Living with Britney

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Places (PLC)
Britney Actions (BCT)
Britney Locations (BLC)
Leveling (LVL)
Items (ITM)
Dates (DTS)
Events (EVT)
Extra Scenes (EXS)
Specials (SPL)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in “Living with Britney”.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion games.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Note: This guide reflects the new expansion “Glamour” and varies differently from the first release of the game.

Rules (RLE)
Josh is a down, but not out, guy who just so happens to live with Britney, the love of his life.  However, after losing his job and falling behind on his financial responsibilities, Britney comes home and demands that you move your lazy ass out.  After pleading with her she agrees to give you one month, 30 days to prove to her and to yourself, that you are not some lazy guy but a person that Britney can be proud to call “her man”.

Britney has a leveling system that allows you to perform more things for every major task that you do for Britney.  By leveling up, you can then can be more intimate and friendly to Britney.

Much like other LOP titles, you have your normal stats that require you to update and help you progress through the game:

MORALE (Peace of Mind): Sometimes you just need to relax.  Without it, you will not be able to perform any actions.

GROOMING (Neat Look): Its not just cleaning behind your ears, but it is important to keep up your daily hygiene.  Without it, you will be unable to perform any actions.

ENERGY (Full Stomach): Whether it is pizza or French food, you need to keep up with your needs of your stomach.  Without it, you will be unable to perform any actions.

FITNESS: How in shape is your body, coach potato? Jump on the bike and get some fresh air.  Your FITNESS helps with getting certain jobs.

KNOWLEDGE: How smart are you without the aid of the Internet?  I think it is about time to go back and hit the books t better your mind.  Your KNOWLEDGE helps with getting certain jobs.

COOKING: No one can live off of microwavable meals alone!  Pick up a frying pan and spatula and whip up something nice and yummy.  Your COOKING helps you get jobs and prepare better foods for you and Britney.

CLEANING: Dusting, vacuuming and dishes? Well, you may not be working does not mean you can help back at home!  Your CLEANING helps with getting jobs and how quickly you can clean the apartment.

Places (PLC)
NOTE: Due to the unknown values of MORALE, GROOMING and FITNESS, this guide will only show increase or decreases in these stats.

Living Room
Cooking From Home (1 Hour) -FOOD, -MORALE, +1 COOKING
The Maid Diaries (1 Hour) -FOOD, -MORALE, +1 CLEANING
Encyclopedia (1 Hour) -FOOD, -MORALE, +1 KNOWLEDGE

Clean the Floor
Quick Clean (1 Hour) -MORALE, -GOOMING, -FOOD
Extensive Cleaning (3 Hours) -MORALE, -GOOMING, -FOOD

Take a Nap (2 Hours) +MORALE
Go to Sleep (Advance to Next Day) +MORALE, -FOOD, -GROOMING

Watch TV (2 Hours, Pay TV Bill) +MORALE, -FOOD
Watch a Movie (2 Hours, Buy Premium Channels) +MORALE, -FOOD
Watch a Porno (1 Hour, Buy Premium Channels) +MORALE, -FOOD, – GROOMING

Training Bicycle
Short Run (1 Hour) +2 FITNESS, -GROOMING, -FOOD
Marathon Race (3 Hours) +5 FITNESS, -GROOMING, – FOOD

Stereo (Available after buying it from store)
Listen to Some Music (1 Hour) -FOOD, + MORALE
Practice Your Moves (1 Hour) -GROOMING, -FOOD, +MORALE, +2 FITNESS

Wash Dishes
Quick Scrub (1 Hour) -MORALE, -GOOMING, -FOOD
Extensive Wash (3 Hours) -MORALE, -GOOMING, -FOOD
Use Dishwasher (1 Hour, Repair Dishwasher over phone) -GOOMING, -FOOD

Make a Sandwich (1 Hour) -MORALE, +FOOD
Cook Eggs (1 Hour) -MORALE, +FOOD
Make Pancakes (1 Hour) -MORALE, +FOOD
Cook Spaghetti (1 Hour) -MORALE, +FOOD
Broil a Chicken Dinner (2 Hours) -MORALE, +FOOD

Phone (Unlocks at Level 3)
Phone Sex (1 Hour, $10) +MORALE, -FOOD
Maid Service (3 Hours, $100) Entire apartment gets clean
Pay TV Bill (2 Hours, $30) Unlocks being able to watch TV
Order Premium Channels (1 Hour, $70) Can watch porn and movie on TV
Dishwasher Repair (3 Hours, $80) Can use dishwasher in kitchen
Replace Balcony Doors (5 Hours, $220) Unlocks balcony area

Coffee Maker (Available after buying it from store)
Prepare Some Coffee (1 Hour) + MORALE, + FOOD

Light Dusting (1 Hour) -FOOD, -MORALE, -GROOMING
Organize and Clean (3 Hours) -FOOD, -MORALE, -GROOMING

Go to Sleep (Advance to Next Day) (Unlocks at 50 Relationship) +2 RELATIONSHIP, +1 Passion, +MORALE, -FOOD, -GROOMING

Brush Teeth (1 Hour) + GROOMING

Relax in Tub (2 Hours) +GROOMING, +MORALE

Quick Wash (1 Hour) –FOOD, -MORALE, -GROOMING
Extensive Wash (3 Hours) –FOOD, -MORALE, -GROOMING

Balcony (Unlocks after completing Level 4 requirements)
Sit and Relax (2 Hours) +MORLAE, -GROOMING, -FOOD

Smoke a Cigarette (1 Hour) -GROOMING, +MORALE, +FOOD

Telescope (Available after buying it from store)
Stargaze (1 Hour) +Food

Find Work
(ALL jobs require 6 Hours and have different reward values.  Each level requires 20, 35 50, 70, 90 of that stat to perform the action.)
Cooking for Professionals (2 Hours, $55, +10 COOKING) –MORALE, -FOOD
Sanitation Engineering (2 Hours, $65, +10 CLEANING) –MORALE, -FOOD
Statistical Analysis (2 Hours, $85, +10 KNOWLEDGE) –MORALE, -FOOD
Making Your Muscles Work (2 Hours, $60, +10, FITNESS) –MORALE, -FOOD

SHOPPING CENTER (Look up Items Section for details)


Order a Beer (1 Hour, $5) +MORALE, +FOOD
Order a Burger (1 Hour, $10) +MORALE, +FOOD

Talk with Friends (1 Hour) +MORLAE, -FOOD
Party with Friends (3 Hours, $40) +MORALE, +FOOD

Britney Actions (BCT)
Living Room
Watch TV Together (1 Hour, Pay TV Bill) +2 RELATIONSHIP
Watch Porn Together (2 Hours, 50 RELATIONSHIP, Premium Channels) +5 RELATIONSHIP, +5 Passion
Ask for an Erotic show (1 Hour, 120 Passion, Red Lingerie) +10 RELATIONSHIP, +15 Passion
Ask for a Blowjob (1 Hour, 150 Passion) +10 RELATIONSHIP, +20 Passion
Jog Together (2 Hours, 20 Relationship) +2 RELATIONSHIP, +3 FITNESS
Ask her for a Romantic Dance (1 Hour, 40 Relationship, Stereo) +5 RELATIONSHIP
Dance to Spicy Latin Music (1 Hour, 80 Relationship, Stereo) +5 RELATIONSHIP, +2 Passion

Take a Bath Together (2 Hours, 50 Relationship) +5 RELATIONSHIP, +5 Passion
Watch Her Pee (1 Hour, 70 Passion) +8 RELATIONSHIP, +8 Passion
Play on the Washer (1 Hour, 100 Passion) +10 RELATIONSHIP, +20 Passion
Draw a Heart on the Mirror (1 Hour, 20 Relationship) +2 Relationship
Splash Britney with Water (1 Hour, 50 Relationship) +5 RELATIONSHIP

Prepare a Meal for Britney
Sandwich (1 Hour) +1 Relationship, + FOOD
Pancakes (1 Hour) +2 Relationship, + FOOD
Spaghetti (1 Hour) +3 Relationship, + FOOD
Roasted Chicken (2 Hours) +4 Relationship, + FOOD
Call Britney’s Parents (1 Hour) +2 Relationship
Play With Some Ice (1 Hour, 25 Passion) +5 RELATIONSHIP, +5 Passion
Play With a Banana (1 Hour, 120 Passion) +20 Passion
Cook a Meal Together (2 Hours, 20 Relationship) +4 Relationship
Offer Her Coffee (1 Hour) +2 Relationship (Must Buy Coffee Maker)
Phone Prank a Friend (1 Hour, 30 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Invoke the Spirits (2 Hours, 50 Relationship) +5 RELATIONSHIP, +2 Passion (See Special Section for combinations and rewards)

Have a Smoke Together (1 Hour) +2 RELATIONSHIP
Be Romantic (1 Hour, 50 Relationship) +5 RELATIONSHIP
Lick Her Pussy (1 Hour, 150 Passion) +10 RELATIONSHIP, +20 Passion
Watch the Stars (1 Hour, 20 Relationship, Telescope) +10 RELATIONSHIP
Spy on Your Neighbors (1 Hour, 100 Relationship, Telescope) +15 RELATIONSHIP [When looking you can get a possible +5 Passion if you see anyone. If not there will be no change.]

Read a Romantic Novel (1 Hour) +2 Relationship
Cuddle in Bed (1 Hour, 50 Relationship) +5 RELATIONSHIP, +5 Passion
Take Some Dirty Pictures (2 Hours, Passion 120) +10 REALTIONSHIP, +15 Passion
Watch her Masturbate (2 Hours, 150 Passion) +10 RELATIONSHIP, +20 Passion
Play Cards Together (1 Hour) +5 Relationship
Massage Her Back (1 Hour, 80 Relationship) +5 RELATIONSHIP, +5 Passion
Ask Her for Something More (2 Hours, 200 Passion) +20 Passion
Blowjob +10 Passion
Oral for her +10 Passion
(250 Passion Needed to Continue)
Top +10 Passion
Wreck her
Cum on Tits +5 Passion
Cum on Face (400 Passion) -10 Passion
Inside (400 Passion)
Anal (500 Passion) +20 Passion

Britney Locations/Actions (BLC)
The following is Britney’s locations from Monday to Friday.  On the weekend the time she is at work she will be in the living room.

8:00 Bedroom
9:00 Bathroom
10:00 Kitchen
11:00 Living Room
12:00-16:00 At Work
17:00 Living Room
18:00 Kitchen
19:00 Living Room
20:00 Bathroom
21:00 Bedroom

Leveling (LVL)
Level 2: Cook a meal for Britney (needs to have COOKING stat of 20 or higher and need Britney in the Kitchen).
Rewards: Relationship and Passion Max increase to 20.

Level 3: Clean the apartment.
Rewards: Unlocks the phone, Relationship and Passion Max increase to 50.

Level 4: Fix the balcony doors by calling repair guy (5 Hours, $220)
Rewards: Balcony unlocks, Relationship and Passion Max increase to 150.

Level 5: Workout until FITNESS is above 70.
Rewards: Relationship and Passion Max increase to 200.

Level 6: Buy sexy lingerie for Britney and ask for a Lap dance.
Rewards: Relationship and Passion Max increase to 300.

Level 7: Buy an evening dress and invite her on a dinner date, follow her into the bathroom and ask for a BJ.
Rewards: Relationship and Passion Max increase to 500.

Level 8: Have a threesome
Rewards: Relationship and Passion Max increase to 999.

Items (ITM)

Stuff for Home
Picnic Basket $20 (Can go on Picnic Date)
Bathroom Rug $50
Red Neon Lights $90
Coffee Maker $100 (Can use it in Kitchen)
Telescope $150 (Can use it on Balcony)
Stereo System $180 (Can use it in Living Room)

Spicy Gifts
Anal Gel $40 (Requires 200 Passion) +50 RELATIONSHIP, +50 Passion
Sexy Stockings $80 (Requires Passion 100) +20 RELATIONSHIP, +20 Passion
Red Lingerie $110 (Requires 100 Passion) +30 RELATIONSHIP, +30 Passion

Romantic Gifts
Flowers $10 +5 Passion, +5 RELATIONSHIP
Scented Candles $35 (Requires 30 Passion) +5 RELATIONSHIP, +5 Passion
Evening Gown $200 (Requires 150 Passion) +50 RELATIONSHIP, +50 Passion
Black Leather Dress $250 (Allows you to go to an art exhibit)
Engagement Ring $500 (allows you to propose to Britney)

Dates (DTS)

(When going on the walk, Britney will ask you many different questions that will result in either +10 Relationship and +5 Passion or the reverse effect.  The following are the answers to the questions in parenthesis.)
-If we were rich (fat and lazy)
-Have a threesome (Are you curious)
-Having Children and all that (I wouldn’t still be here)
-Met Through Joanne (Couldn’t imagine)
-Moving out of the city (As long as I can be with you)

Picnic (RELATIONSHIP 80, Picnic Basket)
Lay Down and Relax +5 RELATIONSHIP
Take Pictures +10 RELATIONSHIP
Kiss +5 RELATIONSHIP, +2 Passion
Sunbathe +10 RELATIONSHIP, +1 Passion
Listen to the Birds +2 RELATIONSHIP
Ask for a HJ (200 Passion) +10 RELATIONSHIP, +30 Passion

Beer first two times gives you +5 RELATIONSHIP each, the third will give you -20.

Play Pool Together +5 RELATIONSHIP
Ask Her to Lick Pool Ball +5 RELATIONSHIP, +1 Passion
Order a Beer +3 RELATIONSHIP
Play a Romantic Song on the Jukebox +10 RELATIONSHIP
Compliment Her Looks +3 RELATIONSHIP
Paw Her on the Table +10 RELATIONSHIP
Arm +1 Passion
Leg +3 Passion
Boobs +5 Passion

Movie Date (150 RELATIONSHIP)
Popcorn & Soda +5 RELATIONSHIP

Kiss Britney +2 RELATIONSHIP, +1 Passion
Compliment Britney +5 RELATIONSHIP
Explain Plot +5 RELATIONSHIP
Caress Her Leg +5 RELATIONSHIP, +2 Passion
Rub Her Pussy (100 Passion) +10 RELATIONSHIP, +10 Passion
Ask for a Blowjob (150 Passion) +10 RELATIONSHIP, +60 Passion

Restaurant (200 RELATIONSHIP, Evening Gown)+5 RELATIONSHIP at the start.
Chardonnay +5 RELATIONSHIP

Clam Appetizer
Nothing -20 RELATIONSHIP (Date Ends)

Go Home +5 RELATIONSHIP, +5 Passion (Date Ends)

Stay and Wait for Britney +5 RELATIONSHIP, +5 Passion (Date Ends)
Follow her into the women’s bathroom +5 RELATIONSHIP, +5 Passion

Let’s go Home
The restaurant is not that crowded +15 RELATIONSHIP, +35 Passion

Art Exhibit (250 RELATIONSHIP, Black Leather Dress)
Tell Her About Art +8 RELATIONSHIP
Order Her a Free Beer +5 RELATIONSHIP
French Kiss Her +5 RELATIONSHIP, +2 Passion
Caress Her Ass -5 RELATIONSHIP, +2 Passion
Buy one of the Paintings +10 RELATIONSHIP, +2 Passion
Go Home (Date Ends)
Don’t Go
Take my Wallet (Loose all Money)
No Way (90 Fitness)+50 RELATIONSHIP, +5 Passion

Event (EVT)
Day 7: Britney reminds you that you need to pay rent in 7 days.
Day 12: Britney gives you the final warning before the rent is due in 2 days
Day 14: Rent is due ($200)
Day 15: Paula appears at the bar
Day 15: Britney has an affair at home
Day 17: Elly comes over at the end of the day (21:00)
Day 20: Elly invites you on a date
Day 21: Britney reminds you that you need to pay rent in 7 days.
Day 26: Britney gives you the final warning before the rent is due in 2 days
Day 28: Rent is due ($200)
Day 29: Elly comes over
Day 30: Game Over

Extra Scenes (EXS)
Mindy: A maid who can not only clean up your apartment, but can also provide other “services” to anyone with money.  After you invite her over for the third time, you can ask for “other services” if you have the money of course! Also, if you pay for her $300 service, you will be treated to an opportunity to…pay her car insurance?  But never fear, if you do pay her $500, she will thank you and go on a date with you that night!

Paula: A mild-aged MILF you can meet at the bar after day 15.  She is looking for a young man to make her feel young again.  You can be that young man and take her home with you.

Elly: Britney’s best friend.  You meet her when Britney invites her over for a small party on day 17 at the end of the day.  To get with her, simply tell her that you would put Britney in handcuffs.  She will later meet you in the kitchen where you can play with some strawberries and have some oral fun.  Later she will ask you for a date.  If you are forceful, she will submit to you and you can experience some BDSM sex with her.

Ruby: A young inspiring model, who you first meet at the art exhibit with Britney. If you bought the painting from the exhibit, you will find her at the job center trying for more work.  You can agree to help her with some photos for her portfolio, which can lead to some one-on-one including a blowjob and a nice creampie.

Diana: This girl will not have sex with you, but she will have sex with Britney!  To get Diana, you will need to level up to level 7 and then take Britney out on a restaurant date and then follow her into the bathroom and ask for a BJ. After she finishes, Diana will walk in. Afterwards you will get her number and then you can call her from your kitchen (1H) and then go to the store and buy the sexy nightwear & blindfold set ($160) and then call Diana back.  At the end of the night, Diana will come over.

Judith:  This character is a minor character that can only be accessed with ending 2.  She is the receptionist at the temp agency who will give you a home to stay in when you failed to pay rent to Britney.

Specials (SPL)
You Aint Going Nowhere:
Anytime during the day, you can keep Britney home all day by summoning her to different places of the house and then doing any actions (except cook meal for her).  Once you leave the room or click something else in the room, she will disappear and go to work or somewhere else in the house. You can spam this so you can increase your Passion and relationship stats during the day.

Looking Makes Me Less Hungry:
A small glitch in the game is when you use the telescope, your FOOD meter increases.  The same for when you smoke on the balcony.

Wait, I Think I Know Them:
If you look through the telescope with Britney you can get one of three images and summon the spirits and get 5 different images.  However, the people you see in the window are from other LOP games as well. This includes from Lesbian Fashion, Moonlust: First Bite, Outcast Academy and more! Can you name them all?

Look into My Crystal Ball:
After 18:00, you can talk to Britney in the kitchen and summon spirits.  Here are all the combinations and the rewards for them: Blue and Green, White and Pink (+5 Passion), White and Green, Orange and Pink, Green and Orange (Passion +2).

Achievements (ACI)

The Biggest Vibrator:
Raise your Passion to 100 (Level 4 required).  Afterwards, invite Britney into the bathroom and ask her to sit on the washing machine.  It will pop shortly afterwards.

Bottled Love:
Once you reach 100 Relationship with Britney, ask her out to the bar at night and buy her three rounds of drinks.  You will take her home and the achievement will pop.

Chicken’s Maestro:
Raise your COOKING to 80 and broil a chicken in the kitchen for yourself.  If you make it for Britney it will not count.

Broken Heart:
After Day 15 if your Relationship is below 45, go to work and then come back (simply enter and then exit).  A small cut scene will take place where Britney will be cheating on you.  If you make here feel guilty and NOT call her a slut, the game will continue and the achievement will pop shortly after.

Filthy Maid:
First you need to raise yourself to level 3 to unlock the phone.  You then need to save up your money and hire a maid ($100).  After calling her twice, on the third time you can ask her for “other services”.  Select the third choice ($300) and the achievement is yours.

Josh the Teacher:
Raise your KNOWLEDGE to 90 and then go to the office and work as a Substitute Teacher. POP.

Sea Food Sponsor:
At level 6, to get to level 7 you will need to buy a dress and go on a date with Britney. Order the lobster and it will pop shortly after.

Black Hole Invitation:
Requires you to be level 7 or higher.  Increase your Passion rating to 500 and get Britney into the Bedroom.  Ask for something more and have sex with her, when you get close you have the option of cuming or trying anal.  Try anal and the achievement will pop shortly after. NOTE: You do not need to give her the Anal Lube

2 Girls 1 Guy:
At level 7, Britney will tell you she always fantasized about being with another girl.  Call, Diana, the girl you met at the restaurant, and then buy the blindfold set and call her back. At the end of the night (21:00), go into the bedroom and click the bed.  The achievement will pop after a long cutscene.

Baby Boom:
Reach level 400 and ask for more while in the bedroom and then cum inside Britney 3 times (3 Different days). After the third time, it will pop.

Endings (EDG)


Ending 1: On day 15, go to work and immediately go home to see Britney having sex with another guy.  Choose the 1st option and receive this ending.

Ending 2: Fail to pay $200 in rent on either Day 14 or Day 28.

Ending 3: Invite Mindy, the maid, over and have sex when Britney is home. This can be either the weekend at anytime or between the hours of the weekday that she would be home.

Ending 4: Do not propose to Britney at the end of 30 days.

Ending 5: Level up to level 8 and then buy the ring and propose to Britney before the end of 30 days.

Ending 6: Cum inside Britney 3 times (Baby Boom Achievement) and then propose to Britney.

Ending 7: Have an affair with Elly.  On Day 29, Elly will come over.  Choose to run away with Elly.

Ending 8: Have an affair with Elly.  On Day 29, Elly will come over.  Choose to tell Britney about you and Elly.

Ending 9: Call Mindy the maid over and have sex with her enough for her to ask for money.  Give her the money and she will then reward you with a date. After the date, get caught having sex with her when Britney is home.


  • CCC81 says:

    Thanks a lot for all your work!!!

  • Panda says:

    I wish I had more than one month … can’t get passed lvl 4 …yet!

    • Daman says:

      Here is a little trick I learned from playing over and over. At the begining, read about cooking and then cook for Britney when she is in the kitchen, then clean the house the next two days until she pays for the phone bill. Next find a job and keep buying “lessons” from the job agency preferably the knowledge, about the time you pay rent, you should have enough money to fix the doors, pay rent, hire the maid to clean the place AND any stuff for the house that you need at about the half way mark!

      Hope this helps you out at bit!

  • AK says:

    Is it just me or does Living with Britney have no sound?

    • Daman says:

      It’s not you, there was no sound that made it into the final game. Why this is, we can only guess. Mine guess is that it would be too big or that they couldn’t find the right music for it.

  • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:

    Daman and or leonizer, I hope you will get this comment since the last post was nearly three years ago. I have been playing this game a lot of late trying to get all the achievements in spite of the fact that I hate Britney. What a bitch! My point is that the game keeps deleting achievements I know I have reached. Presently it shows me with 5 of 10, but I have in fact achieved all but 2: Black Hole Invitation and Baby Boom. Is there some fixed for that?

    • LOP_Daman says:


      Hmmm, this has happened in the past. Normally after you finish a game, the game would set a cookie to remind itself that you have saved content (similar to saved searches on web browsers). It is possible that your cache is a bit overloaded but also it can be that it was not saved at the right time (after getting the achievement, finish a day so it can auto save and then refresh to see if it saved the achievement)

      • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:

        Thanks for taking the time to respond. I will give that a shot. It is presently showing the 8 achievements, but that is because I re-achieved them. I am also having great difficulty getting anal sex and baby boom. I made a mistake the last game. I should have studied sanitation rather than cooking and lost essentially two days which might have allowed me to get the last two. Most of the passion seems to get developed after day 17, at least that’s what I have been experiencing.

        • LOP_Daman says:


          No worries, as far as I remeber, and it’s been a while, the fastest way is to clean the apartment, learn cooking so you can get the higher levels faster and make the most money. By the time you reach day 15 or so you should have almost all the items and experience you need to have sex and achieve the anal and baby boom before the final days.

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