Living with Sasha

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Places (PLC)
Items (ITM)
Dates (DTS)
Event (EVT)
Specials (SPL)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Living with Sasha.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)
Sasha and Terry are a young couple living together and trying to grow up. Terry is a bit jealous when Sasha would go out with other men to hang out. One night he damages their relationship to the final point and Sasha gets ready to leave. Now, Terry must try to rekindle his relationship with Sasha are loose the only thing god in his life, forever.

Living with Sasha features two movement-based interactions where the movement of the mouse progresses certain scenes. The first one features a fast/slow interaction where players touch or move over a certain body part and receive ½ a point for every good touch that occurs, but if you go to fast or slow you will be rewarded with no point. The second feature is a good/deep interaction where moving the mouse from the left to the right during three different stages. For every ‘good’ movement, you will receive 2 points and every ‘deep’ movement will reward you none.

Living with Sasha is an adventure-style game where players take control of Terry and must increase his stats and progress the story with Sasha. The stats for the games are as follows:

ENERGY: Everyday you have a limited number of “moves” that require energy. Every night when you go to sleep it will recharge.
LOOK: Make her fall in love with you again. Your LOOK stat helps you find jobs where your paid for your looks and not brains.
FITNESS: Do you even lift? You better! Your FITNESS stat allows you to take more physically demanding jobs.
SMART: Some people need less brawn and more brains. Your SMART stats allows for certain jobs to come into play.
RELATIONSHIP: The most important of all stats; how you and Sasha are doing. Your RELATIONSHIP stat shows how far along you are with Sasha and what activities you both can do together.

Places (PLC)

Hug her for a moment (1 ENERGY, 40 REL) +3 Relationship
Pretend that she is a queen (1 ENERGY, 70 REL) +5 Relationship
Massage her leg (2 ENERGY, 120 REL) +15 Relationship
– Lick her pussy (1 ENERGY, 300 REL) +20 Relationship
Hug her and say sweet words (1 ENERGY, 20 REL) +2 Relationship
Talk about her past (1 ENERGY, 150 REL) +5 Relationship
– We did agree not to talk  (1 ENERGY, 200 REL) +10 Relationship
Massage her back (2 ENERGY, 100 REL) +15 Relationship
Pretend having sex (3 ENERGY, 150 REL) +10 Relationship
– Sasha babe could you do (1 ENERGY, 250 REL) +20 Relationship
Ask for more (1 ENERGY, 250 REL) +10 Relationship
– Caress her body (1 ENERGY, 300 REL): +2-16 Relationship
– Play with a feather (1 ENERGY, Feather): +5-21 Relationship
– Play with her boobs (1 ENERGY, 350 REL): +20-52 Relationship
– Remove her clothes (1 ENERGY, 400 REL) +20 Relationship
i) Caress her body (1 ENERGY, 370 REL): +5-21 Relationship
i) Finger her pussy (1 ENERGY, 400 REL): +5-57 Relationship
ii) Let her lick your wet finger (1 ENRGY): +10 Relationship
i) Play with black dildo (1 ENERGY, 600 REL, Black Dildo): +5-57 Relationship
i) Play with her mobile (1 ENERGY, 450 REL): +5-9 Relationship
i) Lick honey from her boobs (1 ENERGY, 400 REL, Honey): +5-13 Relationship
ii) Play with feather with her nipples (1 ENERGY, Feather): +10 Relationship
i) Put a candle inside her ass (1 ENERGY, 800 REL, Candle): +5-57 Relationship
i) Lick her anus (1 ENERGY, 700 REL): 25 Relationship
i) Finger her anus (1 ENERGY, 700 REL): +5-57 Relationship
i) Ask her for blowjob (1 ENERGY, 600 REL): +5-53 Relationship
ii) Ask her for deep throat (1 ENERGY) +20-68 Relationship
i) Ask her for more (1 ENERGY, 1500 REL) +20 Relationship
ii) Cum on boobs: +0
ii) Cum on her face: +0
ii) Cum inside her: +10
Sleep (Advance to next day)

– Read her a scary book (2 ENERGY) +2 Relationship
– Read her a romantic book (2 ENERGY, 20 REL) +5 Relationship

Invite Sasha
– Invite her on a pool date (2 ENERGY, 150 REL) (See Date section for details)
– Invite her on a park date (2 ENERGY, 150 REL) (See Date section for details)
– Invite her on a shop date (2 ENERGY, 150 REL) (See Date section for details)

– Plant flower together (2 ENERGY, 20 REL) +5 Relationship

– Watch news channel (1 ENERGY) +2 Relationship
– Watch romantic movie by VOD (2 ENERGY, 20 REL) +5 Relationship
– Watch spice porn channel (2 ENERGY, 100 REL) +15 Relationship
i) You turn me on so much (3 Energy, 300 REL) +5 Relationship (1 time only)
ii) You look so hot, why don’t (1 ENERGY, 400 REL, Sexy Lingerie) +10-26 Relationship

Fitness Center
– Regular training (2 ENERGY) +2 FIT
– Train with an instructor (3 ENERGY, $20) +5 FIT

– Read books (2 ENERGY) +2 SMART
– Learn with tutor (3 ENERGY, $20) +5 SMART

Beauty Salon
– Fix your hairstyle (2 ENERGY) +2 LOOK
– Ask a stylist for help (3 ENERGY, $20) +5 LOOK

– Work as a junior rescuer by the pool (5 ENERGY) $40
– Work as a senior lifeguard by the pool (5 ENERGY, 50 FIT) $70
– Work as a safety consultant (5 ENERGY, 50 SMART, Elegant Suit) $100
– Work as a movie stunt assistant (5 ENERGY, LOOK 50, Stylish Sun Glasses) $150

Love’s Boutique (see Items section for details)

– Offer her a glass of wine (1 ENERGY, Wine) +10 Relationship
– Serve her champagne (2 ENERGY, Champagne) +100 Relationship

– Prepare a meal for both of you (2 ENERGY) +5 Relationship
– Prepare a special dish (4 ENERGY, Lobster) +20 Relationship

– Hug and kiss her (1 ENERGY) +3 Relationship
– Play with her boobs (2 ENERGY, 80 REL) +15 Relationship
– Lick her pussy (3 ENERGY, 250 REL) Up to +28 Relationship

Items (ITM)
Honey $20
Candle $30
Wine $10
Black Dildo $150
Elegant Suit $280
Stylish Sunglasses $300
Tasty Lobster $120
Smartphone $ 250
Sexy Lingerie $ 400
Champaign $ 500

Dates (DTS)
Park Date
Listen to music together (1 ENERGY, Smartphone) +3 Relationship
Put your hand on her knee (1 ENERGY) +3 Relationship
Kiss her neck (1 ENERGY, 160 REL) +5 Relationship
Kiss her lips (1 ENERGY, 180 REL) +5 Relationship
– Whisper sex things into her ear (1 ENERGY) +10 Relationship
Finger her pussy (2 ENERGY, 300 REL) +5-17 Relationship
Ask her for a blowjob (2 ENERGY, 400 REL) +10 Relationship

Pool Date
Offer her a fancy drink (1 ENERGY) +3 Relationship
Oil her back (2 ENERGY) +5-24 Relationship
Massage her feet (2 ENERGY) +5 Relationship
– Kiss her calves (1 ENERGY, 300 REL) +15 Relationship
Lick her belly (2 ENERGY) +5-13 Relationship
Ask to suntan topless (1 ENERGY, 150 REL) +5 Relationship
– Ask her to remove her hands (1 ENERGY, 300 REL) +20 Relationship
Ask to touch her pussy (1 ENERGY, 300 REL) +10 Relationship

Shop Date
Grab her ass (1 ENERGY, 180 REL) +5 Relationship
Touch her arm (1 ENERGY) +3 Relationship
Let she try sexy black dress (2 ENERGY) +5 Relationship
– Touch her (2 ENERGY) +10-14 Relationship
Let she try sexy lingerie (2 ENERGY, 200 REL): +5 Relationship
– Touch her (2 ENERGY) +10-14 Relationship
Let she try leather skirt (2 ENERGY, 220 REL): +5 Relationship
– Touch her (2 ENERGY) +10-14 Relationship
Let she try sexy bikini suit (2 ENERGY, 250 REL): +5 Relationship
– Touch her (2 ENERGY) +10-14 Relationship
Let she try elegant office clothes (2 ENERGY): +3 Relationship
– Touch her (2 ENERGY) +10-14 Relationship

Event (EVT)
NOTE: If players do not complete earlier events, no new ones will appear.

Day 2: Sasha wants the air conditioner fixed (+20 Relationship)
Day 7: Cook lobster for Sasha (+30 Relationship)
Day 13: Fix your hairstyle [LOOK over 30] (+20 Relationship)
Day 18: Buy a new smartphone for her (+30 Relationship)
Day 32: Buy her Champagne (+100 Relationship)

Specials (SPL)

Feather in Your Cap
To find the feather, you need to go to the university and read books. It’s all random so the best and fastest way to get it would be save the game on a date and spend the entire day reading until it appears. If it doesn’t, reload your last save and try again.

I’ll See it in the Morning
When Sasha asks you to get your LOOK over 30 and when you buy her a new phone, you will be rewarded at the start of the next day and not the day of.

Just Like the Movies
To get the lingerie, you need to watch porn on the tv and encourage Sasha who will ask for you to buy the lingerie from the store.

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: Relationship is under 1000
Ending 2: Relationship is between 1000 and 2000
Ending 3: Relationship is over 2000

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