Beneath a Steel Clouds

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Places (PLC)
Items (ITM)
Sanake (SNK)
Nobe (NBE)
Vanilla (VNL)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide! In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in “Beneath a Steel Clouds”. Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion. This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

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Rules (RLE)
The future is not as it’s all cracked up to be. Sure technology is better and robots working under man’s control is a thing, but the one issue with the future is that the only thing that has yet to change is the how people perceive one another. Your class or your job can make or break you in this world and the fact that most of the jobs are taken by robots, it’s kinda slim pickings for people who are down and out on their luck like our friend, Peter. But where he lacks in hard work, he makes up for his skills with conversation, for it was that skill that landed him in the capital city of Eukratycs Corp where he plans to make a bigger splash and perhaps find a meaningful connection.

“Beneath a Steel Clouds” is an adventure game where you control James, a new comer into the city with no dreams, goals or ambitions…yet! Let him tour the city, work in the scrapyard for money and rub elbows with the upperclass. Work on yourself and perhaps the ladies will swoon to him once they see he has money and success riding on his shoulders! And to do that, you will need to know the following skills:

MACHINERY: Robots may have taken over most labor jobs, but someone has to clean up the scraps of the obsolete ones. The higher your MACHINERY skill, the more complex work you can do and the more money you can get paid doing it.
AGILITY: The world moves fast, so it’s bets if you do too! Your AGILITY determines how fast you move both in and out of the bedroom!

INTERPERSONAL: Brush up on your anecdotes and learn how to mingle with others. Your INTERPERSONAL skill shows how well you talk and can converse with people.

SEXPEIRENCE: You can talk the talk, but without this skill it will be all for nothing! Your SEXPEIRENCE skill allows you to perform harder and more intriguing sex acts when it comes time to whoo the ladies.

Places (PLC)

Fix broken robotic parts (Machine 5, Agility 5) +$35
Study schematics +2 Machine
Do some stretching +2 Agility
Watch some old school porn +2 Sex
Chat online with a random girl +2 Interpersonal
Sleep (Advance to next day)

Search for scrap to sell +$20
Try to salvage valuables (Machine 20, Agility 20, Precision Tools) +$100
Study damaged devices (Machinery 5) +5 Machinery

Black Market
See Items section for details

Private Clinic (Midday, Evening)
Steal drugs
Practice as a lab assistant (Agility 20, Interpersonal 20) +$130
Take steroid injections ($25) +5 Agility

Prestigious Club ($10 or Club VIP card) (Midday, Evening)
Work as a barman +$25
Buy a beer and talk with the customers ($5) +5 Interpersonal
Sell stolen drugs from the clinic (Drugs) $280

Mall (hours open)
Household Stuff (see Items section for details)

Items (ITM)

Precision tools $50
Club VIP card $70
Savour Vivre manual $95 +25 Interpersonal
Morphing gloves $150 +25 Agility
Stolen patents $170 +25 Machine
Pills of everlasting endurance $350
Stimulant X $600

Sanake (SNK)
Appears at Private Clinic at Midday

Bother the Doctor +2 Relationship
Compliment her hair (3) +1 Relationship
Kiss her neck (5) +2 Relationship
French kiss her (10) +2 Relationship
Feel her up over her panties (25) +3 Relationship
Ask her out (50 Rel, 30 Pers) +5 Relationship
-Admire her tattoo & Massage her breasts +10 Relationship
-Play with her boobs & Spread her legs and lick her pussy +10 Relationship
-Say that she tastes amazing & Ask her to put on a show +10 Relationship
-Ask her is she likes your cock & Tell her to grab your cock +10 Relationship
-Say you love to seeing her squirm with excitement & Wink and point to your cock +10 Relationship, +3 Sex
–Make her swallow it -20 Relationship
–let’s keep the party going (10 sex) +5 sex
—Cover her breasts with your cum
—Tell her to get ready for a colonoscopy (30 Sex, X-Stimulate) +5 Sex
—Those tits of her would look gorgeous with some icing on top
—Not going to pull out, this is too good (50 Sex)

Nobe (NBE)
First appears on Day 2 in the Red District. Afterwards, she will be there in the Morning

Try to figure the looney out +1 Relationship
Comment on her piercing (3) +1 Relationship
“Did you actually find someone to service your armor?” (5) +1 Relationship
Fuck it, just grab her (10) +2 Relationship
Mash your lips against hers (25) +2 Relationship
“So, do you want to, you know…ugh…go out?” (50 Rel, 30 Agility) +6 Relationship
-Admire her muscles & Massage her thighs +10 Relationship
-See how many fingers can fit in her pussy & Spread her legs and lick her pussy +10 Relationship
-Praise her outstanding…assets & Ask her to put on a show +10 Relationship
-Tell her that’s an interesting color of nail paint & Point to your already dripping with precum dick +10 Relationship
-Tell her those piercings feel incredible & Ask her to swallow your “fucking dick already, you tease” +10 Relationship, +3 Sex
–Make her swallow a full load -20 Relationship
–Pull back and proceed to higher callings (20 Sex) +5 Sex
—Plaster her breasts
—Try her last hole (60 Sex, 50 Agility, 150 REL) +5 Sex
—-Plaster her breasts
—-Pump her full (80 Sex)

Vanilla (VNL)
Appears at Prestigious Club in the Evening
Catch up with Vanilla +1 +10 Relationship
“So, is that perfume or do you just sweat nectar and ambrosia?” (3) +1 +10 Relationship
Kiss her neck (5) +2 +10 Relationship
Caress her thighs (10) +2 +10 Relationship
Try to sneak a hand under her bra (25) +3 +10 Relationship
Wanna go somewhere more intimate and catch up?” (50, ID) +10 +10 Relationship
-I love the feeling of your lips, Val & Massage her breasts +10 Relationship
-Caress he thighs, Come her & I want to kiss you until you are out of breath +10 Relationship
-I must say those are sexy heels & I would love to see your naked breasts, Van +10 Relationship
-Gently nibble her neck & Strip yourself +10 Relationship
-Tease her clit & Ask her to take your cock into her mouth +10 Relationship, +3 Sex
–Her mouth is just too good! I am going to finish! -20 Relationship
–Fuck this, I need to at least taste her pussy before cumming (15 Sex) +5 Sex
—Give her a pearl necklace
—On your back, Van. We’re not finished (Sex 45) +5 Sex
—-Shower he breasts in cum
—-Finish inside her. Give her a creampie (60 Sex) [Ending 3]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to get ID?
Raise your relationship with Vanilla until you think of getting the ID. Raise your relationship with Nobe to 50 and ask her for the ID. Pick the top most choice and then check in with her the next day. You’ll get the ID from her to use with Vanilla.

How do I get Muscle Drugs?
Have sex with Nobe twice (beyond the blowjob scene) and she will say she needs muscle relaxer from the doctor, Sanake. Raise your relationship with Sanake to 60, have any sex past the blowjob scene with her and ask for the relaxer the next day. The day after that, go back to her and talk to her to get the muscle relaxer to use with Nobe.

How do I get Chip?
Have sex with Sanake twice (beyond the blowjob scene) and she will say she need help with her father. Talk to Vanilla and give her the $500 she is asking and then go back to her the next day to get the chip for Sanake.

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: (Requires 50 Sanake, 30 Interpersonal, 50 Vanilla and 10 Sex). Get the Chip from Vanilla and give it to Sanake. Pick “Anything? Deal: Be with me. For real” to get this ending.

Ending 2: (Requires 50 Nobe and 50 Sanake and 20 Sex). Get the muscle relaxer drugs from Sanake and give it to Nobe. And pick “That’s my good deed for the day” to get this ending.

Ending 3: (Requires 50 Vanilla, 50 Nobe, and 60 Sex) Get the ID from Nobe and talk to Vanilla and then go have sex with her until you give her a creampie. You will get the ending shortly afterwards.

Ending 4: No romance with anyone after 30 days.