Call girl Denise

Witten by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Places (PLC)
Items (ITM)
Event (EVT)
Karen (KRN)
Barbara (BRB)
Frank (FRK)
Customers (CST)
Extra Scenes (EXC)
How To (HWT)
Specials (SPL)
Achievements (ACI)
Animation Guide (AMG)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide! In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in “Call Girl Denise”. Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion. This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)
Denise Potter was a woman who lived her life day to day and could care less of the outcome of tomorrow and more about the results of today. But when her best friend and roommate Karen got engaged and planned to move on with her life, it got Denise panicking a bit about her future. On top of all that, her job situation is not stable as she has been fired or quit from six jobs this year. Can Denise turn her life around before the leave is up? Will she fall back into her old habits and just not care? Or will she find a new, risky life that can offer her the thrills she’s been looking for and the cash she desires?

“Call Girl Denise” is an adventure game that let’s you take the role of Denise as she navigates the world around her for the next 30 days. She can do things honestly and right like work at the gym or at the shopping mall or she can find work as a call girl for a secret company or get small change working a gloryhole at the bar. The choices and decisions will affect not only her life, but also the ones closest to her as well. Below are the stats and what they correlate to the game:

STAMINA: Denise needs energy to do even the simplest of tasks. If it’s too low or drops to zero, she will be unable to perform any actions.

HEALTH: Denise is human and like all humans she is acceptable to sickness. If your health drops too low, it will leave you bed ridden and possibly in need of a doctor’s visit (meaning no work and no money until then).

HYGIENE: Looking good is not as important as smelling good. Taking showers and cleaning yourself up is vital to Denise. Too low and she won’t even want to leave the house herself let alone others wanting to be with her.

POPULARITY: Despite popular believe, being popular does have it’s perks. If you choose to whore yourself out for cash, you will need this stat to unlock higher rollers and VIP’s that pay much better than the average Joe.

Job Stats: This sub category is what is used to help you get better jobs (both shady and legit) and, if you are a call girl, you have better chances of wowing your clients.

BRAIN: Can be raised by reading (by yourself or fro someone else)
FACE: Touching up at home or visiting the hairstylists at the mall.
BODY: Hitting the gym or working out at home.
HANDS: By touching others sensually or even yourself.
LIPS: Raised only when you use your lips on another in a sensual way
PUSSY: Playing with yourself or letting other’s play with it.
ASS: Only can be raised when others want to “use” it.

During some interactions with characters and sometimes even during sex scenes you will see a STAR PANEL mechanic. Choosing one will gain you a single star with the chance of getting another by picking on of two choices of dialogue/actions. But be warn, there is one action that will make you loose a star in every panel. For every correct choice, you have the chance to gain +2 Relationship if it’s with a single character you are with as well.

Places (PLC)
NOTE: If you repeat the same action during the same day, it will result in half of all positive effects. For example, if you received +4 Body the first time, the next will by +2 Body instead (shown like this: +4/+2 Body).

Bar (Unlocks after Day 1)
Have a good time (2 Hours) +2/+1 Stamina, +4/+2 Popularity
Invite Yuri on a Date (1 hour, after 18:00) +1 Relationship with Yuri
-Stare into his eyes (That wouldn’t happen to be little ol’ me, would it?)
-Hug him from behind (Strong muscles and sensitive? I like that in a man)
-Lift your dress and show him your panties (Truth)
-Kiss him passionately +1 Lips (Try using your tongue a bit more, I like it)
-Ask him if he’d like you to remove your panties (6 Stars, 30 Relationship) +10 Relationship
–Grind your ass against his crotch (You could have stopped me whenever you wanted)
–Sit on his lap and afec him (It says a lot about you that you can stick to that)
–Ask him to feel how wet you are (I am! Mmmm, and it’s because of you, Yuri)
–Ask him to finger your pussy (If you like it, then go ahead and slip those fingers I deeper)
–Command him to lick your pussy (12 Stars, 80 Relationship) +10 Relationship

Bar Bathroom (Unlocks after “Getting Grocery” event)
Relax with a cigarette (1 Hour) +2/+1 Stamina, -1 Health
Glory hole (See “Customers” Section for details)

Barbara’s Place (Unlocks after Meeting and Calling Barbara from Living Room)
Regular call girl jobs (Yellow Dress)
-Type D Customers (10 Body)
-Type C Customers (30 Body, 10 Face, 100 Popularity)
-Type B Customers (50 Body, 30 Face, 10 Brain, 200 Popularity)
-Type A Customers (70 Body, 50 Face, 15 Brain, 300 Popularity)
VIP assignments (100 Popularity), +1 Hands, -5 Hygiene, -4 Health, +16 Popularity
VIP assignments with a partner (150 Popularity, Black and Red Dress, and A Partner)
(See “Customers” Section for details)

Brush your teeth (1 Hour) +5/+3 Hygiene, -1 Stamina
Take a relaxing shower (2 Hours) +15/+8 Hygiene, +6/+3 Stamina
Shave your legs (1 Hour) +2/+1 Body, +3/+1 Hygiene, -2 Stamina
Play with your pussy under the shower (1 Hour) +1/+0 Pussy, +1/+0 Hands, +7/+4 Hygiene, -2 Stamina (IF Relationship with Karen in 100 or more and she is home, see below)
-Return the favor and finger her pussy +1 Hands (At least it’s easy to clean up in here)
-Finger her and lick her breasts +1 Hands (Suck her tit into your mouth)
-Kneel down and lick her pussy +1 Lips (Put your mouth on her clit and hum softly)
-(30 Hands) Slip three fingers into her pussy +1 Hands (Roll your gingers together in a waving pattern inside her)
-Cum together (6 Stars) +10 Relationship

Stay in bed and recover (4 Hours) +5/+2 Health
Touch yourself (1 Hour) +1/+0 Pussy, +1 Hands, -2 Stamina
Fix your makeup (1 Hour, Makeup set) +3/+1 Face, -1 Stamina
Fuck yourself with your dildo (1 Hour, Black Dildo) +2/+1 Pussy, -3 Stamina
Dress up (See clothes that you won/purchased in game)
Sleep (Advance to next the day) -9 Hygiene, -2 Stamina

Doctor’s Office (Unlocks when Health drops to 15 or lower)
-Visit (3 Hours, $100) +30 Health

Gym (Requires Gym Pass)
Light Training (2 Hours) +4 /+2 Body, -4 Stamina
Heavy Training +8/+4 Body, -10 Stamina
Work as a hostess (6 Hours) +$50, -4 Stamina

Take some vitamins (1 Hour) +5/+2 Health
Drink coffee (1 Hour) +5/+1 Stamina, -1/-2 Health

Living Room
Read a book (2 Hours) +4/+2 Brain, +2/+1 Stamina
Read porn magazines and touch yourself (1 Hour, Porn Magazine) +2/+1 Pussy, +2/+1 Hands, -1 Stamina
Do some pushups (1 Hour) +2/1 Body, -3 Stamina

Mall (hours open)
Visit the hairdresser (3 Hours, $30) +6/+2 Face
Work as a fashion advisor (6 Hours, 20 Face, Yellow Dress) $100, -5 Stamina
Promote and expensive raffle (3 Hours) +$20, -2 Stamina
Check exclusive offers
-Rent jet ski for a couple of hours (3 Hours, $100) +15 Popularity, +10 Relationship with Karen
-Rent a sports car and pretend it’s yours (2 Hours, $250) +50 Popularity, +10 Relationship with Karen
-Spend a day with a relationship coach (8 Hours, $500) +50 Relationship with Karen
-Take a helicopter trip around the city (2 Hours, $1000) +120 Popularity, +20 Relationship with Karen
-Book a trip to a jungle (15 Hours, $2500) +50 Relationship with Karen
Go Shopping (1 Hour)
-(See Items section for details)

Police Station (Unlocks after meeting Frank, see events section for details)
(See Frank section for details)

Pool (Requires Swimsuit)
Practice Swimming (3 Hours) +5/+3 Body, -5 Stamina
Float and relax (2 Hours) +3/+1 Stamina, +1 Body
Take your bra off (1 Hour) +5/+2 Popularity

Items (ITM)

Porn Magazine $20
Black Dildo $50
Gym Membership Card $80
Makeup Set $120
Bikini $120
Yellow Dress $250
Secretary Outfit $320
Sexy Lingerie $360
Black and Red Dress $800
Black Coat $1380

Event (EVT)
Day 1: At 22:00 going out with Karen to bar
Day 3: At 22:00, “Grocery Shopping” event, Meeting Barbara
Day 5: Decide to call Barbara or not
Day 5: At 18:00, Karen invites you to the bar for the first time (+5 Karen if you go)
Day 6: First Week’s Rent is Due (7th will be late)
Day 7: Frank meets you at the bar when you visit it (if you used the gloryhole)
Day 10: Karen’s Birthday, can buy lingerie from the shop for her @ $300 (+10 Karen)
Day 10: Frank comes back to the bar
Day 12: At 18:00, Karen invites you to the bar for the second time (+5 Karen if you go)
Day 13: Second week of rent due (14th will be late)
Day 13: Frank tells Yuri that he wants to see Denise at the station (IF she turns him down twice to pay him)
Day 15: Frank scares Karen at work (IF Denise refuses his advances on Day 13)
Day 15: Yuri goes to the pool (5 Relationship required to trigger)
Day 19: Kyle tells you that Frank took Karen (ONLY if Day 15 event happens)
Day 19: At 18:00, Karen invites you to the bar for the third time (+5 Karen if you go)
Day 20: Third week of rent due (21st will be late)
Day 23: Frank delivers chocolates (Relationship over 80 to trigger)
Day 24: Yuri goes shopping (Relationship over 30 to trigger)
Day 26: Frank sends you a text (80 Relationship or higher to trigger)
Day 26: Kyle comes over (ONLY if Karen works as a prostitute with you)
Day 27: Fourth week of rent due ( 28th will be late)
Day 29: Deal with Kyle (if Day 26th event happens)

Karen (KRN)

Bathroom (9:00)
Talk with her +1 Relationship
Hug and kiss her neck (5 Relationship) +2 Relationship
Put your hand under her panties (35 Relationship) +3 Relationship, +1 Hands
Kneel in front of her and lick her pussy (70 Relationship) +4 Relationship, +1 Lips

Kitchen (10:00)
Talk with her +1 Relationship
Feed her a strawberry (3 Relationship) +2 Relationship
Kiss her and touch her ass cheeks (20 Relationship) +3 Relationship

Bedroom (11:00)
Complement her +1 Relationship
Help her with her eyelashes (5 Relationship) +2 Relationship
Sit on her lap and kiss her (15 Relationship) +3 Relationship

Living Room (18:00-19:00)
Take a picture of her +1 Relationship
Sit next to her and talk about life +1 Relationship
Play board games +2 Relationship
Fool around with her (25 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Massage her back (50 Relationship) +1 Hands, +4 Relationship (IF High enough, continue below)
-Slide your hands under her panties and massage her ass +1 Hands (You’re right. Guess that makes you the classy lady here then, right?)
-Lean down and kiss her neck +1 Lips (Agree and change subjects)
-Roll over and play with her boobs +1 Hands (Joke and say their old classmate’s is bigger)
-(Hands 25) Kiss her and put your hands under her panties +1 Hands (Caress her clit a little harder)
-Remove her panties (6 Stars)
–Go pearl diving between her legs +1 Lips (Talk dirty to her)
–Eat her pussy and play with her nipples at the same time +1 Lips (Slowly began to pinch her nipple)
–Slip your fingers into her pussy +1 Hands (Very, very very gently nibble on her clit)
–(Lips 10) Stimulate her clit and asshole at the same time +1 Hands, +1 Lips (Tell her to stop worrying and enjoy it)
–Make her climax (12 Stars) +10 Relationship, +1 Lips

Bar (20:00)
Chat with her +1 Relationship
Put your hand on her thigh (5 Relationship) +2 Relationship
Kiss her (15 Relationship) +3 Relationship

Bathroom (21:00)
Compliment her +1 Relationship
Wash her back (5 Relationship) +2 Relationship
Pinch her nipple (15 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Touch her pussy under the water (25 Relationship) +4 Relationship
Join her (90 Relationship) +5 Relationship
-Share a passionate kiss (Slide her some tongue)
-Have her relax and massage her body (Slip your fingers inside her pussy)
-Offer to clean her pussy with your tongue +1 Lips (Bury your tongue deeper)
-Help clean her pussy with your fingers +1 Hands (Curl your fingers downward)
-Offer to clean her asshole with your tongue (6 Stars) +1 Lips, +10 Relationship

Bedroom (22:00)
Talk with her about her feelings +1 Relationship
Read a book together +1 Brain, +1 Relationship
Tickle her naked feet with a feather (10 Relationship) +2 Relationship
Get naked in front of her (100 Relationship) +1 Relationship
-Ask her if she likes being watched while she masturbates (Make her talk dirty to you)
-Try to lick your nipple (Ask if it would have been hot if you could)
-Put a finger indie your pussy +1 Hands (Tell her you might drip on her)
-Show her how wet you are (Sway your hips and show off your pussy)
-Help her strip down (6 Stars) +5 Relationship
–Ask her to make you cum
—Watch her touch your body (Tell her you have been very naughty)
—Make her finger your pussy (Start pushing down on her hand to make it go deeper)
—Beg her to eat you out (Tell her to go higher)
—Let her rub your pussy (Beg her to rub your clit faster)
—Watch as she makes you cum (12 Stars) +5 Relationship
–Make her scream instead
—Slowly touch her body (slow down her movements to toy with her)
—Slip two fingers inside her +1 Hands (Tease her g-spot with her knuckles)
—Straddle her and 69 one another +1 Lips (Make her beg instead)
—Spread both your legs and rub your pussies together (Push back against her)
—Send her over the edge (12 Stars) +10 Relationship

Barbara (BRB)
Office (Always)
Talk with her +1 Relationship
Massage her back (2 Relationship) +2 Relationship
Play with her a little (5 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Kiss her (10 Relationship) +4 Relationship
Lick her pussy (25 Relationship) +5 Relationship
Get naked in front of her (50 Relationship) +5 Relationship
-(30 Hygiene) Ask Barbara to eat you out (You must have eaten out a lot of girls, Barbara)
-Make out with Barbara (Age is just a number, you know)
-Make Barbara spank you for being naughty (Yes, ma’am. Please punish me more!)
-Watch as Barbara motorboats your tits (Can you please play with my nipples, they are sensitive too!)
-Climax (6 Stars) +5 Relationship
–Undress Barbara (100 Relationship)
–(15 Lips) Get on top of her and eat her pussy +1 Lips (Suckle on her clit)
–Rub your pussies together (You’re so wet, Barbara. Are you sure you’re not a lesbian?)
–(20 Ass) Tell her to finger your ass +1 Ass (You like my ass a lot, don’t you? Are you an ass girl?)
–(25 Hands) Shove three finger in her pussy +1 Hands (So roomy and it’s just sucking me in)
–Ask Barbara for something more +10 Relationship
—(25 Lips) Suck on the strap-on +1 Lips (That’s because I have such a teacher as kinky as you)
—Make her take you from behind +1 Pussy (It’s okay, just go slow at first. I think I can take it all)
—Ride on top of Barbara +1 Pussy (Fuck, this thing is big. How did you ever take it all?)
—(Ass 30) Make her shove it in you asshole +1 Ass (Not at all. I need to learn to take this is. Plus… it’s fucking amazing!)
—Focus on your orgasm +10 Relationship

Frank (FRK)
Police Station (Always)
-Chat with him +1 Relationship
-Offer him some alcohol (3 Relationship) +2 Relationship
-Tease him a little (5 Relationship) +3 Relationship
-Spread your legs and seduce him (20 Relationship) +4 Relationship
-Get naked in front of him (50 Relationship) +5 Relationship
–Give him a nice, tender kiss (A title tongue wouldn’t kill ya)
–Beg him to lick your pussy (God, you are so wonderful, Frank. I love it!)
–Have him finger your pussy (Tell him to curl his fingers)
–Tease him by fingering yourself +1 Hands (The idea of you watching me just turns me on)
–Ask him to undress (6 Stars) +5 Relationship
–Gently stroke his cock (It’s not about the size of the ship)
–Kiss the tip of his cock (Look up and stare at him)
–Suck his cock +1 Lips (Make more moaning sounds)
–Take all of his cock in your mouth +1 Lips (Moan and work your tongue around his cock)
–Ask him to take you from behind (12 stars) +10 Relationship
—Take him on the cabinet +1 Pussy (Stare into his eyes)
—Take his cock as deep as you can +1 Pussy (Encourage him)
—Ask him for rougher penetration +1 Pussy (Let out a muffled scream)
—Bend over and take all of his cock +1 Pussy (I want you to squeeze my tits harder)
—Offer your ass to him (18 Stars) +2 Ass, +10 Relationship
(After offering him a second time) +4 Ass, +15 Relationship
—-Switch to facing him (40 Ass)

Customers (CST)
If successful, you will get the money and Popularity. Need 51% or higher to pass. Also, you will loose an uncertain amount of both hygiene and health as well as gain an uncertain amount of popularity from each customer. If you fail an assignment, you will loose more stamina.

Working at Gloryhole (1 Hour per customer and -3 Stamina as well)
Type C Customers
-Quick handjob for a drunk patron (5 Hands) +$15, -3 Stamina, +1 Hands
-Blowjob with a final explosion inside your mouth (10 Hands, 10 Lips) +$25, -3 Stamina, +1 Hands, +2 Lips
-Oral for a redneck (15 Lips) +$15, -3 Stamina, +2 Lips
-Sluts should swallow (20 Lips) $30, -3 Stamina, +2 Lips
-Magic stick and wild shit (20 Hands) $50, -3 Stamina, +1 Hands
-The works for a bar regular (25 Hands, 20 Lips) $65, -3 Stamina, +1 Hands, +1 Lips

Type B Customers (20 Popularity)
-Let’s ride that hole (20 Hands, 5 Pussy) $80, -3 Stamina, +1 Pussy, +1 Hands
-May I please borrow you? (30 Lips, 10 Pussy) $100, -3 Stamina, +1 Pussy, +1 Lips
-Neglected at home (10 Pussy, Ass 5) $115, -3 Stamina, +1 Pussy, +1 Ass
-For religious reasons (25 Hands, 20 Lips) $130, -3 Stamina, +1 Lips, +1 Hands

Type A Customers (50 Popularity)
-Vanilla chocolate swirl (25 Hands, 5 Ass) $140, -3 Stamina, +1 Hands, +1 Ass
-Ass to mouth (30 Hands, 10 Ass, 20 Lips) $160, -3 Stamina, +1 Hands, +1 Lips, +1 Ass
-The one-man gauntlet (30 Lips, 20 Pussy, 15 Ass) $180, -3 Stamina, +1 Pussy, +1 Lips, +2 Ass

Working for Barbara (2 Hours per customer and -6 Stamina as well)
Type D Customers (10 Body)
-Thanking the doorman (5 Ass) +$100, +1 Ass, -6 Stamina
-House Call (10 Ass, 25 Lips) +$125, -3 Stamina, +1 Hands, +1 Lips
-Big men need love too (25 Hands, 25, Lips) $150 -3 Stamina, +1 Hands, +1 Lips, -8
-DJ looking for someone at intermission (15 Ass, 30 Lips) $170, -6 Stamina, +1 Lips, +1 Ass
-Table Shower (20 Brain, 35 Hands) $185, -6 Stamina, +1 Brains, +1 Hands

Type C Customers (50 Body, 10 Face, 100 Popularity)
-Rapper looking for a “ho” (25 Lips, 15 Ass) $210, -6 Stamina, +2 Lips, +2 Ass
-Making the dean’s list (25 Pussy) $225 -6 Stamina, +1 Pussy
-Secretary special (35 Hands, 20 Ass) $250 -6 Stamina, +1 Hands, +1 Ass
-Paying the piper (40 Hands, 30 Pussy, 20 Ass) $270, -6 Stamina, +1 Pussy, +1 Hands, +1 Ass
-American pie (50 Hands) $285 -6 Stamina, +2 Hands

Type B Customers (50 Body, 30 Face, 10 Brain, 200 Popularity)
-Russian bear looking for honey (35 Pussy, 25 Ass, 40 Lips) $310, -6 Stamina, +1 Pussy, +1 Lips, +2 Ass
-Mid-date dessert (55 Lips) $325, -6 Stamina, +1 Lips
-O Captain! My Captain! (40 Pussy, 50 Hands, 50 Lips) $350, -6 Stamina, +1 Pussy, +1 Hands, +1 Lips
-Fun in the sun (55 Hands, 45 Pussy, 50 Lips) $370, -6 Stamina, +1 Pussy, +1 Hands, +1 Lips

Type A Customers (70 Body, 50 Face, 15 Brain, 300 Popularity)
-Husband want deepthroat (60 Lips) $410 -6 Stamina, +1 Lips
-Bored house-sitter (55 Lips, 55 Pussy) $425, -6 Stamina
-Run a train (60 Hands, 60 Lips) $450 -6 Stamina, +1 Lips, +2 Hands
-Poker night (40 Ass, 70 Lips) $500, -6 Stamina, +2 Lips, +1 Ass

VIP assignments (100 Popularity), +1 Hands, -5 Hygiene, -4 Health, +16 Popularity
-Student’s bachelor party (6 Hours, Black and Red Dress) $100, +1 Hands
-Relief in the office (3 Hours, Secretary Outfit, 120 Popularity) $200, +1 Ass
-Naval Adventure (8 Hours, 40 Body, 150 Popularity) $300, +1 Lips
-Lesbian experience for my wife (2 Hours, 20 Brain, Black Coat, Lingerie) $400, +1 Hands
-City cruise with a celebrity (1 Hour, 50 Face, 300 Popularity) $500, +1 Pussy

VIP assignments with a partner (Karen passes Barbara’s test, 150 Popularity and Black and Red Dress)
-Art collector (6 Hours, 50 Body) $600, +1 Pussy,
-Anal connoisseurs (3 Hours, 30 Ass) $700, +1 Ass
-Domina (2 Hours, 500 Popularity) $800, +1 Body

Extra Scenes (EXC)
Below are several sex scenes and interactions that only appear ONCE in the game and how they appear.

Ace’s Blowjob (when you agree to take Barbara’s test)
-Tease the tip of his cock (ask him if he like it)
-Take his cock into your mouth +1 Lips (I could go faster if you like, I just need to get used to your size first)
-(10 Hands) Stroke him with both hands +1 Hands (I know you asked for a blowjob, but my jaw might get a bit cramped, sorry)
-(10 Lips) Take him as deep as you can +1 Lips (Sorry, just trying to make you feel good and though this would work)
-Make him cum in your mouth (6 Stars) +2 Lips

Your first customer, Greg (After passing Barbara’s test, clicking on “Regular Call Girl Jobs” will start this scene)
-Be a crazy slut and go hard on him
–Tease his cock (+1 Hands) (God, I missed waking up in the morning to suck you off and doing it again when you got home)
–Run your tongue along his shaft +1 Lips (No, and that’s what I miss the most about you Greg)
–Suck his cock +1 Lips (You know how I like it, you dirty fucker!)
–(20 Lips) Playfully nibble on his hard cock +1 Lips (We both like it when were are kinky, remember?)
–Make him cum on your face (6 Stars) +2 Lips

-Be loving and gentle with him +3 Pussy
–Ride his cock +1 Pussy (More than when we used to fool around in the park?)
–Ask him to take you from behind +1 Pussy (Make me howl, baby. Dominate me!)
–Suck his cock +1 Lips (Come on and lick me, you dirty boy. Lick me hard!)
–(20 Pussy) Have him ravish you +1 Pussy (I am, yes! Please, don’t stop!)
–Make him cum inside you (6 Stars) +2 Pussy

First assignment with Karen (After Karen passes Barbara’s test, clicking on “VIP assignments with a partner and accepting it will trigger the scene)
-Have Karen eat you out (Tell Karen to spit in your pussy)
-Kiss passionately in front of him +1 Lips (It’s our calling in life, Daddy)
-(20 Ass) Have Karen finger your ass +1 Ass (Please make her shover her finger in my ass deeper, Daddy!)
-Masturbate in front of him +1 Hands (I’m a vessel for your cock and nothing more!)
-Tell him you are wet and ready (6 stars)

–Suggest that you and Karen both suck him off
—Suck and rub his cock by yourself +1 Lips (Stick your tongue in his urethra)
—Have Karen lick his cock (Ask Daddy if she and Karen are making him happy)
—(30 Lips) Suck his cock as quickly as you can +1 Lips (Make loud noises as you suck his cock)
—Force Karen to deepthroat his cock (Pretend to push her deeper and hope Karen plays along)
—Make him cum on both of your faces (12 Stars) +2 Lips

–Suggest offering your and Karen’s pussies
—Sixty-nine in front of him +1 Lips (Slip your tongue into Karen’s ass)
—(30 Pussy) Offer your pussy to him and eat out Karen +1 Pussy (Nibble gently on Karen’s clit)
—Make Karen fuck him (Slip your finger into Karen’s ass)
—Have you and Karen sit on him +1 Pussy (Roll your hips and take his cock deeper))
—Make everyone cum at the same time

Having fun with Kyle on Karen’s Birthday (Buying the lingerie for Karen on her birthday then choosing to watch and then sneak in while she is away will trigger this scene)
-Stroke his cock (I could do this for you everyday of you begged nicely for it)
-(20 Hygiene) Kiss him passionately (I can just squeeze your cock a bit and watch you scream then)
-Make him rub your pussy through your pants (Push harder! Feel how wet I am?)
-(30 Lips) Suck his monster cock +1 Lips (Too good?)
-Make him cum again (6 Stars) +2 Hands

Agreeing to Frank’s Deal (Turning down paying Frank twice and then going to the bar Yuri wwill send you to his office. Agree to his terms and this scene will follow)
-Flirt with him (Do I count as one of those girls?)
-Rub his cock through his pants (Perhaps I don;t want to stop. Ever think of that?)
-Kiss him (Maybe next time you can brush your teeth)
-Tease him (Can’t help it)
-Pull his cock out
–Rub his cock +1 Hands (If only you knew how much practice I’ve had)
–Kiss the tip of his cock (Don’t act like you don’t like it)
–(25 Lips) Suck his cock +1 Lips (Want to see how far I can go?)
–Stroke his cock and tease him +1 Hands (I have your cock in my hands)
–Make him say he loves your lips (12 Stars) +10 Relationship

Staying with Yuri instead of being a lookout for Karen (Day 19, Karen invites you to the bar and wants to fuck Kyle in the bathroom. If you refuse and stay with Yuri, you get this scene.)
-Flirt with him (Do go on, I want to hear more)
-Touch him (Ever afraid you’ll find a girl, get married, and then the sex will be bad?))
-Kiss his cheek (Will you slay the dragon to get me?)
-Pull him close and kiss him (And what about at every night?)
-Rub his cock with your ass (6 Stars) +10 Relationship

Yuri goes to the mall (30 Rel with Yuri on Day 24, go to the mall and this scene will take place).
-Kiss him +3 Relationship
-Tease him a bit (Nothing wrong with me doing this, is there?)
-Flirt with him (Anything, you say?)
-Kiss him (Oh, and what would you say to him?)
-Try to seduce him (Maybe I should undo another button?)
-Make him say you look hot (6 Stars) +10 Relationship

How To (HWT)

How to Pay your rent?

Rent is due on the 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th and can be paid by visiting the living room of your place. Each week, it is $200.

How to get Karen to become a prostitute?

Get her relationship over 100 and one day she will ask you about your work twice. The second time, she will find out the truth and be fine with it. When she is home, there will be a new option to “Talk about your profession” where she will want to join you. Call Barbara from your living room and she is in.

How do I stop Karen from kicking me out for being a prostitute?

Don’t buy too much too quickly until her relationship is higher. If it falls to below 50 and you spend too much she will find out and kick you out of the apartment (Ending 1). If it’s above that, she will not be angry and if over 100 she will want to hear all about it.

Specials (SPL)

Changing Dialogue
Characters have multiple things to say if you simply want to chat with them. However Barbara will say different things to Denise depending on whether or not Karen is a call girl too. Also, Karen’s dialogue will change throughout the game depending on if she knows about Denise works as a call girl or not and if she is one herself, even during certain events it will change. It’s worth checking out!

Achievements (ACI)
NOTE: Progress is kept through each play-through. They do NOT need to be done all during one play-through to be achieved.

Mad. No. Curious! (100 REL with Karen)
The second time Karen asks you about how you make your money and you tell her the truth, this will unlock.

Glory Hole (50 Popularity)
You will need to attempt each customer from C to A to unlock. They do NOT need to be successful to count.

I Like to Fuck (50 Face, 70 Body, 15 Brain, 300 Popularity)
You will need to attempt each customer from categories D to A to unlock. They do NOT need to be successful to count.

I’m Legend
For Denise’s solo VIP’s, you will need 100 Popularity to unlock and each event will list their restriction “See Customers section above for more”. You will also need Karen to work with you to get the last three as well with the ones that need a partner.

Internal Explosion (50 Relationship with Frank)
At his office, get Frank to the 12th star and offer hi your ass. The first time will not work, but the second time it will unlock the achievement at the end.

That’s Delicious (Karen works with you)
After Karen works with you, she will come home about a week later from a client filled with cum. Chose to help her clean it up and it will unlock.

Highway to Hell
Turn Karen into a prostitute and then go on your fist assignment together. When asked how to serve him, offer your pussies to the biker.

Naughty Girl ($300, Hygiene 30)
Buy the lingerie for Karen’s birthday, watch through the keyhole then go in after she leaves. Get six stars and let him cum again.

I Have it All
You will need $4,350 to buy all the “Exclusive Offers” at the mall.

Sweet Calories (80 or more Relationship with Frank)
Raise your Relationship with Frank above 80 and in the morning of the 23rd, this event will play in your apartment.

Wide Spread (Health below 10, $100)
Once your health drops below 10, Denise will mention needing to see a doctor. The main map will now have a doctor’s office on it. Click it and do the exam.

Personal Training (95 Relationship with Karen and Gym Membership)
Once you reach over 30 relationship with Karen, this event triggers automatically when you travel to the gym (so be careful!). Once you reach 95, Karen will show up and a slightly different scene will play out.

Flirty Titties (Requires 5 Relationship with Yuri and Bikini)
After day 15, go to the pool and Yuri will show up. Choose to take your top off.

All Seeing Eye
On Day 19 at 18:00 at home Karen will invite you to the bar. She will ask you to be a lookout for her as she plays with Kyle in the bathroom. Choose to look in and watch the scene.

Another Day
Deny paying Frank twice at the bar, then go to the station. Agree to his terms and get six stars during the first scene and ask him to do this another day.

Love to Dress
You will need $3,230 to buy all the clothes at the mall.

Black Intruder (100 REL with Barbara, 30 Ass)
Get a 12 star rating in Barbara’s office with her and she will pull out the strapon. And choose to take it up your ass.

Praise the Lord
Complete the game WITHOUT performing any sexual act for money (by that, it means not working at the gloryhole or working for Barbara)

Pleasant Times (Requires 90 Relationship with Karen)
At 21:00 go to the bathroom and choose to join Karen in the tub.

I Got the Money
After turning Karen into a prostitute, Kyle will come on Day 26 and blackmail you for $5000 (Karen will give you half, so you need $2500). On Day 29 when he asks for the money, pay it to him.

Animation Guide (AMG)
Below are all the animation (from left to right, top to bottom) and how to get them to unlock.

Animation 1: Unlocks after “Grocery Shopping” Event on Day 3

Animation 2: In Barbara’s office after getting the sixth star, get Barbara naked (Rel 100) and then choose to “Rub your pussies together”.

Animation 3: After agreeing to work for Barbara, choose to “be loving and gentle with him” and then pick “ride his cock”.

Animation 4: See “All Seeing Eye” Achievement for details.

Animation 5: After Karen passes her test with Barbara, choose to do a “VIP with Partner from her office. You will get a biker and after the first 6 star, suggest “offering your and Karen’s pussies” then picking “Offer your pussy to him and eat out Karen” (30 Pussy)

Animation 6: Get naked in bed with Karen (22:00-23:00) and get six stars and strip her down. Choose “Make her scream instead” and then pick “Straddle her and 69 one another”.

Animation 7: In Frank’s office, get 18 stars and choose “offer your ass”. The second time you offer it, you will get the animation.

Animation 8: In Barbara’s office after getting the 12th star, ask her for “something more” and then “Make her take you from behind”.

Animation 9: After agreeing to work for Barbara, choose to “be loving and gentle with him” and then pick “ask him to take you from behind”.

Animation 10: After getting 100 Relationship with Kaaren, talk to her in the morning while she is in the bathroom about your profession. Call Barbara from the living room.

Animation 11: After Karen passes her test with Barbara, choose to do a “VIP with Partner from her office. You will get a biker and after the first 6 star, suggest “offering your and Karen’s pussies” then picking “Make Karen fuck him”.

Animation 12: Get naked in bed with Karen (22:00-23:00) and get six stars and strip her down. Choose “Ask her to make you cum” and then pick “Beg her to eat you out”.

Animation 13: Same as Animation 7, but has 40 Ass and change positions.

Animation 14: During Debora’s test of sucking Ace’s cock, pick “Take his cock into your mouth”

Animation 15: See “Another Day” achievement for the setup. But instead, pull his cock out and then “Suck his cock” (15 Lips).

Animation 16: After 18:00 and 100 Relationship with Karen, touch yourself in the shower and she will join. Pick “Kneel down and lick her pussy”.

Animation 17: Give Karen a massage and then roll her over and play with her tits.

Animation 18: In Hank’s office, get six stars and undress him. Choose “Suck his cock”.

Animation 19: In Barbara’s office, get naked and then choose to “Make out with Barbara”

Animation 20: During Debora’s test of sucking Ace’s cock, pick “Take him as deep as you can (10 Lips) or get six stars during the event and picking “Make him cum in your mouth”

Animation 21: Same as animation 15, but either choose “Deepthroat his cock” or “Let him cum in your mouth”.

Animation 22: After Karen passes her test with Barbara, choose to do a “VIP with Partner from her office. You will get a biker and after the first 6 star, suggest that “you and Karen both suck him off” then picking “Have Karen lick hos cock”

Animation 23: Give Karen a massage, after 6 stars and continue choose to go pearl diving.

Animation 24: In Frank’s office, get 12 stars and choose to “Take him from behind”.

Animation 25: In Barbara’s office after getting the sixth star, get Barbara naked (Rel 100) and then choose to “Get on top of her ans eat her pussy” (15 Lips)

Animation 26: After agreeing to work for Barbara, choose to “be a crazy slut and go hard on him”” and then pick “suck his cock”.

Animation 17: Buy the sexy lingerie for Karen on her birthday and spy on them in the bed. Choose to sneak into the room and choose “Suck his monster cock” (30 Lips)

Animation 28: After Karen passes her test with Barbara, choose to do a “VIP with Partner from her office. You will get a biker and after the first 6 star, suggest that “you and Karen both suck him off” then picking “Force Karen to deepthroat his cock”

Animation 29: Join Karen in the bathtub. Choose “Offer to clean her pussy with your tongue”.

Animation 30: In Frank’s office, get 12 stars and then choose “Ask for rougher penetration” (15 Stamina).

Endings (EDG)


Ending 1: Work the gloryhole and meet Frank. Deny him twice at the bar and then at his office. After he arrests Karen, go to the station and deny his offer again and you will get this ending. Also, if you have a relationship below 50 with Karen and you work as a prostitute, she will kick you out and you will also get this ending too.

Ending 2: Have Karen work for Barbara. When Kyle blackmails you, do not pay him or threaten him.

Ending 3: You can get this one of two ways. The first is doing the same as ending one, but accepting Frank’s offer after he arrests Karen. The second way is for Kyle to discover that you turned Karen into a prostitute and blackmails you. Go to Frank with a Relationship of 120 or more and accept his offer in exchange for his help with Kyle.

Ending 4: Make Karen a prostitute too and when Kyle blackmails you, go to Barbara with 120 relationship. Ace will give you his gun. On Day 29, when talking to Kyle, choose to pull the gun out.

Ending 5: Make Karen a prostitute like you and have Kyle blackmail you. Get the $5,000 that he asks for. On day 29, give it to him when you meet up.

Ending 6: Miss paying your portion of the rent three times.

Ending 7: Pay your rent and have a relationship with Yuri over 100 by the end of the 30 days.

Ending 8: Rise your Relationship with Frank above 80 and on day 26 he will send you a text. Agree to his proposal.

Ending 9: Pay your rent on time, but have a low relationship with all characters by the end of the 30 days.