky about details, and Leo is willing to work with me on it.
      Soon, my friends, soon.
      I’m a little drunk.

      1. Sweet! Love how you’re also involved with the whole testing aspect of the game too. Make sure it’s exactly like you envisioned it. Shout out to Leo for giving you that opportunity.

        1. Yes, there is anal with Lisa.
          Now I am not going to answer anymore questions until it is released. (And I do suppose the game is currently more like a closed beta than pre-alpha, but I don’t really know the terms that well).

    1. By his own admission iksanabot was a little drunk when he posted that so I wouldn’t read to much into that part. From what I know of software/game development it very much sounds like its in closed beta.

    1. Shorter than a stat builder yes but from what I read from leo/iksanabot’s post on the blog and sharks lagoon forum they gone to some lengths to ensure it won’t be short. There’s also a “respect” mechanic which will go someway to govern what scenes you have access to. the absence of stat building removes the standard “30 day” formula so not sure how time is regulated, that coupled with the respect mechanic should keep it from being to “easy”.

      1. Cheers for the info.

        Do you know if that blonde chick will be back? She was from the 1st game…in the pool then you fuck her in your office I think, been a while since I played :p

        1. It was Damn good, I hope Leo will take her in to consideration for a new game, she is one of the best characters, Im pretty sure If lop makes a premium game for agent 069 it will really good. Maybe for next year hopefully.

  28. Good news hopefully will be 7 or less days because 14 days sounds nutz. I agree with the guy up to me I’d like to see a new game for agent 069 one of your best characters so far. Keep it up

  29. You people do realize that you haven’t released anything in over a month. And the last few scenes for Eleanor sucked b*lls and now this all this time + a month and 10 days of nothing still you give us nothing well I am never going to subscribe to your sites ever again. Frankly I’m sick of waiting I’ll just make my own games I know how but I was too lazy until this post of yours ticked me off..

  30. Disappointing, but not exactly shocking. This game has been in development for close to two years (as far as I remember, the first news of LwT2 was given in october 2014) and with the first ever estimated release date being about a year old (late summer/early autumn 2015), another couple of weeks or months added to the release date is nothing new. Still, no skin off my back. I can wait. Good on Leonizer for posting an update like this. It shows that you care for the customers and the fanbase (and will probably minimize backlash for the delay).

    On a completely different note: Is there any news on free games? Weekend with Bradleys and Do What I Say were announced more than a year ago. I am also interested in hearing about Living with Lana. I know this is off-topic, but let’s call it payback for the massive wave of those constant, impatient, grammatical nightmares of annoying comments a la “when release you LWT2?” on every single thread on this blog.

  31. LOP at its BEST again
    since October 2014 waiting!
    It will come 12.2015 nope!
    It will come 08.2016 nope!
    Wont see this game in 2016!
    LOP gives a *** about their paying Members

  32. That’s a very bad news.. anyway thanks for the update. You need to be careful, because whenever you delay the game, we will expect a GOOD reason for that, and that will increase a HIGHER expectations from your fans. You didn’t do it with ELE 2, but I hope you’ll HIT us hard with LWT 2. After this game, you gonna be the king of these games, or you gonna lose a lot of you fans.. so HIT US HARD! 🙂

    1. The hype is so immense (and the prolonged wait and delays have just added fuel to that fire) that I think a fair amount of people will be disappointed no matter how good the game is. I know I’ll be nitpicking the shit out of it. Not with the intent to be malicious, or “out-to-get-’em!”, but a game with a development time this long, will be subject to a shit-ton of scrutiny.

      This is the sequel to LOP’s most beloved game written by their best author, and I think you’re right about the end result meaning they can either ride the high of the success for a long time… or lose a huge part of their fanbase if the game is not what people had expected. The info given about the game so far already has certain things speaking for it and against it on my part.

      This delay is not a good thing for LOP’s image considering their vague release estimates and their really poor track-record of missing deadlines… a huge amount of games and expansions have been delayed for large amounts of time and multiple times. That has done damage to their reputation and customer trust. I really hope LwT2 rocks my socks off.

    2. Sanchy, well said. This game better be the ‘tits’. The expectation level alone is through the roof and I think it already a given that no matter what you do now, there will be those who are beyond disappointed. Will that mean much of anything? I don’t know. It isn’t like there are lots of others making games like this. Do people just bitch and whine… or will they complain and leave? I don’t know, but LOP Team you have painted yourself into quite a corner. I’m hoping you knock this outta’ the park for me and others, but I am a realist too. I suspect this just more ammo to complain about for some on how long this game took and for… We’ll wait and see.

  33. Well that sucks but I completely understand take the time necessary to make this game as good as possible as others have mentioned any news on free games? And I sent you an email about a week ago Leo just have some questions about a few things if you could get back to me I would appreciate it thanks again and take your time!

  34. I already separated my money to renew my subscription when the game is released. That’s why I don’t mind to wait a little longer.

    I really hope LwT 2 will be a huge success and not a disappointment like Eleanor 2 was.

    LwT is the most succesful game in this site and what inspired lots of other games. Eleanor, Living with Serena, City Of Love, Seducing the Throne, Johnny Bullet… All games that have a system and gameplay similar to LwT.

    Yes, I know the first game based on this kind of concept (map, days, stats-builder) was Living with Britney, but what really made a huge impact on your projects was LwT.

    So, since I got tired of this kind of gameplay (status-builder thing) and can’t stand anymore games like this, I really hope LwT 2 will be a huge hit and that the players will end up enjoying it. Perhaps after it, you guys can finally start to move over other kinds of gameplay.

    1. I, for one, hope they stay with the stat-builder and x-number of days gameplay. I know you have no love for it and you and I will probably never agree on this issue.

      But the freedom, the variety, longevity and replayability provided by that gameplay model is unparralleled for me. Games like Trip to Paradise and Hank Moody are good games… but the gameplay type that these games employ makes the games inherently short and more of a visual novel that makes me a spectator rather than an active participant… I feel sidelined in these games. Plus, there’s often very little freedom in choices, which also has a huge impact on replayability. Most choices are based on dialogue and thus there’s very little planning and almost no strategic value to gameplay. Aside from the strategic element, the feeling of achieving a success after good-planned work on your stats (achieving a set goal in a physical attribute to get to a sex-scene that would otherwise be unavailable, for example) is so satisfying.

      To be fair, stat-builders are a complete nightmare when done wrong (Eleanor 2 and Johnny Bullet). But when done right, they are the best games in LOP’s repetoire. For me, there’s no beating a good stat-builder

      I hope LwT2 will be good despite using a different model than the first game. But I hope for a never-ending line of balanced stat-builders! … Playing a supporting role, of course, to strong scripts with hot and good-structured dialogue from well-written characters!

      Sidenote: I’d hate to sound like I’m brown-nosing, but… you’re probably one of the most comfortable people to engange on this blog. I hope LwT2 will be everything you’re hoping for.

      1. Don’t worry. No hard feelings. 😉

        Since I’ve made a post talking about how I want to see stats-builder games gone, you have all the right to voice a different opinion and show your support for this kind of games.

        I think Trip to Paradise is a good game, but too short. It almost feels like a free game. A positive note about stats-builder games is that they really seem to be longer. Trip to Paradise sadly had the objective of you making a girl (or two) fall for you to in the end you finally sleep with her. That’s it. You reached the sex scene and the ending.

        I want to see them try longer games without the stats-builder, that’s why I’m really looking forward to LwT 2. I want to see them try, and succeed, in making a different kind of game.

        My main problem with stats is that I find this element completely boring after a playthough. During the first playthrough, I don’t have any problem with it. But, I can’t get myself to replay those games. I feel such a headache going over the same process all over again.

        The replayability element isn’t for me in this kinds of games. Sometimes, I just want to play again to see specific sex scenes, but the obligation to first focus on money and stats is a huge letdown.

        1. I see what you mean. The grind during the first 1/4th of a game (or well beyond that in an imbalanced stat-builder) can be a chore. I most often enjoy it, but I can understand why others would consider it a hassle.

          The length of the game has always been a big gripe (second only to the lack of freedom) for me with non-stat-builder games. I suppose you could still have an x-number of days or hour-count element implemented in a game without stats. Otherwise you’d end up with a game that only lasts one day/afternoon/evening and that puts a fairly severe limit on storytelling.

          As disappointing as that game was, Dignity One managed to be a game with good length despite not having a day/night cycle… But I always just assumed it worked so well because of the setting… day and night isn’t really an issue in space and when you land on a planet it could day and night depend on your landing zone so random scenes that take place during different hours of the day are easily explainable… in a contemporary without the luxury of space travel… such a style of gameplay could be really confusing with scenes jumping straight from evening to afternoon without any interludes or explanation… Alternately, you’ll end up having the story play out as visual novel, taking you straight through the day or doing time jumps without you having any say in the matter…. which would lead to my absolutely biggest issue with these kinds of games… gameplay that is far too restrictive with no sense of freedom or control… you’re just a piece of driftwood being moved by the tide, occasionally making dialogue choices…

          If I’m lucky, LWT2’s gameplay will change my mind and give me a new perspective on non-stat-builders. If I’m unlucky…. eeerh… then I’ll have to hope that Club Velvet Rose will be good…. and will be released before 2017 🙂

        2. Oh… and if stats are hindering you from fast access to certain sex scenes… a SOL editor and some fiddling with the stats is always an option (unless you’re strictly against “cheating”) 😉

  35. Thanks for the update Leo, I appreciate you for keeping us in the loop. The delays are understandable considering what happened with ELE2. It seems to me that a mid-September release is possibly the earliest they can publish LWT2.

    People are extremely overreacting, Leo did say LWT2 would ‘probably’ be released this month, that date wasn’t set in stone.

  36. Indeed it’s bad news, but not surprising according to what iksanabot wrote on sharkslagoon last week.
    We have waited for this game for almost 2 years now, so a few days/weeks more won’t really change anything for me.
    My only concern is the fact that they realized that LWT2 at this state was not satisfying enough… The same happened with Ele2, and the final product was not convincing anyway. I have high expectations (too high maybe after all this time) for LWT2, but after Ele2, I’m also ready to be disappointed.

    1. tbh i won’t be disappointed no matter what,but only because i can’t wait to see tracy and lisa agian
      i also have high expectations,as everyone else actually,but from infromations we’ve got through time on blog and on other forum i really don’t think we will be disappointed at all

    2. For me the weakness of ELE2 was in the story. With ELE1 the player had a clear goal to work towards and the various plot threads developed as you worked towards that goal. ELE2 just kinda drops you into it and the disparate plot threads feel disjointed and never really come together in my opinion.

      As someone (Nemo?) mentioned above iksanabot is one of, if not the best author lop has, so I have confidence in the story. For me atleast lop’s weakest games are the ones with the weakest stories. I can overlook mechanics to a degree if the story is compelling, but a weak story only serves to make flawed mechanics more glaring. For me that generally goes for all games not just lop ones.

      1. I agree completely. I hope that the new LWT will be really cool. ELE 2 was really a big disappointment. But mainly because of the story that I find that it really is bad.

  37. I don’t really care waiting more cuz I’m not a big fan of lwt but this is really bad news. First it means the game will be really until September late or october early (luckly), and I’m pretty sure that they actually did not release the game today because the game was not good enough. Now you guys are lucky that roomsmates was good, but if we really think about games this year it hasnt been different from the last year that it was the worst one. I hope next year will be different. Hopefully new sequels and better games.

    1. I know it’s a joke, but: It’s a skinfold mark where the ass ends and the legs begin… pretty common in human anatomy 🙂

      Pretty sure it’s Lisa’s ass, by the way… As far as I remember the carpet matches the drapes…

  38. ‘Delays’ ….. Yeah , feels like LOP . Anyways since you guys taking more time ( probably this year ) , does that mean a complete game would come out or will it be monthly update thingy ?

    1. I also expect LWT2 to be “complete” when released. The big problem with Ele2 updates is that they have absolutely no consequences, no impact on the main storyline, and they seemed very rushed… The idea was interesting, worth to try but not well implemented in my opinion.

  39. Just a word on these new pictures : absolutely stunning !
    I hope this time they will be correctly centered in the screen : the beauty of the renders have been ruined by that issue in Ele2…
    Please stop teasing us with such pictures, it’s a torture ! Hurry up 🙂

  40. awsome we are waiting… can anyone tell me which software they use for rendering??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  41. Nice looking screenshots! As I’ve said before, I’m excited, but don’t mind waiting. I’m glad you’re taking your time to get it right. The impatient grumblers are quite amusing. You guys are here because the quality of these games is basically peerless. Name me another sight that has as many quality games (lots of them free). So cool your jets, enjoy the wealth of content already available, and look forward to playing this game when the experts are done with it. If these guys were really falling down on the job and someone else was putting out better stuff at a quicker rate you would be there instead. End of story.

    1. Why are you trying to instigate an argument? Is your life that boring?

      These “Impatient grumblers” INCLUDING ME choose to support them by buying a subscription… I and others like me don’t have to do this…

      Remember that.

      I am glad that the team told us in advance that the game is going to be delayed, good luck! 🙂

      1. You’re patting yourself on the back for NOT breaking the law? Congratulations. I’m really not trying to start an argument, merely provide some perspective. I think these guys do great work and offer their product at a reasonable price… including a lot of quality free products. I think it’s silly to throw a hissy fit over the amount of time it takes them to release something new. I’d rather they take their time to get it right.

        1. Not playing lop games is the same as “breaking the law”!? Wtf!? Have you forget that there is that option where you don’t play lop games at all, at least those that are premium?

          1. His original comment was edited. Before he was acting like he was a great guy for not illegally downloading free versions of the games, as if that gave him the right to bitch as much as he wanted.

  42. I am more than hyped for LwT2 but there is a limit to how many times you can say wait. I have consistently paid for almost 2 years now, and I’m sorry but only a few games/expansions have actually proven why I should pay. ELE2 was a bit of a letdown but I suppose that LOP needed to keep our interest. LwT2 I was fine to wait for, but you keep saying that the game will be released soon (even if it is only an estimated release date). I feel like you guys are just telling us this to make us renew our subscriptions. For all we know, it could be next year till we see LwT2. Could you please either keep us up-to-date and/or release some new games to keep us interested.

  43. I’m curious if anyone else feels like the variety in the models of the girls has gotten a little bit stale?

    I do love the games, and all the work that goes into them, but I look back to earlier work like Sex Date: Megan and it seems like the girls looks and body types varied more a few years ago. Today all of the models are sort of cartoonishly large breasts, narrow hips, and wide butts. That’s a fun look, I get it, but every girl in every game seems to fit this type now and it seems like little changes other than hair and eye color.

    Does anyone else agree? Am I crazy?

    1. He edited his original comment. Originally he said that if he wanted to he could illegally download free versions of the games, but he chose not to in order to support the site. It was his justification for throwing a fit when asked to wait for a new game.

    2. I’m not going to call you crazy, but I do disagree with your premise. Look at a game like STT. That game did so many things well, but one of the best was the huge differences in the 3 main female characters. Short hair small tits, long hair medium tits, different skin tones, different heights, all sexy as hell.

  44. I’m extremely disappointed this has been pushed back again. I get the reason why but honestly it’s getting a tad rediculous now. Not only that, a number of us pay for a monthly subscription service for LOPGold, and in all honesty not getting anything for so long defeats the purpose of us staying subscribed. The games on there can only be played and replayed so many times. I understand that you can’t push out new games as regularly as you like, but there are other developers on sites like Patreon who can put out content at such a great rate, and they’re doing it by themselves. Paying every month doesn’t seem justified anymore and I feel like it’s something you guys need to address. Again, I can understand why but something needs done. I love the games you guys come out with, I really do, I’m just very disappointed with how much we get for the support that we all give. My hopes are high for LWT2 but I’m ready to be let down.

  45. everything was told clearly. the repeating delays, excuses, promises sucks. i have no clue why some of subscribers are so polite with you. your games are good, some of them not so succesfull, some of them awesome. anyhow we paying the fees to obtain some results. my suggestion for all paying customers of lop gold and sex&glory is to stop paying. probably then you will take your fans more seriously and think over the bussines relation with us. i hope that you can learn a lesson and not destroy the good reputation and spoile all good work what you done. anyhow wish you good luck.

  46. I think we better wait and get a good game , than getting a shitty game early which isnt satisfying. I hope they take their time but come up with something satisfying for all the wait and hype of 2 years. I hope there are plenty different scenarios without any guide which make the game extremely interesting,

    1. I fear, that nothing they come up with will be able to satisfy their customers. This game was constantly delayed for over a year. The excuse of taking time to make the game better can only go so far. The longer the LOP team takes to release the game, the greater the unaccomplishable expectations are going to get.

      I’m no hater and love most of their work, but the constant delays are getting ridiculous. Well let’s see what happens and how bad the result is going to be (The customers reactions, not the game). Once again not a hater, only someone trying to explain their point of view.

    1. What do you try to achieve with this ass-kissing? “Wait till it’s done”, after 2 years!? You have audacity to ORDER to the other customers, if you are customer at all (and it seem to me like you are not), to wait “till it’s done” and to “quit whining”!? How low can you get!?

      1. I was going to reply to Gamer400 but chose not before because there is probably going to be 50 more comments about people like him complaining about others complaining.
        Try to keep the comments clean and not respond to people like him/her 🙂

        I like the wife of the new guy (I think Justin’s cousin).

  47. I predict that in 6 months LOP will cease to exist! With this irresponsible behavior they have towards their customers they have no future! I know that some of LOP team members have other jobs apart from LOP, but no-one cares about it, because people paid for certain things and they want them, same as LOP team doesn’t care about whether their customers have money to pay monthly membership fee, if they don’t have their not their customers anymore! Simple! And those “soon”, “when it’s done”, “a little longer” answers are rude as hell! What does “soon” mean? Later today? Tomorrow? What kind of answer is that? Is there any other way to react to these “deadlines” but with rage!? When people ask you “When?”, they want straight answer, exact date, especially after the 2 years of not meeting the deadlines!

    1. +1
      For me im paying since 3 years now monthly.
      If LOP fucks LWT2 up then im gone for ever and ever.

      and to those other people. “take your time bla bla bla”
      THEY HAD ENOUGH TIME to finish this projekt!
      Every ****ing game they make “oh we need more time” ect bla bla.
      and then still the game have a lot of bugs and fails in it.
      LOP just doesnt care about you.
      LOP is the EA of Eroticgames. Look at Elenor 2 . unfinish game and then trolls it members with DLCs.
      Just like EA

      1. Please, stop crying and threaten us guys 🙂 We never gave and we never plan to give any deadlines for releases of our games – only estimations. Why? Cause it’s impossible to tell with 100% precision when the game will be released. We’re not EA, as one of suggested, with thousands of guys working over a single game. We’re army of 3-4 people working over a title – everyone is doing his job (location visuals, character rendering, story and texts, coding and gameplay testing) and we can’t bend time.

        Listen, we also can’t wait to release this game but we all want Tracy and Lisa to shine, right?

        So we’ll deliver LWT2 as soon as it is possible – not a single day later or single day earlier. Right now we’re adding final touches and intensively testing it – we’re implementing small fixes and adding little details. When it will be ready? Soon.

        1. but the other game developers in patreon are able to meet their dead lines , i mean they are releasing each month . well yeah they dont have better visuals like you have but many a time they do have better game mechanics and stories . some of the erotic patreon games you find gets complete after 7-12 months and their complete game has like 8-10 hour game play minimum . yeah , there are few (very few) who gave up or disrespected their customers . but here’s a fact by the time lop was releasing their games , i dont think there was any erotic game developers in patreon that time . So shouldnt people have more expectations on lop cause their more older than the new developers coming in recent years and experienced in keeping up with the customers ? and i think you guys already noticed that people are having bad impression on the team , not just here , in many other blogs , and specially this year .

          And i think the team should stop anticipating the release times cause yeah i mean we all know there will be delays cause from last year all the gold games came out after ‘ high delays’ . and this year none of the lop gold games were good enough .( not talking about bonus or S&G game) .

          And as what Gile said maybe its kinda true , if people just subscribe ‘only’ when the game comes out and then un-subscribe later without continuous subscription , then yeah then there might be a chance of having second thoughts in continue making games .

          And im pretty sure , the team is worried too or else they wouldnt have had posted about ‘monthly update to keep loyal players subscribed ‘ in the ELE 2 post .
          and dont underestimate the customers , we know the both the sides the having problems and we also know the team is small but i think its the teams job to be more open with us .

        2. No-one is threatening you, we’re telling you what’s going to happen if you don’t become a lot more professional, and not because anyone of us will do anything to you, but because your unprofessional ethic will lead to logical consequences that you won’t like (customers will abandon you )! And what’s with that “it is impossible to tell with 100% precision”? You made a mistake of 1 year (365 days!), LWT2 was announced for late summer/early autumn of 2015 back in February 2015! That’s much less than 100% precision, which no-one asked for! And then you postponed it numerous times!

          What people are asking you is to be honest to them and tell them that if you can’t meet the deadlines AT ALL! But if you can’t you must stop giving those approximate release dates by telling “by the end of the month”, “next month”, “by the end of the summer”, “this year”, “soon” (especially this one, ’cause it is the most dishonest one) and just tell us what are you working on! Because right now people are paying 18$ for an initial membership, and 10$ for a monthly renewal, and you are currently making a game per 3 months, which means that your one game costs 38$ for those who are constant members, and 20$ for those who wait for a certain game to be released (generally people join because of one game!)! It turns out that your one-time customers have better (lower) price, and that therefore they are more important to you, then those loyal ones, who made you much bigger profit! Imagine what will happen to your loyal members when you stop reassuring them that you will produce something worth waiting for by giving them those approximate release dates! Now imagine what will happen if you continue missing those deadlines by months or years, like you currently do! Also, both of those earlier mentioned prices make your games, which have 2 or 3 hours long gameplays, more expensive than a majority of mainstream games that have 10 hours long gameplays, so I think that customers have all the rights to complain if we already pay those prices!

          To summarize my advice to you:
          – give approximate release dates
          – meat those deadlines, or at least miss them by a week, two weeks, or even 3 weeks, but not more!
          Otherwise – it won’t be good for your company, and that’s something none of us wants!

          And one more thing, no-one’s complaining because someone hates you (it seems to me that you think of us who complain as of your foes), but because we have confidence in you, your team and your products! If that wasn’t the case we wouldn’t be here in the first place! But that confidence will melt quickly if you continue acting unprofessionally like you have in the past year!
          Wish you all the best with the new games!

        3. Hey Leo thanks for the update.
          Try to ignore those “haters” like i like to say.
          You doing well.
          The only think i can say is about update, if we can have like 1-2 news per month it will be awesome and calm the guys ^^
          I take example of vdategames.com
          they update their blog every week even is it’s not big update 😉


    2. It looks like somebody have anger issues. Partly I agree with you it would be much more polite if they would word it like “we have to postpone launch date for another 10-15 day approximately” instead of not this mont at 29. Hello its one day left from the month we can see ourselfs what it not released today or tomorrow it wont be in this month. But on the other hand even my mechanic cant say what time he finishes a simple oil change on my car and thats a very simple, straightforward job comapring to creative art or bug hunting. Certainly would seems much more customer focused and professional attitude if they would make rough estimates like 5 days, 5 week or 5 more months they need, but than they have to face that another and another postpone might happens and they completly lost trust and credibility toward customer what is more important. Thats an important PR rule dont make promisses what you not 100% sure you can keep. So you have to accept this. If you dont like this company attitude than cancel your subscription and just pay then non-recurring one time fee for a game when it released.
      Or go and play somewhere else with different games what you preorder on stream from a multimlillion dollar budget very proffesional company, because they will never postpone a realease date (hahahahahahahah).

  48. Well, if LOPTeam will add in game some footfetish scenes (for example, Lisa giving undertable footjob to Justin
    when everyone is sitting around the table at dinner (like in Sensual Haunting but with “happy ending”) ), I will forgive them everything.

    P.S. Credit card at the ready

  49. Genuinely hilarious reading the hissy fit tirades from the spoiled brat crowd. A couple of my favorite lines were one guy saying is there any way to react to this news other than rage? Well, yeah. A little bit of perspective and patience would be a start. Another great moment, someone comparing LOP to EA. Ummm, sure. A multi billion dollar company with all kinds of licensing agreements, worldwide market penetration and a massive advertising budget. And LOP. I can barely tell the difference. And finally, someone was pouting about another site cranking out material quicker. Well there’s the ultimate point. If there is a site that puts out better material at a better price more quickly then GO THERE. There is a reason you are all here losing your minds over the release of this game. It’s because LOP rocks. Now I’m not saying it’s out of bounds to give feedback. But I admire them for taking the time to get this right over rushing it out with tons of problems. And there’s no evidence that I’ve seen that would call into question their motivation. They want to get it done as badly as you want them to. So relax, enjoy the multitude of other games available, and appreciate that delayed gratification isn’t always the worst thing in the world.

    1. oh , so despite the delays with ELE 2 , it didnt occur to you that it kinda had rushed story ? with the delays with LWS expansion , did that too not felt rushed ? seems like you actually dont play those games fully rather than just decomposing with swf softwares .

      and yeah we never said delay gratification was the worst thing . so yeah you seem to be the type to read half the comment and pick on someone . Delays are worth it if the game came out good , which none of the gold games had this year despite 3 times the delay with ELE2 and 2 times delay with LWS expansion .

    2. @RupertHolmes

      My dear friend and LOP devotee

      I agree with everything you said with the exception of your one attributes that’s quite apparent all through out your posts.

      Your excessive fanaticism!!

      And I think everyone here will agree with me on one thing when I say that the first rule of a client-vendor relationship in any type of business transaction that involves finance is PR value and goodwill. By that I mean, when a vendor is committing to a client of a deadline, then it should be honored. In case of any delays, it’s the sole responsibility and code of policy to mention the exact time of procrastination, not just the single word terms like “soon”, “a little more time”.

      Cause at the end of the day, it’s pure business where customers like us are paying to avail services and it’s in our very interest to let us know of the timeline. I’ve been a subscriber for more than a year and from what I’ve followed through the various posts pertaining to LWT2 news, the game should have been released and in fact played by us by now.

      So Rupert, you can well understand, if not empathize, our constant disappointment towards towards LOP team when they fail to deliver something within a deadline, and what’s worse, they seem to take these failures very lightly by blaming it on technicalities and then merely giving any timelines.

      For people who’ve experienced the distress of their hopes getting raised over something magnificent and then let their hopes down instantly for any delays, they well understand what I’m saying.

      Bottom line, I understand what you’re saying Rupert, but sometimes you gotta look from both perspectives of buyers and sellers to hold an opinion and in this case I think I’m right to hold a grudge.

      Have a good day.



      1. Thanks for your comment. At least your writing is coherent and you don’t make bizarre personal attacks against me. Of course you have every right to be disappointed. However, what I witness in many of these comments (not saying yours) is a level of childishness and lack of perspective that is frankly embarrassing. You are off base in your analysis of a customer/vendor relationship as you call it. To be sure, if you purchased a specific item from someone and then they failed to deliver on providing it, that would be a genuine issue. That isn’t how LOP functions however. You pay a (modest) monthly fee to access ALL of their content, and they add new content as you go along. There is no commitment or even guarantee of anything from their end, so they have not broken any covenants. Now clearly, if they never followed through on coming out with great new content, they would eventually lose all their customers. They don’t want that to happen, so they have a vested interest in keeping the site exciting and new. Ultimately, you have the power. If you genuinely feel that they have dropped the ball, then you are free to deny them your business. Going back to my original post (which again wasn’t necessarily directed to someone of your temperament, as you seem mature and reasonable), but screaming, whining, childish, profane outbursts are simply destructive and wastes of time. Does anyone think Leonizer or anyone else affiliated with LOP is going to be more motivated to complete their work, or communicate with fans when people act like this?

        1. I agree that people shouldn’t populate the blog with unnecessary immature complaints about being required to wait too long because of constant delays , which otherwise seems frustrating at times while hearing them since being a developer myself I know the painstaking efforts and meticulous hours it takes to render a single phase development followed by intensive trial and error testing and final production, I’m gonna empathize with Leo’s team behind their wonderful creations.

          Although, I just have only one source of grievance pertaining to their replies which always seems to be the same old “to be delivered soon” or “will have to postpone a bit”. That’s fine by me. But what I’m saying is when you’re postponing a project rendition due to whatever the reasons may be, you should at least give a definite timeline rather than just replying in a nonchalance manner.

          And I’m starting to realize that this only issue is the source of all these recurring non-stop meaningless complaints lodged by many fans, don’t you think Rupert?

          Well, all in all, I hope that the LOP team really make this delay they’re taking worthwhile to present us a mind blowing game cause as always I’ve confessed before and I’ll say this again – “LWT2 is my favorite game for which I became a fan of LOP..!!” So Leo, better make it great, and I optimistically look forward to your wonderful creation.


  50. I’m going to post a general thought, not specifically related to LWT or any game. It’s about sound. I think sound is often an overlooked but key component to a really quality game. I loved Living with Britney, but it will never make my top list because of the lack of sound. With killer sound it might have been in my top 2 or 3. Music is important for setting the mood. Sound effects are important for giving you the feeling of being right there.

    Now, I’m assuming that we are many many years away from having actual voice acted characters, but there are still things that can be done to improve the quality. By the way STT was very nicely done overall in terms of sound.

    A HUGE pet peeve of mine, which might sound silly, but nevertheless drives me nuts is when during a blowjob scene you get sound effects of a woman being fucked. Skin slapping sounds or orgasmic sounds from the woman. It should be slurping, moaning, suckling etc. Another couple of problems are too much repetitiveness and woman screaming too much too soon. It loses all affect if she sounds like she is having a shattering orgasm the second she is penetrated.

    I’m hoping that some day you may be able to add some actual voice work. Even if it wasn’t fully narrated, some dirty talk during sex, some occasional shouts of triumph at a key moment, or moan of despair when something goes wrong would go a long way.

    Keep up the phenomenal work

    Grateful fan


      1. I have no life because…..? I know nothing about you other than you take the time to post non sequitur responses to people’s comments. That would seem to indicate you have plenty of time on your hands.

  51. There’s a friendly way of showing one’s anticipation. Please stop expressing pugnacious comments. They will only hinder the LOP development team. Work, study, go to the gym, watch a movie here and there, etc. Before we know it, LWT2 will be here. Patience is bliss.

  52. Starting to think LoP subscribers should get a flat vote on future projects so the games can be developed in a timely manner.

    While I agree with LoP delaying the game till it is ready, more transparency on where the progress of the “Flagship” games would really help with our expectations. Hype for LWT2 has been brewing for over a year now.

    Some of us just want the damned game already or for you to stop teasing us and actually set a release date you can keep.

    The smaller “free” projects are ok filler material, but we’d rather the team focus on the large projects. We would not have complaints if the new games “reused” the old frameworks of the previous version with brand new content. It is just tiresome always seeing LoP remake the game wheel over and over again on every game.

    Pretty much just iron out a few solid frames for game stories to be inserted into. Have your artists make pictures for the stories. Then just reboot the story for sequels and just repurpose the old frame for the new sequel.

    Begging you guys to just please start thinking of making some sort of assembly line production for your games. Making every game unique while interesting is way too time consuming as you need to fix new bugs and unforeseen problems. You NEED a system where you can easily create a game without always redoing everything.

    IE. SexandGlory’s Sensual Haunting.
    Great game.
    Great IDEA.
    Reboots in any type of building you’d want to build a story around. If you finish a story with 1 ghost. You can use a new one or multiple ghosts.
    A school haunting? Lonely cabin in the woods? Corporate Office? Anything with just about any characters you’d want to use or corrupt/have fun with. Heck, for nostalgia. You can reuse models from previous stories we’ve already established in some alternate timeline where the ghost or ghosts exist in.

    We won’t mind if the story is a little rehashed. Consistency on delivery and quality on the images is preferred as regular delivery of quality games that we like would really at least give players games to play rather then whine about how long a single game takes to churn out. We don’t want the small throw away filler games if they’ll screw up LoP from delivering on the big juicy game that we actually want in a timely fashion.

    Heck. for future development of Poker game, just have it so you can end up using characters from all your previous games into it. LoP and SoG has a library characters we’d like to see again in a small doses. So just have the Poker game as a means to have characters from different games interact / quip at each other. As long as LoP doesn’t go crazy with them actually interacting with each other, it’ll be small projects that can be farmed to artists to create to fill for the time we’re waiting on flag ship releases.
    Pretty much the player’s goal is to strip the other characters/go further with them.
    Maybe start with 1 games characters, then expansion 1 would combine a 2nd game’s characters into the mix. Keep the interactions small till a roster is fleshed out over a few expansions.

    Should there be a sizable amount of characters eventually added into this poker game universe, then you guys can go ham on the various ways they can interact with each other. Orgies/Threesomes, whatever, but only after the foundation of the characters essential to the poker game is set in stone.

    Pretty much for the small filler games. Keep it simple, repeatable and use what you have instead of reinventing the wheel. So the subscribers can sink our teeth into something on a regular basis.

    1. your suggestion is good and i hope they read it! very good suggestions. hats off!
      just one thing try not to write essay coz it discourages readers in a blog. try to highlight the main points.

      1. I do find the lack of triple anal penetration in his ideas disturbing though.

        Anyways, that’s how I imagined the poker game as well. And I really think that is the route it should go. It doesn’t need a story, it doesn’t need a background, it just needs to be a place where people can go to if they want to pleasure themselves over Lisa. Whilst not having to play LWT for 20 minutes to get to the juicy parts.

        Quick fix. Lot less frustration.

  53. Everyone is really angry because of the fact lop is not releasing any other games or any updates of the formerly released games to compensate the delay of Lwt2. I also agree that forcing the team to release the game earlier than they can will actually be a compromise to the quality of such a great game like lwt2.

    We can rather hope for the update of games like Eleanor2 or others. Or some short games as suggested by Hieronymous!

  54. btw my post that was deleted saying that you guys promised a September release and it is now the 1st of September and its not out yet, was a joke lol

    but thanks for playing

  55. We had this problem before prior to the release of the Eleanor update which is why deadlines are never given anymore because of the amount of times they’re missed and pushed back.

    I have been visiting this website since the beginning and ever since my first days here I have been following the same routine – sub when a new game is released and then cancel after playing it. Simple. Updates are too few and far between to warrant a monthly payment.

  56. Hm… one week since the last post. 7 days, 168 hours and there was also a hole weekend between…. You need much time for a little maximize our gameplay experience and fixing little issues. And what do you mean with “add a couple of new images”? This idea came very “early” to you…

    Sorry, but I don’t want wait any longer. Where is LWT2? Are you working on it or are you sleeping? You did have more than enough time to fix the issues. NOW PUT IT OUT.

    For me it’s ok if it isn’t completely finished yet. Let us play. And for all of them who want to play the finished alpha, they can wait. But I’m sure most of them will also play. And who knows, maybe there are some ideas which makes the game better.

    Let us give feedback how our gameplay experience is. Then you can fix this, if it is needed. Increase the expectations not further.

    Do you know the moment when you are hungry and don’t eat? If you wait long enough the hunger goes away. I’m on this point. Now I’m really hungry… but If I have to wait a little longer for the game… who knows… maybe the hunger goes away…and my monthly subscription goes with it.

    So please, think about it and release the game. Everybody can decide for himself to play or to wait if it isn’t finished yet.

    1. How do you know if they had enough time to program or fix the game? It’s a complex one (check LWT post in New Lagoon for more info)
      Speak for yourself but the mayority of us want a complete game at the start with no issues or mayor bugs. If the game have them, people are going to get pissed.

    2. Are you serious blinki182?
      I know that you’re all so desperate to play LWT2 but I hope that you’re not desperate enough to play bugged game. Guys, c’mon.

      We’re working really hard to finish is ASAP – we see the bright light in the tunnel but we’re not there yet. Almost, but not yet.

      And we never delete comments, which doesn’t contain very bad language and just stupid things that spammers use to copy and paste into comments.

      1. Hey Leo,

        We understand that you are a four-man-team. It isn’t easy to make graphic games. Okay fair enough, but please read carefully to what I’m about to type, and try to understand the customers also.

        People already said in the comments: “We want honesty, we want transparency, we don’t want rough estimates.”

        Nobody is threatening the LOP team. However, your team has a very bad reputation for releasing games late and missing “deadlines”. Many people are paying $10 every month because they expect new content.

        I know how business works. Trust me, Bachelor of Arts, Business English, minored in Airlines Business. You have to be open and honest to your customers.

        You must also be willing to admit all your past mistakes and laziness such as: missing deadlines by over 1 year (ex: LWT 2), poor story structure (ex: Eleanor 2), and dishonest public relations management (ex: “soon”, “next month”, “end of the month”, “this year”, etc.)

        You need to stop looking at your customers as enemies when they give you criticism and disappointment.

        Remember, in business, the customers are always right. Even if they are wrong, the company has to listen. Good luck.

      2. Hello Leonizer,

        thanks for your answer.

        Yes I’m serious (but hope that I have all written right, english is not my first language), because the first post was talking about a probably release last month. Yes I know, probably. But probably means also that there is a chance and that means that the game is on a stage nearly finished. Then comes the delay because of maximize gameplay experience, small issues… etc. that’s ok.
        But why? What does that mean? Give us little bite that we can understand what you mean.

        And also yes to the unfinished game. This system are using today more sites and it works very great. For example: Patreon. There are many games unfinished and I find it really great. You can test, give feedback and can help to make a game really great or just play. And the most important, you don’t become impatient, because you became your bite. Also bigger games use this system, like The Forest, RUST and so on…

        Please, don’t understand me wrong. I know the hole Team are doing hard work. But in the last 1 ½ years, in my view, the hole site has a little bit changed. But not to the positive site. Simultaneously the competitors are grown.

        Also don’t underestimate the expectation. If you delay a release because of gameplay experience the expectation will growth. Do you really sure LWT2 can hold this? Think about the expectation for Eleanor 2. Similar production time, earlier release but the feedback was not same good as the first Eleanor. Because irregular feedback of the production process, some posts are contradictory and so on. That was sad, because if you look closer you can see how much work stands behind the game.

        But if you look today, you can say, there was the bite. You have brought addons and some, not all, but some, of the negative feedback was going down and more positive feedback was coming. If you had released Eleanor 2 a few months earlier, but a little shorter, therefore more addons, maybe the Feedback would be a bit better. MY Opinion. And after all you can say the release of Eleanor 2 was also in an unfinished stadium.

        The hype for LWT2 is now much bigger, but is the game it also? Now think about the bite, don’t you think the expectation would been a little lower? I think so. But it’s my opinion. Everybody can see this in his way.

        And again… @BigArgieCock and all others who have the patience to wait… I wrote it in my first post, EVERYBODY can decide for himself if he played an unfinished version or not. If you don’t want to play a game unfinished then don’t click on play and wait till it’s finished. And I wrote that it is for ME ok to play an unfinished game and that I’m sure that MOST NOT ALL!!! of the people who wrote that they have the patience will also play an unfinished game. But the decision is yours.
        But in one Point you are right. I don’t know if they had enough time. But I think so.

        1. The release of LWT2 is postponed because of the complexity of the gameplay. There are dozens of variables that modify the game and we need to make sure that everything is triggered in the right moment – intended as the game designer wanted it be. It’s a new gameplay model, not tested in our earlier releases and that’s why it’s difficult to put everything what the author wanted into the working product.

          With the scale of such game it really take time to test everything and fix all small issues. Small but in huge numbers. That’s why we can’t release unfinished game right now – cause it’s pointless.

          Do you really want to receive unfinished car with problems with the electric installation? And then wait for a fix while you’re driving it and getting pissed every time you try to start the engine? What would you say about a company who did that to you?

          Yes, I made a mistake at the beginning of 2015 when I said that probably we’ll release LWT 2 this year. I was to optimistic then and this mistake is chasing my every time we talk about LWT2. That year we needed to change our plans because of BLIND DATE 3D game (YamYoda was working over this project) and waiting for LWT2 renders took much more time than I originally anticipated – I was forced to push the release of LWT2 for 2016.

          At the beginning of 2016 I gave you a road map of games that we’re going to release this year. So far we delivered everything we promised (taking into a part that year has 12 months / 5 games which mean new game every 2.5 month). And guess what? There are no delays in game releases for 2016.

          Yes, again – I was to optimistic with saying that we’ll probably release LWT2 in the previous month. My bad cause I’ve underestimated the complexity of this project. We’ll release it this month.

          Do I care if the game will meet your expectations? Of course. That’s why we still haven’t release the game yet. We want it to be as playable for you as it is possible.

          Am I aware that every new day without LWT2 is getting you more and more pissed, making you expecting more? Of course. But I won’t release LWT2 until we decide that it’s a game we want to share with you.

          Is LWT2 worth waiting for? Hell yeah!
          It’s a different gameplay experience then in the first part. This time you don’t need to build you stats – you did that in in the LWT1 and now you can rest. We give you same characters you love from the first part and a few new ones that you’ll fall in love or start to hate. New environment and arousing scenes – you’ll need a lot of time to discover everything we’ve prepared for you. And yes – you’ll be challenged to achieve that.

          So guys, pretty please – relax and give us time to complete our mission. We understand that you just can’t wait but really – any comment, even the weirdest one, isn’t able to influence the release time of LWT2.

          1. Thank you leonizer for your statement and your time.

            The example with the car was great. That’s another point of view which I haven’t seen. And from this view you are absolutly right.

            With your statement and the statement from iksanabot it makes absolutly sense not to publish the unfinished game.

            I hope you can accept when I say sorry for my disturp and sorry if some of my words was to harsh, but I hope they wasn’t.

            Now I hope it doesn’t take too long and you have my word that I stay with my membership.

          2. Leonizer, thanks for that, I feel you needed a post like this to defend yourself, I’m a novice programmer myself and can relate to how hard it is to program a game of this size and account to the different variables that will be in this game.

            If I learned anything from the past posts and updates, it’s that the majority of this game is pretty much completed, and a couple of minor additions, fixes, and testing are left to complete. Take your time to make sure the game is finished and completed. You’re doing a great job and enjoy the rest of you’re day. I will be looking forward to the game.

          3. That’s fine by me Leo as always I have advocated your work and your team’s creations for its quality.

            Just a small request, time is not an issue for me. If I’ve waited for 1 year, it won’t hurt me to wait a couple of months. But you also have to ensure that this waiting phase is worth playing the game that will amaze us. Being the only fan of LWT2, I expect the same and nothing less. So, please ensure you deliver a great content as you promised. Will be waiting for the game soon.


  57. @blinki182
    LOP doesnt want your feedback if it isnt “omg its so great love you”
    If your saying you didnt like the LOP-Games/Team be careful they will delete your post….
    oh and yes Im with you there they sould make weekly updates whats going on.
    AND they should point out what image and scenes were bonus!!!!

    For me its just a lame excuse “we need more time to add bonus stuff” well the game wasn´t ready in first place and this weren’t bonus scenen.
    But we will see what we will get if it finished this year.

    1. I totally agree with fmh about his comment ” LOP doesnt want your feedback if it isnt “omg its so great love you”
      If your saying you didnt like the LOP-Games/Team be careful they will delete your post….”
      Cause its very really true … i found many like those in LWS short update .

  58. You know, as long as you can get Lisa or any of the other main girls pregnant, go ahead and take your time, this is probably one of the things I’m most excited to see, but hopefully you won’t take too long in completing the game!

  59. Also, it would be better if you updated the blog weekly, it would help calm everyone down, even if it was only a few words like “we’re still working really hard guys,” or even just give us news like what’s been completed so far and how much you still have to do.

  60. Since there is a lot of tension in the comments, I hope that we, the customers, have a little more patience for LWT 2.

    And I also hope that the LOP team has learned their lesson when missing deadlines for a very, very long time.

    Honesty, transparency, & policy. As a professional game-development team, LOP needs to make fixed schedules for their development periods and release dates. This will greatly improve the productivity & efficiency of the team.

    We, the customers, need to offer constructive criticism. We do not need to CAPS LOCK type or make blunt insults.

    Like I said, I hope these times have been a lesson to all of us, both the people and the team.

  61. Fucking hell, if youre going to unsubscribe because you’re unhappy with the product, then do so. don’t nerdrage so hard that you have to write an essay explaining why you did it.

    if you’re serious about feedback, there are other ways of doing it.

    chill out, jack off to something else for a while and enjoy the new game when its out

  62. i think that lop team is facing serious problem,lwt2 with it’s delays is in production for almost two years,the expectations are so high that i think no matter what majority of the people will be unhappy with the final result and thus pissed off with lop

    1. Agreed. The damage itself is already very deep.
      People will not forgive and forget easily.
      It will be sad for everyone.
      But at least we have Battlefield 1 Beta 🙂

  63. Guys, I am happy some many people love LWT 1 and are excited for LWT2, and I hope you all love it.

    Let me explain the delay a little bit.

    As you probably know, I tried to write this game around a different game mechanic than LWT 1. It’s an experiment, and it is proving very very complicated. The most complicated thing is that you can choose if you cheated with Lisa in the first game, and you can choose if you shared Tracy in the first game. This means that at the start of the game, there are four possible stories to continue from Cheat/Share, No Cheat/Share, Cheat/No Share, No Cheat/ No Share. Think of it for a second. For every single scene in the game we have to take into account where it makes sense for each one of these starting points, and alter dialogue and options depending on the starting point. we didn’t know how complicated that was going to make coding the game until we started to play test it. On top of that, the central game mechanic of just a respect variable in competition with another man is a new experiment and we have to play test it a lot and refine it to try and make it as fun as the sim style games. So, the delay at this point is simply about trying to make it more fun. Of course there is a balance between releasing it sooner to avoid the anger we so often read on here, and releasing a better game, but so far all of us that are working on the agreement that the delay to make it more fun is worth it at this point.

    There is so much anger here, that I feel I need to work and work and work on making it ass fun as possible because I know many of you are poised to hate it no matter what, just because it took so long. It’s not a great feeling. I am seriously considering not writing these things anymore because it’s only fun to do when you feel appreciated, not when you feel people are pressuring you to put out something you are not happy with, and calling you incompetent and lazy. For those of you who don’t know, I have a full time job. My writing for LOP is a hobby only. Sure, I make a little extra money doing it, but I don’t need the money. I do it more for fun, but the rage on this forum makes it less fun. WAY less fun.

    Leo is one of the most conscientious, generous, well-intentioned and hard-working guys I’ve ever met. When people accuse him of posting lies to try and generate subscriptions, it is flat out absurd. Development of the game was rescheduled several times early on for a variety of reasons, including having to re-do all the images because people complained about the new models. Re-scheduling happens, delays happen. Leo never promised a deadline. He does not post hard deadlines because creativity can not be forced.

    I don’t want to come off harsh. I love all the fans, even the impatient ones who call me lazy and incompetent. I just want you to realize we are doing our best for you. When we delay release, it’s not because we are trying to trick you are to take advantage of you. Please try to realize this. The only reason for delay is because we want to produce a good game, for you. That’s all.

    1. thank you for clearing things up,i knew a little bit more from discussions on other forum,that’s why i’m more considerate about this situation
      i just hope that all of this will not put you off writing and that you’ll still be the part of the team

    2. Thanks for the statement! People do need to realize that the last update was a week ago. A WEEK! Obviously, they only got in a weeks worth of work into the game, it’s not ready to be released yet, I feel like some people can’t read because the question they’re asking in their posts are answered in the update.

      Don’t get all pent down by the negativity and insults, make the game what you envisioned it iksanabot. And Leo is doing an extraordinary job. I would expect a mid to late September release at the earliest.

    3. Iksanabot and Leonizer, Thank you both for taking the time to update us on the progress of the game many of us are excited to play. Please keep in mind that the internet is filled with “griefers” and others who like to hide behind their anonymity to throw tantrums and complain. I believe that the silent majority of us are quietly anticipating your creation. We are just as excited but not as vocal. We understand that the creation process is just as nerve wracking for you as the waiting is for us. Please don’t let the children who are in need of a nap take away from the enjoyment you have in creating and sharing your fantasies with us. We appreciate the risk involved in opening your self up to us either in a game or your stories (which is just as exciting and I hope you continue).

      Thank you again.

      P.S. …. is it done yet??? /jumps up and down looking at refresh button LOL

    4. @iksanabot

      I empathize with your thoughts, my friend. With a job as complex as developing this game, rendering scenes and complex programming, the whole process is really time consuming. And owing to the fact that most of the consumers hail from a non technical background, I think it’s incomprehensible for them to grasp the real reason for these delays.

      Of course delays are bound to happen when you’re developing something new right from the scratch. But the growing tension and rise in unnecessary complaints that stem out from among the consumers are because of the lack of detailed lucid explanations, one that you so well elucidated in your comments. And I believe that people who’re a bit impatient can now surely understand of the real reason of the delay.

      We can never accuse you of being a lazy and incompetent liars, atleast I’ve never dared to utter those words. Cause we know that the whole idea of game play and the famous characters that we know and care about comes from your mind and creativity. So to call you those terrible words means to simply insult your genius which is shameful for us.

      All the users want in return (at least I think) is that they be given a proper well explained reason for any mishaps that might happen at any point of time during the course of a project, similar to the one you just commented on. That way the growing ‘tension’, ‘impatience’, ‘unnecessary rumors and complaints’ will be greatly placated.

      And as always, never forget that we always appreciate all the hard work you put into a project, without which this whole process is just meaningless. So don’t be disheartened, always know we support your work and your creations. And keep up what you guys are doing, it’s wonderful and great.

      (From a fellow empathetic programmer of Rockstar team that created GTA Vice City)

  64. Dear leonizer;

    A usually don’t type or “share” my opinions or thoughts on a game on this blog or the forums.

    As a long time fan and costumer,of your content and of LwT being one of my favourite ever games for lop gold I would like to ask will the game still be released this month?

    I don’t mind delays as I they usually make the game better and have better expericience.

    From an old time fan


    Ps: Guys lets keep the discusion civil because both Leonizer and IkanaBot aswell as the rest of the lop gold team(don’t know their names-sorry) are doing their best to bring to their best game possible.

  65. Wow… the sense of entitlement on this blog is insane…

    I wouldn’t be surprised or blame the LOPteam if they decided to quit the business altogether after having to listen to this swarm of angry babies desperately wanting to jack off…

    Leo, I hope you take the time you need to develop this game (and any future games) to the point where you and the rest of the team are wholly satisfied and feel that the product is complete. As a long-time customer and fan, I have enjoyed the vast majority of products you have released and even those I didn’t enjoy (Dignity One and Poker game) were still appreciated, if for nothing else than what you learned from those releases. I have never seen a business so alert to the voice of the customer. Kudos to you for taking harsh (and ridiculously entitled and out-of-line) criticism head-on and professionally. Your games are the best in its field, I hope you take pride in that fact.

    Iksanabot. I hope that this shit-storm does not discourage you from future creative ventures. Your writing is some of the best on this site, if not THE best. I’d hate to see your creative output stiffled by a bunch of whiners who, mistakenly, think that you and the rest of the team owe them something.

    Hats off to you.

    And to the complainers: the game will arrive when it is finished. Luckily, LOP is professional enough not to release an unfinished game. The internet is vast and bottomless, go jack off to something else untill it arrives. To get THIS worked up about a game is, honestly, extremely sad. I know you feel like the LOPteam owes you something… well, guess what: they don’t. Not a finished game, not an unfinished game, not a deadline, not an approximate release date… hell, they don’t even owe you an apology. As a customer, you pay for the big bundle of games already out… not future ones and your payment does not entitle you to make demands about future releases. So relax… when all is said and done; it’s only a game.

    1. gotta give a +1 to Nemo for this one.
      I don’t usually comment, but Iskanabot’s last post made me realize that those of us who appreciate the work aren’t vocal enough.

      Am I disappointed with delays?…hell yeah.
      Do I feel I’m not getting my money’s worth?….not really

      A monthly subscription costs less than a pack of smokes, so if that money guarantees future games, I’m good with it.

    2. I’ve tried to make similar comments, but you nailed it better than I ever did. Well said sir. It is an unfortunate reality that the level headed, satisfied, respectful consumers rarely make their voices heard to the same degree as the entitled, nasty, vitriolic types.

      I hope lksanabot and leonizer and the rest of the team realize that for every hateful negative comment they read that there are scores of fans who deeply appreciate their talent, creativity and hard work, and look forward to enjoying more of it in the future…..whenever it is complete.

      1. @rupert
        That’s because the respectful and wise ones possess a habit of listening a lot and talking a little bit but wisely rather than the stupid ass ones who talk a lot without any sense. LOL

  66. There is more than enough rushed, buggy and unfinished erotic games out there to last us all a life time. The reason we come here to the Lesson of Passion team (and Sex and Glory) is because of the quality.

    In that same boat, the reason a lot of you can’t wait and just want the game out already is because of that very quality. However, if they were to give in to the demands, of what is in my opinion the ‘vocal minority’, the most anticipated game, LwT2, would not be of the same quality as we have come to expect. It would be a shame, would it not? So please, have patience and allow them to deliver their games in the highest quality possible.

  67. Im glad that iskanbot has highlighted and refreshed everyones memory on here about the original reason for the first delay in getting this title out. The LOP team listened to the rants on here when they shared the first renders of LWT2 and everybody kicked off about the renders being awful. I remember this incident well, criticising Tracey’s skin tone and hips and then kicking off at Lisa’s hair colour not being right.

    The LOP Team then listened to these rants and agreed to render Tracey and Lisa all over again in the previous format which obviously set back the original 2015 release date as in essence it was back to the drawing board.

    The game is sounding great as it is the first sequel from another LOP game that allows you to choose how you played the last game giving you a true sequel which everyone has asked for and criticised Eleanor 2 about on here, not knowing the canon ending and all sorts like this. This game gives you that option, also has a whole new gameplay mechanic which I can only imagine the nightmare in coding this and changing dialogue depending on original choices decided at the start. This game will have TRUE replayability factor as each game will be different depending on choices so lets think about this, 4 or 5 choices at the start of the game before you even start playing, this could lead to weeks of replays to get every award and achievement, also included is the future updates like E2.

    Plus just think guys, its gonna feature our two most favourite characters Tracey and Lisa in the same game!!!! Plus a guaranteed threesome scene with the 3 main characters….. Finally!!!

    Even though everyone moans about the delays, fact is us fans on here CAUSED the first delay with the team having to re-render everything in the old format again and also asking for so many other things to be added in, not wanting to disappoint the LOP Team have tried to make this project the crowning jewel of all their games, many delays?? Yes.. But gaming experience should be “Out Of This World” compared to anything that has come before it.

    So lets all just wait for the release to come and give the team the time they need on this, coz the guys are bigger people than i am coz if i read half of these comments on here i would have reacted far differently.

    1. @Gamer400

      This is the true ugly reality of the present day world, my friend. People have become so self conscious and competitive and too ‘fast’ for time that they like to let time chase them rather than the other way around. And in the course of that stupid chase, they ignore the quality. Gone are the days when people appreciated the quality over time and quantity.

  68. Iksanabot stepped up like a man. This is the PR and Customer Relations that the LOP team needs. When you came out and told us everything, people realised and understood.

    Keep it that way guys. I feel at peace now ever since Iksanabot went full-transparent mode with his most recent comment. Cannot wait for LWT 2. Lisa is going to be sexy as f*ck.

  69. i can’t understand all this drama here. You die if you cannot play the game this week? be patient for gods shake. don’t you rather play a perfect game than a buggy one?
    Admins do your job and ignore those cry babyes.

  70. @@@iksanbot@@@
    I don’t send comments here and just read them but i never agree with that people to disrespect you and your arts and in fact your team. They are impatient people that just want to nag and nag. That’s their nature and we can’t change them. We are your real flowers and we have full respect for any delay or any failure. Real flowers are some people had flow in any situation. You can release it in any time you know that’s perfect. But after release then we expect best game because that you can’t reload it and it one time get release. So take your time and make it huge. I like for future that you make open world games and selectively characters. For example can we play in tracy or lisa character too….

  71. I stick to what I said few months ago.

    I don’t care if LWT2 will be released this month, the next month or even the end of the year.

    I just want it to be perfect and exciting.

  72. @Iksanabot

    Don’t let these **** get to you man, I don’t care about the delays because I’d rather have a non-faulty game then a shitty glitched one but pls don’t consider quitting writing LOP games cuz of some autistic nerds who can’t find something else on the big wide internet to jack off to.

  73. Anyway I for one am SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR excited for this just because of the toptions you get to choose in the beginning, I’m guessing that’s why it’s been a delay because the cheating/non cheating options you chose all have different stories, character interaction etc etc

  74. People who rage about delys are mostly ppl who have monthly subs. So I dont see anything weird in getting mad when you pay for sth and dont get it for a long time. I know nobody force them to do so but they do and give LoP guys more money than most of you guys here who defend them. Its only normal they demand. Im one of them and I wasnt really pleased by last few games (probably coz of my too high expectations), yet still Im active subscriber and hope that LwT2 gonna be like 300% of the first part (and then even bigger exansion). Only reason why Im not mad is probably that it doesnt have any inpact on release date (and price is quite low, even tho Witcher 3 is probably less expensive -.-). So ppl who rage, stop it for your own good, its unhealthy.

    1. woah , half the people are commenting like ” we are tired of lop’s delays and their laziness ” and other half are commenting ” to ‘jack off’ some where else & iksanabot is so ‘manly’ ” . XD . awesome .

      Well both the sides Aint wrong . i mean all the LOP games year didnt came out ‘ satisfactory’ to most . So yeah , you can expect desperate people . On the other hand pressureing the team wont do good either . The team did say ‘monthly update’ but still they aint type that share games part by part like you’ll fine else where .

      And here’s another thing I thought LOP should change your business style . I mean it would be better to sell games like you guys did with BLIND DATE 3D rather than monthly subscriptions . Since you guys giving out games with a finished story . When leo said the LWT might be released in August , there were people who subscribed and some also subscribed newly again this month too . yeah , we can see their reaction .

      And to the ***** who commented like ” LOP is awesome for their less than $1 subscription ” , your mistaken it with patreon , dude its $19.99 for new subscription 1-time and for the re-curring one its $17.99 for starters & $9.99 later each month . you can check it when registering in lopgold . To some this $ is nothing and to some this is much more comparatively .
      LEMME BREAK IT TO SOME OF THE ***** why people did bad mouthing that its LOP’s fault , there are many who subscribes 1-time ones , meaning is leo says this month , people will subscribe that and leo delays it to next month then those people has to subscribe again $20 next month or $18 if its a re-curring one , thats $40/38 . Your come back might be like ” those other people are stupid ” . Here what i’ll say to them
      ‘ good for you but in reality you are not the only existing customer here or not all customers are smart-asses” , thats why i said that lop should think for a different way to get money from the customers .

      So for those who arent actually happy with LOP , dont subscribe unless the game comes out officially & checking the blog everyday wont gunna do any good , it’ll make you more desperate .
      OH ANOTHER THING @ iksanabot . dude i would never say you guys never had any problems , its obvious people faces problems . BUT here’s the thing , just suddenly You show up like a war hero , your throwing the talks on us now !?
      LOP wasnt facing problems with the customers now . This has been like from the beginning of the year . like it or not , This is the problem You Guys created , stop Doing Trash Talks . Half are your supporters and other half isnt , both the halfs are your customers . This this things could have been easily avoided long ago , if you were bit more open to us .
      The talking about remodeling was last year , you think new customers from this year knew about the last year’s post ?
      Also you said there are 4 initial way to start the LWT 2 game , that means the game really might is bigger than all the ones before , so wasnt this your duty to make the customers understand why actually their money isnt gunna go to waste ?

      i can guarantee many fake/ 2nd accounts gunna show up trolling me . XD

      EDITED BY LEONIZER: master_fake, it’s your last time when you called someone “idiot” here.

  75. I only hope that the guys at LOP realize that when the game is released, there will likely be so many players that their servers probably melt down to the ground and burn a hole in the floor.

    Just a fair warning…

  76. @ master_fake +1

    let me put some facts in
    that new playes can see what is going on here

    February 1, 2015
    Release date
    Right now I’m not able to predict that. Probably (big probably) around summer / early autumn this year. This project is really massive – both in terms of quantity of text, characters, number of locations and scenes. So please arm yourself in patience.

    June 30, 2015
    Release date – it’s still hard to predict cause those projects are huge. Number of required renders and the complexity of scenes is really excessive. I can tell you that we’ll try to release both of this projects this year. Probably ELE2 will go first but I can’t guarantee that at this stage.
    (by this year its say 2015)

    July 31, 2015
    Rendering for LWT finished.
    In terms of Eleanor 2 – Chestnut is ready to start rendering at the end of next week – as soon as we get first characters from it we’ll present them to you.

    January 7, 2016
    3 Pics of LWT 2

    March 14, 2016
    Also rendering process for LWT2 is also almost complete – Tracy and Lisa are looking so spectacular.
    (I thinks this was the time you change the >V<)

    July 15, 2016
    Then of course – Living with Temptation 2. The most anticipated LOP game ever. I’ve already started to develop this project and it’s going very smooth. Visuals are stunning and the gameplay is very unique – different from everything you’ve seen so far.

    August 10, 2016
    (dont have you put that out or?)

    just a neutral comment

    1. fmh, that’s not true.

      You said:
      July 31, 2015
      Rendering for LWT finished.

      July 31, 2015
      Today is the day – YamYoda is working hard over LWT2 and right now we’re ready to present you some first actual renders from the game.

      So we didn’t finish rendering for LWT2 in July 2015 but around March 2016.

      But still I don’t see the point of this discussion.

      1. Hey Leo, sorry for everyone being shitty and disrespectful I really do appreciate all your and iksanbot hard work I know what you both do is not easy so like I always say keep up the hard work and I can’t wait for LWT2 it’ll be great!

  77. i totally agree with master_fake but in addition i have a request for LopTeam Please give Us a release date that is completely accurate dont say next week or so please inform us the exact date which LWT2 would be be released
    Im 100 % sure this kind of bizness dont make enough money and i think its time to improve and change the way you do business
    i will be happy if u ask for my help on how to provide the best possible way to make money on this matter
    Leonizer i wish u the best of luck

  78. now a personal quote.
    If I see that a game wont come out to the date i set first i wont NO i wont do it “on the last day”.
    You deletet more then 10 comments in November 4, 2015 Where players wanted a vote system for LOP GOLD games.
    yes you did and they were not spammers.
    or should we start in future makeing destopscreens?

    @iksanabot the frustration is NOT against you!
    Its against LOPs-System
    (yes of cours also for the deadline of the game)
    Players give LOP so much support and good ways to make your side better.

    Telling you what they liked/what not and it was most ignored.
    LOOK AT Driving with London (one of it)
    after that total disaster you change a littel bit.
    people for me who liked supporting you guys 3 years now.
    but all the good idears we see you used 1? maybe 3? of it.

    And ITS NOT LIKE LWT 2 is the only game that got reased on its deadline.
    And with every month and game its getting more and more frustrated.

    SO TELL me what should i do.
    I supportet you(LOP), and i supportet players with good/great idears.
    The only thing that i can do now its pointing the gun at LOP and saying “Im dissapointed with you i will kill my member ship”
    WHY should I post new idears or support players if you dont listen to them?/loook at them)

    you saying you do it for fun in your free time
    What do you think im doing now?
    Working? for LOP?
    NO IM STILL trying to support you.
    (im and idiot i know)
    (well i have a full time job but i think you unterstand what im takling about)

    Ok fanboys you can call me now a crybaby or tell me what i should do.
    (yes I will nerver force them to releas an unfinished game lol)
    (and I will still support those player/s who say the vote system is a good idea for LOP-GOLD games)

    for reading
    (sry fo long post heres a potato)

    1. Guys, I’m really tired of this right now.
      I’m unable to answer all comment here but when I see something like this I believe I should respond to that:

      “You deleted more then 10 comments in November 4, 2015 Where players wanted a vote system for LOP GOLD games.
      yes you did and they were not spammers.
      or should we start in future making desktop screens?”

      That’s bullshit and you know it.

      “@iksanabot the frustration is NOT against you!
      Its against LOPs-System (yes of course also for the deadline of the game).”

      What’s LOP system? Enlighten me please?

      “Players give LOP so much support and good ways to make your side better.”

      That’s right. And we’re taking advantage of that. For instance INSIDERS program when after rather bad response for DWL and CMD we asked our players for their support during beta tests of a new games and thanks to that we came up with great free games which player likes so I guess it worked, right?

      “Telling you what they liked/what not and it was most ignored.
      LOOK AT Driving with London (one of it) after that total disaster you change a littel bit. people for me who liked supporting you guys 3 years now. but all the good idears we see you used 1? maybe 3? of it.”

      I don’t understand the first part at all. And then about ideas – do you think how do new copywriters join LOP TEAM? They always come to me with idea. And when I like the idea, we start to develop a game. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But that’s the best example that I’m listening to everyone who has a plan and see game as a big picture. So please stop saying that I’m not listening to you guys cause that’s not true.

      “And ITS NOT LIKE LWT 2 is the only game that got released on its deadline. And with every month and game its getting more and more frustrated.”

      Yes – I tried to deliver game this August and I failed (cause it’s much more complicated than I originally excepted). I need around two more weeks for that. I was informing about previous “delays” before so I don’t want to come back to this.

      “SO TELL me what should i do.
      I supportet you(LOP), and i supportet players with good/great idears. The only thing that i can do now its pointing the gun at LOP and saying “Im dissapointed with you i will kill my member ship”. WHY should I post new idears or support players if you dont listen to them?/loook at them)”

      What the hell?

      Guys – there are hundreds of you, I’m only one. I really read all comments here but I’m and I never will be able to answer to all comments on our blog.

      I love to read all comments and I understand the pressure related to a close date of LWT2 release but please – calm down.
      Working over such pressure isn’t cool at all.


      1. You need a community manager 🙂

        No, seriously. First of all your time as developer is better spent developing than managing forums. Secondly as both the boss and the developer you’re putting yourself under double pressure already, it’s hard to manage fan requests as well; even the most polite, well-meaning fan is always going to badger you for more updates and quicker releases. Community management is a serious role for good reason, it takes a lot of time and effort, and it has to be done by someone who is detached enough from the production process not to care too much about the language being used, so they can remain objective and impartial and, if necessary, feel like they’re defending others, not themselves. If you’re defending someone else’s work you can be reasonable and objective, if you’re defending yourself you always risk sounding, well, defensive, even if you’re not, and it will always be more stressful anyway.

        1. Oh, and I forgot: thank you for taking on board the feedback from insiders, and thank you for sticking to your guns and working on your games as much as you feel you need to before releasing them. Some of us do appreciate it, even if we may not stop by on a regular basis to say so.

        2. Leonizer I totally agree with genome. I wanted to write almost same thing ealier today. I just had no time. A moderator for this forum, would keep people informed, so they won’t overboil themself about little things. Would answer post so Developers wont spend their more pecious time on it. They can make excripts of topics so you dont even have to spend so much time reading it. They could make like a weekly posts so people feel engaged informed and imprtant ergo happy. Im sure you could finde some devoted player who willing to help you out on this probably even for free.

      2. “Yes – I tried to deliver game this August and I failed (cause it’s much more complicated than I originally excepted). I need around two more weeks for that. I was informing about previous “delays” before so I don’t want to come back to this.”

        Oh My Gosh 2 more weeks ? you guys seriously need a big change
        im playing your games since i dunno 4 or 5 year yes they are unique and I love them but the timing and scheduling is a little bit concerning
        i think genome idea is a good idea too
        @leo its time for change because this way more people will be disappointed because you promise something u cant keep and i dont think thats a healthy thing
        look at US Election why do u think hillary is losing to a clown
        Because nobody trusts her
        im not saying u are not trustworthy im saying if u keep doing the same thing your fans will not appreciate it
        Good LUCK Freind

  79. “Yes – I tried to deliver game this August and I failed (cause it’s much more complicated than I originally excepted). I need around two more weeks for that. ”
    why don’t you say that on 29 update info?

  80. Super glad I have to scroll through 300+ comments to get an update!!!!

    I thought the LOP team was past the one post a month updates. Not advocating any of this nonscence I’ve had to scroll past, but you guys can’t even start a new post and wonder why people are spitting venom all over this blog. Yes, I’m aware that’s not the reason, but it certainly doesn’t help.

  81. The LOP-System is the lack of infomation
    Is that so hard too see for you still after 3 years?

    Just post every week a small Update and a lot of people like you would see in the comments were happy with it.
    and not on the last day blablabla
    if you post it on friday sunday nobody cares.
    it would help you to fix things like this

    “hey guys we are woking on XYX pretty hard”
    bla bla im excited
    iksanabot is doing hard on story work but dont have a lot of time at this week because of his work.
    bla bla bla

    Guys we have a problem the game crashes at XY we are hardly trying to fix it but I think i will take 2/3/4 more weeks.

    is that so hard?

  82. Guys seriously this has to stop. Leo and iskanabot both are trying to keep as calm as possible I bet, and seriously it’s not fair to keep complaining after they keep apologising. I admit I was annoyed at the delay but since reading the comments by LOP and the fans I realise that seriously this isn’t OK. Leo and iskanabot are both working really hard and every time they get up and apologise (which must take some balls) a lot of people kick them back down again. To Leo and iskanabot, seriously don’t worry, just take a chill-pill (is that still a thing ) and keep doing what you’re doing. To the understandably annoyed fans, we know the game will be released by at least the start of 2017, and let’s face the fact, once it comes around, everyone will be happy. Let’s all (LOP and fans) just calm down and get on with what we’ve got to do.

  83. Leo, I think it’s time to shut the comments off on this blog. The swarm of angry, wank-deprived, entitled babies have taken over the field and there is no satisfying or stopping them. They are unable to understand that their membership does not entitle them to make demands and at this point they don’t care about explanations… They just want to rage… There’s no victory to be had here…

    To everyone here constantly making complains and demands (that have no basis in reason, whatsoever), forcing Leo to answer your shouting, you are effectively slowing down the process of completing LwT2…. so congratulations, you are now a big part of the problem you claim to want fixed.

  84. Hey guys, don’t let the negative posts get you discouraged. You’re doing a great job! Keep working hard and put out the game when you know it’s exactly how you want it to be. Keep up the great work!

  85. Well done people. You have made me post on an online game forum, which I hate fricking doing. I have been a long time customer of LoP, I wanna say 3 + years, and this is the first time I have ever posted here. Congratulations. Leo and iksanbot (sp) you do marvelous, wonderful work and I appreciate everything you do. I like some of the games more than others but that is all personal taste. While I have been waiting very patiently for LwT2 and will continue to do so I feel terrible for you guys getting put through this crap storm of idiots and would completely understand you guys postponing it until 2017 so some of these guys will hopefully live up to their “threats” and leave. If you wanted to start banning people and cancelling their memberships then I would be willing to pay more so I don’t have to read the crap they spew . I have no details on membership numbers for your site but it seems that only about 30 or so members are “unhappy” with the delays and the rest are hopefully like me patiently waiting for a finished product that you are proud of. Please do not allow all these idiots do not dampen your enthusiasm for this and future projects as there seems to be many that are happy with your games but they are unfortunately silent as I was . Well that is my 2 cents for what it is worth. Thanks again for great games. cheers

  86. leonizer, iksanabot and the whole team LOP GOLD members, we, the real fans and patriots of your work, understand everything, what you are facing and have faced for a long time! I don’t understand all the true fans and lovers of your ideas (real fans to your skill) one, why do you respond to those comments whose words are empty, whose nicknames or who are not familiar? the students of Junior classes, in your membership paying their parents. (remember the previous delay of game) exactly the same thing and the same words Yes those who mistreat and stinging like a bee, but they (the comments) it’s the husk. all we true fans of the beautiful game I love it this know, libasedrive it for the benefit of us, so we was not upset and was in awe of your work! sorry for my English loony, I know very bad, thanks to the translator google, I hope will carry my thought to You. sincerely your hair 86 (year 4) and your real fans. my wish, continue in the same spirit! I and all of us cook for you!

  87. Stop complaining people and let them work on it. More time they stay here replying to your complaints, less time they are working on the game. Yes it’s blows it was delayed and I’m not happy either. There’s tons of other games on patreon you can try out for free while you wait.

  88. Oh I forgot to add, stuff like this is a great move in the right direction 😀 Keeping us updated.

    UPDATE 2016.08.29
    More time to complete the game is needed.
    We all know that you were waiting for this game for so long and you want LWT2 to be released ASAP. It’s gonna happen soon. But not this month, sorry.

  89. guys don’t want to pay, don’t pay! pay for your membership after the game! no need to pay and then cry that they have not received what you wanted. it’s everyone’s business! left the game, already decide to pay or not!

  90. Oh a suggestion

    I totally see how you changed game mechnics for room mates, sensual haunting, eleanor 2 to break the stat builder monotony and all good ways probably should combine the save game, the jump start, and the scondary statistics-constant decrease. It would increase gamplay and replay ability. I see where you going and I like it even if people complain about E2 game mechanics i thought is more advanced its just not properly used. With a better support it could have been a big succes. I say this after being dungeon master for 20+ years in D&D (big thumb up for my girl is a model conversations), so i have a very good sense of balancing and understanding effects of complex rules on each other.
    Also liked the business model support of regular updates. What you started with E2. Unfortunatelly that was also delivered in a bit underachieving way. But that also not the ideas fault so please dont scrap it.
    I tell you it would actualy great if we get upates on games.
    A big con of constant subscribe games (like Wow) they have to keep deliver new content because replaying old gets boring. Thats a constant pressure. Its a good way to deal with it if you make remasterd/gold edition whatever beteween two games. I can tell you E2 and Sensual Haunting both have a lots of potential to improve despite both very good game but none of them at their full potential.
    Achivevment system in last couple of years very trendy to use for all game this site its a bit under using them. Allways 6-8 achivments and no bonus for achieving them. You could make games more engaging with them too.
    Quick example what i think: E2 fitness you get secondary stat maxed at 60 no point for further increase so you maxed you get bronze star achievment fit a 60. with bonus that from that point all new game start with 35 fitness instead of 30. 80 silver star/2 star ach called alway fit /ever fit whatever first push-up per day wont cost time. 99 is 3/gold star fitness champion jogging-push up cost less stamina. Obviously once unlocked it will active for all replays so if somebody fails but have partial succes on certain things it makes replay easier. //Of course you need like 20 (*3 level) achievment not the common 6-8.// In return you can make game much harder for first time play. 🙂

    Best Regards

  91. Leo and The LOP Team
    I enjoy playing your games and I am pumped about LWT2. I first discovered you through NewGrounds.com where I played Lake Party (still my personal favourite). While I can’t say I envy what you and your obviously very talented team are going through, I do appreciate the stuff you create on here. I get that people complain and that’s got to be hard you poor your heart and soul into a project and get shat on for it. It’s really easy to be a critic because anyone can criticize someone else’s work. I hope you and your team continue to put yourselves out there and keep creating fun and sexy games.

    On a personal note I would really really love another Lake Party game and I like to think I’m not the only one.


  92. jeez guys;

    Everybody just chill for a second.Leo and Ikanabot should take a brake after releasing this game(a big for your on saftey and well being).

    Don’t you guys also work and would you like to put under pressure?

    For me at least I don’t like to be put under pressure when I work.

    These comments are so cancerous … smh.Just because of a porn game…fml.

    But I understand the fustration of some of the costumers but remember you are not obliged to pay for lop gols serverces unless you want so be patient and enjoy the games that lop gold made;

    For a huge fan;


    Ps: Leo while their be any othe free to play game before the end of this year.I’m just asking because I’m curious.
    Also take your time with lwt2 I don’t mind waiting because I would prefer a better made game rather than a rushed one.

  93. In my opinion, the LOP team would benefit greatly from having a Community Manager/Spokesperson.

    Weekly updates on game development, schedules, and information in general.

    I’m checking every day for the release of LWT 2. Take your time guys! Can’t wait to fuck Lisa in the ass 🙂

  94. I honestly just think it’s this specific game that’s causing all the rage. It’s not a stretch to say this is the most hyped up game for LoP ever. People have been wanting it since 2015. And like any hyped up game, the longer it takes to come out, the more people get frenzied about it. Thats just how people are.

  95. i’m always happy with everything you guys make so you won’t get any complaints from me, if anything having to wait a couple of weeks or so to play it just builds up the anticipation for me. Nothing beats loyalty

  96. I just wanna say thanks to Leo and the team. You’re putting up with a lot of shit from you’re “fans” and you’re being really cool about it.

    I’m exited for the game, sounds like its going to be really interesting, repayable and sexy.

    Good luck guys, keep up the good work.

  97. People can say what they want about being negative. I am a realist and just say the truth. I will leave “feeling” out of it an focus on the facts. And the facts are this game was doomed for me and others a while back.

    1. Stat building… The first game was a hit and success with so many of us that I do not know why you strayed from the path. The opportunity was there to just build on a great game and instead you as a design team choose leave that path. The result is not something I enjoyed. The game play was very robotic and the flow your character was limited to usually just one option or the other. We were not allowed to make Justin ours by building his stats to reach a certain goal and the result was not one that left me full of accomplishment in completing a single play through in basically ten minutes.

    2. Deadlines/promises. Don’t give them and in fact don’t tell us 1/2 of what you told us on the on this game in advance. This game started to slip more and more into the “blah” category the longer time went on and the promises did too. The expectation with the longer it took the more amazing it would be. I think that people have showed that in general the game is just ‘okay’ and not exactly what they wanted. This blog has probably done more harm than good as well as it seems like we are room full of newborns screaming for the attention of two nurses who cannot possibly answer every question. By suggesting “almost done”, “near completion” and other phrases and then falling short (probably by no fault of your own) you come across as disingenuous when I that was not your goal. By posting these “updates”, your words take on floccinaucinihilipilification. Do not do that to us!

    3. Too short. This game sounded like it would have so many options in your build up, but basically you have 18 options each play through plus a few side missions. The hour-by-hour account of Justin in LWT1 was great because how you decided to use your time directly reflected what would happen in the future. In this game not so much.

    4. Sex scenes. I think these were well done. It can’t be all bad. The art and camera shots were great. On a few of them I would’ve liked more options so you can play it more, but there were a good many options on all of them. So well done here.

    5. Art. Again well done. Everything looked great save for a few scenes that either looked AMAZING (the scene of Tracy standing just wearing the bikini bottoms is amazing) and the one where Justin has to hide his hard on in the water (not so great). Overall, I’m very happy with this.

    6. New Characters. Some of these characters should’ve been more rounded out. You either don’t get a chance to know them, or they are mysterious and seem to almost push you away. This is also a direct result of only having three options of things to do each day (Morning, afternoon, and evening).

    7. Lastly, Ikanabot if the grumbling of the masses takes the fun out of making these games for you, than please stop making them. Do not put a less than 100 effort into your game or step away. If you do not continue doing someone else will come along. Or find your passion. These games used to be fun, but the disappointment of the last two has me concerned that we have seen the best already from LOP. I want to believe there is more, but we need to see it.

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