Arkham: The dark legacy is here

We’re proud to inform you that today, with the support of the Old Ones, we’ve released a new game.

Cthulhu Fhtagn!

Charles Ward’s fiancée wanted to move into his place because their relationship had reached the next stage, not at all because her father was stifling her and she wanted to use Charles’ attic as her impromptu atelier slash invocation circle. While clearing it out for her use, he found a portrait of his ancestor, Joseph Curwen, with some writing on the back – ominous words that dragged him into unconsciousness as inhuman whispers tore into his mind. When he came to, the attic was clean.

Later that night, as sleep eluded him and the event replayed in his mind, he felt compelled to find out more about his ancestor. So began his investigation into a past mired in the Occult and the Old Ones taint.

Arkham is a dating sim game where the player, in the role of Charles Ward, finds himself in the midst of a Lovecraftian tale, with his sanity spiraling down in his obsessive quest to unveil the mysteries of his legacy.

But every nugget of information about his bloodline and the town’s mysteries will be hard-fought. How much is he ready to sacrifice? How ready is he to let others sacrifice? And, most important of all, will the stars be… right?

The game works on a 24 hour system, with certain actions available only at certain times. These actions will progress the day accordingly, so the player must carefully decide on what they will be doing during each time period – it’s up to him whether he’s going to focus on building relationships with girls or spend long hours studying cursed tomes. There are at least 6 endings to be found in the game depending on how it is played.


Knock the door 3 times and pray for mercy here: Arkham: The dark legacy –

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  1. This game is based on “The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward” by H.P. Lovecraft, with some references to other novels (“Reanimator”, “The Thing on the Doorstep”, “Through the Gates of the Silver Key”, etc. )

    Please comment if you like this approach or not 🙂

  2. Bug: When I gather hemp (which is really hard to find btw, along with mandrake root… I have more than 40 wolfsbane and only 4 mandrake roots) it shows my amount in a negative counter… as in, I now have -3 hemp instead of 3, making certain progression in the game impossible….

        1. Hey IL,

          Just wanted to tell you that the game is great so far. Big fan of the stories in your games (especially Abyss, Alchemist, Sensual Haunting and this one!)

          1. Weird.
            Please clean the cache in your browser and reload.
            Please leave comment if it’s fixed or not.

          2. It worked! Lost my save files tho… 56 days of grinding lol. No matter, at least I can continue the game now!
            Thanks :*

  3. Nice game. Good job on the graffics and story. Still cannot find silver key and open the vault, does anyone have any hints ? 🙂 got ending 1 ant 3 so far.

          1. Get the compass by completing Hannah’s first task, complete Eli’s first task, buy Charm of opening, show compass to Eli.

  4. Very good game !
    At the same time, the tech is now dated (no fullscreen, limited animations, etc), you really need to unify the two sites with games using unity now.
    I only managed one achievement, since they are blank you really don’t know where to look. Hard !
    Thanks for the hint for Hannah, the ultimate gate scene is nice 🙂

  5. Hmmm… my comment and others not only mine removed and none i’ve read them all very insulting mostly negative critics nad guys you must understand critic its not insulting its personal opinion and what he expect from one game, story, etc. Not everyone by the way enjoy enojy occult games and i dont why you still creating them i love STT and was okay because politics kingdoms and churches religion always been together shared same interest and STT was cool game i liked but sensual hunting i think was called never played i not enjoy pagan thinks and i am atheist not religious limited but i don’t know never liked but i can suggest you can create if you want advise because i can see you removed critics, something like warcraft with wizards or heroes if you want magic and spells so much no dark rituals me not personally but i heard people feel uncomfortable about subjects like this STT and medusa curse mitological was fine and not to be materealistic but i don’t find the girls very hot in older games you created very hot girls you animations were fine except Eleanor 2 and Kim where in some sex scenes you can’t see penetration and in Eleanor 2 yo can’t see the head but your story you used to be cool last couple of games i must say dissapointing LWT2 we’ve been waiting 2 years for game that can be explore in 30 min max again this is not insult its critic i hope no gonna be mad that’s my observations til the next time Greetings!

    1. Slayer, as I said before many times – I never delete negative comments. Everyone got right to his opinion – not matter if it’s positive or negative. I respect every voice on our blog.

      I’m sure that you’re aware that you comment was not deleted because it was negative but because you just put the same comment in a previous post (about new CVR EXP page). So spamming our blog with the same comment every new post you see isn’t welcome solution here or anywhere else.
      Greetings as well!

    1. You will find the cat at the Privata Cemetery. Don’t remember if you need Elisabeth to ask you to find a compass first before the cat shows up.. the compass is with the cat.

  6. Love this game S&G delivers awesome games. Loved the thing with all the salties that was funny
    also a bit stuck with the achievements hot all 3 with the potions and 1 with lavina can anyone help with the 5?

  7. All right. I had my worries about this game because of the overall theme. I’ve played the game a fair bit now and… Well, in short: It’s a pretty great game.

    – Renders/Animation: Good, though not your best efforts. The girls look very good, with the exception of Hannah who looks… I don’t know… doll-like (but maybe that was the effect you were going for?). I really love that you’ve decided to put more black girls in your games… but so far, all of them have looked… off, for some reason. Can’t quite put my finger on it. The animations are really limited and the exclusion of a full-screen option hurts the visual side of the game, in my opinion. Like I said: Good, but definitely not your best.

    – Writing/story/dialogue: It’s pretty clear that whoever wrote this is an excellent writer with a firm grasp of storytelling and how to make a narrative flow. I was afraid that pairing a Lovecraftian themed story with a sex game was a no-sell for me. Lovecraft is bleak, to say the least… his stories never have a happy ending and will leave you depressed rather than horny.

    And I have to admit that, on more than one occasion, the story and atmosphere was a bonerkiller. But once a sex scene popped up, I forgot about the bleakness of the story and enjoyed this little oasis of steamy sex as a respite from all the grimness of the tale. Besides, at a certain point, I became more interested in where the story was going than banging hot chicks.

    The narration is solid and the dialogue is very, very good, whether we’re in a sex scene or going mad by witnessing eldritch truth. The characters have depth and feel very well-rounded rather than cardboard cutouts (I got genuinely upset when *SPOILERS* Asenath betrayed me). Very good effort on the writing part.

    – Music: Good and in keeping with the theme of the game. Creepy and engaging… though I wish there’d been some different music during the sex scenes.

    Gameplay: Most gameplay elements are very good. It’s nice to see the tried and true number of days and hours in your games again…. as well as a “world map”. This was actually a game, rather than a visual novel. I felt a sense of freedom as I could have my character go where I wanted, when I wanted. While it’s still an illusion of control, it’s one with far more options as far as choices go and there are strategic elements to figure out the best approach to the game, it’s cast and how to find the McGuffin. While not as challenging as Roommates in terms of gameplay, there are few headscratchers in the story and it took me three tries to get what I consider the best ending (the opened gates and the foursome). I have still only found 4 of the games endings and look forward to discovering the rest. The stats where well-integrated and advancing them didn’t feel like a grind. The sanity meter is a really nice mechanic and true to the Lovecraftian theme. I really dig it. Some factors depending on luck are a bit annoying and might need some tweeking. By the time I had found 5 hemp, I had 66 wolfsbane and 14 mandrake roots… that shit got grindy… The gravedigging worked a little better, but I still had an overabundance of raven feathers.

    All in all: Despite a visual element (jarring renders, very limited animation and no full-screen) that was not your best effort and a theme (lovecraft and horror) that rarely does well with sex, this is a really, really good game with some of the best writing in any S&G and LOP game. Great story, great characters, great dialogue. Sprinkle that with some really solid gameplay and you’ve got yourself a game that I will be playing for quite a while.


  8. One of your best, thoroughly enjoyed. I know you’re not EA or Ubisoft so I expect some stuff to go blank…..etc but this one ranks amongst the top adult sex games IMO.
    Quite a lot of grind but I like that stats don’t go back to 0 when rebutted and can try again. Sex scenes are very good and feel complete, wished anal with A, got it from H and E. Very good writing and renders. Game paths are medium easy to medium hard so gameplay is fluid, very positive about that. Nice, CVR Exp and LWT2 Exp can learn a few things from this one.

  9. Good game, love the atmosphere so far.

    Came into a block with a bug though ….with Elisabeth after I give her the solvent and want to take her to the cave …she agrees to go but the game locks up . It’s stuck on whatever room I’m in when I ask her and there’s no way out of it aside from reloading a save. This happens in the library main room and the office.

  10. Well fellas was on other page and i reposted its not spamming and you don’t want to see your mistakes and its not insult or negative its truth and not only my comment was removed others as well who agreed with me and the others who sad the same before me same or simmilar removing free will irritates people its like America convince you selling democracy but everyone knows selling capitalistic shit i remember this forum having thousands of followers know hardly maybe 100? but i doubt i see only same 10-20 20-30 maybe so you can say i am hatter or something quite the opposite i am very long time here many already left i don’t want it but still i am gonna say hell of competition and like i said before why to much occult games try better something with wizards “Warcraft” like or something like from the video games if spells or curses must be involved till the next time Greetings!

    1. I don’t care how you gonna call this – putting exactly the same comment to another post is spamming and it won’t be tolerated. And don’t lie – I didn’t delete any more comments except yours. The rest of your comment is complete nonsense.

      That’s the last time I’m talking about this subject with you.

  11. Every time I’m at 50 or so with Hannah and visit the Olney house I get pulled away by her husband to a showdown at the farm and the game is over. What’s up with that? What am I missing?

    Great game though!

  12. Hi everyone, loving the game but whenever I get far along with Hannah at 60 relationship i get sucked into the final battle. Is it because my stats are too high or is something else wrong? Thanks for your help

  13. Just wanted to say congratulations. I’ve been playing LOPg/S&G for two years or so and this game just replaced LWT for first place on my list. Story was enthralling – game length was perfect –
    renders were amazing as usual. My only quibble would be it’s maybe a bit …easy? Considering it’s length? I thought I’d have to think a little more. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Very well done though.

        1. @orlando1985
          For Hannah, you need to get her missions completed but for the one with Asa getting evidence, you MUST use the Manuscript on him and then tell Hannah about Asa’s past (show her the evidence). Also make sure her relationship is above 70 or so. Let me know if this helps!

          1. yes it help a lot I got the open gate ritual and it was a great ending and it was a very fun game to play

          2. I can’t get Elizabeth to agree.. I got Ase and Hannah but I’ve done everything for Elizabeth also, what am I missing?

  14. Expressing opinion its not spamming and when couple of dudes on other forum give creator critic he was worried and ask what people expect next and how he can improve told them to express their opinion and depends on what majority wants he will do next
    and yeah you did erased other comments and they told leaving for good what you gonna ban erase your problem but no game before i played with bugs Arkham, LWT2 lily in hawai almost every second game have bug you need to fix if i am wrong delete my account if you want if not start respect your customers your choice till next time Greetings! if my account its not erased ofc either way like i said before hell of competition and other games to be played consider that i am not enemy just honest maybe to much direct but that’s me!

    1. @slayer

      Slayer, allow me be the referee in this little spat. We do not erase comments when we simply do not agree with someone’s opinion, outlook or feedback. If we did, we would have erased almost every comment from LWT2 and Lilly in Hawaii blog posts! We love feedback for games, and as a writer myself, it helps me make our games better than before and makes us grow and flourish in this industry.

      As for spamming, the definition of spamming is (and I’m quoting from an old dictionary from high school years) “to send the same message indiscriminately to unknown numbers of recipients”. So when you copy a comment, and paste it again on the board, it’s technically spamming. I just to clear that up so you can understand where we are coming from and you wouldn’t be the first to do that and might not be the last either.

      We love the LoP community and all the players who play our games and when there is an issue or opinion from a game, or an idea or concept that might work, or even simply sending a “greetings” our way from across the world, we listen, accept and grow with every single message sent after hitting that green “Post Comment” button.

      And on a personal note, from me to you good sir, I want to say “thank you” for being a diligent, committed member and an all-around wonderful human person for supporting the site and to all the others who have contribute to it’s existence. And I hope, we may continue it for the future.

      Best Wishes and, of course, Greetings!


  15. Hi
    I just had a few hours to play it so its a brief early review. So far i like it, one of the best recently. In my taste its better than CVR.
    Little notes: Im not overly keen on Elisabeth, she reminds me of a horse faced version of Cindy Crawford, but her storyline is nice.
    Hannah is despite her ridcolously big tits is probably my favourite, unfortunate that there is no story line what would lead to threesome with her and Asa. Example sacrificing Asenath together. Or another 3way possiblity when we stoped Ase in the reincarn but not saving her “John” could join with strapon (or just as Ase to make a FFM), becuse if the gate ending is the only orgy is a bit dissapointing.
    Asenath im not keen on her character, It reminds me of Morgana from Dragon Age, but a very pale shadow of her. She was cool and fanny Ase is just rough, but not in her nature rather in the level of elaboration.
    Tiny plus what I loved. The day-night cycle was affected several location (shame the big library windows were missed, but this pure pickiness I know).
    A bit bigger thing I didnt like: Lavinia (whom I love) , Albert, Private cementery almost purposless you prety much only can interact when an event triggers it. A farm and the cave is even worse.
    Should be way to but more than one component/alchemical thing at a time.
    The new achievments I like, i think is better than the old way.

    Finaly im not sure is a bug or not but i managed to banish Asa’s monster but later when we stole the remains but later we used it again when Asa tried to stop Ase and her BF from stealin reamins (wouldnt be simplier if she tries to steal from my attic? :P).
    I did the research on the key when Elisabeth still had the key.
    If Ase kills Asa, H should have died, but still coming to library.
    But locks both H and E storyline. So I only could go for Ase I managed to survive and get the chase ending, but doesnt she supposed to replace Asa as cult leader when she killed him?

    One more thing just from rolpalying point of view elixire of life bugs me a lot. It only need 50-50, on a 1-100+ scale, so a below avarage scientist and mediocre wizard could reach ethernal life. In that world why not millions of immortals walking evrywhere? I expected at least 85-95 for such an ultimate soundig formula.

    I hope it get expansion where the neglected persons and locations get more attention and more 3way/orgy in it.

    PS: is there a characte sheet where i could see how much i have each ingridients, relations with each person, becaus i couldnt find it. If ther isnt pleas add. (A PDA-dictaphone icon for example would be nice and quite justified for a journalist to alway have with him)

  16. I’ve been playing a lot of Arkham this weekend and my opinion of it has only gone up. Still missing a couple of endings that I have no idea how to reach.

    On a completely different note: I bought a subscription to S&G purely for Arkham, but decided to replay some of the previous games a bit. Roommates is still amazing and so is House Party. Against my better judgement I decided to give your Poker Game another go. The fact that it’s broken (Once I’ve beaten the first girl, there’s no way to advance in the game as I am stuck with 1000$ and need at least 1100$ to buy the suit and thus play the second girl) notwithstanding, it’s still a very tedious game. I am, however, interested in seeing the sex scenes for the various girls…. any chance you’d implement a feature that let’s the player skip all the tedious poker and just watch the various sex scenes? I get that playing poker is kind of the point of the game, but wasting hours ping-ponging dollars back and forth is boring.

  17. i copied the comment because was on the other page hardly someone reading the old comment i am not rude or someone who wants fight just simply direct person! And instead occult theme like i said before i hope you will consider characters and theme like wizards like story hot sexy wizards ofc, orc vs human or not human characters still sexy like elfs sirens mermaids i saw one story with sirens and sea like warcraft or pirates of carribean adventure Greetings!

    1. @slayer
      We know, we saw it. You can rest assure that we have multiple members of the LoP team who read this board almost religiously. I myself read it first thing in the morning and before I go to bed to make sure everything is taken care of that may need attending too. So don’t worry, we don;t simply turn a blind eye to feedback good sir.

      As for the ideas of wizards, elves and such, I do like ti. I’m not too good when it comes to medieval style of writing but if you like I might be able to give it a try. Are you a fan of “Bitcher”, “Eleven Adventure”, “Die for glory” and/or “Medusa’s Curse” by chance?

  18. Medusas curse was solid i like STT but what i was thinking instead of random attack and defense with swords axes etc…
    can be with spells like ice, fire, arcane, if you played dota or WoW
    also will be nice if u can make the games after you finish whole game to be options that give you to choose any sex scene or maybe event to lets say after you find all endings or achievements or both if someone wants to play the game after i while or see certain event or sex scene no need to go through whole game. The latest game however not my kind of theme but what i really like what LOP was missing a lot of options story either way but that was nice more endings achievements possibilities choices and longer games i think better. When can we expect the other free game not remember the name the dude with 2 chicks or the cowboy story will be next will be nice if you give release dates at least the month till the next time Greetings!

    1. @slayer
      I am an actual WOW player (got some friends who work at Blizzard that hooked me into it!) and it’s a solid game.

      As for the after game idea, or what I like to call “New Game Plus”, That’s a “maybe” in my book. Never say never to an idea, i say.

      As for release dates, that is one thing we do not disclose nor discuss, sorry. But there will be an update soon, so no worries!

  19. To LOP team (Leo, Daman and others worth mentioning),

    Great creations and I’m particularly amazed and starstruck by the sex scenes in terms of the visual dynamics, real life animation and the movement and angle of bodyparts in coitus. Good job. Keep it up guys.

    Although I don’t favor the faces the girls (Asenath, Hanna) with the exception of Elizabeth, I like the sexual actions of the characters. The sex scenes are pretty hot, lively and engaging…felt like I was inside the game. So, great job there too.

    Visual animations of the entire background alongwith the sound mixing are top notch. Almost comparable to Lily in Hawaii (Oh, how I just love Lily and hope Daman will really make a sequel for my favorite Lily, fingers crossed. The thought of Lily just makes me so excited and dance on my toes so thanks to Daman).

    Overall, a great game with the exception of minor bugs here and there, but they can be clearly overlooked in the grand scheme of things. I’d rate this game a 7.5/10. Again good job..!!

    Lastly, I just expect this level of game and character rendition in your future games (that really makes the users feel like they are actually in the game rather than just playing it). Also, go a bit realistic on the girl’s faces and bodies (Asenath’s pale face stunned me at first and Hanna’s ridiculous bust made me question about the dominant presence of an Amazon queen..LOL!!)

    A hearty thanks to LOP team for their amazing contribution. Kudos!! I hope I’ll expect this stellar level of gifts from you guys in the near future games produced.

    With love

  20. Sensual Alchemist was the last SG game I played.

    With Arkham and CVR you really raised the bar with these 2 masterpieces.

    Great writing, engaging plot, great characters – each with their own storyline – great visuals. And it is true. Story is so interesting that you really want to know where is leading to.

    I forgot Elizabeth is my fav.

    Congratz: Arkham and CVR among the best games ever realised.

  21. Yeah update or pictures what we can expect will be nice no need for release date but will be cool to know which game will be next i played the game more deeply and i must say even not my kind theme i like the number of choices and options been a while since game like this that’s nice however i always thought why some options and sex scenes are not possible until the end will be nice if you can choice with which character you can build relationship second time with other for example you cant seduce more then 2 and some character(s) not possible till the end or near end of the game. Also it is possible? i don’t know much about programing some sex scenes or events of the game after you finish the game to be chosen instead to play half or more games like i ask above want to know which game its next if you answer or not will be fine till the next time Greetings!

  22. What can I say?
    You, Sirs, have done an awesome game!

    I was a bit skeptical, if this release will flash me, waited a few days, picked some reviews of known LOP guys and decided to give it a go!

    The visuals were great with some expectations; personal taste of course. I can’t get into the face animations/drawings. They look very cosmetic/unnatural to me. I have that impressions with other games your released in the closer past like Ele2, Jacob’s Rebound or 13Rooms (well that 2 yrs ago). I’m aware drawing faces is one of the hardest challenge and won’t bias it. Your artist is doing a great job.

    The setting and story was super.
    I’m into that ocult stuff, dark and mysterious magic and lore. It’s obvious you had been inspired by famous writers and novels. Even one ending, where Charles still chases Asenath in the future, reminded me of the novel “Imajica” written by Clive Barker. In the novel both protagonist live youthful for eternity, gettign into a relationship and split after a while.

    The game play entertained me a lot.
    Sure, common stat grinding – nothing new – but the sanity stat is a good implementation. Sadly, I never felt in any danger to myself since all materials could be gathered and without any time limit easy to handle. I would wish, or hope, to see some kind of feature in your future games.

    Your whole team can clap them self on their own shoulder. You, guys, did an amazing release.

    Now I’m very curious about that “80’s neon style” game!

  23. Review part2.
    Now I had more time, i can add to my previous notes.
    Great game in adult game categorie its 5/5, it wont make into my top 3 LoP games but somwhere between 3 and 10. With an expansion could easily make 3rd or 4th palce.
    3 Nice modell, two great story line. (Asenath storyline i cant call good, it’s still ok but you easily can have a story where she has several unaxpleained U tunr like behaviour change. I understand why and how hard would have been to make sure it cant happen, but than you should have preapare it and built a like some scyhzofrenic/hysteric character who have mood swings and without no reason changes from nice and kind to frigid and back. instead of just plain manipulative selfish…)
    //Its no biggie i still cant deduct even a half point for it, it just bugs me//
    B) A bit bigger issue. Its a bit too short/easy. I like the save game option, but if you combine it with the obviousity of storyline chang points it makes way to easy. Some better games takes me 10-12 hours with 2-4-5 play to find 2/3 of achivments and 1/2 of endings, when im start looking for helps on forums. This game with 2 play through about 8-10 hours i could get all 5 achievements and 7 endings. That was a bit dissapointing.
    C) My biggest issue what affect most of your games, and links to second. From porn game to much focus on porn to little on game. I realy dont like games like lilly little chices almost like an interactive visual novel. If i want that i read some comicbook.
    You should have much more choices/options what not directly focusing on one of the storylines rather deepens the gamewolrd and widens the gameplay strategies. I explain what im talking about. Is only one choice of making money, increase science, and about 2 to increase occult. For example I would put several other options to libarary like -study basic chemistry it has the % like journal studing. Every ocasion gives you science, if you get 100% each crafting at alchem bench will be 1h shorter. Study advanced literature, if you get 100% than you could choose write article 1h-100usd or write outstanding article 2h-120usd….
    //You know like buyable things in Ela2 or the Pizza eating in LwT expansion. //
    Come on make nice expansion and put some muscles on this strong skeleton. 🙂

    1. If read it right it means, you have a cracked version of the game you downloaded for free. Despite of that you try to ask some help from creators when you just refused to pay for their work. Thats a bit cheeky. 😮

  24. First of all – than you guys for amazing game!

    The graphic is amazing, story is coll and girls – well, they are really my favorite types – ebony, redhead and shy one with glasses…

    I discovered some small bug – I found scholar’s remains and then found Curwen’s and Seductress’ after a while I found that I am not able to create scholar saltes so missed that scene and achievement. Nevermind 🙂

    Another thing that come to my mind is that Asenath promises to completely submit after she fails in her trip to the farm with Simon but remains a bit bitchy.

    I am very excited to ask you about expansion for the game but can’t imagine what can be added here 🙂
    Thank you again for amazing game, guys!

  25. Lavinia not found yet however will be nice some equipment, supplies etc… to be if necessary more expensive or found later then be random, i must say sirs even not fan of dark and occult and being skeptic about this game i really like the story its deep and its with a lot of choices and options keep up the good work like this one will be nice to know which game is next and to the dude’s question above mate i think saw juicy picture with lavinia when they published see on the S&G site so fellas till the next time Greetings!

  26. Well, I don’t know if they are some bugs , I playing slowly and take time. But I have to congratulate the people who make this game.
    Story, Graphic, Etc… Another Great, Great Game.

  27. This game is confusing and really does need a walkthrough:

    1. Hannah says I hope I can deal with Albert, but I can’t find that old guy anywhere. Lavinia tells me to find him too and again, he’s nowhere.

    2. Asenath says she wants “old with saltes”. i got them from the laboratory and yet nothing happens with her. is this because i stopped her at the farm?

    what gives?

      1. When you stopped her, you need eldrith rune, occult 50, and to chose save her, or she dies and disappers from game locking her story path. But if you still have her because you can see she wannts salts. I gues not this happened. So just go attic, summon spirit use old witch to summon in the evening (17pm afterwards when she is at home…)

        1. Oh and yes. You can have sex with Lavinia. but i recommend saving it before. You get an achievement but its only 3 good ending (mayebe 4 but Asenath’s i generaly not see as good ending) and sex with Lavinia blocks 2 of them. So not many story line chocies you will have after it.

          1. i don’t

            speaking of which, i couldn’t help but look through the “bin” folder to look at the images and there’s a scene where the ghost is fucking Asenath doggy style.

            You know how to get that?

            I got the one where she’s on top with the “wealthy saltes” but can’t get the doggy style one.

        2. Im prety sure, now yu chose to kill Albert. Even if you not killed him, you arranged the ambush so he will be killed if you met with him in the cemetery at the evening.

          Doggie style probably comes if you summon the enchanter or the scholar cant remember.

  28. Me again… sorry but I need help (normaly I don’t ask). I don’t speak really good English (or American) and don’t understand and don’t know what I have to do with “Feels aroused around you” to level up with Elisabeth. If someone can help me please, it will be nice. Thanks

    1. I cant remember. Thats means her max is 60? Than if i remember right next coming you need to break in the vault. You should have the compass. Or the you have to take her to the cave. I cant remember it was so obvious if you read the text i didnt pay attention.
      -Do you have the compass?
      -Do you have the silver key?
      -Have you used the universal solvent?
      -Have you take her to the cave?
      -Do you have Science 50?
      -Do you have the inhabitatiotion potion?
      Thats the milestones on her storyline. I hope i not spoiered to much.

  29. Thanks and I hope too that you don’t spoil too much.
    But I used the compass
    I got the key
    I took her too the cave
    I have science over 120 and ocult over 100
    It should be the Inhabitation potion ( I have to find it )
    Anyway thanks for helping Lebig 🙂

  30. Well dudes they will not give you walkthrough especially not for the last game but will be nice for CVR, been a while, in CVR expansion i hope will be more characters more then one. Eleanor can be seen on place like this i want to see older characters in this game especially this one. Question, which probably you will not answer but still will ask, is this club the same one from LWT :)?
    Till the next time Greetings!

  31. Ok–

    Of the achievements, I’ve gotten four: quickie, anal exploration, ravaged hannah, and Asenath takes charge. I have no idea what the 5th one is or how to get it. Any hints?

      1. Make sure before you reach 40 point with Hannah, you read the journal to that point where you have thel eldritch rune 100% (also recommend occult 50 for another ending 😉 ).
        Alternatively after you passed 30 with Hannah if you dont have the eldritch rune yet just dont go to her house. Just met with her at the morning in the park.

    1. The game isn’t that difficult to figure out and most of it is very intuitive. You might not get the best ending on your first playthrough and getting everything in a single playthrough isn’t possible. Just saying this because with Daman being involved with writing games to the degree that he is, it might take a while before a walkthrough is published.

      1. The main thing i want to know is how easy is it to get to the anal scenes with elizabeth and hannah, and are the anal scenes any good, like good angles and positions

        1. If you use the first playtrough for exploring and experimenting, than the second play trough relativle easily and quickly can give all endings and achivments. If you make a few well placed and and well used save game. So I would say if you read the text not just clicking trough it’s a prety straight forward obvoius game. All nasty suprises can be tackled easily by load game. 😉

  32. I am really enjoying this game, and I have only one critique. The theme of this game is very dark, including dark, ritualistic sex. This part really works for me. That said, once Asenath’s betrayal come to light she begs for forgiveness, even going so far as offer herself up as Charles’s “cum-bucket.” Yet, afterwards, Charles is still sweet, romantic and kind to her.

    It makes sense that he might have options. He could still be sweet and kind, or he might take her up on her offer, breaking her into becoming his slave. He could take her too far, to the point where she loses her sanity completely, to the point where she commits suicide, turning Hannah and Elizabeth against him, offering another bad ending. Or he could break her just enough to where she becomes a mere vessel and an extension of his will, not only willing but eager to do any perverse thing he or Hannah and Elizabeth can come up with. After the betrayal, perhaps Charles needs to be concerned with her sanity as well, until he uses the ultimate gate key or keeps her as his pet in this world.

    It’s dark, but given the theme, it makes sense. Just food for thought.

      1. Man, I’m still stumped on the elixir of life. I’ve gotten ending 4-6, plus the one where you get sacrificed and the one where you lose your soul to Curwen. Also, is there a way to summon Joseph Curwen and beat him?

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