Lesson of passion wikia

Guys, please take a look at lessonofpassion.com wikia.

Daman was brave enough to gather sick amount of interesting facts about our games, details about our girls and other stuff related to LOP universe and publish it in one place.

Thank you for this – your effort is amazing.

So, if you want to find out about our girl’s nationality, game genres and other interesting facts just our wikia here: http://lessonofpassion.wikia.com/

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    1. Is that even possible? I know I would want that and many others but considering the model for her is basically Scarlett Johansson, I don’t think it can be done without getting into legal trouble. Could be wrong, though.

  1. great to see wikia for lop,great job guys,especially the efforts by daman,keep up with great work
    do you ever gave a thought about lop forum?it would be good for discussions about older games,sharing ideas,maybe some polls…

  2. I know it’s been out awhile but i was wondering in divided heart can you have anal sex with camille, i know you can with the tennis instructor but i was hoping you could with camille too

  3. i agree with the game up to me, you should really create a new game with Agent 069 as main character she is by far one of hottest characters you have ever made, hopefully we will see her 2017 and also looking for roommates update!

  4. Agreed with Agrippa being a fantasting writer.

    Cool little Wikia too btw, nice touch. Great for identifying some lesser known character.

    Didi: Breastsize: Medium

    Lol, medium?

          1. Seeing as I don’t have their measurements, I simply used the old-fashion method (guys with commitment, listen up!):

            To know a woman’s breasts, you need to know their bra size. So, if their bra can fit an apple, an orange or a grapefruit they would be A, B or C cup respectively. D cups, to anyone wondering, would be about the size of a honeydew or cantaloupe. So I simply marked A and B cups as small, C cups as medium and D cups as Large.

          2. Well, most of my girlfriends had Cs and no way they were that big 😛

            But it doesn’t really matter, it’s still an amazing effort. Fun read if nothing else.

    1. You do know that there are only about 5 or 6 people that are responsible for both lopgold and sex & glory and most of them only work part time, so i think a game every few months is totally understandable

  5. Love the work Daman!

    Couldn’t agree more with the people above though, we 100% need another game with Tiffany (From Spy Agent 069). Maybe a stat builder like Eleanor & 50 days. WOULD BE AWESOME

  6. So here is a question for the LoP community: Which is better, a male or female main character? We have had a mix over the years and was always wondering which on people prefer more?

      1. I guess, just wondering if anyone had a preference. Male players loved Eleanor and also LwT, and female players (they do exist) loved both just as much. Also when putting things together there was an almost 50-50 split on who was the main character. I was just curious, that’s all.

        1. I suppose a male main just wins it for me, having several different women to go after build the relationships how i want makes things intersting. But playing as a female and having her do the things she wants is interesting too

        2. i think lop delivers interesting games from both perspectives,i usually prefer to play as male character but female main characters are just as good for me

          regarding the question you asked few comments up about forum or reddit,in my opinion forum would be better place for discussions about both games and other topics,blog gets cluttered easily,so as reddit and i think LOP is definitely popular enough to have its own forum
          just my opinion

    1. @ LOP_Daman
      I would like to see a Futanari as a main character.

      Or if this is not possible a male character. I find it very funny when you´re playing woman and you look like Eleanore and you have to build up a relation to sleep with a man. I think with a look like Eleanore you should easy get an man 🙂

      1. To tell a secret (on a public forum) I kind of wanted a Futanari character in a game. There is a market for it, but the public has spoken. But who knows, down the line there might be something…hehehe!

  7. Sir Leonizer i just wanna ask you 1 question i hope you can answer it.
    Your Last years games were much better than this years. You did a great job this year with graphic motors but fiction , story and speeches was much better first games i mean LwT 1 and Eleanor series. İ wonder LwT 1 , Eleanor and LwT 2 and Ele 2 come from same team or did you change your technical crew ?
    Have good weekends

    1. I don’t think LW2 or Ele 2 are particularly bad games by design but there were some problems with the execution. I think Ele 2 could have just been a giant expansion for Ele 1. LWT2 was just a little bit too ambitious for it’s own good, but I think after an expansion adding another week (which is kinda sorta confirmed in this comment section) that most of the issues in that game will be fixed. If you remember correctly, that is the same thing that happened to the original LWT. The Wife Gone Wilder expansion greatly improved the game.

  8. @LOP_Daman
    How much does it cost to build a game like LWT or LWS? Just give me an average because I think my crew are thinking of commissioning exactly the game they want but finding a group of like minded, graphic designers, writes and programmers is proving pretty difficult. I wonder if LOP would be interested?

  9. You mention in some post a time ago that you were working on a expansion for my favorite game Seducing the throne, is this still happening and can we get any hints on what it is?

  10. Dear Leonizer and Daman,

    Great job in creating a new blog lessonofpassion.wikia.com, it is marvelous and fantastic.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017. I hope that you would produce and create more realistic games in future for Lesson Of Passion and Sex and Glory games.

    Before I forget, can I enquire from you whether there would be any expansion for Eleanor 2 game and Living With Temptation 2 expansion? Roughly when would these 2 games be created or release? I just hope that you could give me some ideas of the release date for these 2 of your most solid game ever release on the internet and I can give you a 100% top score mark for these 2 games.

    I would also like to know when would you be releasing Blind Date 3D game on the internet, can you provide me with some clues of the release date of this game too?

    By the way, you did ask all of the LOP fans in this blog to choose which girl would they vote to sent them a Christmas Present naked, my answer is, I would like Eleanor to sent me a Christmas Present nude.

    Thank you and I hope to receive your reply soon.

    David Ong Boon Heng.
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    1. At the moment, I am working on updating some of the walkthroughs from way back in the day (to make them all similar and to correct a few things here and there)

      As for the games, well-*Whacked in the head with a frying pan* SILENCE, YOU FOOL!

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