Looking for love

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Conversations (CNV)
Places (PLC)
Hannah (HNH)
Tina (TNA)
Items (ITM)
Specials (SPL)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Looking for Love.  Please do head over to lessonofpassion.com for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)
Luke was on top of the world. He had a great job and a beautiful woman named Maya in his life. Well needless to say, love clouded his vision as he moved to the city and took out a large loan in hopes of making a future together. But Maya kicked Luke to the curb and found another man in her life. Now, Luke is starting over from the ground up in both the professional and the personal department and hopes that by the end of his 50 day experimental period, her would finally find happiness.

Looking for Love is an adventure game that puts you into the shoes of Luke as he struggles to get his way through life and find a new woman in his life. Looking for Love  features a “Click-and-Move” feature where you can interact with the scenes by click on certain parts and either dragging or moving the mouse.

FITNESS: Your physique makes you stand out in a crowd. Your FITNESS stat allows you to perform certain actions or jobs in the game.
STYLE: Cleaned cut and looking sharp is important. Your STYLE stat allows you to do certain jobs and get dates with the girls.
CULTURE: Having an open mind is key to socializing with anyone. Your CULTURE stat allows you to get certain
RELAX: It’s best to kick it and not overloud your mind. Your RELAX stat allows you to work and study for longer periods of time.

Conversations (CNV)
NOTE: For every topic talked about that the girl likes, you will get 1 Relationship.

Weather, Politics, Food, Work, Travels, Animals

Food, Cars, Work, Travels, Fashion, Clubbing

Places (PLC)
Change Color (50 Time, $120)
Company Name (10 Time, $80)
Install GPS (40 Time, $350)
Tinted Glass (70 Time, $400)
Install Armor (90 Time, $950)
Weapon License (90 Time, $500)

Sleep (Advance to Next Day) Loose 1 Relationship from both girls
Feed Your Fish (10 TIME, Fish Tank)

Jane’s Shop
Flower Delivery (50 TIME) +$50, -20 RELAX
Special Gift Delivery (60 TIME, 30 STYLE) +$80, -30 RELAX

Study Literature (30 TIME) +1 CULTURE, -40 RELAX
Join Discussion Group (20 TIME, “Study Literature” ten times) +3 CULTURE, -30 RELAX
Write a Poem (40 TIME, 100 Tina) -5 RELAX

Mafia Jobs
Call Girl Transport (40 TIME, 50 STYLE, 50 FITNESS, Tinted Glass) +$200, -50 RELAX
Drug Trafficking (70 TIME, Weapon License, Tinted Glass) +$360, -70 RELAX
Body Bag Traffic (80 TIME, 80 FITNESS, Weapon License, Tinted Glass) +$450, -80 RELAX

Jogging (20 TIME) +1 FITNESS
Sit and Relax (60 TIME) +80 RELAX
Paint Hannah’s Portrait (30 TIME, Meet Hannah) -5 RELAX

Passion Bank
VIP Coresponency (40 TIME, 30 CULTURE, GPS) +$220, -30 RELAX
Credit Card Delivery (50 TIME, 50 CULTURE, GPS, Armor) +$350, -40 RELAX
Money Transport (70 TIME, 50 CULTURE, GPS, Armor, Weapon License) +$500,  -60 RELAX

Eat Dinner (30 TIME, $20) +90 RELAX
Order a Fancy Drink (10 TIME, $50) +60 RELAX
Talk with Tina (30 TIME) (See Tina Section for details)
Help Tina Clean the Tables (20 TIME) +2 Tina, -20 RELAX

Scott’s Removals
Light Furniture (40 TIME, 30 FITNESS) +$80, -20 RELAX
Heavy Furniture (50 TIME, 50 FITNESS) +$120, -30 RELAX
VIP Furniture (60 TIME, 80 FITNESS) +$180, -40 RELAX

Buy Stuff for Home (30 TIME) (See Items section for details)
Buy Presents (10 TIME) (See Items section for details)
Talk with Hannah (30 TIME) (See Hannah section for details)

Use Solarium (50 TIME, $20) +2 STYLE
Manicure (30 TIME, $50) +3 STYLE

Play Tennis (40 TIME) +2 FITNESS
Purchase Club Membership (20 TIME, $120)
-Professional Training (40 TIME) +3 FITNESS

Items (ITM)
Stuff for Home
MP3 Player ($80) +20 RELAX when jogging in the park
Fish Tank ($100) +20 RELAX very morning
Electric Toothbrush ($120) +1 STYLE every morning
Air Conditioner ($200) 100 TIME every morning
Training Bicycle ($280) +1 FITNESS every morning
Notebook ($350) +1 CULTURE every morning

Flowers ($10) +20 Hannah, +20 Tina
Chocolates ($50) -10 Hannah, +35 Tina
Teddy Bear ($100) +50 Hannah, -10 Tina
Silver Earrings ($200) -10 Hannah, +80 Tina
Golden Necklace ($500) +100 Hannah, +100 Tina

Hannah (HNH)
At the Shop
Chat (Go to Conversations section for details)
Gently touch her face +5 Hannah
Put a hand on her leg (30 Hannah) +5 Hannah
Kiss her (50 Hannah) +10 Hannah
Give her a gift: (see Items section for details)
Invite her on a date (100 Hannah, 50 FITNESS, Portrait $200) Go to Hannah’s Spa Date
Make out with her (1000 Hannah, 70 STYLE, Golden Necklace, $400) Go to Hannah’s Hotel Date

Hannah’s Spa Date
-Her previous boyfriends +2 Hannah
-Her family -5 Hannah
-Her work +2 Hannah
Say something funny (100 Hannah) +10 Hannah
Fart under water -15 Hannah
Compliment her if (150 Hannah) +10 Hannah
Touch her hair if (200 Hannah) +20 Hannah
Splash her with water -20 Hannah
Kiss her if (300 Hannah) +25 Hannah
Massage her back if (400 Hannah) +30 Hannah
Whisper in her ear if (500 Hannah) +30 Hannah
Touch her leg if (600 Hannah) +40 Hannah
Kiss her feet if (700 Hannah) +40 Hannah
Ask her to take her bra off if (800 Hannah) +70 Hannah
Take your pants off -50 Hannah
Give her the golden necklace +100 Hannah
Make out with her (1000 Hannah, 70 STYLE, Golden Necklace, $400) Go to Hannah’s Hotel Date

Hannah’s Hotel Date
Order whiskey ($30): +30
Turn romantic music on +15 Hannah
Play with her: (1200 Hannah) +35 Hannah
Strip her (1300 Hannah) +30 Hannah
-Play with her (1400 Hannah) +60 Hannah
-Ask her for a blowjob (1500 Hannah) +50 Hannah
-Ask her to take her panties off (1600 Hannah) +10 Hannah
i) Finger her pussy (1700 Hannah) +25 Hannah
i) Use pink vibrating egg (1800 Hannah) +40 Hannah
i) Lick her anus (2200 Hannah) +80 Hannah
i) Make love (2000 Hannah) +80 Hannah
ii) Change to anal sex: (2500 Hannah) +80 Hannah

Tina (TNA)
At the Restaurant
Chat (Go to Conversations section for details)
Friendly Talk (5 Tina) +5 Tina
Friendly talk (5 Tina) 5 Tina
Touch her hand (30 Tina) +5 Tina
Kiss her cheek (50 Tina) +10 Tina
Give her a gift: (see Items section for details)
Invite her on a date (100 Tina, Clean Tables 5 Times, 50 CULT, $150) Go to Tina’s Garden Date
Make out with her: (1000 Tina, Write a Poem, 60 STYLE, $80) Go to Tina’s Apartment Date

Tina’s Garden Date
– Her previous boyfriends -5 Tina
– Her family +5, Tina
– Her work +3 Tina
Say something funny (80 Tina) +10 Tina
Compliment her (100 Tina) +10 Tina
Grab her hand (150 Tina) +15 Tina
Smoke a cigarette -20 Tina
Offer her chocolate (200 Tina) +20 Tina
Kiss her (300 Tina) +25 Tina
Gently touch her neck (400 Tina) +30 Tina
Embrace her (500 Tina) +40 Tina
Touch her leg (600 Tina) +50 Tina
Tell her about your boner: -50 Tina
Touch her ass (700 Tina) +80 Tina
Ask her to take her dress off (800 Tina) +100 Tina
Ask her for a blowjob: -50 Tina
Make out with her (1000 Tina, Write a Poem, 60 STYLE, $80) Go to Tina’s Apartment Date

Tina’s Apartment Date
Light the Candles +15 Tina
Lower Window-Blind  +15 Tina
Play with her (1000 Tina) +50 Tina
Strip her (1050 Tina) +30 Tina
-Play with her (1100 Tina) +50 Tina
-Ask her for a handjob (1300 Tina) +40 Tina
-Ask her to take her panties off (1400 Tina) +10 Tina
i) Finger her pussy (1500 Tina) +25 Tina
i) Put your cock between her boobs (1600 Tina) +35 Tina
i) Use golden dildo (1700 Tina) +80 Tina
i) Make love (2000 Tina) +80 Tina
ii) Change to anal sex (2500 Tina) +100 Tina

Specials (SPL)

Kinda Secret Ending
But if both girls have the same Relationship score (both above 2500), you will be given “secret” ending which is just a blank page.

No, Not Nemo!
If you buy a fish, remember to feed it often. If you forget to feed it, it will die and you will loose your +20 RELAX bonus and have to get new fish (30 TIME, $20)

Just Like School
When either painting a portrait for Hannah or writing a poem for Tina, the higher your CULTURE stat, the faster you can complete them.

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: Tina and Hannah both have a Relationship under 1000.
Ending 2: Hanna’s Relationship is 1000-2500 AND is higher than Tina’s Relationship
Ending 3: Hanna’s Relationship is 2500 or higher.
Ending 4: Tina’s Relationship is 1000-25000 AND is higher than Hanna’s Relationship
Ending 5: Tina’s Relationship is 2500 or higher.

NOTE: Whichever girl has the highest Relationship, will be the ending you will receive.

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