Story of Didi

Written by Daman

Table of Contents
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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Places (PLC)
Items (ITM)
Specials (SPC)
Dates (DTS)
Movies (MVS)
Events (EVT)
Achievements (ACH)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Story of Didi.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion. This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide, if you have paid a site and was redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)
Didi, a beautiful young thing, who has come to a crossroads with her family about her “values”, has found her way to you, a young man with nothing to amount to your young life.  Didi moves into your place and plans her revenge the best way she knows how: sex.  She wants your help to become a world renowned port star!  You have just 40 days to make a name for her of die trying!

The game features most of the same mechanics that can be found in many LOP games.  What makes this game uniques is that it does not have a TIME category but rather a TURN BASED style game mechanic.  Every action that you perform will advance the time of day from MORNING to AFTERNOON to EVENING.  So plan out your day properly or you may run out of days!

Much like many LOP title, your stats play also a big role in the game as you progress.

LOOK – Appearances are everything, even in this game.  Increasing Didi’s LOOK gains you more money in productions and unlocks special contracts in the game.

HEALTH – A healthy porn star is a happy porn star!  Taking her to the doctor and making sure she does not get “sick” from her job, if her health stays low too long, Game Over.

SEX – The most important quality for any porn star!  The higher her experience, the more tasks she can perform.

LOVE – Sex can only go so far, everyone needs love!  Taking her on dates or getting her gifts will increase her love for you, and she will “return” your love if high enough!

FAME – How well recognized is Didi? This will tell you.  The higher her fame the better ratings you will get in production and the more returns you will get and also the cost of MORALE per production will decrease for every 25 FAME.

MORALE – Some people, even porn stars, need some relaxation.  Taking time off and going places will increase Didi’s MORALE.  You will need this in order to perform certain projects!

Places (PLC)
NOTE: Some places will only be available during certain times of the day, either morning, afternoon and/or night.

Saloon (Afternoon, Evening)
Do fingernails $20 (LOOK +2, MORALE +1)
Princess treatment $100 (LOOK +3, MORALE +3)
Relaxing Massage $50 (HEALTH +2, MORALE +5)

Beach (Morning, Afternoon)
Suntan (LOOK +1, MORALE +2)
Suntan Naked (LOOK +2, MORALE +2)

Restaurant (Afternoon, Evening,Sexy Dress)
Eat a Dinner Together $50 (HEALTH +5, LOVE +2, MORALE +5)
Buy the Most Expensive Champagne $120 (LOVE +5, MORALE +15)

Ask for medical prescription for her $50 (HEALTH +5)
Order a full medical treatment $250 (HEALTH +25)
Purchase vitamin treatment for 7 days $80 (Gain +1 HEALTH each day)
Purchase contraceptive pills for 7 days $150

Cinema (Evening)
Order popcorn and coke $10 (HEALTH +1, MORALE +8)
Watch a movie $30
Romance (LOVE +1, MORALE +2)
Drama (MORALE +5)
Horror (HEALTH +1, MORALE +2)
Sci-fi (MORALE -2)
Fantasy (LOOK +1, MORALE +2)
Thriller (MORALE -2)

Club (Evening, Glamour Dress)
Dance with her (LOVE +5, MORALE +3)
Drink and Have a Good Time $50   (HEALTH +1, LOVE +5, MORALE +5)
Buy Ecstasy Pills for Her (HEALTH -5, LOVE -5, MORALE +20)
Ask her to Attract Attention (LOVE -1, FAME +20, MORALE +2)

Stay in Bed (HEALTH +1, MORALE +1)

Items (ITM)
All items can be obtained at the at the mall when you go shopping. The items can be used for the movies you make and used as gifts for Didi to increase her MORALE and LOVE.

Bikini $100
Schoolgirl outfit $300
Stockings $800
Sexy Dress $1200
Nurse Outfit $1800
Office Outfit $2700
Housemaid outfit $3800
Erotic Dancer $4800
Glamour Dress $5000
Medieval outfit $7000

Banana $30
Baby oil $120
Dildo $200
Vibrating egg $380
Handcuffs $650
Eye Cover $1200
Anal Plug $1500

Flowers $50 (LOVE +3, MORALE +2)
Exclusive Red Lipstick $180 (LOVE +6, MORALE +5)
Sweet Puppy $400 (LOVE +12, MORALE+25)
Mini HIFI system $1200 (LOVE +5, MORALE +20)
Silver necklace $3100 (LOVE +25, MORALE +40)
Diamond engagement ring $10000

Sayabuka 2FX 2000 (Adds 1000 to your production)
Vision 4K 4600 (Adds 2000 to your production)

Specials (SPC)
Some special contract will come your way and it will be up to you if you wish to accept their terms for some extra cash.

Bachelors Party LOOK 35, SEX 40 $300
Politely Decline (SEX 1, LOVE -2, MORALE +10)
Go over and Suck His Cock (SEX +2, LOVE -7, MORALE +20)
Sex Toy for a bad boss LOK 50, SEX 70 (700)
You Didn’t Sign up for this Shit (SEX +1, LOVE -2, MORALE -5)
See what the psycho bitch has in mind (SEX +4, LOVE -12, MORALE -25)
Striptease in Flake’s Club LOOK 70 (1500)
Say yes. She’ll do it (LOVE -2, MORALE +10) (Requires SEX 90)
Say no. She’s not a whore (LOVE +2, MORALE+10)

Dates (DTS)
NOTE: Certain dates will only unlock after your LOVE level is high enough. If your LOVE is not high enough you will receive negative amounts on your MORALE.

Shopping together $20 (LOVE +2, MORALE +2)
Play basketball $30 (10 Love) (LOVE +3, MORALE +4)
Picnic in the park $50 (25 Love) (LOVE +4, MORALE +5)
Romantic beach walk $10 (Bikini) (40 Love) (LOVE +5, MORALE +5)
Dancing in the Club $150 (Glamour Dress) (50 Love) (LOVE +7,MORALE +10)
Opera $500 (Glamour Dress) (70 Love) (LOVE +8, MORALE+15)

Movies (MVS)
Making movies are the only way to make Didi famous and gain some money.
NOTE: Every time you make movie, two stats will be affected: MORALE and SEX.  Also, your MORALE cost will change depending on your FAME (Every 25 will cut MORALE cost “in half”)

Masturbating Teen (Moral needed: 2, Outfit: Casual)
Hungry for More (Morale needed: 4, Outfit: Swimsuit, Prop: Banana) ()
Naughty Schoolgirl (Budget: $250, Morale needed 6:,Outfit: Schoolgirl, Prop:, EXP:10)
Boyfriends birthday (Budget: 300, Moral needed: 18, Outfit: Stockings, EXP:20)
Wet Emergency (Budget: 1200, Moral needed: 98, Outfit: Nurse, Prop:Dildo, EXP: 30)

Boobers (Look 20)
Seduced by a Girl (Budget: 400, Moral:8, Outfit: Bikini, Prop:Baby Oil, EXP:30)
Call Girl for a Lady (Budget: 500, Moral:8, Outfit: Stockings, Prop:Dildo, EXP:30)
Time for a Dessert (Budget: 500, Moral:17, Outfit: Sexy Dress, Prop:Vibrating Egg, EXP:40)
My Final Exam (Budget: 250, Moral:18, Outfit: Schoolgirl,EXP:50)
Please Don’t Tell Your Wife (Budget: 950, Moral:38, Outfit: Housemaid, Prop:Dildo, EXP:20)

Porn Kings (Look 40)
Infidel Wife (Budget: 1100, Moral:7, Outfit: Sexy Dress, Prop:Baby Oil, EXP:60)
Dirty Tricks (Budget: 1400, Moral:13, Outfit: Office, Prop:Handcuffs, EXP:70)
Bad Housemaid (Budget: 800, Moral:13, Outfit: Housemaid, Prop:Handcuffs & Dildo, EXP:80)
A night to Remember (Budget: 2100, Moral:14, Outfit: Glamour, Prop:Eye cover, EXP:90)
Bored Houswife (Budget: 1670, Moral:24, Outfit: Stockings, Prop:Anal Plug, EXP:50)

Imperial (Look 60)
To Drunk to Say No (Budget: 800, Moral:24, Outfit: Sexy Dress, Prop: EXP:60)
Dancing for the Mobsters (Budget: 1600, Moral:24, Outfit: Erotic Dancer, Prop:Handcuffs, EXP:80)
Knights and Miadens (Budget: 3800, Moral:24, Outfit: Medieval, EXP:90)

Events (EVT)
The following events show both timed events and when special circumstances are met.
Day 10: Didi will show off her new underwear to you.
Day 30: Did will wake up with you.
Day ?: Did will come home drunk at the end of the day. (This day is random)
After “Sex Toy for a Bad Boss”, if your LOVE is above 50 (Afterwards) you will receive an extra scene.
If you give Didi the pearl necklace as a gift, she will give you a reward.
If you o on a basketball date with Didi with LOVE above 30, you will receive a special scene.
If you go to the club date with LOVE above 50, you will have a small scene afterwards.
If you go to the opera date twice you will receive two different scenes.

Achievements (ACH)
Everyone love achievements, here is how to claim them all!!!!

Almost MVP: After your love exceeds 30, go on a date with Didi and play basketball.

Do You Want Some?: Requires Didi to have Sex 40 and Looks 35.  Accept the Special Offer “Bachelor’s Party”.  When given the option, choose to suck his cock and shortly after, pop!

Beauty and the Beast: Requires Didi to have SEX 70 and LOOK 50.  Accept the Special contract for “Sex Toy For a Bad Boss”.  When Given the option, choose to stay and see what she will do. Pop.

Cleaning the Mess: Requires Didi to have LOVE of 70 and the Glamour Dress.  Go to the opera twice.  On the second time she will give you a BJ choose the option of spraying on her tits. Pop.

Delicious Creampie: As your LOVE increases, Didi will come into your room and be drunk.  Choose to have sex with her.  Pop.

Sharing is Fun: Requires Didi to have LOVE 50 and Glamour dress.  Take Didi on a date to the Club for the first time. Select “Say Yes” and then Didi will take you to the bathroom and give you a nice BJ.  Afterwards, a person will walk into the bathroom.  Choose “Don’t rush her. Stay a little longer” and then “Let her continue”.  Shortly afterwards, pop!

Shower of Cum: Requires Didi to have a LOOK 70 and SEX 90.  Accept the Specials Contract for “Striptease in Flake’s Club”.  When Blake tells you about the the VIP offer select “Say yes. She’ll do it.” Shortly after, pop.

Gift for Your Wife: Requires you to have the Erotic Dancer outfit, Handcuffs, LOOK 60,SEX 80, MORALE 164, $1600 and you must have completed the “Shower of Cum” achievement first.  Make the movie, “Dancing for the Mobsters”.  After the result page, a small cutscene will take place with Didi and Eleanor.  When given the option choose “Unzip pants”.  Shortly after, pop.

Living the Fantasy: Requires Did to have LOOK 60, SEX 90, MORALE 166, Medieval outfit, $3800.  Make the movie “Knights and Maidens”. POP
NOTE: If you skip the scene, the achievement will not pop!  You must watch the entire scene!

Lord of the Rings: To get this achievement you will need to buy the Diamond Engagement Ring and give it to Didi.  The achievement will unlock and the game WILL END if you have a 100 LOVE level with her.

Endings (EDG)
There are a cumulatively 8 endings (2 which are slightly modified) to get with Didi.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ending 1a: Didi gets pregnant from one of the actors.
Ending 1b: Didi gets pregnant from you.
Ending 2: Fail to bring Didi’s reputation high enough.
Ending 3: Bring Didi’s reputation high and love low.
Ending 4: Didi gets sick.
Ending 5a: High reputation and high love level.
Ending 5b: High Reputation and high love level and complete Gift for Your Wife achievement.
Ending 6: Marry Didi.


  • Parjo Asli says:

    Very hot

  • vincent says:

    I would like to know how high Didi Reputation is because I keep getting ending 2 and ,I don’t know how much Reputation Didi needs ,so I could get ending 5a and 5b. would you help me out?

  • Vincent says:

    How should I get didi reputation high because I keep getting ending 2

    • Eva says:

      This walkthrough is pretty well done (like the other ones) but still lack valuable information such as love cap. Every 5 days, the game check your love score, if it’s not high enough, then you lose moral and you will eventually reach a ” bad ending / game over type ending”.

      The amount of fame needed to reach the “good endings” is difficult to tell precisely. What can be stated is that 1500 is enough but 1000 is not. I hope this help.

      I’ve got lots of valuable data for this walkthrough such as love cap and requierement for special dates but I don’t want to spam the comments with it. If the author is interested to add those in the walkthrough, I’ll be glad to provide them.

      • Daman says:

        I know, sadly once it’s posted, we need to take it down and post a new one. It was only AFTERWARDS that I found out about these things you said. But, hey the best way to post them is right here in the comments section when someone has a problem!

        Thanks for your dedication!

  • Vincent says:

    Thank you for telling me this and it okay the walkthrough still good

  • yser72 says:

    Hello. I’ve just wasted several hours on your ‘game,’ and I’d like to think you folks are all sniggering into your sleeves at the thought of idiots imagining that this was worth spending money on. So I’d like to ask a few questions. The ‘game’ I tried to ‘play’ is The Story of Didi. As the blogspot walkthrough shows, you need a LOT of money to play this game, the more the merrier. You start with $50. Since the Special Offers links are all dead (try it!) the only way to add to this money is to make a movie but the only movies you can afford to make bring in so little money that you can’t buy anything worthwhile with the $127 proceeds. Then you can’t make the cheap movies any more, because the link is now dead Since the Special Offers options are still dead, you could…er, what? Go Shopping? No money. Buy gifts? No money? Go out on the town? No money. Go to the cinema. Well, yes, just about once. Go to the beach? No clothes. No money. And on and on and on. Congratulations on a brilliant game. Before I demand my money back, want to tell me the wonderfully obvious secret I’ve missed?

  • yser72 says:

    While waiting for a reply, I tried playing the ‘game’ again, with hilariouis results. Since the Special Offers links are dead, you wind up making a Masturbating Teen movie over and over and over again (hey – maybe this is like real life. Good work, Daman!) and never get more than 500 bucks or so ahead, which quickly go on bananas and bikinis which are never quite enough to advance the kind of movie you can make. And the Special Offers links are still dead. And there’s a kind of thermometer on the right of the frame which shows a rising temperature of sex acts, moving towards anal – but we haven;’t seen Didi perform a single one of these acts. (How do you do that? I mean actually see sex other than with a banana?) It’s hard to keep poor Didi’s morale up (or mine) except by daily visits to the beach for 2 points (or 4 if you double dip the beacn). This is the saddest porn career in the history of porn. Time is going by – but faster than you think – in my case I hadn’t got to 2 weeks before the game threw me right up to day 40 without warning and said, that’s your ending! Wha’! I didn’t know whether to be relieved – of the boredom of a failed porn star life) or disappointed. Poor Didi and I stared at the big board, where we owned $347 and neither our morale nor anything else was enough to take us on a walk round the block – never mind all the glorious items available for 100s and 1000s of dollars, per your walkthrough. Are you kidding us, Daman, or what? Explanation. Or money back.

    • Lebig says:

      Yser72. If you have around 100IQ or more you could figure out the game mechanics by 2-3 play without Daman’s notes. With his notes you should be fine after 1 play. So I truly belive the problem is with you. (Are you sure its your money you asking back, not your father stolen credit card? :P)

      Here some hints. Yes you have to make same movies a couple of times. Check whats need for next movie focus to get that. Keep dids love and health up or she gets sick/leaves you or game ends (time jump to day 40).

  • anarchista says:

    It would be intresting to see a story where the protagonist is the one trying to make his way to fame in the industry. Lured into making porn by his nympho bi-sex exhibitionist girlfriend. It would definately be a game i’d play 🙂

  • YankeeInKy says:

    Hi all. I know this is an old thread but hope someone reads this. Need a tip or a clue. I have two achievements that I see I get them but they don’t save on the website. Sharing is fun and Lord of the Ring.

  • almostdj says:

    I’ve download this game from your site. And after the game ends I see just a black screen with out any information at all.
    As far as I know there must be several endings, and there must be possibility to start the game again… But I can’t do it, because all I see it’s black screen
    Any advice?

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