LOP GOLD: What to expect in 2017?

2017 will be very important year for LOP GOLD. We’re not only going to release great new titles but also we’re developing new engine for our games – based on Unity, which will allow us to produce games faster and make them available not only for desktop and laptop browsers but also potentially playable on mobile devices.

The first game we plan to release is mentioned before CLUB VELVET ROSE. If you’re into swinging, wife sharing and stuff related to that – you’ll be in heaven with this title. Amazing renders together with kinky story – you’ll love it. I promise.



After CVR we will buy an airline ticket and travel to Hawaii where our next game is based. Adorable Lily awaits us there and we’ll take control over her life for a couple of days.  We could spend romantic moments with her husband or… decide to forget about him and do something wild that will last in her memories forever.
Romantic journey with super sweet characters awaits you!






We know that you loved Living with Lana. Stoper, responsible for visuals for this game, is working on something epic right now but I can’t reveal anything about his latest project right now. It’s to soon.

But in the same game format we’re gonna present you a story of Olivia, Ellie and Paul. This game gonna be a small erotic sim date where you could decide if you gonna follow Ellie’s heart, Paul dick or both of them crawling in your bedroom naked.




Do we got something more?
Of course we have! We’ll present info about other LOP GOLD games later this year.

Some short Q&A below.

Do you plan an update for Living with Temptation 2?
Yes, we plan an update for this game but it’s gonna take a while to develop it – it’s hard to say if it’s going to be released this year – probably not.

Do you plan an update for Seducing the Throne?
Of course – since the day we released the game and we saw how well you received it. But still – we’re waiting for texts for it. It’s impossible to predict when it will be ready.

Do you plan any game with agent Tiffany from Sex Spy agent 069?
We would love to but we won’t. We respect Scarlet to much to produce new game with erotic character looking almost like her.

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  1. Do you plan an update for Living with Temptation 2?
    Yes, we plan an update for this game but it’s gonna take a while to develop it – it’s hard to say if it’s going to be released this year – probably not.

    ok so this will not be a great year for lop games…

    1. Considering how LWT2 was received, LOP putting their focus elsewhere is not a bad decision. I don’t really care for the LWT-series anymore, the sequel killed my interest. Personally, I am glad they are seeking out other ventures.

        1. A lot of people liked it. And a lot of people didn’t. The audience reaction was “mixed”, not “good”, and the general concesus (even from those who liked it) was that it was too short and lacking in content.

    2. wow don’t you think that’s a bit harsh? I love the LWT as much as the next player but I think writing lop off for a year just because the expansion is delayed is rather petty.

      As to CVR rather indifferent to the whole wife swap/swinging thing but it was done very well in the Wife Gone Wilder expansion to LWT so I’m intrigued about CVR. Looking at the images though I’d have to say right now that I’m most looking forward to Lilly’s game, she looks gorgeous.

      One question if you don’t mind, I assume works still going on for the Blind Date 3D re-launch, any updates you could share with us on that?

  2. Happy New Year LOP (and fellow posters).

    I am still looking forward to Club Velvet Rose. The visuals look great and the premise seems interesting.

    The other two games seem to have good visuals as well and so far I am intrigued. Even if games with female protagonists aren’t my favourite.

    So far, things are off to a good start for LOP in 2017.

    Sad about Agent 69. But your decision makes sense since getting a lawsuit from Scarlett’s lawyer for defamation, use of likeness without rights or compensation or something similar probably isn’t good for business. Smart move and I’m not that interested in a secret agent story, regardless of main character.

    I do have a few questions which I hope you’ll answer:

    – While 2016 LWT2 and Eleanor 2 releases have made me.. shall we say “cautious” of sequels from LOP, I do still hope for a Living with Serena sequel… or maybe expansion. Any chance of that happening?

    – I’ve finally taken a look at your instagram page and I must say there’s some interesting stuff on there. Is the pic of Kim from City of Love just a pic or is it a tease about a future game where she’s involved (not necessarily as the main character)?

    – Speaking of pictures: On the old blog you released some pictures of games that either were scrapped (like the cam girl game fx… which I think evolved into Story of Didi) or altered (the first LWT2 renders with different Tracy and Lisa fx). If you still have those renders in your possession, is there any chance you’d release them? Either here on the blog or available for download?

    – Lastly: do you still accept ideas for future games or do you have enough as it is?

      1. The playable character in Agent 69 is modelled after Scarlett Johannson… releasing a game featuring a protagonist with her likeness is like begging for a lawsuit…

  3. Happy New Year, LOP team!

    Club Velvet Rose – I’m not a fan of swinging, wife sharing and stuff related to that. I prefer when the wife just cheats behind the husband back. I’m also not a fan of the mask thing.

    Lily’s game – looks interesting. I’m looking forward to that one. I just hope it won’t be grindy.

    Olivia, Ellie and Paul’s game – I’m not a fan of the game format of Living with Lana, so, I’m not interested in this one.

    Updates for LwT 2 and Seducing the Throne – although I enjoyed both games (THANK GOD YOU GUYS APPROACHED A DIFFERENT GAME FORMAT IN LWT 2), I’d rather see you guys focusing on new games, instead of releasing updates and expansions to previous games.

    Tiffany – I never understood all the comotion about her character. Ok character, but nothing spectacular. Good to see you guys finally saying she won’t be featured anymore.

    1. Well remember lop’s a small team and there’s expansions to seducing the throne and lwt 2 in the works, both of which were written by iksanabot. Writing isn’t his main job so only so much free time he can spend doing it, and without the texts/story the rest of the team can’t work on it.

      Put simply Seducing the Throne expansion comes first as the game and subsequent expansion announcement for it came first.

  4. I’m really looking forward to club velvet rose. To be honest i’m looking forward to all of them, i just hope there will be options for anal in each one

  5. Hey guys Happy New Year to you all!

    First of all, I hope you guys and gals had a good 2016 and can’t wait for what we have in store for you this year!

    On that note, I do hope you guys enjoy “Club Velvet Rose” and the awesome images from ItMakesMeBlush. As for the next game, the one people are calling Lilly’s game, (I will not say the title if Leo has not mentioned it yet) I am sooooo pumped and happy as this will be my first concept/story I wrote for LoP and can’t what for it to be unveiled to you!

    As for everything else, if anyone wants to make a request for a walkthrough, click the WALKTHROUGH button on the top left of the Blog page and leave a comment there (I check it daily).

    And as for the Wikia/Fandom page, I have the page at 95% completion and would like you guys to check it out and see if there is anything worth adding (note: simply adding things like “she loves anal” or changing a girl’s breast size to “enormous” will get you banned, so fyi).

    Have fun and, again, Happy New Year!!!!


    1. Flavouring text would be nice. Things what wasnt covered in their appearance, so it only requires imagination. Also wont alter them, but can give characters depth and so other ideas what can be used in case of potential retruns. Example: Actual height-weight-birthday (starsign)-age-bloodtype-cupsize… Things that man could be interested.

      I tried it add something like this on one model to see you open for this kind of creativity/help, but it was removed in a day so i guess you prefer all control. 🙂

      1. I actually do recall a “fandom user” who added breast, waist and butt dimensions to a model. However, as they were not mentioned in the game I had no choice but to delete them. If the artists have these dimensions I would love nothing more than to add them. Hence the reason why I chose to put the world small, medium and large for the women’s breast sizes.

        It’s not “all control” is just making sure that the right details are posted. Last thing I want is for people to start arguing about Eleanor’s zodiac sign on whether or not she is a Capricorn or not or if she has a D Cup or a double D! ;p

        1. Ok. I understand your point. However my thinking was completly the opposite. Until is published on the official wikia its open for argument, stating there ceases it. If something is not declared by the actual artist, its free to define by the IP owner Leoneizer (or trough him for you the wikia manager), if the artist is thinking oterwise still can use errata…

          So please tell me what help you need from the community. I’d like to contribute and fidgeting with silly little details like this, but I don’t like to waste my time. So I wanna make sure I will be doing something useful before I start it. For example If I go trough LwT and check the conversation panels that Lisa like animals, ect… and put it on her page as interest, hobby, whatever are animals… is this something that can be help or because this can use as in game knowledge with benefits counts as spoiler and you wanna keep for the walktrough section?

          1. True, I am trying to reach out to some of the artists and trying to keep open communication with them to get more facts and backgrounds on their games and characters. I just don’t want to add a stat (like age or height) unless every character has one. Until I get that, if they have that info, I will add them to the FACTS section for now.

            As for the help from the community, here is what I’m thinking. Go through the games and if you find an interesting tid-bit or fact about the game(s) or character(s), simply add them to their respecting pages. So if, for example Lisa from LwT is dressed in the cosplay outfit and says something like “I am going to a game convention and I enjoy dressing up” you can go and add to the fact section that Lisa likes to cosplay. But things like Eleanor’s conversation topics like politics, weather, food and such is not a fact but a topic of conversation.

            Hope that helps, just go ahead and add away to the site and watch it grow. just a slong as it is relevant. If you have any questions, let me know!


  6. I like how this year the lop team did a short Q&A on here wish they would that a little more often because i like the idea of what games going to be update and what games that not going to be update

  7. HAPPY NEW YEARS LOP and everybody !!!!

    First ! When I see the Velvet’s pictures, I’m sure that we get a new great game.
    Second ! I trust Lop for there works.
    And Third, please it’s hard for us to wait 🙂

  8. “Do you plan any game with agent Tiffany from Sex Spy agent 069?”

    I would like to rephrase the question: “Do you plan any game with agent” LIKE “Tiffany from Sex Spy Agent 069?

    That is to say make a game based on a secret agent but that is not Tiffany and therefore does not look like Scarlet.

    The question is not whether we want a game with “Scarlet” but a game with a secret agent.

    1. Pretty much everyone who’s been asking about Agent 69 has done so because of the character and her looks, not because of the game itself or its story.

      The general question was always: “will we get another game with agent 69/Tiffany?”

      Not: “will we get another secret agent game.”

      1. Yes but me whether it is with Tiffany or not does not matter to me. If the problem is that you can not have a secret agent game with Tiffany by right problem, then the solution to have a secret agent game is to remove Tiffany and create a brand new free character law.

        What interests me the most in Spy Agent: 069 is the story and mechanics of the game. The likeness of Tiffany with Scarlet was only an added bonus, but if there had been another character Feminine, I would have loved it just as much.

  9. first of all i wish happy new year to all community and lopteam
    by the looks of it it’s gonna be great,all games look promising,looking forward to CVR but also that game with Lilly,looks very good
    it’s nice to see how many projects you’re developing along with expansion,keep em coming
    it’s also nice to hear that you are advancing forward with new technologies and softwares that will improve your games even further,i hope everything will turn out well with best results

    as for q&a – expansions,looking forward to both of them,especially for lwt,can’t get enough of tracy and lisa
    regarding tiffany,it’s a bummer but i completely understand

    for the end i just have one question,do you have plans for more my sex date games like the ones with eleanor and paula?
    keep up with great work

  10. I’m totally excited about a new game with Lilly. This is a great idea. Such games I want. Thank you very much.
    The questions were not answered and you are at all what we asked. What will happen to Eleanor? Only if it will work or, unfortunately, nothing.

  11. Hey guys great news for 2017 the Hawaii game looks great, cant wait to see your other plans too. Looks like 2017 will be a hell of a year for LOP.

    Just a quick comment about the news about no LWT2 update this year, but good news that there is one planned. Obviously some are disappointed about this as there is a huge fan base out there for the characters in this game series (mainly Tracey, Lisa and Sandy feom the first game). I just wanted to throw a quick idea your way, something for the LOP team to consider.

    LWT has the potential to be a huge franchise for the site due to its loyal fanbase, have you guys ever thought about creating smaller games centred around this series, like a whole series of episodes? Smaller games like your free ones that could have different stories and scenarios featuring the characters from LWT in like a individual episode format much like the old Kelly games used to be on PF1.

    Heres a few ideas to demonstrate my idea, let me know what you think.

    1) Lisa and Sandy’s Big Night Out – This would focus on Lisa and Sandy (Lisa’s perspective) having a huge night (or weekend) partying, with a possibility of maybe 3 endings 1) Bad Ending where they are not friends anymore, 2) Full on lesbian scene between Lisa and Sandy, 3) Threesome with some other random guy from the night out.

    2) Tracey’s Business Trip – Tracey has to go away for work reasons and has to leave Justin and Lisa for a whole weekend snd head on a trip to London. (Tracey’s Perspective) Multiple ending choices 1) stay faithful and have webcam sex with Justin, 2) Cheat on Justin with another man 3) First lesbian experience for Tracey 4) Go to a swingers club in London for group sex.

    As you can see just 2 ideas above that could fit into the canon of the series as both of these scenarios take place after the events of LWT1 and just before LWT2.

    Just an idea guys. Also have you guys considered a game based around a hot superheroine. You play the villain who has to lay traps and hatch a plan for you to have sex with, expose identity and capture the heroine, seduce and corrupt her and make her submit to your will. Lots of premise here for a future game idea.

  12. HNY to LopTeam and the community here on the blog!!!

    All the incoming games look awesome and promising.

    Daman, thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put into the WikiaFandom project. Really appreciated. Lop really needed and deserved that. It is simply awesome. You are a machine, a beast, you can’t be stopped!!!

    I’d suggest to put here on the blog a link to the LopWikiapage, under the instagram tag maybe, because I had to serch older post to find it.

    See you all soon

  13. Hi All,
    Happy new year to all, nice update, looking forward to the new games as always.
    Like the idea of the above comments about the spin off games for Tracey etc.
    Can’t help feeling the grief the team got about LWT2 has put them off, even though it’s a cracking game.
    Just something to think about, until i played LWT, the gangbang thing wasn’t something that i had gave much thought to, but i loved it, so where people might not think they would care for different fetishes, don’t knock it until you try it, so i’m open for anything, if you don’t like it, you don’t play it.

  14. Me again, one last thing, one of the first games i played, stat type game was Sim Brothel, very basic but fun, i’m sure the LOP team could do a smashing version using all existing characters. Everyone’s a winner 🙂

    1. As far as I remember LoP games started with Lesson of Passion (2.0 Black Edition.. .) which was a like knock off Sim Girl, just more advanced and using real photos. Since that they did a very big journey of to make the most awesome dating games. //FYI Sim Girl is also evolved, just into different direction, but still gets regular updates.//

      It would be real interesting if they try to make some very different style adult theme games with their art and 3D.
      Like good old Sim Brothel, or the by now totaly weirdo Slave maker. Or I can imagine some sandbox style game like Hot Candy Land where you can manage a lots of “didi camera business”.

  15. Dumb question I know, but is there any possibility of releasing the one of the oldest Gold/S&G game to supplement a free game while it’s being worked on?

  16. As always, the images look great and I particularly like the choice of women and body types in the games.

    I kinda miss the build your stats games to proceed further into the story line and unlock pleasure scenes. These types of games usually take longer to finish and are somewhat more rewarding. The lack of stats in the sequels to LWT and ELEANOR may have been the reason why some members were disappointed, the overall feel of the previous games was missing, they may have not realized that it was this aspect of the games that they didn’t like.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t go back to the same format, it was kinda gruesome and repetitive to build up the stats, but maybe something in between may be more attractive and rewarding.

    Can’t wait for the CVR game to be released, any indication of when this may be?

    Keep up the awesome stories, images, and game plays you guys are real artists.


  17. Do you plan any game with agent Tiffany from Sex Spy agent 069?
    We would love to but we won’t. We respect Scarlet to much to produce new game with erotic character looking almost like her.

    I don’t get it it didn’t stop you guys from making the first game!

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