Almost Noble Hero

Witten by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Leveling Up (LVU)
Items (ITM)
Quests (QST)
Sex Scenes (EXS)
Specials (SPL)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in “Almost Noble Hero”.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

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Rules (RLE)
Luke was a young man who wanted nothing more than in life than to be a knight. Despite the fact he is a humble farm boy with no previous fighting experience nor noble blood, he dreamed of slaying beasts, saving women and becoming the most infamous knight throughout the land. But life would intervene and after his farm is ravished and his father dying, he finds out his father was a knight. He takes up his father’s armor and embarks on his life’s goal of being a knight!

“Almost Noble Hero” is an RPG game where you take control of Luke, a young man who must fight his way to glory and fame. Raise your stats, buy weapons and go on quests in hopes to become the most notorious knight in the land.

STRENGTH: How hard you swing is just as important as how fast you can. Your STRENGTH stat shows how much damage you can give when you hit a target.
DEXTERITY: Fast on your feet even in all your armor can be the difference between life and death. Your DEXTERITY stat is how successful your attacks are and if they can land.
ARMOR: Your armor is not just shiny, but can help you from certain death. Your ARMOR stat will reduce the damage you receive from enemies.
GLORY: Completing missions and fending yourself from enemies gains you GLORY. Your GLORY stat will help you unlock more missions and characters.

Leveling Up (LVU)
As you progress along your journey you will earn GLORY that will allow you to level up and become a more skilled knight and ruthless fighter. Below are all the levels and their rewards for unlocking them and how much GLORY is required to unlock them.
Level 2 (Glory 500): +1 Dexterity, +2 HP, Special Attack Unlocked
Level 3(Glory 2,000): +1 Strength, +3 HP, Rage Attack: Health Recovery
Level 4 (Glory 5,000): +1 Armor, +4 HP, Rage Attack: Stunning Blow
Level 5 (Glory 10,000): +1 Dexterity, +5 HP, Rage Attack: Berserker Attack
Level 6 (Glory 20,000): +1 Strength, +6 HP
Level 7 (Glory 50,000): +1 Armor, +7 HP
Level 8 (Glory 100,000): +1 Dexterity, +8 HP
Level 9 (Glory 200,000): +1 Strength, +9 HP
Level 10 (Glory 500,000): +1 Armor, +10 HP

Items (ITM)

Blacksmith (New Hope)
Hunting Armor 250 Gold (+1 Armor Modifier)
Elven Armor 500 Gold (+2 Armor Modifier)
Soul Reaper Armor 2000 Gold (+3 Armor Modifier)
Black Onyx Sword 250 Gold (+1 Strength, +2 Dexterity Modifier)
Sabre of Perfection 500 Gold (+2 Strength, +2 Dexterity Modifier)
War Hammer 2000 Gold (+3 Strength, +3 Dexterity Modifier)

Merchant Girl (Inside New Hope Tavern)
Apple 5 Gold (Restores 3 HP)
Bread 10 Gold (Restores 5 HP)
Roasted Chicken 30 Gold (Restores 10 HP)
Animal Skins 50 Gold
Cheap Jewelry 100 Gold
Precious Gems 250 Gold

Exotic Dancer (Inside New Hope Tavern)
Small Health Potion 50 Gold (Restores 10 HP)
Great Health Potion 120 Gold (Restores 30 HP)

Quests (QST)
Every hero needs some quests to complete and below are all the quests that you can encounter in the game. Please note that each quest needs a particular level in order for them to become available to be unlocked.

Level 1 Quests
“The Butcher”: Talk to Retard Cane at New Hope and then travel to see the butcher. Talk to Cane again to complete the quest. Reward: Two animal skins, 250 Glory

“Holy Water”: Talk to the merchant girl in the tavern at New Hope. Go to the area on the map and you’ll encounter a goblin. You can pay him 20 or 50 gold for the holy water or you can fight him (He has 4 Strength, 6 Dexterity, 1 Armor and 24 HP). After which ever one you pick, go back to the merchant girl. Rewards: 500 Gold OR have sex with the merchant girl

Level 2 Quests
“My Beloved Fiance”: Inside the New Hope tavern a noble man will ask for you to return a women he thinks was kidnapped from him. After you arrive you can either let them go or fight the knight (he has 7 Strength, 6 Dexterity, 3 Armor, 52 HP). Rewards: Glory 3000, 1500 Gold if you kill the knight OR Glory 5000 if you let them go.

Level 4 Quests
“Stolen Property”: Inside the New Hope tavern and sit at the table to talk to the bard. Go to the location on the map. Bring him two animal skins for the instrument. Rewards: Glory 4,000 for returning it. Glory 1,000 if you tell her to sing your about your glory OR get a blowjob.

“The Black Spider’s Plague”: Talk to the blacksmith at New Hope and then go to the area on the map. Once there you will face a large spider (stats are 6 Strength, 4 Dexterity, 5 Armor, 120 HP). Rewards: Glory 5,000 and Goblin Slasher weapon.

Level 5 Quests
“Lady Needs Help”: Inside the New Hope Tavern, sit at the table to the exotic dancer and choose to help her. Once you meet the knight you can fight him (stats are 8 Strength, 8 Dexterity, 4 Armor, 60 HP). After you beat him, talk with the exotic dancer again. Rewards: 5 Great Health Potions, 7,000 Glory OR have sex with her.

Level 6 Quests
“Chanting of Madness”: Talk to the princess in front of the New Hope Tavern and then head to the location on the map. Once there you will encounter a goblin. If you have the Goblin Slasher (see “The Black Spider’s Plague” quest for details) you can show it to him and fight him (his stats are 9 Strength, 6 Dexterity, 5 Armor, 120 HP). Rewards: 25,000 Glory and Ending 2.

Sex Scenes (EXS)
– Fluffy (Courtesan): Go upstairs in the New Hope tavern where you can pay her 50 Gold for a blowjob, 100 Gold for sex and 300 Gold for anal.
– Lachesis (Exotic Dancer): Complete “Lady Needs Help” quest and you can have sex with her as a reward.
– Sheila (Bard): Complete “Stolen Property” quest and you can have sex with her as a reward.
– Merchant Girl: Complete “Holy Water” Quest and you can choose to have sex with her as a reward.

Specials (SPL)
– Papers Please: If you complete the bards quest and ask her to write a song for you, you can go to the New Hope Guard Post and show it to them as orders for a small funny scene.

– Time Out: During a quest, if you go into an ambush you can click on your image and bring up your menu and select to replenish your HP before your fight.

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: Complete “The Black Spider’s Plague” quest to get the Goblin Slasher. Then do the quest “Chanting of Madness” then fight and beat the demon.
Ending 2: Complete “chanting of Madness” quest and do not have the Goblin Slasher.
Ending 3: After completing “Stolen Property” quest, choose to have sex with the bard and then agree to join her on her quest.
Ending 4: Travel to the New Hope Guard Post on the map and choose to join the guards
Ending 5: Travel to the New Hope Guard Post on the map and choose not join the guards but instead go through the gates