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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Conversations (CNV)
Places (PLC)
Girls Locations (GLC)
Items (ITM)
Events (EVT)
Leveling (LVL)
Dates (DTS)
Specials (SPL)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in College Romance.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Note: This guide reflects the new expansion College Romance and varies differently from the first release of the game.

Rules (RLE)
Mike was your average young rich kid who would blow all his parents money and blow off school. But sadly those days are over, as his parents put a stop to his wastful ways. His family made a deal with Mike: in 30 days he will have his final exam for the semester before summer. If he passes, his parents will purchase two tickets, one for him and another for a friend, if he would like, to anywhere he wants as a reward. With so many beautiful girls to pick from at his school, Mike just has to better himself first and maybe he might get lucky with someone.

College Romance is a unique dating simualtor thatgives players an opportunity to increase their stats and their relationship with the girls. With every choice the time will advance by one time periof from Morning to Afternoon to Evening before cycling through to the next day. During this time certain characters will be elsewhere and certain places may be open or closed. Take note of when these times are and make your plan of attack.

Another new mechanic is the 3 strike system. When the player picks between two actions and selects the wrong one, they will receive a strike. 3 strikes, the date will end.

Several stats are needed for leveling up and helping Mike with his classes and with his sex life:

SWAG: Does Mike have the cool watch, the cool hat, or the cool shoes. This stat helps Mike with his work and with the ladies.

CULTURE: How good is your understanding of other countries? This stats is vital for passing your classes and for some girls to want in a man.

SCIENCE: How many molecules are in the compound H2O? Another important stat for passing your final test and also to show off to the ladies.

FITNESS: Pyhsical education is a stable of American school system. You will have a physical at the end as a test and some girls love the look of a well-toned man!

POPULARITY: Are you a jock or a geek? This stat is for Mike just to get more ladies to talk to him and like him.

Conversations (CNV)
Whenever a Mike wants to talk to a girl, he needs to know when it is right to ask for something or when to get physical.
NOTE: All actions with ‘*’ are hot spot actions and require you to click on the girl’s body.

Talk +2 REL
Gift (See Items section for details)
Flirt (REL 50) +5 REL
Invite for sex (REL 150)
*Touch her hair (REL 20) +4 REL
*Kiss her hand (REL 50) +5 REL
*Grab her boob (REL 150) +7 REL
*Compliment her outfit (REL 5) +3 REL
*Massage her thighs (REL 100) +6 REL

Talk +2 REL
Gift (See Items section for details)
Flirt (REL 50) +5 REL
Invite to Sex (REL 150)
*Compliment her hair (REL 5) +3 REL
*Kiss her Lips (REL 50) +5 REL
*Touch her arm (REL 20) +4 REL
*Grab her boob (REL 150) +7 REL
*Massage her thighs (REL 100) +6 REL

Talk +2 REL
Gift (See Items section for details)
Flirt (REL 50) +5 REL
Invite for Sex (REL 150)
*Compliment her eyes (REL 5) +3 REL
*Kiss her lips (REL 50) +5 REL
*Touch her arm (REL 20) +4 REL
*Grab her boob (REL 150) +7 REL
*Massage her thighs (REL 100) +5 REL

Places (PLC)

Read a sci-fi book +1 SMART, +1 CULTURE
Write Novels (50 CULTURE) +$35-$70 dpending on Science and Culture levels
Post some photos of Facebook (25 POPULARITY) +5 POPULARITY

City Center
Play basketball (FITNESS 25) +6 FITNESS

Class Room
Study English language +3 CULTURE

Dance Club (Swag 50) Open during the evenings
Dance with friends +5 POPULARITY
Buy a round for everyone $20 +10 POPULARITY
Work as a bouncer (FITNESS 50) +$55-$90 depends on Fitness and Swag

Intensive workout +3 FITNESS

Study science +3 SCIENCE
Tutor students (SCIENCE 50) +2 POPULARITY, +6 SCIENCE
Drama classes (CULTURE 25) +2 POPULARITY, +6 CULTURE

Talk with friends +2 POPULARITY

Buy presents for girls (See Items section)
Buy stuff for yourself (See Items section)
Help sell merchandise +$25-$70 depending on Culture and Popularity
Work as a model (SWAG 75) +$25-$70 depending on Swag and Culture

Girls Locations (GLC)
The girls tend ot move around during the day, here is the list of their locations on where to find them.

Gym: Afternoon
Club: Evening

School: Morning
Club: Evening

School: Morning
Store: Evening

Items (ITM)

Box of Chocolates $15 +5 REL
Fancy Flowers $30 +7 REL
Teddy Bear $58 +12 REL
Silver Earrings $120 +18 REL
Golden Necklace $280 +20 REL

Stuff for Yourself
Red Cap $15 (+5 Swag)
Nose Piercing $30 (+10 Swag)
Cool Shades $58 (+20 Swag)
MP3 Players $120  (+25 Swag)
Golden Chain $280 (+30 Swag)

Events (EVT)
Day 5: Reiko comes to school
Day 25: Reiko leaves the school (if relationship is too low)
Day 30: Final Test

Leveling (LVL)
When you play the game, talking to girls comes in levels. Once you reach this level, the girls will request that you “level up” before contining. Below are the levels of relationship you will need and what each girl will need for the next level.

LVL 1: 0-4
LVL 2: 5-19 Friendship
LVL 3: 20-49 Attraction
LVL 4: 50-99 Fascination
LVL 5: 100-149  Desire
LVL 6: 150-999 Love

LVL 2: Culture 20
LVL 3: Swag 30
LVL 4: Popularity 40
LVL 5: Fitness 50
LVL 6: Popularity 60

LVL 2: 20 SWAG
LVL 3: 30 Popularity
LVL 4: 40 Fitness
LVL 5: 50 Popularity
LVL 6: 60 Swag

LVL 2: 20 Popularity
LVL 3: 30 Swag
LVL 4: 40 Culture
LVL 5: 50 Science
LVL 6: 60 Culture

Dates (DTS)
Once Mike reaches the love level, the girls will ask for a more intimate moement. If the

Massage her arm
Silence her with your finger
Remove her left glove
Remove her right glove
Rise her skirt
Take of her dress
Kiss her boobs.
Force her to turn around
Massage her buttocks
Ask her to touch herself
Stop her
Ask her to spread her legs

Compliment her outfit
Kiss her
Massage her thighs
Remove her hands
Touch her hairs
Remove right strap
Remove left strap
Take it off
Touch her boobs
Kiss her cheek
Remove panties
Massage her thighs
Touch her pussy
Put wet finger in her mouth

Say that she looks sexy in that
Compliment her outfit
Push her on a window
Kiss her lips
Spread her legs
Undress her
Remove her panties
Massage her boobs
Turn her around
Ask her to suck your cock

Specials (SPL)

Crack the codes:
There are three hidden QR codes hidden in the game. Look for them and scan them and see what secrets they hold!

Girls love your work:
When your character gets a girls relationship to love, the girls will appear with a special dialogue and even outfit. If you do, you will receive a +5 Relationship with them.
– Naomi will appear at the basketball court when you play basketball in a chearleader outfit.
– Reiko will appear when you tutor people in the library.
– Kendra will appear when you do theater class.

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: Your average score between Culture, Fitness and Science is below 50.
Ending 2: Your average score between Culture, Fitness and Science is above 50 and you choose no one.
Ending 3: Your average score between Culture, Fitness and Science is above 50 and you choose Reiko (must have sex with her before).
Ending 4: Your average score between Culture, Fitness and Science is above 50 and you choose Naomi (must have sex with her before).
Ending 5: Your average score between Culture, Fitness and Science is above 50 and you choose Kendra (must have sex with her before).

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