Hot Wife Story: REMASTERED

Written by Daman
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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Stage 1 (ST1)
Stage 2 (ST2)
Stage 3 (ST3)
Stage 4 (ST4)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide! In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Hot Wife Story. Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion. This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

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Rules (RLE)
Richard and Michelle are your typical couple who fell in love with one another and got married based upon that love. But sadly with work plaguing their marriage, the two have slowly began to be at odds with each other. With their marriage fracturing right in front of them, Richard does the most sensible thing he thinks any man would do; hire an escort. It’s not what you think though, the escort is his wife and they decided to delve into a little role-play to spice up their marriage.

Hot Wife Story: Remastered is a Choose Your Own Adventure game where you take control of Richard, a trying husband who is willing to try anything to get his marriage back on the rails. Choose your action to try and win your wife back find some new kinks for you to try out or perhaps find another person to share your wife with.

Below are all the positive choices you should pick in order to advance to the next stage. Note that if you complete the game before, you can skip this part by selecting the new option “I’ve already seen how does it start – send me to the first important choice” at the first choice branch.

-Nothing, i just wondered if you liked… velvet roses
– chocolates
– bottle of wine
– order some food
– Light the candles
-“Of course, i think we agreed on 1000$, didn’t we ?”
-“play with her pussy”
– Touch her body
– Tease her ass
– Ask her to masturbate
(After she masturbates)
I think we need to cool off. By the pool, naked (Stage 2)
I just can’t wait any longer: I need you (Sex with Michelle, Solo)
How about we…go out? (Stage 4)

(Playing with Michele in the pool)

Play with her pussy
Kiss her breasts
Make her play with yours as you did with hers
-As a matter of fact, maybe we could get some service around here
–How about we get some drinks? (Sex with Michelle in the pool)
–I don’t know, maybe if he provided us withs something…extra (Stage 3)
-I think I’d rather keep my whore behind closed doors (Sex with Michelle, Solo)

(Invited Gabrielle, the waiter, back to your hotel room)

I think you better smoke it with us, just in case (Drug Sex with Michelle, Sex with Gabriel)
I’ll take your word for it. Thanks and goodbye! (Drug Sex with Michelle, Solo)

(Decided to go out and arrive at the bar)

Maybe we should go back to our room, after all (Sex with Michelle, Solo)
Knowing the place will be empty, the idea of going to the pool is suddenly rather tempting (Stage 2)
It’s not quite what we are expecting, but I would still like to get a drink
-A toast, then [If done five times, the game will end]
-Take on of the ice cubes
–Run an ice cube down her arm
–Play with the ice between her thighs → Press it against her pussy
-Rest your hand on her thigh
–And what would you propose that would take this to
-Now that things are starting to heat up (Pay the drinks OR get up and follow Michelle)
–(First choice with Joanna does not matter)
–I…That sounds tempting (Ending)
–You seem really pissed at her being an amateur (Bathroom Sex)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I unlock the gallery?
You will need to choose the right actions and accumulate 2,000 satisfaction points with Michelle. The best way is to not skip over the first stage and then perform the solo sex scene with her in the hotel room.

How do I get the MMF threesome with Gabrielle?
Ask him to stay with you during Stage 3, during the scene pick “Hold him right there. I want you to use him for all he’s worth” to involve Richard into the mix.

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: During Stage 1, instead of paying her the $1000, say that you “forgot your monopoly money)
Ending 2: After Stage 1, or choosing to go back to your room on stage four
Ending 3: During Stage 2, ask for some service and then ask for drinks.
Ending 4: From Stage 3, ask Gabrielle to leave.
Ending 5: From Stage 3, ask Gabrielle to smoke with you and Michelle.
Ending 6: From Stage 4, stay at the bar and make Michelle drink 5 times.
Ending 7: From Stage 4, when you leave turn down Joanna’s offer.
Ending 8: From Stage 4, agree to Joanna’s offer with Michelle’s satisfaction below 1000
Ending 9: From Stage 4, agree to Joanna’s offer with Michelle’s satisfaction above 1000