Quick update: LWT2

How was your NYE party?
It looks like TRACY and LISA were having a blast.

We’ve received the latest version of LWT2 expansion script and the size of it… We’ve never been working on such huge project before. Yes, I know – I said that before when we were developing LWT2 base version, but… from our first calculations it looks like we got 2 times more texts and images than in the original version of the game. What does it mean? Probably the best game we’ve ever released, for which we’ll ask you to wait a while.

YamYoda is already rendering scenes and new locations are already developed. It’s hard to predict how long it will take to render everything but if you ask me I would say we won’t be able to release it this year.

In terms of technical upgrades – we’ve tested UNITY engine with SNAKE VALLEY game and it was a huge success. We’ll continue with this technology with this expansion – thanks to that we don’t have limits in terms of visuals we could use per game.

Also we’ll upscale visuals to HD resolution (1280 x 720 px) to make everything look even more stunning.

Next week we’ll update you with ELEANOR 3 progress.

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  1. Kinda good news. I was so anxious to play LWT2 Exp this year but it makes sense that, being an bigger expansion, it’ll take a lot of time to produce.
    If the game is really really really good then the wait’ll be worthy ☺

  2. i fainted

    well this might be the best news of the year and we’re only 3 days into new year
    2 times more texts and renders?i’ll call it the best game you ever released now this moment!it’s gonna be amazing
    and it’s fantastic to hear that unity is turning out to be something that will boost the quality of your games even more!I noticed in Snake Valley that amounts of characters and locations were increased,and now you say no limits regarding visuals in games,hd resolution?sorry but it’s f*cking amazing,especially for a game that is LWT2

    thank you for info,what can i say,i’m looking forward to this more than i do to elder scrolls 6

    keep up with great work!

    ps. sorry but i can’t help it and i need to ask will the end threesome be expanded or changed a bit?it was epic but it has lots of potential for more after this news..

    enjoy the day guys!

  3. Hello everybody. Really happy to heard it. I’m a big fan for LWT1,2 and eleonor. Great news and hope great year 2018. I understand you have a lot of work, but please don’t let us wait too long 😉

  4. Really great news, wow a year though dang, hope that’s because Eleanor 3 is the big Enchilada you guys are working on and really aren’t starting on LWT until that’s finished. 12 months just sounds like a reallyh long time. Hope to see Antoinette back and even Richard and could this mean the Club will be a huge thing you can go to on a Friday Saturday night bases, And those characters will be added. How about Sandy. Missed her in part two. Getting to pick if you wanna go to club on a nightly or Friday Saturday Sunday thing I think would be pretty cool. Maybe that can be something that heightens or drops your relationship if you choose to go to much or to little.
    Anyway extremely excited but 12 months o boy. Hope we get some good expansions while waiting, or maybe you guys are saying longer so we won’t keep asking better to be early than later lol. Thanks for all you do though and keep them coming.

    @ Leo and @Daman question you guys ever thought about chunky chicks(bbw) in games. Specially for Snake valley. That could have made it more realistic. There is always some really hot chunky chicks in western movies lol Like a “Ashley Graham” type…. Or like a nerdy freaky chunky chick like girl from Crimnal Minds. Lmao just a though.

    1. @blackchip

      We will update everyone on what is happening in the community, plus a few things here and there and also sprinkle in some surprises in the coming months. So stay tuned and be ready to be surprised! 🙂

  5. I’ve said it before and i will say it again. you guys try to do too much at once. slow down, take your time, and keep focus on no more than 2 things at a time. your games have become very mundane and uninspired. you dabble in new themes, but the story and gameplay have become basically the same between every game. you are falling into the same trap as the pirates of the caribbean movies or the current star wars battlefront games. (it feels like) you rely on impressive visuals to hide just how shallow and uninspired your games are. i don’t say this cause i hate you guys, i say this because i know you are far more capable than you allow yourselves to be simply because you put the effort into the wrong decision. this is why your forum is far less active than it used to be. i have not owned a subscription to you guys since the release of the original lwt and to be honest unless there is a major change in development tactics i doubt i ever will again. i also don’t expect this comment to change anything but i truly hope it does

    1. I don’t think that focusing on more projects is the problem,every member of the team is doing their part of the job seperately from others,problem might be if Leo is the only one who codes the games in the team so that could be the reason why we wait longer for new games. I’m just guessing here but personally i don’t think that having few future projects in preparation is causing problems. That shows me that the team is motivated do keep delivering new games.

      As for the games being shallow and uninspiring,i have to disagree. It is personal taste and opinion and our thoughts will differ but i find most of the stories to be rather good and interesting. The only problem here is that LOP does not create long visual novels like devs on other Platforms,they create something that’s in the middle of visual novels and sandboxes,which is my preference as i like to be free to create my own story.
      Visual novels are much more broad and extensive depicting and delivering characters and the story but they usually don’t offer freedom to player as much as LOP does.
      And i do think that most of LoP games would do very well as visual novels,games such Living with Britney,Jordan500,Trip to paradise,both LWT,Eleanor..all of those games have premises and stories that could be written and developed as long visual novels that you can find on other platform.

      As for gameplay being mostly the same,i can agree with that. Obviously it depends which kind of game is it,Snake valley was a nice change for example but since LOP is most known for dating simulations,i do think that some changes could be made to diverse the gameplay for newer games atleast. I hope unity will allow them to try and implement many new things.

      In the end it all comes down to how big and complex games the team can make,but the longer,bigger and more interesting the game is the longer we wait,so it is impossible to satisfy everyone.
      I’m glad that i can support teams work and projects through subscription since 2014. The change of activity on this blog is noticable,i hope the things will turn around in the future though.

  6. I believe you guys have been doing a great job just think it’s to much time between updates and games. Like I’ve said before classics like Eleanor and LWT and LWS and even Hot Wife Story I believe can be built on without whole games… Add on to cities and content don’t have to do while new games. I guess my question is @LEO @Daman isn’t it easier to keep expanding?.Just feel like at least every month we should get something. Think that would be so cool if you guys just added on to characters and scenes in games we already have. Like in Eleanor 2 why not add more scenes with the intern? Or even the guy in the store. Or in LWS more scenes with Serena Secretary like at the bar. Just my little twocent

  7. Some minior things that I discliked about LWT 2 is that Tracy and Lisa have a different height, fix this!(in 1st game they had the same height,which was a great thing), when you’re having treesome with them and the one is higher then the other, it makes the treesome unlikable.
    Add many choices like Justin is not letting Lisa to go to glory hole, or Justin not letting other guys to put their dicks in the glory hole, so he will be the only one who will get the blowjob(it’s very important!).
    An option to be able to have sex with the hot maid in the kitchen, more treesome sex scenes with Tracy and Lisa, hidden risky public sex scenes with the all female characters.
    A story where you can build your own harem and in the end have a 5some with the all female characters.

  8. ——-
    It’s hard to predict how long it will take to render everything but if you ask me I would say we won’t be able to release it this year.

    What do you need to release it this year ???? 😀 :p

  9. @Daman yes kind of like the chick from Christmas. Look up “Ashley Graham”. Her body type needs to be in a game she’s amazing lol… Having her and a chick like Lisa, Antoinette together o boy. Think that’s why love Eleanor so much she has the athletic build.

  10. “We’ll continue with this technology with this expansion – thanks to that we don’t have limits in terms of visuals we could use per game.”

    i forgot to mention one thing,i hope this means longer and diverse scenes in general,i would like to see different images while clicking through the dialogues because there’s usually one or two images during the basic dialogue sequences. Different poses and expressions,maybe even angles and actions during those sequences would break the monotony.
    Also,if this means possibility of adding smaller scenes,like kissing or hugging and stuff like that would also be great.

    It’s a small remark and probably irrelevant in grand scheme but if you have no limitations regarding visuals then it would be nice touch for all your games.

  11. I have to leave a post here guys in response to some things that have been said on here. To me the LOP Team has always been the cornerstone of the adult gaming genre, the pace setters of you will. I’m not sure exactly how many full time members of the team there is but knowing from my own personal experiences with game development that things take time (depending on you hardware and render technology) and a lot of effort to get the perfect scenes (posing, lighting, camera angles, backgrounds, animations etc), then there’s the game mechanics (coding, dialogues), then there’s the testing phase before release. Now something LOP Team does that other developers don’t do in recent times, they release all their games as full and complete versions where other Devs start a game, fund it using a source like Patreon and then produce monthly updates for the games, no matter which way you produce these games the development time is roughly the same. However, I will say that that “some” adult game developers who do the monthly updates are churning out updates that include for example 100-120 static renders per month, others produce a lot less in that time if they also have animations included. I’m glad that LOP Team have moved their game engines onto newer platforms like Unity as there’s a lot of options out there now.

    None of this post is a criticism towards any developers or LOP Team themselves, but it must be hard to raise the bar further than the team here have raised themselves as LWT1 imo is probably up there in the top adult games of all time and it’s pretty much impossible to keep raising the bar with every game they produce. Like Truth said in a post above I haven’t subscribed to the LOP Team since LWT2 came out, I’m just waiting for the next standout, game changing, revolutionary game to come from the team here. Plus I’m low on time to play since working on my own adult game project myself, one thing I can guarantee is that the team here inspired a whole new generation of Adult Game Developers, I can vouch for that because I was inspired by the Team here to head into projects like this.

    Everyone keeps forgetting that when LOP was founded originally, there was only a handful of others on the market producing this genre of games, now the market is flooded if you know where to look. Once o have some spare time I do fancy trying out Snake Valley, but until then I’m also eagerly awaiting the revamped LWT2, because if it’s as big as the team say here then it’s almost going to be playing a whole new game which is going to be great!!!

    Leo just a suggestion for yourselves, why don’t you try producing a game with the Unity engine that includes Monthly Updates, like a kinda DLC content for site supporters as a kind of experiment to see how it goes down with the fans here? It would cut down wait times for games and with regular updates it would keep the subscriptions flowing…. just a suggestion dude

  12. Why does Justin always get the end of the stick when it comes to bad endings? I think for once it’s fair for Tracy to have one too.
    I’m just saying the MC has it rough with Tracy so I’m just suggesting to balance that.

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