Club Velvet Rose

Witten by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Veronica’s Mood (VM)
Zara (ZRA)
Natasha (NTA)
Alexandra (ALX)
Veronica (VRN)
Miranda (MRD)
Teri (TRI)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in “Club Velvet Rose”.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Note: This guide reflects the new expansion “Madam Miranda and Teri” and varies differently from the first release of the game.

Rules (RLE)
James and his wife Veronica dawn their masks and approach the Club Velvet Rose; an all adult swinger club where they hope to experience new and exciting things and maybe make a few new kinky friends along the way. Explore the club and find out its kinky secrets and its sexy inhabitants. Will he lend his wife out to someone or will James experience the ultimate man fantasy of two women at the same time? With one night to explore the club that has endless opportunities and countless temptations the real question should be; what’s your desire?
“Club Velvet Rose” is an adventure game where you take control of James and explore the club and interact with its guests. There is only one person whom you should concern yourself with at that is your lovely wife Veronica. Every action can result in her MOOD to either increase or decrease. With a higher mood she will have more of an open mind to try things you might suggest to her. With a lower one, the less she is willing to try. Also, you have only a small amount of money to spend so be mindful of how much you spend while there.

Veronica’s Mood (VM)
Below are all the parts where Veronica’s mood can change in the game. Veronica must be with you in order for her mood to change.

I said she looked stunning +1 Mood
Say nothing +1 Mood

(During the Intro)
Ask if she wants to have sex with your wife (–1 Veronica)
Tell her that she looks smoking tonight (+1 Veronica)
(Note: If you ask Veronica what she thinks of her, you can return immediately after talking to Zara you can ask “Ask Veronica what she thinks of Zara”. This can get you another +1 Veronica but also unlocks a chance for her and Zara to get together.)

(After Intro)
Ask her is she is waiting for someone (-1 Mood)
Compliment her outfit (-1 Mood)
Ask what she is looking for tonight (-1 Mood)

Alex and Che
(During the Intro)
I said would fuck her (+1 Mood)
I said I would talk to her (-1 Mood)

(After the Intro) (+1 Mood when talking to them for the first time)
Ask them about the pole (+1 Mood for not saying anything)
Tell Alexandra that she is your type (+1 Mood)
Offer them another drink $15
Ask her is she wants to have sex with them (-1 Mood)
Convince her to dance on the pole (-1 Mood unless you got her another drink at the bar, then +1 Mood)
Ask her about Tayron putting a tip under her garter belt (+1 Mood for talking about, -1 Mood for staying quiet, +1 Mood for saying you’re not angry)
-But this is what she wanted (+3 Mood)
-I asked her to reconsider (-5 Mood)

(During the Intro)
Protest and take something with less alcohol (-1 Mood)
Just smile to him and take your drink (+1 Mood)

(After Intro)
Ask her to dance on the pole for him (+1 Mood)

Felix and Natasha
Ask Natasha what she thinks of us (+1 Mood)
Whisper to Felix that Natasha looks amazing
-I accepted, who wouldn’t? (-1 Mood)
–I didn’t answer him directly, with Veronica next to me (+1 Mood)
–I was honest, it was why we came here anyway (-1 Mood)
Talk about Felix about club secrets (+1 Mood)

Ask her about kinky things (-1 Mood)
Offer her drinks (+1 Mood)
Ask her to explain BDSM with more details (+3 Mood)

Teri and Bryan
Chat about their plans (+1 Mood)
Talk with Bryan about what happened last time (+1 Mood for saying nothing)

Zara (ZRA)

Zara and Veronica (with and without Che)
During the intro ask what Veronica thinks of Zara and then go back and ask her again. After Veronica does her pole dance, ask her to kiss Zara and go back. Zara will take her back without you. You can either stop Che from following, turn down their offer and then find your wife (for a lovely lesbian scene) OR don’t stop Che and then look for her (you will see a threesome with Che, Zara and Veronica)

Zara Blowjob
While alone with Zara you can ask what she is drinking and go to the bar and buy her a drink. When you return she will thank you with a blowjob. But if your wife is not distracted, it will be interrupted (see Veronica section for more details). If Veronica is distracted she will blow you.

Zara Sex
Immediately after the Zara Blowjob event, you will go to the bathroom and here someone coming. Hide in the stalls and watch her blow a guy. If you pull her panties to the side you will fuck her (doing nothing will make her finish the guy and end the scene). Choosing to push deeper inside her, squeezing her ass and slipping your finger in her ass will get you three stars and get another sex scene with her.

Zara and Alex Double Blowjob
You must have had sex with Alex first (see Alexandra’s Sex on Camera event for details). Complete Zara’s Blowjob event and when you hear someone, do not hide and Zara will join you. Right choices:
– Tell them it’s the best
– Switch to Alexandra
– Call them sluts
– Tell them you’re close

Natasha (NTA)

Natasha’s Blowjob
After talking to them when they arrive, leave Veronica with someone and talk about a threesome. Bring back Veronica and talk to them about getting long drinks for the girls. Choose to stay with Natasha and then let her continue. Rght choices:
-Compliment her skills
-Look down at her
Tell her you’re close

Natasha and Felix Full Swing
After either Natasha’s Blowjob event OR Veronica Gloryhole event you can talk to Felix on the side and then talk to Veronica. If her mood is high enough she will agree and you two will swing. The beginning is not important, just different images. Right choices:
-Felix complimented her,
-Rubbed Natasha’s ass
-Watched her tits bounce
-I stared into her blue eyes
-I slapped her ass
-I got lost in her eyes (If you choose to let Felix have anal with Veronica the scene will end, but if you don’t let him the scene continues).

Alexandra (ALX)

Dance with Veronica
If you get your wife to dance on the pole (see Veronica section for details) at the end you can ask for Alex to join her on stage. If their Veronica’s mood is high enough she will accept it, if really high they will make out on stage.

Sex on Camera
To get here you must get Zara and Veronica to kiss (see Zara section for details) when they go and Che follows, stop him and accept his offer to have sex with Alex. Right choices:
– I compliment her skills
– I grabbed the back of her head
– Talked dirty to her
– I asked her to describe what she felt
– I pulled her deeper onto my dick
– I made her beg for more
– I stared at her breasts as they bounced
– I asked Che to get a close up of her face
– I teased her more
– I slammed it deeper
– Slap her ass
– I picked up the pace

Alexandra, Natasha and James Threesome
After completing either Alexandra’s Sex on camera event or Zara and Veronica’s Kiss event, head into the bathroom and talk to Che. Accept his proposal and then convince your wife to sleep with Che (either by buying her a drink at the bar or convincing Zara that you like to see her get fucked by other men. Either way go, Veronica goes with Che and you get the fantasy every man wanted; two girls at once with Natasha and Alexandra. Right choices:
– Alexandra talked dirty
– I talked dirty to Natasha
– I pushed Natasha’s head down deeper
– I looked at Alexandra’s eyes
– I teased Natasha
– I complimented Natasha’s skills
– I sweet talked Natasha
– I caressed Natasha’s ass
– I grabbed a handful of Alexandra’s hair
– I talked dirty to Natasha
– I asked how Natasha’s ass felt
– I buried myself deeper inside
– I told Natasha to go deeper
– I laid back and enjoyed Natasha’s skills
– We teased Natasha

Veronica (VRN)

Veronica’s Pole Dance
Ask Che about the pole and then talk to Veronica about doing it. Go to the bar and ask her dance for Tayron, buy her another drink and then ask her to dance again. Stay quiet and then wink at her and encourage her.

Veronica’s Gloryhole
When with Natasha and Felix ask about the clubs secrets and then order drinks for the girls. Go with your wife and she will want to try a gloryhole experiment with her.

Veronica Occupied
Complete Veronica’s Pole Dance event to get to this far. Ask how she felt about Tayron putting money in her garter belt and say you are not angry. Select that this is what she wanted and you agree. Go to the bar and have give her a drink and leave her at the bar. No you are free to go places without Veronica interrupting you. NOTE: that once you return to the bar, she will then follow you again.

Veronica and Tayron
Complete Veronica Occupied event to get to this far. Return to the bar and talk to Tayron and having sex with Veronica. You can choose to let him wear a condom or not, it changes the scenes a bit. Right choices:
– I encouraged her to take his dick deeper
– I told Tayron to fuck her more
– I told her tell Tayron that she loves his cock
– I encouraged Tayron to go dick deeper
– I said that I envy him right now
– I talked dirty to her
– He talked dirty to her
– She kissed him
– He fucked her faster

Veronica’s Orgy
After either Zara Blowjob, Alex Sex on Camera, Miranda Lecture or Teri’s Blowjob, go to the bathroom and Che will ask for you to give Veronica to you. Refuse and he will blackmail you. Ask Veronica if she wants to have sex with Che and she will say no. You can either ask Zara to help (say you like to watch other her with other guys) or buy a $100 drink from the bar and give it to Veronica. When you are about to get your threesome with Natasha and Alexandra look for your wife and keep looking. Go ahead and watch.

Miranda (MRD)

Miranda’s Lecture
After meeting with her, leave Veronica with someone and talk to Miranda. Accept her proposal. Right choices:
– Ran my tongue along the bottom
– Licked the top of her shoe
– Sucked her toes

Training Veronica
Complete Miranda’s Lecture to get to this set up. Once Veronica’s mood is high enough, you can ask her to join Miranda for a little BDSM session. Right choices:
– Complimented her skills
– Teased Veronica
– Looked at Veronica
– Told Miranda to tell Veronica how she felt
– Asked Miranda if she like it
– We played with Veronica
– Ask if she likes it
– Asked if she wanted more
– Pushed deeper

Teri (TRI)

Teri’s Blowjob
Leave Veronica somewhere and then talk to Teri and do not stop her kissing you. Right choices:
– Teased her,
– I complimented her skills
– I talked dirty to her

Teri, Bryan, and James Threesome
Before when talking to them, when asking Bryn about what happened last time, change the subject. Then complete Teri’s Blowjob to get the set up for the next part. After that, talk to ask if they found a third person for their threesome and volunteer yourself. Complete Veronica Occupied to get her to stay. Go back to Teri and Bryan and tell them you are good to go. Right choices:
– Told her to switch
– Talked dirty to her
– Told her I was ready
– I slapped her ass
– I fingered her ass
– I held it deep
– Complimented her ass
– Stared into her eyes
– Teased her
– We teased her
– Asked her how she felt
– Slammed it deep

Achievements (ACI)

Alpha Male
Get all stars during Alexandra, Natasha and James Threesome event.

Cumstain MacGyver
Complete Zara’s Blowjob event without getting interrupted by Veronica.

Once You Go Black
Get all stars during Veronica and Tayron event.

Mama Said
Get blackmailed by Che and after sex Alexandra, Natasha and James Threesome, choose to look for her.

Full Fantasy
Complete Veronica’s Orgy event

Behind Closed Doors
Get all stars during Natasha’s Blowjob event.

Through the Hole
Complete Veronica’s Gloryhole scene.

Make Her Beg
Get all stars during Alexandra’s Sex on Camera event.

Creamy Make Up
Get all stars during Natasha and Felix Full Swing event.

Fight Night
During Veronica’s Orgy event, choose to stop the event.

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: Complete Veronica and Tayron event.
Ending 2: Complete Natasha and Felix Full Swing event.
Ending 3: Either leave the club, tell Veronica about you having sex without her permission, stop Che from having sex with Veronica after being blackmailed by him, stopping Veronica’s orgy.
Ending 4: Get the Mama Said achievement.
Ending 5: Get the Alexandra, Natasha and James Threesome event and stay with the girls.
Ending 6: Either get the Alexandra, Natasha and James Threesome event and then look for your wife (if not blackmailed) or get Veronica’s Fantasy event.
Ending 7: Complete Training Veronica event.
Ending 8a: Complete Teri, Bryan, and James Threesome event and then Veronica and Tryon event.
Ending 8b: Complete Teri, Bryan, and James Threesome event and get ending 3 in anyway.