Living with Serena

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Serena Locations (SRL)
Places (PLC)
Dates (DTS)
Items (ITM)
Event (EVT)
Fantasy Checklist (FTY)
Extra Scenes (EXS)
Specials (SPL)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Living with Serena.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Note: This guide reflects the new expansion “Forbidden Fruit” and varies differently from the first release of the game.

Rules (RLE)
Julian is a mechanic who is recently engaged to the love if his life, the lovely Serena. However, Julian continues the nightlife of drinking and hanging out with the guys till the early hours of the morning. Serena tells Julian that he must, in her own wonderful words, grow the fuck up.  Now Julian has three weeks to change his life around if he has any chance of saving his future with Serena.

Living with Serena features a new leveling system. When performing certain actions, your experience will increase for that stat. Once you reach 100%, your max stat will increase by one (Ex. Energy Level is maxed at 5, once you reach 100% your max will increase to 6.)

Much like many LOP titles, your stats play also a big role in the game as you progress.

ENERGY: How much time does not mean how much energy you have! Your energy allows you to partake in certain activities during the day.

MORALE: How are you feeling? Your morale allows you to work and perform everyday tasks. With no morale, you will be unable to perform any tasks.

WORK: How experienced are you with cars? Your experience allows Julian to work on high-end cars and help finish them faster which will equal a bigger paycheck.

DESIRE: Do you love your wife and more importantly does she love you? Your desire stat allows Julian to perform different actions with Serena and other girls, if you wish (600 is the highest amount needed for all actions).

Serena Locations (SRL)
The game features an in-game timer that counts from 8:00 in the morning to 24:00 at night. During this time your wife will walk around the house and even go to work. Here is a list of where your fiancé Serena will be during the weekday/weekend.

8:00 Bedroom
9:00 Bathroom
10:00 Kitchen
11:00 Office/ Shop
12:00 Office/ Shop
13:00 Office/ Shop
14:00 Office/ Living Room
15:00 Office/ Living Room
16:00 Office/ Kitchen
17:00 Office/ Kitchen
18:00 Kitchen
19:00 Living Room
20:00 Living Room
21:00 Park
22:00 Bathroom
23:00 Bedroom
24:00 Bedroom

Places (PLC)
There are many places to visit, work and play in Living with Serena. Below are the places and actions you can perform throughout the game.
NOTE: Some actions will only appear at certain times during the weekday, weekend or if Serena is there. Also, if players do not meet the required desire levels, their actions will result in negative desire.

Living Room
Watch TV (1 Hour) +2 Morale, +2 Energy
Kiss Her From Behind (1 Hour) +2 Desire
Tease Her and Remove Her Top (1 Hour, 50 Desire) +10 Desire
Offer Her a Glass of Wine (1 Hour, Wine) +10 Desire
Invite Her to the Pub (1 Hour) +3 Desire

Take a Long and Relaxing Shower (2 Hours) +4 Morale
Compliment Her Looks (1 Hour) +2 Desire
Kiss Her Ass Cheek (1 Hour, 50 Desire) +10 Desire
Lick Her Pussy (1 Hour, 1 Energy, 100 Desire) +15 Desire
Join her in the Shower (1 Hour, 150 Desire, Only at 22:00) +20 Desire
-Yeah, you looked lonely.
-Oh, we’ll do so much more than meet. (Desire 300, 1 Energy) +10 Desire
i) Over her Face (400 Desire) +5 Desire
ii) Over her Ass +5 Desire
iii) Give it your all and climax (2 Energy) +10 Desire

Drink a Cup of Coffee (1 Hour) +2 Energy
Kiss Her and Wish Her a Nice Day (1 Hour) +2 Desire
Caress Her Over the Table (1 Hour, 50 Desire) +10 Desire
– Softly Let Her Go
– Mess Up Her Clothes, Play with Her (100 Desire) +5 Desire
Kiss Her Passionately (1 Hour, 50 Desire, Weekend Only) +5 Desire
Cook Dinner Together (1 Hour, 1 Energy, X Desire, Weekend Only) +10 Desire
Caress Her Legs (1 hour, 50 Desire, Weekend Only) +5 Desire
Offer her Some Ice Cream (1 Hour, Ice Cream, Weekend Only) +2 Desire
*Can offer ice cream twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Sleep (Advance to Next Day) +3 Energy, +1 Morale
Caress Her Hair and Flirt with Her (1 Hour) +2 Desire
Massage Her Back (1 Hour, 1 Energy, 10 Desire) +5 Desire
Read a Bedtime Story to Her (1 Hour) +2 Desire
Ask for a Blowjob (1 Hour, 200 Desire) +15 Desire
– Get your cock back before it’s too late.
– Cum over her face (400 Desire) +5 Desire (At 600 Desire, +10 Desire)
Ask Her to Have Sex (1 Hour, 1 Energy, 300 Desire) +15 Desire
– I want you to blow me. -10 Desire
– Get on all fours, honey.
i) Over her Face (400 Desire)
ii) Over her Boobs +10 Desire
iii) Give it your all to make her climax (2 Energy) +5 Desire, Next Day
-Sit on my cock.
i) Over her Face (400 Desire)
ii) Over her Boobs +10 Desire
iii) Give it your all to make her climax (2 Energy) +5 Desire, Advance to Next Day
Take some Naughty Pictures…With Her and Dildo (1 Hour, Camera, Dildo, 400 Desire) +10 Desire
*Only works successfully if given wine at home before she goes to bed.

Go Shopping (2 Hours) [See Items section for details]
Chat with her (1 Hour, Weekend only) +2 Desire
Offer to buy her ice cream (1 Hour, $10, Weekend only) +2 Desire
Ask her to try the black dress (1 Hour, Weekend only, 50 DESIRE) +5 Desire
– I…maybe, someday…
– Well, at that price point… +2 Desire (If 300 Desire, +10 Desire)

Relax in the Park (2 Hours) +3 Morale
Short Jog (1 Hour, 2 Energy) +30% Energy
Long Running Session (3 Hours, 4 Energy) +80% Energy
Kiss Her (1 Hour) +2 Desire
Relax on the Bench (1 Hour) +2 Desire
-Well, I’ll see you at home.
-But not as nice as what those pants are covering. (100 Desire) +5 Desire

Watch the Game (3 Hours, $20) +2 Energy, +4 Morale
Have a Beer (1 Hour, $10) +2 Morale

Study Technical Texts (3 Hours) -2 Morale, +30% Work
Work on Broken Primera (2 Hours, 1 Energy) -1 Morale, +10% Work
Work on Broken Jetta (3 Hours, 1 Energy) -1 Morale, +15% Work
Work on Broken Camaro (3 Hours, 2 Energy) -2 Morale, +20% Work
Work on Broken Cayenne (5 Hours, 3 Energy) -1 Morale, +30% Work

Serena’s Office
Flirt With Her (1 Hour) +2 Desire
-Kiss Her Cheek +5 Desire
-Caress Her Breasts (70 Desire) +10 Desire
Bring Her a Cup of Coffee (1 Hour) +2 Desire

Dates (DTS)
Below are the areas where you and Serena can go and have a chance to increase your Desire with her.

Pub Date
Have a Beer Together (1 Hour, $10) +5 Desire, +2 Morale
Kiss Her Neck (1 Hour) +5 Desire
Caress her Legs (1 Hour) +5 Desire
-Do as the Lady Says +2 Desire
-Up the Ante -10 Desire

Club Date
Note: This date will disappear if you complete the Drunk Sex after a Party Fantasy. Every successful action will result in a +1 Mood, but every action that is not a success will result in -1 Mood. Also, after 4 stars, Serena will leave and Nicole will come over.

Buy her a Drink ($15) +2 Desire each time (The fourth will end the date)
Flirt with Her +5 Desire
Compliment her Dress +3 Desire
Whisper Dirty Things in Her Ear (60 Desire) +10 (If Desire is over 100, you will receive a bonus hot spot, +10 Desire more and another star)
Kiss Her (Desire 150) +10 Desire
-Let your hand move higher +10 Desire
-Back off, let the moment linger
Dare Her to Dance on the Table (250) +15 Desire

Items (ITM)
Box of Ice Creams $10
Bottle of Wine $30
Digital Camera $250
Dildo $120
Erotic Book “69 Shades of Cassidy” $50 (Available after first star in Master Slave Fantasy)
Sexy Red Dress $550 (Available after first star in Sex after Party Fantasy)
Vibrating Egg $280 (Available after the third star in Office Sex Fantasy)
BDSM Outfit $480 (Available after the fourth star in Master and Slave Fantasy)

Event (EVT)
Many things can and will happen in Living with Serena. Below is a list of all the events that happen in the game.
NOTE: Below is the EARLIEST time you can get these events. If your desire or certain actions are not met yet, they will appear once they are completed.

Day 2: Lorena will be at store when Julian goes shopping.
Day 4: Serena will tell you about her new assistant, Melissa.
Day 4: Serena meets you in your garage (if your desire is 100 and you have two stars in the Sex in a Public Place Fantasy).
Day 5: You can now meet Melissa at Serena’s work.
Day 8: Serena will send a picture to you while you are at home (if relationship is 150 or higher, Serena MUST be at work and you have two stars in the Office Sex Fantasy).
Day 8: Tony and Serena talk in her office.
Day 8: At 18:00 at home, Serena will tell you at home that she left her notebook at work.
Day 9: Lorena hugs you when you come into the store (if relationship of 30 or more)
Day 9: Serena asks for $500 at the shop (if your desire is 100 and you have three stars in the Sex in a Public Place Fantasy).
Day 10: Melissa comes to your house while showering.
Day 11: Serena will come out of the bedroom wearing a BDSM outfit (if you have seven stars in the Master and Slave Fantasy).
Day 12: Go to the bedroom between 18:00 and 24:00, Serena goes out with “Friends” (if Desire 149 and below).
Day 15: Serena and Tony Part 2 (if Desire is 149 or lower AND if you saw Tony and Serena in the office on Day 8).
Day 16: Melisa after hours at work (Only if she comes over while your showering, you talk to her naked AND stop her from giving you a blowjob).
Day 18: Serena and Tony Part 3 (if desire is 199 or lower AND if you saw Serena and Tony Part 2)

Fantasy Checklist (FTY)
Below are all the fantasies that can happen in the game. If you follow the guidelines, you will progress through them and unlock some very erotic cut scenes.
NOTE: If you failed at anytime, when you check on the menu tab the fantasy will be crossed off and you will be unable to continue with this fantasy for the duration of the game.

Drunk Sex After a Party Fantasy:
1) Raise your Desire to 40 with Serena and when she is home, invite her to a dance club (when she is in the kitchen or living room at night only).
2) Go to the shop and buy the Sexy Red Dress ($480).
3) Go to Serena when she is home and give her the dress (either when she is in the kitchen or living room).
4) When Serena is in the living room, invite her to the dance club (3 hours, 2 energy)
5) Achieve a 7 star result and then go home (refer to the club Date in the Dates section for details).

Office Sex Fantasy:
1) Go to Serena’s office and give her some wine.
2) Talk with her about her work.
3) Raise your desire to 150 with Serena and then when she is at work, go home and you will receive a text message. To continue, Julian must play along and pretend to be her boss (second option).
4) Go to the store and buy the Vibrating Egg ($280).
5) Serena is in the living room, give her the Vibrating Egg (the scene plays out differently if you are above or below 200 Desire)
6) Raise your desire to 250 with Serena. Visit her at her office when she is working.
7) Play along with the fantasy by pretending to be her boss (second option).

Master and Slave Fantasy:
1) When Serena is in the living room, ask her what she is reading.
2) Go to the store and buy Erotic Book “69 Shades of Cassidy” ($50).
3) Raise your Desire to 50 with Serena and then give her the book when she is in the living room.
4) When Serena is in the living room, ask her is she like the book.
5) Go to the bedroom and study the book you gave her (3 hours).
6) Go to the store and buy the BDSM outfit ($480).
7) Raise your Desire to 400 with Serena. When Serena is in the living room, give her the outfit.
8) After day 11, whenever you go the bedroom when Serena is home, a cut scene will happen.

Sex in a Public Place Fantasy:
1) Go to Serena’s office and tell her about your work.
2) Fix the Camero at the garage and then tell Serena at her office.
3) Raise your Desire to 100 and go to the garage anytime after day 4.
4) On day 9, Serena will ask you for $200 at the garage (give it to her!)
5) Raise your desire to 150 or higher. About 1 or two days after giving her the money, Serena will visit you in the garage with what she spent the money on. Say that you could have bought games with the money.

Threesome Fantasy:
1) After you meet, Melissa and your desire is 70 or higher, go to the office and flirt with Serena then fondle Selena’s breast.
2) Get “Lights! Camera! Action!” achievement and 70 Desire with Serena. Go to the shop and show the pictures to Lorena. On the weekend, go to the shop between 11:00-13:00 and see the cut scene between Serena and Lorena. Do not interrupt.
3) Later that same night in the bedroom, Serena will some to bed with the same outfit that she wore at the shop. When she calls out the wrong name, DO NOT correct her and go along with it. When asked about threesomes, agree with her that you want to have one.
4) Now raise the desire to 150 for either Melissa or Lorena and select one of them for the threesome.

Extra Scenes (EXS)
Below are a characters and their extra scenes that they have with the player and the

On day 8, Serena will say she left her computer at the office. If the player goes, they can give Melissa a massage (+10 Desire) or painkillers (+5 Desire) (afterwards you can give her a massage at the office or offer her a beer at the pub (both for +10 Desire)).

After the 10th day, Melissa will come over while you are showering. If you go out naked you can stop her or get a blowjob (the blowjob choice will result in getting ending 7). Also afterwards you can grind against her at work or flirt with her at the pub (both for +20 Desire)).

If players did stop Julian from getting a blowjob, then on day 16 after 18:00, they can go to Serena’s office and can have sex with her (if you cum inside her, she will leave for the rest of the game!) Afterwards, players can have sex with Melissa in the office (if Serena is working at the time, you will be caught and get ending 7).

After day 9, if the player’s relationship with Lorena is 30 or more, she will hug you and ask you to try on clothes. Also, afterwards players can ask for assistance while at the store or walk with her while at the park (both for +25 and +20 Desire respectively).

After you take pictures of Serena (see “Lights! Camera! Action!” achievement for details) and have 70 relationship or higher with Lorena, go to the store and talk to her. After the cut scene, you will be able to have sex with her whenever you want at the store (if you have sex in the store while Serena is there, you will get ending 9). Players can also have sex with Lorena in the park at 9:00, 19:00 and 20:00.

Nicole has three different path scenarios that the player can follow. At the club, if you say you are waiting for your fiancé, tell her you are a mechanic and then get her number, the player can call Nicole from home (from the kitchen) and receive a phone call in the next few days. If the player meets Nicole at the house, he can stop her (ending 3) or get a blowjob (ending 4).

The next situation is if the player tells her that you are a mechanic and don’t get her phone number (loose her at the bar). A few days later, she will appear at the garage where you can have sex with her (ending 5) or you can even invite her to the house (see above).

The last combination is telling her that you are waiting for your fiancé, you’re a photographer and then you would like to take photos of her someday. Later, call Nicole from the kitchen and then, if you haven’t gotten it already, buy the camera and meet her at the hotel (action available in kitchen). During the photo shoot two things can happen: 1) You don’t make focus on her (2 energy needed) and she tells Serena (ending 5), and 2) you make her cum and you are able to get ending 6a and 6b depending on your relationship with Serena after 21 days.

Tony appears only three times in the game. The first is on Day 8 when you go the office. You will have some different dialogue that happens during the scene if your Desire with Serena is 99 and lower or 100 and higher. Around day 15 or 16 at 18:00 (if your desire is 149 or lower), go to Serena’s office and look for her. There will be a small cut scene (if you interrupt it you will receive -40 Desire). Also, on day 18 if your Desire is 199 and below with Serena, go to her office and look for her. A small scene will play out and you will get ending 12 (regardless if interrupt it or not).

Specials (SPL)
Below are some hidden secrets or fun things in the game!

Good Alcohol:
When in the living room, if you give Serena wine and then remove her shirt, you will get a slightly different scene.

I Tried So Hard Though!:
A sad thing in the game, no matter how high your Desire is or how much alcohol you give Serena, while on the bar date, you can not get another scene when you “up the ante” after touching her leg.

Achievements (ACI)
Winter is Coming:
Give Serena ice cream 10 times. You can check your progress in the menu tab as to how many she has had. You can give her this only on the weekends at home and at the mall.

Inevitable Hangover:
Follow the Drunk Sex After a Party Fantasy for the set-up. Once at the club, give Serena four drinks. POP.

Lights! Camera! Action!:
Requires the camera, dildo, wine and 400 Desire. At 19:00, ask Serena to drink some wine. At 23:00 ask her to pose for pictures with the dildo option. At the end of the cut scene, the achievement will pop.

69 Shades of Serena:
Follow the Master and Slave Fantasy for the set-up.  Anytime after day11, Serena will come into the bedroom with the outfit on. Ask her to get on her knees, then have her stop, have anal sex with her. Whatever option you pick afterwards will unlock the achievement.

True Love Swallows:
Requires 600 Desire. At 23:00, go to the bedroom and ask Selena for a blowjob. When prompted, select the bottom option: “Cum over her face”. POP.

400 Bucks:
Follow the Sex in a Public Place Fantasy to get this. Once Selena comes to the shop a second time and ask for money, give it to her (Day 9). Three days later, she will show up with what she bought. The player MUST be upset with the choice by saying they could have bought better video games. After the cutscene, it will pop.

After Party:
You must complete the Drunk Sex After a Party Fantasy to get this. Refer to the Fantasy section for details. After you return home, during the scene it will pop.

My Office Slut:
You must complete the Office Sex Fantasy to get this. After you catch her masturbating in the office and have sex with her (second option), and continue having sex with her (2 energy). Afterward the cut scene, it will pop.

Perfect Lover:
Make Serena cum five times it will unlock. You can check your progress through the Stat tab.

Lips of Nicole:
Note: This is a game ending achievement; once you get it, you will end the game.
Follow the Drunk Sex After a Party Fantasy. Once at the club and you achieve 4 stars, Serena will walk away and Nicole will come over. Get her number from her and call her, two days later she will arrive at your house. Accept her blowjob. Pop.

Endings (EDG)
Below are ALL the endings the Living with Serena and how to obtain them.

Ending 1: Finish the game with a desire level of 299 or lower with Serena.
Ending 2: Finish the game with a desire level of 300 or higher with Serena.
Ending 3: Call Nicole over to your house and then stay faithful to Serena.
Ending 4: 2 Ways for getting this ending: 1) Don’t give Nicole an orgasm at the photo shoot in the hotel. 2) When Nicole comes to your house, don’t stop her.
Ending 5: Nicole gives you a BJ at the car garage.
Ending 6A: Have sex with Nicole at the hotel, give her an orgasm and have 200 or higher desire with Serena by the end of the game.
Ending 6B: Have sex with Nicole at the hotel, give her an orgasm and have 199 or lover desire with Serena by the end of the game.
Ending 7: Have sex with Melissa and get caught by Serena.
Ending 8: Catch Tony and Serena the first time and not the second time.
Ending 9: Have sex with Lorena and get caught by Serena.
Ending 10: Have a threesome with Lorena and Serena.
Ending 11: Have a threesome with Melissa and Serena.
Ending 12: Catch Tony and Serena the second time.

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  1. I have a request regarding Living with Serena. I like the game and would like to see some other options regarding Melissa and Nicole whom I like better than Serena or Lorena, but first I have what I think is a simpler request. Could you either move the sleep link in the bedroom or render it inoperable until after 18:00. I can’t tell you how many times I have hit that button and wasted an entire day. Today I was all set up to end the game getting caught with Lorena on day 21 when I hit sleep and ended up with ending 6a instead. I know it’s my mistake, but if you would make that change it would help me avoid my error. Regarding Nicole and Melissa: I would like to request 3 things: 1.) an option to end up with Melissa 2.) an option to end up with Melissa and Nicole 3.) an option to end up with Lorena and Melissa. These are things to consider if you ever did an expanded version. I hate that Melissa gets fired after the threesome with Serena. She’s a sweet young woman and doesn’t deserve that. (Yes, I am aware she is a cartoon character, but so is Superman and i have loved him since the 1950s. In general I like your games.

  2. Best game so far on this site, simple, intuitive, and Serena is the best of all characters I’ve seen. Please consider further development of this game, with more adventure, and why not a cheating Serena even when she has lots of desire for you? Or a sequel, but in any case many thanks for this game.

      1. Can’t find the blogpost you mention on this page, but might I suggest a polling system on your site to find out the most popular characters/games, etc? (If you do have one I haven’t found it) More interaction with members means more subscriber fidelity 😉

        1. @Camden

          To find the blog, go to the archives part on the left and select the month and year (in this case July 2017). As for the pole system, we simply ask the players here for their feedback. First come first serve.

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