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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Conversations (CNV)
Dates (DTS)
Sex Hot Spots (SHP)
Places (PLC)
Items (ITM)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Real Estate Agent.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)
Francis Queen is a great real estate man. He could push any property out the door that you put in front of him. However, the only thing that he has not been able to is grab himself a nice lady to say that he loves her. He decided to make a personal goal of 30 days to try and find love or die single.

Real Estate Agent has a special mechanic that decreases the girls relationship with by 1 everyday.

Below are the stats needed for Francis to find the woman, or women, of his dreams:

NEGOTIATIONS: The better your negotiation skills the better houses you can sell, and the more money you can make.

FITNESS: The better your physical look, the better chance you have to find a woman, or keep up with them in bed!

SOCIAL: Sometime the more you talk to someone and the more of a people person you are, the better chances Francis has to talk to woman.

MORALE: All work and no rest can make anyone go crazy. If your morale is zero, then Francis will not want to do anything.

Conversations (CNV)
Below are all the conversations that Francis can have with the girls, along with the resulting effects and the restrictions.
NOTE: All actions with ‘*’ are hot spot actions and require you to click on the girl’s body.

Tell her that she looks a bit lonely and you want to join her
– I really just want to keep you safe +3 REL
– Quite a few… it’s my standard pick up, you’re right +1 REL
Ask her what she’s doing here alone +2 REL
-*Say she looks sexy while sucking on her finger (15 REL) +2 REL
Chat with her
-About her personal situation +5 REL
-About the pool bar +5 REL
-About her desires +5 REL
-About her husband -5 REL
–*Kiss her delicately +3 REL
Ask her to dance with you (30 REL) +3 REL
-*Kiss her neck (40 REL) +3 REL
Buy her a drink $5, +5 REL
Ask her to meet you at your flat (30 FIT, 50 REL) +5 REL Go to Dates
*Squeeze her boobs (REL 50) +3 REL
-*Touch her arm -5 REL
-*Caress her legs +3 REL
-*Try to open her legs wider +4 REL

Tell her that she reminds you someone you used to know
-Say yes +5 REL
-Not really -2 REL
Invite her to the sofa for a small chat
-About her personal life +5 REL
-About this apartment you want to sell +5 REL
-About her desires +5 REL
–*Decide to kiss her (50 REL) +3 REL
Ask her to try on sexy heels (35 REL) +3 REL
-*Say that she looks super hot in those heels +3 REL
-*Caress her thighs (40 REL) +3 REL
Ask her to try on this blue dress (40 REL) +3 REL
-*Compliment her breasts +5 REL
-Buy the dress $500 +20 REL
Ask her for a date (Buy the blue dress for her) +5 REL Go to Dates
*Say she got amazing eyes +3 REL
*Caress her arm (20 REL) +4 REL

Ask if I can help her, as she looks sad today
-I wouldn’t say perfect, but I can’t think of any serious issues… +3 REL
-You’re right. I understand and I’m sorry Stella -3 REL
Tell her that she reminds you an old friend +3 REL
Tell her that she looks ravishing today +3 REL
Chat with her
-About real estate business +5 REL
-About this prestigious property +5 REL
-About her personal life +5 REL
-About her plans for the future +5 REL
Say that she is the boss +2 REL
Flirt with her (20 REL) +3 REL
Ask her for a date (30 NEG and 50 REL) +5 REL Go to Dates
*Whisper dirty things in her ear (REL 15) +5 REL
-*Surprise her with a kiss (REL 30) +5 REL
-*Spread her knees (REL 60) +8 REL
*Touch her knee (REL 30) +5 REL

Dates (DTS)
After you earn the girls trust, they will invite you to a more intimate setting. Below are the interactions during these dates.
NOTE: All actions with ‘*’ are hot spot actions and require you to click on the the girl’s body.

Admire her sexy outfit +5 REL
Ask her about this place +3 REL
Talk about her marriage +3 REL
-*Gently kiss her hand +3
Discuss her true needs (80 REL) +5 REL
-*Ask her to turn around and dance for you +5 REL
Ask her if you can get off your clothes (70 FIT, 150 REL, Exclusive Perfumes) +15 REL Go to Sex Hot Spots
*Talk about her dog collar (80 REL) +3 REL

Ask her what she is dreaming about right now +5 REL
Ask her if her relationship with her husband is getting better -8 REL
Ask her if she is ready to buy the property -3 REL
Flirt with her (120 REL) +5 REL
Take her in her arms and kiss her (90 REL) +5 REL
Offer her a glass of wine $10 +5 REL
-*Caress her calves +5 REL
Ask her to remove her dress (REL 250) +5 REL Go to Sex Hot Spots
Ask her to play with her breast for you +5 REL
-*Push her onto the sofa (80 REL) +5 REL
–*Tell her that you desire her (100 REL) +4 REL
–*Touch her panties -15 REL

Ask her if she got someone special in her life +5 REL
Compliment her kitchen +3 REL
Chat with her
-About her home +5 REL
-About her feelings +5 REL
–*Kiss her +5 REL
-About what to do now +5 REL
Ask her is she going to invite you to the bedroom (NEG 70 and REL 200) +20 REL Go to Sex Hot Spots
*Feed her with fruit salad +5 REL
*Compliment her necklace +5 REL
*Caress her sexy leg (REL 100) +5 REL

Sex Hot Spots (SHP)
After all the talk is done, it’s time to get busy. If players select the right choices, they will continue. But three wrong choices, and the date is over.

Ask her to show her boobs
Ask her to rub her pussy
Suck her finger
Remove her panties and kiss her (200 REL)
Massage her belly
Fuck her faster
Grab her hips strongly with both hands
Ask her to change positions
Caress her back
Fuck her as fast as you can
Cum on face -20 REL
Cum on back +15 REL
Cum inside +20 REL

Caress her thighs
Touch her panties
Help her remove her panties
Caress her calves
Play with her boobs
Grab her arm and help her stand up
Enter her deep as slow as possible
Say that she has an incredible body
Move your hips much faster
Switch position
Fuck her as fast as you can
Let her catch her breath
Cum all over her face +20 REL
Cum on her boobs +30 REL
Continue to fuck her +20 REL

Say that she has lovely sparkling eyes
Ask her to touch her boobs
Put hand on her ass and kiss her deeply
Ask her to spread legs
Lick her pussy
Grab her leg
Ask her for a bright smile
Ask her to turn around
Push her a little harder
Kiss her neck
Ask her for as fastest fuck as she can
Cum on face +20
Cum on tits +15
Cum inside her +20

Places (PLC)

Palm Beach 46: NEG 15, $100
Sweet Springs 256: NEG 35, SOC 15, $500
Inspira Plaza 77th Floor: NEG 65, SOC 35, $1200
PenthouseOne: NEG 80, SOC 60, $2000
-Stella’s Office:
Study Stella’s Notes: +3 NEG
Organize a meeting with a VIP (Negotiations over 30 and Silky Tie)

City Park:
Relax for a while +5 MOR
Light training +2 FIT
Intensive jogging +5 FIT (Unlocks with 30 Fitness and Running Shoes)

See ITEMS section for details

Your Place:
Chat with your friends on-line +1 SOC, +1 MOR
Train push-ups +1 FIT, -3 MOR
Read about negotiations +1 NEG, -5 MOR

Pool Hall:
Hang out with beer $5 +3 SOC,  +5 MOR
Play pool for money (Unlocks with 30 Social and Pool Cue)

Items (ITM)
Pool Cue $20 +5 Social (Allows players to play pool for money at Pool Hall)
Running Shoes $50 +5 Fitness (Allows players to do intensive workout at Park)
Silky Tie $250 +5 Negotiations (Unlocks Riley)
Exclusive Perfumes $520 +10 Social (Unlocks Amelia’s sex scene)
Golden Pen $1000 +10 Negotiations
Modern Smart Phone $1300 +10 Social, +5 Negotiations

Achievements (ACI)

Pool Table Winner:
Buy the Pool Cue from the Boutique and raise your Social to 30 to unlock the ability to play pool at the Pool Hall. Once you win a game, it will unlock.

Touch Everything You Want:
Raise your REL with Amelia to 60 and choose to squeeze her breasts in the Pool Bar. After that choose to Caress Her Legs. POP.

Big Spender:
First, unlock Riley by inviting a VIP member to your office (Silk Tie and 30 NEG). Then meet Riley at the boutique with $500. Once you reach 40 REL with her, have her try on the blue dress. When prompted, pay for it. POP!

I Wanted It On My Face:
When having sex with Stella, choose the option to cum on her breasts at the end. POP

I’m Feeling Filthy:
When having sex with Riley, choose to cum all over her face. POP.

Stella Loves You..:
NOTE: This is a game ending achievement, getting this will end the game!
Raise your relationship with Stella to 200 and NEG to 70. Go on a date and then go to her bedroom. Complete a successful sequence and then say that you love her. POP

Amelia Feels the Same:
NOTE: This is a game ending achievement, getting this will end the game!
Raise your REL with Amelia to 200 and FIT to 70. Go on a date and then have her strip. Complete a successful date with a 300 REL finish and say you want to do more nasty things to her. POP.

And Also Riley:
NOTE: This is a game ending achievement, getting this will end the game!
Raise your REL with Riley to 250. Go on a date with her and remove her dress. Complete a successful date and the say you love her. POP

Out of Stock:
Go to the Office and sell all four properties. If you want, you can try two times a day to sell a house and if you fail simply return to the main menu and continue the game to try again.

Can I Get Your Number?:
Go to the boutique and buy the Modern Smart Phone

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: Successfully romance Riley and tell her you love her (see And Also Riley achievement for details).
Ending 2: Successfully romance Amelia and tell her you love her (see Amelia Feels the Same achievement for details).
Ending 3: Successfully romance Stella and tell her you love her (See Stella Love You achievement for details).
Ending 4: End the game with NO girls loving you.

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