Arkham: the dark legacy

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Leveling (LVL)
Places (PLC)
Items (ITM)
Event (EVT)
Specials (SPL)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Arkham – The Dark Legacy.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)
Charles Ward, an investigative reporter for the city’s newspaper who happens to be head over heels for Asenath, a shop owner who sells curiosities and witch craft materials. After “dating” with her, she moves in with him and they soon find out that Charles is a descendant of Joseph Curwen, an evil sorcerer who was killed years back. As Charles tries to get his life to move forward, he’s haunted by Curwen and now wants to investigate his ancestors past in hopes to have a better future.

Arkham – The Dark Legacy is an erotic adventure game where the player takes control of Charles and wanders around the town of Arkham trying to piece together his family legacy and resolve the supernatural circumstances that surrounds him. Study the dark arts as well as human science, investigate strange and ominous places that are hidden in this infamous town. Take your time exploring and discovering with unlimited days and no limit except for your sanity. Welcome to Arkham!

SCIENCE: Not all beakers and flasks, but close enough. Your SCIENCE stat helps with understanding of the human arts and create things with it.
OCCULT: In Arkham, it’s never that simple to chalk everything up to science. Your OCCULT stat is your level of understanding in the mystic arts and you can wield them.
SANITY: Arkham is not for everyone especially ones with fragile minds. Your SANITY is like your morale, but here if it hits zero, you’ll go insane!

Leveling (LVL)
To get to the next level with the girls, you will need to unlock certain levels to raise their relationship with you. Once you meet them, they will start at level 1 and below are all the levels and how to obtain the maximum rank of each girl.

-Level 2: Complete “Elizabeth’s Condition” event
-Level 3: Complete “Silver Key” event
-Level 4: Complete “Elizabeth’s Cure” event

-Level 2: After Grave Robbers event, buy Summon Kit and meet Asenath in the attic
-Level 3: Complete “Elixer of Life” Event
-Level 4: Go with Hannah during “Down on the Farm” Event and save Asenath

-Level 2: Complete “That Darn Cat” Event
-Level 3: Complete “Evidence Against Asa” Event
-Level 4: Go with Hannah during “Down on the Farm” Event

Places (PLC)

Arkham Advisor

Elizabeth (20:00-23:00)
-Talk about her day (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
-Ask about her troubles (1 Hour, 3 Relationship) +2 Relationship
-Help her look around  (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
-Fondle her ass (1 Hour, 40 Relationship) +5 Relationship


Wait until Midnight (8:00-19:00)
Collect Rumors (4 Hours)
Grave Digging (After “Grave Robber” Event, 2 Hours) (See Items section for details)


Living Room
Read Journal (After “Property Owner”)
-Decode Journal (2 Hours) +2 Occult, -1 Sanity
-Joseph’s Lab (2 Hours, 20 Occult)
-Elder Sign (2 Hours, 30 Occult)
-Mind Control (4 Hours, 40 Occult)
-Final Days (4 Hours, 20 Occult)
-Silver Key (2 Hours, 50 Occult)
Asenath  (8:00-9:00 & 17:00-21:00)
-Talk about her day (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
-Talk about family (1 Hour, 3 Relationship) +2 Relationship
-Cuddle on the Sofa (1 Hour, 20 Relationship) +5 Relationship
–Eat her out (1 Hours, 50 Relationship)
-Invite her on a date (4 Hours, 40 Relationship, Black Candles, 17:00-21:00) +10 Relationship
–Ask about rituals (50 Occult) +10 Occult, +5 Relationship
–Have Sex (70 Relationship) +20 Relationship
—Use inhibition potion +20 Relationship


Sleep (Advance to next day 8:00)
Save/Load (Safe or Load previous saves)
Asenath  (22:00-23:00)
-Give her a foot massage (1 Hour, 15 Relationship) +5 Relationship
–Ask for a footjob (50 Relationship)
-Make love to her (1 Hour, 70 Relationship) +20 Relationship
–Use in inhibition potion +20 Relationship
—Cum inside (100 Relationship)


Craft Items (Alchemist Kit)
-Rose Bouquet (3 Roses, 2 Hours)
-Sedative Potion (15 Science, 1 Liquid Base, 1 Fat Worm, 1 Wolfsbane, 2 Hours)
-Inhibition Potion (15 Science, 1 Liquid Base, 1 Fat Worm, 1 Hemp, 2 Hours)
-Scholar Salts (10 Occult, 1 Activated Charcoal, 1 Mandrake Root, 1 Raven Feather, 1 Acid, 2 Hours)
-Wealthy Salts (20 Occult, 1 Activated Charcoal, 2 Hemp, 2 Fat Worms, 2 Sulfur, 2 Hours)
-Charmer Salts (30 Occult, 3 Activated Charcoal, 2 Hemp, 2 Grave Soil, 3 Sulfur, 2 Hours)
-Seductress Salts (40 Occult, 2 Saltpeter, 2 Raven Feather, 2 Mandrake Root, 2 Acid, 2 Hours)
-Curwen Salts (Went with Asenath during “Down at the Farm”, 50 Occult, 3 Wolfsbane, 3 Saltpeter, 3 Grave Soil, 2 Hours)
-Mind Control Manuscript (Read Mind Control in Journal, Science 30, 1 Raven Feather, 2 Wolfsbane, 1 Acid, 1 Sulfur, 2 Hours)
-Elixer of Life (Occult 50, Science 50, 2 Liquid Base, 1 Mandrake Root, 2 Sulfur, 1 Wolfsbane, 1 Hemp, 2 Hours)
Asenath  (19:00-21:00, Alchemist Kit)
-Talk about her day (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
-Talk about family (1 Hour, 3 Relationship) +2 Relationship
-Invite her on a date (4 Hours, 40 Relationship, Black Candles, 17:00-21:00) +10 Relationship
-Help her grind herbs (1 Hour, 5 Relationship) +2 Relationship
-Make out with her (1 Hour, 15 Relationship) +5 Relationship
–Convince her to give you a blowjob (1 Hour, 50 Relationship) +10 Relationship

Olney House (After “Property Owner”)

Hannah (After “Property Owner” Event, 8:00-11:00)
-Talk about her day (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
-Talk about her hobbies (2 Hours, 3 Relationship) +1 Relationship
-Take on a date (4 Hours, 40 relationship, Rose Bouquet) +10 Relationship
–Compliment her beauty +5 Relationship
–Put the moves on her (70 Relationship) +20 Relationship
—Use Inhibition potion +20 Relationship


Harvest Plants (2 Hours) (See Items section for details)
Take a Nap (4 Hours) +1 Sanity
Collect Rumors (4 Hours)
Hannah (After “Property Owner” Event, 8:00-11:00)
-Talk about her day (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
-Talk about nature (2 Hours) +1 Relationship +1 Relationship
-Rub against her (1 Hour, 40 Relationship) +5 Relationship
-Take on a date (4 Hours, 40 relationship, Rose Bouquet) +10 Relationship
–Complement her beauty +5 Relationship
–Put the moves on her (70 Relationship) +20 Relationship
—Use Inhibition potion +20 Relationship


Main Hall
Go to Class (After “Big Scoop” Event, 4 Hours, $10)
Elizabeth (8:00-13:00 & 18:00-19:00)
-Talk about her day (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
-Ask about her troubles (1 Hour, 3 Relationship) +2 Relationship
-Talk about books (2 Hours, 10 Relationship) +2 Relationship
-Kiss her (1 Hour, 20 Relationship) +5 Relationship

Office (After “Elizabeth’s Condition” Event)
Elizabeth (14:00-17:00)
Organize her books (1 Hour, 10 Science) +2 Relationship
Show her some affection (2 Hours) +5 Relationship
-Get a handjob (1 Hour, 50 Relationship)

Waite Shop
Buy Chemicals (see Items section for details)
Buy Equipment (see Items section for details)
Asenath (10:00-16:00)
-Help her clean up (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
-Feel her up (1 Hour, 20 Relationship) +5 Relationship
–Finger her (1 Hour, 50 Relationship) +10 Relationship

Items (ITM)

Waite Shop
Acid $20
Sulfur $20
Saltpeter $20
Black Candles $50
Alchemist Kit $300
Charm of Opening $100

Sedative Potion $100
Activated Charcoal $20
Liquid Base $20
Fat Worm $20
Seductress remains $150

Pretty Rose
Mandrake Root
Wolf’s Bane

Grave Digging
Fat worm
Raven Feather
Grave Soil
Scholar Remains
Wealthy Remains
Charmer Remains

Event (EVT)
Below are all the events that happen in the game and the actions and consequences of each one. Some events will not unlock until certain stats or events are completed.

Big Scoop (Unlocks at beginning of game)
Go to the Arkham Advisor and talk to Albert, who will advice you to talk to Lavina. She tell you to go to the graveyard at night and investigate. After the cutscene, go home and write the article (2 Hours), then back to the Arkham Advisor and turn the story into Lavinia. You will get $100 and unlock the ability to listen to rumors and write stories for money in the game as well as be able to go to classes at the university.

Down on the Farm (Unlocks after reading about the farm in the journal)
This event will trigger two one of two ways:
-If you completed “Evidence Against Asa” event and go to the Olney House, you will go with Hannah. You will have an option to either save Aseneth (50 Occult) or leave her to die (where she will never come back again). Afterwards you will unlock Hannah’s third level and a sex scene with her. And if Aseneth is alive, a scene will trigger with her later and you will unlock her fourth level with her too.
-If completed “Elixer of Life” event and you go home when Asenath is the attic, you will go with Asenath. You can either fight Asa (if you know the Elder Sign) or let Asenath fight Asa (Asa will die). Either way you get Curwen’s saltes. You can now summon Curwen in your attic.

Elixir of Life (Unlocks after “Grave Robber” event and summoning the witch)
Go to the attic and find Aseneth around the summoning circle and becoming fixated. She says that the witch they summoned gave her a formula for an elixir of life. Decode it in the attic (2 Hours) until it’s finished. Unlocks Aseneth’s third level and the ability to craft the Elixir of Life in the attic.

Elizabeth’s Condition (Unlocks after “Grave Robber” event and going to your first class)
Go to your first class at the University and then afterwards you will see that Elizabeth is missing. Call out to her and watch the cutscene where she will ask for your help to write some articles for her (4 Hours each). Once you finish them all, go to the Old Cave on the map. You will unlock Elizabeth’s second level, access to the office at the University.

Elizabeth’s Cure (Unlocks after “Find the Key” event)
Go to the University and watch a scene with Elizabeth and Hannah. Go to the Olney house and talk to Hannah about it. Go home and craft an inhibition potion and shortly after Elizabeth will come over. After a long cutscene, you will unlock Elizabeth’s fourth level.

Evidence Against Asa (Unlocks after “That Darn Cat” event and 20 relationship with Hannah)
Go into the Olney house and trigger a scene where Asa comes home and tells you about your boss, Albert. Asa wants you to silence him one way or another. You can make a mind control manuscript and take control of Albert or Lavinia or you could also kill Albert. Report back to Asa when you are done. You unlocked Hannah’s level 3.

Family History (Unlocks at beginning of game)
Go the library and try to research about Charles’ family background (2 Hours). The files you need are in the basement and to access them you need to deliver some documents to Albert at the Arkham Advisor. Then return to the University and talk to Elizabeth and ask for her help (2 Hours). You will unlock the Olney House and will be able to interact with Elizabeth.

Final Showdown (Unlocks after “Elizabeth’s Cure”, 50 Knowledge)
Read up on Curwen’s last days in his journal and also learn the Elder sign and then go to the gates and fight Curwen. If you didn’t study the Elder Sign, you will get ending 1 during the fight. But if you did, you will defeat Curwen. And have access to the portal.

Find the Key (Unlocks after “Elizabeth’s Condition” and 20 Relationship with Elizabeth)
Go to the university and you will trigger a cutscene with Eliabeth telling you about a silver key and that you need a compass to get it. Complete “That Darn Cat” and return to Elizabeth. Once there use the Charm of Opening (buy it from the shop) and get the rusted key. Go to the lab and ask for the scientist to clean it for you. You can pay the $100 or use the Mind Control Manuscript to get it for free. Return to the library and give the key to Elizabeth. Unlocks the silver key and Elizabeth’s second level.

Grave Robber (Unlocks after Property Owner and Big Scoop)
Read the journal in your house. Asenith will tell you to go to the graveyard to fetch some corpses to make saltes. There will be a cutscene where you will chase a scientist back to his lab and afterwards you will receive some Occult Salts that you can use once you get home. You now unlocked items you can buy form the lab, craft items in the attic and summon.

Property Owner (Unlocks after Family History)
Go to the Olney House and you will meet Hannah and Asa. Asa will deny you entry until you can prove that you are the decendant of the previos owner. Head back to the libarary and ask Elizabeth for help in the archives (2 Hours). Go back to the library and Elizabeth will have what your proof of heritage and can show it to Hannah and Asa at the Olney House (After 12:00). You will unlock Joseph’s Journal, Olney House and be able to interact with Hannah.

Roses for Hannah (Unlocks after Property Owner)
Go the park in the morning and talk to Hannah about nature (2 Hours). You will get a rose bouquet recipe that you can make. Harvest Plants in the park (2 Hours each) and once you get three, go to your attic at home and build it. Once your Relationship is over 40, give her the bouquet and you can go on dates with her after that. Unlocks Hannah date.

That Darn Cat (Unlocks after Property Owner)
Go to the Olney House and find Hannah walking around looking for her black cat, Tom. Go to the graveyard at night and search the cat in the private cemetery. Return to the Olney house to reunite Tom with Hannah. Unlocks Hannah’s second level.

Ultimate Ritual (Unlocks after “Silver Key”, 70 Relationship with all girls and all girls at Level 4 Relationship and all girls are alive)
Go home and read up on the silver key in your journal and learn about the ritual. Go around town and ask each girl to be apart of the ritual. Once all girls are on board, fight Curwen (“Final Showdown”) and then open the Ultimate Gates.

Specials (SPL)

So Many Stories:
There are only 25 stories that you can write about in Arkham. In turn that means there is only $2,500 to make selling them. So spend carefully.

Summon for Something:
Summoning a spirit also reaps rewards besides a sex scene. You can get $300 (Wealthy), +10 Occult and Knowledge (Charmer), and +5 Occult (Scholar and Seductress).

Achievements (ACI)

Anal Exploration
(Requires 70 Relationship with Elizabeth, Potion of Inhabitation, and “Elizabeth’s Condition”)
Go on a date into the cave with Elizabeth and choose to seduce her in the dark. Choose to use the potion. POP.

The Summoner
(Requires Alchemist Kit)
Summon Wealth, Witch, Scholar and Seductress in your attic. After the last summon, it will pop.

Ravaged Hannah
(Requires 70 Relationship with Hannah, Rose Bouquet and Inhibition Potion)
Ask for a date with Hannah then choose to put the moves on her. Use the inhibition potion. Pop.

Quickie in the Bathroom
(Requires Mind Control Manuscript)
During the “Evidence Against Asa” event, use the manuscript on Lavinia to get her to help you. Once she does, after a long cutscene, it will pop.

Asenath Takes Charge
(Requires 70 Relationship with Asenath, Inhibition Potion, and completed “Elixir of Life” event, Black Candles)
Two ways to get this; either go to the bed with Asenath (22:00-23:00) and make love to her then use the inhibition potion. Or go on a date with her (need black candles) and then use the inhibition potion there. Either way works! Oh and…Pop!

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: Joseph Curwen possesses you.
Ending 2: Summon Curwen’s spirit and offer the Elixir of Life in exchange for your freedom.
Ending 3: After “Evidence Against Asa”, agree to join the cult.
Ending 4: After “Evidence Against Asa”, show the evidence to Hannah and then agree to join the cult.
Ending 5: After the “Final Showdown” event, choose to destroy the key.
Ending 6: Complete the “Ultimate Ritual” event.
Ending 7: Sanity reaches 0.


  • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:

    What does it take to get Hannah to agree to participate in the Ultimate Ritual? She is at 180 points. I created the Inhibition potion to motivate her. The other two have agreed. I am waiting on her.

    • LOP_Daman says:


      Trying to remember. I think you need to go to get the evidence against Asa and when you need to go over to the farm, go with Hannah. If you don’t do this, I think you will get her to the fourth level that you need to ask her for the ritual.

      • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:

        I know I did all those things except getting the evidence against Asa. That’s probably where I failed. Thanks

      • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:

        My mistake was that I had taken a shortcut and killed Albert rather than take the effort to control his mind, so I didn’t gain the evidence against Asa. I did it right today and Hannah participated.

  • obsexo says:

    Im trying to get the Ultimate Ritual, but Elizabeth keep rejecting, I have her in more of 200 of relation. I must go past to final showdown, defeat Curwen and return?

    • LOP_Daman says:


      It’s been a while since I last players this title, so I’m not 100% certain. But I think once all the major story elements (like the ones you listed before) are played out, can you then find the harem style ending.

  • zmanzman says:

    Just wondering if anyone has played recently and been able to get the “Summoner” achievement. I followed directions in the walkthrough and it didn’t pop. Summoned wealth, witch, scholar, and seductress and no “pop.”

    Everything else works fine.

  • zmanzman says:

    Yep, that worked. Thanks Daman!

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