City of Love

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Leveling Up (LVU)
Places (PLC)
Jobs (JBS)
Girls (GRL)
Items (ITM)
Dates (DTS)
Events (EVT)
Lauren (LRN)
Taylor (TYL)
Alice (ALC)
Kim (KMM)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in City of Love.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide, if you have paid a site and was redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Note: This guide reflects the new expansion Ghosts of the Past and varies differently from the first release of the game.

Rules (RLE)
Welcome to the City of Love!  A place of beauty, sex and new beginnings.  In this game you play as Rick, a young man you just went through a bad break-up and looking to get back into the game!  You have 30 days to wow one of three girls; Taylor, the tight-fitted fitness instructor, Alice, the hot celebrity weather girl, Lauren a young secretary looking for something more than a one-nighter or Kim, your former ex-girlfriend, now married, who’s having a hard time staying faithful.

But these girls are far from easy, you must be able to not only seduce the young girl(s), but work hard on your knowledge of several key factors:

FACE – How well dressed and groomed you are
SOUL – How in touch you are to your “spiritual side”
MIND – How smart you are in…smart things.
BODY – How much you workout your body
MORALE – How calm you are

Leveling Up (LVU)
Leveling up helps your chances of increasing your relationship and getting new, higher paying jobs. Every action you do earn you points towards one of your stats.  Once you reach ten points, you will level up your stat.  Sounds easy, but in the end, it all relies on luck.  City of Love uses a new Dice System that allows the girls to fight back.  The leveling system allows you more of an advantage with the dice system.  For example if your BODY level if 2 and your dice role is a four, you get a score of six.  If that score is equal or higher than that of the girl’s, you will receive +5 relationship.  However, if it is lower than that of the girl’s, you will lose -1 relationship.  And be careful, you CAN get negative relationship with the girl!


Beach (6:00-18:00)
Go for a Jog (2 Hours) +1 BODY
Relax and Get a Tan (4 Hours) +1 FACE, +1 BODY, +3 MORALE
Read E-Books    (4 Hours) +4 MIND
Dice Chances
1) -2 FACE, -2 BODY
2) Loose 5 Hours
3) -5 MORALE
4) +3 MORALE
5) +1 SOUL, +5 MORALE
6) +5 FACE

Museum (10:00-20:00)
Study Expositions (2 Hours) +1 MIND
Read ancient poetry books and scrolls (5 Hours) +3 SOUL
Take part in a guided tour (2 Hours, $25) +3 MIND
Dice Chances
1) -2 FACE
2) Loose 4 Hours
3) -3 MORALE
4) +$45
5) +2 MIND
6) +5 SOUL

Buy gifts (1 Hour) (see Items section for details)
Buy clothes (1 Hour) (see Items section for details)
Buy home equipment     (2 Hours) (see Items section for details)
Buy Personal Items (1 Hours) (see Items section for details)
Visit the Hair Stylist (2 Hours, $15) +2 FACE
Dice Events
1) -$30
2) -1 BODY
3) -3 MORALE
4) +2 SOUL
5) +$70
6) +5 FACE

Club (18:00-24:00)
Buy Yourself a Drink    (1 Hour, $5) +3 MORALE
Flirt with Girls (2 Hours) +1 SOUL, +2 MORALE
Order Champagne (1 Hour, $80) +10 MORALE
Visit VIP Section (Requires Level 2 BODY and Level 2 FACE)

Office (unlocks after Lauren asks you for help)
Find a new job 3H (Visit the Jobs section for details)
Dice Events
1) -1 BODY
2) Loose Job
3) -3 MORALE
4) +2 MORALE
5) +$100
6) +3 MIND

Light Training    (3 Hours, $25) +2 BODY
Cross Fit Training (5 Hours, $40) +4 BODY
Practice Yoga    (3 Hours, $25) +2 SOUL, +3 MORALE
Dice Events
1) -2 BODY
2) -5 MORALE
3) -$20
4) +5 MORALE
5) +2 FACE
6) +3 BODY

Sleep (Advance to next day)
Read Books (3 Hours) +1 SOUL, +1 MIND
Watch TV (1 H our) +2 MORALE
Run on Treadmill (4 Hours) +4 BODY
Play Guitar (4 Hours) +4 SOUL

Jobs (JBS)

Club Jobs
Bartender (8 HOURS, FACE 2, SOUL 4, MIND 1, BODY 2) +$90
Club DJ (5 Hours, FACE 2, SOUL 4, MIND 1, BODY 2, Headphones) +$150
Club Promoter (4 Hours, FACE 4, SOUL 6, MIND 3, BODY4, Elegant Clothes, Fake Rolex) +$300

Beach Jobs
Towel Boy (8 Hours, FACE 1, SOUL 1, MIND 1, BODY 2) +$75
Lifeguard (8 Hours, FACE 2, SOUL 1, MIND 1, BODY 3) +$105
Fitness Trainer (6 Hours, FACE 4, SOUL 4, MIND 2, BODY 6, Stylish Clothes, Sexy Shades) +$270

Museum Jobs
Janitor    (8 Hours, FACE 1, SOUL 1, MIND 1, BODY 1) +$60
Exhibition Curator (8 Hours, FACE 1, SOUL 2, MIND 3, BODY1, Stylish Clothes, Square Glasses) +$180
Museum Manager (6 Hours, FACE 3, SOUL 3, MIND 6, BODY 3, Elegant Clothes, Golden Pen) +$320

Boutique Jobs
Sales Assistant (8 Hours, FACE 2, SOUL 2, MIND 1, BODY 1, Stylish Clothes) +$130
Sales Manager (10 Hours, FACE 2, SOUL 2, MIND 3, BODY 2, Stylish Clothes, Notebook) +$270
Fashion Designer (6 Hours, FACE 4, SOUL 5, MIND 5, BODY 3, Stylish Clothes, Silver Scissors) +$320

Girls (GRL)
NOTE: When choosing the option “Say Something Funny”, the player will have a Morale dice game against two dice rolled by the girl.  For best results make sure you have at least +12 Morale before starting.

Also, here are the relationship levels with the girl.  Each level unlocks new actions and can trigger new actions later.

Relationship Levels
0-10     Doesn’t know you
20-25     Thinks you’re okay.
26-49     She Likes you     (Can give gifts)
50-99     She Adores you (Send Flirty Text, Can ask for Date)
100-199 She Desires you (Send Spicy Text)
200-999 She Loves you

Conversations with Girls
Friendly Chat +2
Impress her with your smile +5 (FACE win)
Talk about feelings +5 (SOUL win)
Share your opinion with her +5 (MIND win)
Seduce her with your muscles +5 (BODY win)
Give her a gift (see Items section for details)
Invite her on a date (50 Rel)

Items (ITM)
Flowers ($10)     +10 relationship
Chocolates ($30) +15 relationship
Champagne ($120) +30 relationship
Spa Voucher ($230) +50 relationship
Sexy Lingerie ($340) +100 relationship

Training Shoes ($90)    +1 BODY Level
Square Glasses ($120)     +1 MIND Level
Sexy Shades ($170) +1 FACE Level
Stylish Clothes ($300)
Elegant Clothes ($520)

Home Equipment
Fish Tank ($50) +1 MORALE daily
Fitness Training DVD ($60) +1 BODY daily
Inspiring Painting ($80) +1 SOUL daily
Coffee Machine ($120) Wake up at 6:00 instead of 8:00
Treadmill ($150)
Electric Guitar     ($190)
Notebook ($210) +1 MIND daily

Personal Items
Headphones  ($75) +1 SOUL Level
Electric Shaver ($80) +1 FACE daily
E-Books Reader ($90)
Protein Shake ($120)    +1 BODY Level
Silver Scissors ($280)    +1 SOUL Level
Fake Rolex ($300) +1 FACE Level
Golden Pen ($325) +1 MIND Level

Events (EVT)
Day 2: Lauren’s “Mini-Skirt Troubles” at Boutique
Day 3: Lauren’s “Calls for Help”
Day 4: Kim’s “Card Cancelled” at Boutique
Day 6: Kim’s “Date at Museum” (After “Card Canclled”)
Day 8: Taylor’s “Shopping at Boutique”
Day 8: Lauren “Dumbbell Trouble” at Gym
Day 11: Kim’s “Club’s Bathroom”
Day 14: Lauren’s “Moving Day” (100 REL)
Day 15: Taylor’s “At the Club” (50 REL)
Day 18: Alice “Club with friends” (80 REL)
Day 18: Kim’s “Meet at the Club” (After “Club’s Bathroom”)
Day 20: Alice and Taylor’s “At the Beach” (Alice 100)
Day 21: Ramos shows up at your apartment for “Ferrari Date” (After “Club with Friends”)
Day 22: Kim’s “Proposal” (After “Meet at Club”) on Restaurant Date
Day 24: Alice’s “Call for Help” at Apartment
Day 25: Kim’s “Cuckold”
Day 28: Kim’s “Phone Call”

Lauren (LRN)
Location: Office (10:00-20:00)
(FACE 4, SOUL 5, MIND 2, BODY 3)

Romantic Walk +10
– Beauty of Love +5
– Broken Hearts +5
Museum +20
– Pharaohs and Mummies +5
– Ancient Greece +5
Club +35
– Latin Music +5
– R&B Music +5
Restaurant +50
– Lobster +5
– Pawn Cocktail +5
Say Something Funny +5
Flirt (100) +5
Touch Her (200) +20

Mini-Skirt Troubles
Tell her that miniskirt looks amazing on her +5
– Too sexy? +5 (End)
– C’mon it fits you perfectly +5 (End)
Stare at her boobs for a while +5
– Hi, I’m Rick +15 (End)
– Wow I have to say that dress fits you perfectly +5 (End)

Call for Help
Assure her everything is going to be fine
– Say there is something wrong with them, not her +8 (End)
– Tell her she should give you a chance -5 (End)
Invite her over for dinner (Unlocks Friendly Dinner) +5

Dumbbell Trouble (12:00 at Gym)
Crack a joke -5 (End)
Step in and help her +5
– Say something sweet +3 (End)
– No problem honey (End)

Friendly Dinner (2 Hours, 20 REL) +8 Relationship
Offer her some coffee
-Tell the Truth +10
-Tell a slightly different story -5
Tell her you don’t want to revisit it -5

Put Ketchup on her Nose (30 REL) +14 (End)
Ask her for patience -2 (End)

Moving Day (100 REL) (-20 if you refuse)
Seeing her smile +5 (End)
Well we could use a bath (BODY 3) +5

It’s ok Lauren +2
Well, that depends -5

Take your time +2
Stare at her in silence -3

Man are we ripe -5
Hmmm, so if the other guys +2

Grab her breasts -25 (End)
Wash her back +2

Yes, Lauren  -20 (End)
I’d love that +20 (End)

Ferrari Date (5 Hours, Stylish Clothes, Fake Rolex, $200)
Hey you good timing +20
Hey Lauren. Sorry (End)

Ask for high speed BJ -35 (End)
I can’t think of anyone else

That’s not true at all +20
Prove she’s more than a friend +5

Try to spread her legs -5 (End)
Kiss her ankle +5 (End)
(If Over 150)
+22 (End)
(If over 200)
+15 (End)

Ride Home (300 Lauren, Go on regular date with Lauren)
Tell her you feel the same way +5 (End) (Unlocks “Invite her to your Apartment”)
Move closer and stand between her open legs

I’m thinking about skipping your stop -20 (End) (Unlocks “Invite her to your Apartment”)
Honestly, I am just trying +20 (End) (Unlocks “Invite her to your Apartment”)

Invite her to your Apartment (5 Hours, 400 REL, Elegant Clothes, $50)
I’ve never seen a woman as gorgeous +10
I want it to be special too -5

I can, I really can Lauren +30
I think so +25

Ask her to stop before +5
Cum on her face +25

I…I want to be comfortable too +5
It’s drawing me in +10

Ask Laurne to taste the food +15
Offer Lauren some wine +20

Message her breasts +10
Pull off her g-string +10

Spread her thighs +40
I’m ready +25

Pull out and come on her tits +35
Ignore her begging +55

You know, you don’t have to leave +50 (Ending)
This was an amazing night +15 (End)

Taylor (TYL)
Stats: FACE 3, SOUL 3, MIND 2, BODY 2
Location: Gym (9:00-19:00)

Romantic Walk +10
– Passion and Desire +5
– History of the City +5
Beach +10
– Play Volleyball +5
– Build Sand Castle +5
Movie +10
– Horror +5
– Fantasy +5
Museum +30
– Pharaohs and Mummies +5
– Bones of Dinosaurs +5
Say Something Funny +5
Flirt (100) +5
Touch Her (200) +20

Shopping at Boutique
Slap her ass (30) +5
Hi Taylor +1

Well it’s a beautiful day +10
Wanna grab some dinner? -3 (End)

Kiss her (100) +10
Relax and chat

Sounds good
Agree, and scoop her up +5

Kiss her +10 (End)
I’m glad to hear you say that +5 (End)

Drunk at Club (50 REL)
I think you’re fucked up enough -10 (End)
I am in. I need to take the edge off anyway +5

Kiss her +5
You’re looking hot too Taylor +2

There is something striking +15
I feel myself drawn towards the spirited +35
(Continued if over 100 Rel)
Lapdance scene +15  (End)

At Beach
Choosing to talk to her over Alice +10
Build Sand Castle +2
Show her your muscles +5
Play beachball +5
Ask her to remove her panties -10
Ask her to cover her eyes
-Remove her Bra (150) +5
-As awesome as that sounds -20 (End)
-Well, since you asked so nicely +20 (End)

Vacation (12 Hours, 250 Taylor, $350) +50
I do Taylor +10
I really like you -15

Strip naked
I’d be willing to strip, for a price +10

I do Taylor +10
I really like you -100 (End)

Cum deep inside Taylor +50 (Ending)
Pull out and come over her ass +20 (End)

Alice (ALC)
Location: Club (18:00-24:00)
(FACE 4, SOUL 2, MIND 4, BODY 3)

Beach +20
– Sun Tan +5
– Swim +5
Pub +35
– Vodka with Ice +5
– Tequila Sunrise +5
Restaurant +50
– Salad +5
– Pawn Cocktail +5
Say Something Funny +5
Flirt (100) +5
Touch Her (200) +20

At the Beach
Choosing to talk to her over Taylor +10
Kiss her +5 (Unlocks “Yacht Cruise)
Squeeze Her Tits -5 (Unlocks “Yacht Cruise)

Club with Friends
Thanks for the invite Ramos -5
– This isn’t really my style -10 (End)
Sounds like a good time +15

This just doesn’t feel right +30 (End)
Well, whaddya say +10

That’s ok Ramos
Let’s get wild, Alice

Damn you are sexy -20 (End)
Kiss Alice +10

No way man -5
That sounds fucking awesome +10

My girl, getting pounded -35 (End)
I…well if you are horny -10

Ask her to suck your dick +5 (End)
Take her from behind +5 (End)

Yacht Cruise (12 Hours, Alice 120, Taylor 120, $150)
Mind? Alice -10 Taylor +5
Sure, your boat Taylor +10

-Go for it Alice +5 Both
-Alice won’t do it -10 Alice, -5 Taylor

Best cruise ever +5 Both
Not everyday

Have fun with Taylor +45 (go to ***) (Unlocks “Vacation”)
Have fun with Alice +30

Well…we were kinda in the middle of something
That sounds amazing

I can tell + 5 Both
Swim over and touch taylor +5 Both

Well I’m getting a little jealous
No problem at all

Tell Alice to make out with Taylor some more +20 Both
Ask Taylor to spread her legs more +10 Both

Cum inside Taylor’s pussy +10 Both
Change position +10 Both

That’s great – lets do it (Ending)
I can’t (End)

Call for Help (Rel 150)
Alice you are a nice girl and all (Reset to 0 Relationship)
I…Alice, I’m gonna help you get better (Unlocks “Camping”)

Camping (Must go in to your apartment to find Alice coked out)
(Must have 200 with Alice and $100)
Prepare food +5
Short Jog +3
Ask her to camp naked -20
Tell her something about this place +5
Offer her some weed -30
Talk about her problems +15
Tell her about this amazing lake nearby (250) +20

Well if someone like you was willing
– You know, you don’t have to +30
– Close your eyes -20
If you give them a chance -10

Well before we get comfortable +5
Touch Alice’s body (300) +15

Sing Alice a song +5
Ask her to close her eyes +10

Ask her is she is tired +5
Invite her on a walk -30 (End)

Lick her pussy +50
Grab her boobs +40

Call her tomorrow +5
Ask her to stay at your place (Ending)

Kim (KMM)
Location: Boutique (6:00-24:00)
(FACE 5, SOUL 1, MIND 3, BODY 2)

Beach +15
– Volleyball +5
– Suntan +5
Movies +20
– Horror +5
– Drama +5
Restaurant +50
– Lobster +5
– Steak and Fries +5
Say Something Funny +5
Flirt (100) +5
Touch Her (200) +20

Card Canceled
Lend her $50 +10 (End)
Say no (End)

Date at Museum
I’m just here to pick up any cute history students +5
I actually enjoy the exhibits here -2

Club’s Bathroom
Pretend you don’t see her and leave (End)
Interrupt and ask what is going on

Pretend to you plan to tell Carl the truth -15 (Unlock Kim’s Fidelity) (End)
Say that you will keep it to yourself +10 (End)

Kim’s Fidelity
Ask her to stop +30 (End)
Let her continue +30 (End)

Ferrari Date (5 Hours, Stylish Clothes, Fake Rolex, $200)
(Turn down Lauren)
Invite Kim out for a Ferrari Ride (200)
Forget about her (End)

How about some oral appreciation (300) +10
Compliment her

Stop the car and try to seduce her
Cruise for another hour (End)

Kiss passionately +5
Put your hands under her pants +5

Tell her that you’re ready to go back (End)
Smack her ass and ask her to stay -15

Meet at Club
Leave her alone (End)
Approach her and say hi +10

Call her a taxi +5 (End)
Invite her to dance

Kiss her +15 (End)
Say that she needs to talk with him about it -5 (End)

Kim’s Proposal (Rel 600)
Really sounds fun +15 (End) (Unlocks “Cuckold”)
Say no -25 (End)

Try to ease the tension +5
– Carl, would you mind +15
– It’s awkward
Ask Kim is she’s sure about this idea -2

Spread those gorgeous legs +50 (End) (Unlocks “Phone Call”)
Guide her into the kitchen table

Finger her pussy +35 (End)
Ask Carl to hold her while you lick her clit +30 (End) (Unlocks “Phone Call”)

Phone Call
Meet her at the Windmill +10
Deny, maybe another time (End) -100

I…yeah Kim (Ending)
No. I lie having sex with you +335 (End)

Achievements (ACI)

Bathtub of Love (Requires 100 relationship with Lauren and BODY 3)
Taylor will call and ask for help moving, accept and suggest showering. Wash her back and don’t accept the blowjob. POP.

Small Surprise (Requires at least 100 relationship with Taylor)
(Refer to “Drunk at Club” event) Go to the club and see Taylor dancing. Once you get over 100 by the time you get on the train, she will give you a lap-dance after you touch her. POP.

Tasty Dessert (Requires at least 100 relationship with Taylor)
When you meet both Alice and Taylor on the beach, go with Taylor. Have her remove her top and she will give you a BJ. POP.

Sexy Mermaids (Requires 12 Hours, 120 with both Alice and Taylor, $150)
Refer to “Yacht Cruise” for set up. When on the boat choose Alice, later Taylor will show up.  Choose either option and the achievement will unlock afterwards.

New Life (Requires Notebook, 12 Hours, 250 Taylor, $350)
(NOTE: This is game ending, so make sure you have all the achievements before attempting this one!)
Refer to “Sexy Mermaids” achievement for set up.  While on the yacht, choose to hang out with Taylor and choose to not to live together with the both of them. Afterwards, go to your apartment and research the vacation (2 Hours). Afterwards, a new PDA date with Taylor will pop up. Go with her and once inside the cave cum inside her. POP.

Cum for Megan (Require at least 150 relationship with Alice)
Refer to “Club with Friends” for set up. Go with Ramos and Alice from the VIP club to the after party. Trade partners and take Megan into the bedroom and ask fro a BJ. POP.

Camping of Love (Requires 300 Alice, $100)
(Refer to “Call for Help” for the setup.)  Accept to help Alice with her drug problem. You will need at least 250 or higher to continue the date, so prepare before you accept. Towards the end, ask her if she wants to sleep, she will then want to have sex with you. POP.

Ferrari Flashing (Requires 5 Hours, 200 Lauren, Stylish Clothes, Fake Rolex, $200)
Refer to “Club with Friends” for set up. After the party, Ramos with appear in your apartment a few days later.  The event will be placed in your PDA, select it and Lauren will call you and then invite her on the trip. Once you get her to remove her top, she will ride back topless. POP

Squirting Lady (Requires 5 Hours, 400 Lauren, elegant Clothes, $50)
Follow “Ride Home” for the set up. Your PDA will have an event for inviting Lauren over for dinner.  When she is over, you will have sex, when faced with the option of either cumming on her tits or ignoring her, choose to ignore her. Pop.

Fake or Real? (Requires at least 100 relationship with Alice)
Follow “At the Beach” for set up. Go to the beach and trigger the cutscene with Alice and Taylor. Pick Alice and have her remove her top then squeeze her breasts. POP.

Endings (EDG)


Ending 1: Take Lauren on a vacation and then cum inside her.
Ending 2: Invite Taylor over and then ask her to stay with you.
Ending 3: Get the “Camping of Love” achievement and then ask Alice to stay with you.
Ending 4: Have a high enough relationship with Alice and Taylor by the end of 30 days.
Ending 5: Have a high relationship with both Taylor and Lauren by the end of 30 days.
Ending 6: Go to Ramos party, drive the Ferrari alone and have no serious dates with the girls (No yacht trip, no vacations, etc) and just work and get a lot of money.
Ending 7: This occurs if you choose no girls at all.
Ending 8: After completing “Cuckold”, Kim will call and ask if you want to get back together. Accept her proposal.
Ending 9: Have a threesome with Alice and Taylor on the yacht and agree to a threesome life style.


  • Marco Kraft says:

    Hi. I have some troubel with Kim. I have more then 1200 Points but no way to interact with her. Only thing i can do, is a Date. What do i wrong?

    • Daman says:

      There are several events, such as go to the the mall to meet her, the museum and even the club a few times. Also check your PDA for a few events as well. You can give her a ride in the Ferrari if you ignore Lauren. For the threesome scene, go to the restaurant date with her and she will then contact you in the next few days.

    • SHarris says:

      Did it! Finally… have to get 1000 with Kim – go on restaurant date, this leads to threesome with her and Carl a couple of days later, then a couple of days after the threesome (by this time I was at 1200) she contacts you again to tell you she and Carl broke up and wants to get back with you, which if you do… Ending 8 – Getting back with Kim

  • SHarris says:

    Can’t figure out how to go on the Vacation date with Taylor… I can go on the yacht with her and Alice, I can get the BJ on the beach from her, I can get the relationship over 1000, but I’ve yet to see any option for this vacation date I read about on this page, How do I get there?

  • Ivan says:

    Vacantion . Buy Notebook , read it on the beach and then go home and you will have an option to look for vacantion for you and Tayllor

    • rephnoxsynner says:

      Don’t get an option to read the notebook at the beach?
      E-Reader doesn’t trigger anything.
      Stuck getting any further with Taylor

      • LOP_Daman says:

        What he means by that is at home you can use it for researching. The beach is when you run into her at the beach, which is needed to trigger to research option (I think that’s right) Let me know if it works, if not I’ll boot the game up and find it if you like.

  • Ivan says:

    I realy Like LvLing system combined with the chance factor. It takes you out of the loop choosing always the best path and makes you take different roads in LvLing and allows LvL system to open its potential. I have to say that i find in LvLing equal joy to that watching the sex scenes. I dont say that chance should be always presented with dices but for example if you go training there should be a chance that the trainig didnt go as planed and you get less or more from what you expected. Yesterday i played LWS and the caress scenes was nicely made with no cut hands . Cut hand scenes doesnt feel right and when i see one i want to escape them as fast as i can. For city of love i think the game is missing player controled sleep with the girls. After you earned your love with them there shoul be a way to get them to your apartment even if you have to go through chance for that.

  • lokato45 says:

    how can i fuck kim pierce???? plz help me

    • daman says:

      Kim’s character has only a few scenes. To get theses scenes, keep an eye on your PDA and check for missions/quests with her. Some other things, Like the Ferrari date where you can not invite Laurne and then invite Kim. You can go to the museum and club and have a few interactions with her. As for the threesome with her husband, raid your level to 600 with her and invite her to the restaurant after a few days she will call for a favor and you can accept it.

      If you have any more questions, just post them here! Hope this helps!

      • paling1234 says:

        well is there any chance of a new game with kim she,s so sexy i liked that a game with here in a seducing role,loyal to here husband or go wild on single guys

  • Vigoss says:

    Is there only a threesome scene with Kim ? Or even a solo can be achieved ?

  • nargil27 says:

    still couldnt get the threesome scene with Kim, took her to the restraunt, did the ferrari ride with her, as well as all the club and museum scene, had over 1400 with her too so not quite sure what the problem is (also, never saw a scene in the office with Kim, is there actually one? and if there is how do you trigger it?)

    • LOP_Daman says:

      The office scene takes place after the club scene. You need to threaten to tell her husband what you saw and she will invite you to her work and try to “silence” you.

      As for the threesome, you need to first cover all interactions with her (with the exception of the Ferrari date, I believe). Keep inviting her on dates to the restaurant (I think day 25 is the right date), when the event triggers she will ask for you to join her and her hubby.

      Let me know if this helps you out!

  • vegamatt says:

    Hey, how can I save the game? :S

  • Special K says:

    Hey all,
    I still can’t get the Taylor’s Vacation option to show up. I’ve got more than 12H time left in the day, >250 relationship with her, and >$350). There’s a mention of running into her at the beach though, and that never happens. How is that triggered? Just to make sure I’ve got everything straight though, once I run into her a RESEARCH option will appear on the notebook at home? I’ve just started playing and really like this game engine, but after 3 complete play-throughs I’d like to earn an ending besides the shit one!

  • Special K says:

    Disregard the previous post — I hadn’t been leveling Alice. It’s all good now. I just discovered adult games a couple of days ago, so mark my problems up to noob-osity. Your games ROCK by the way, and I’m excited to see a 3D project in the works. I did some body meshes for the SIMS series of games a while back, and always felt that game would have been so much better if someone made areas like these games! I thought about trying, but never got the hang of setting up bones in my body meshes. WELL DONE.

  • ss94 says:

    I can’t activate Kim’s Proposal despite having over 600 relationship with her. Nothing in the PDA either.

  • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:

    Thanks for these walkthroughs. They are very helpful. I too am looking forward to one for Dignity One. I can’t seem to get the reunited lovers or rescue team.

    I believe that the girl in Ending 1 and 2 need to be reversed. There is an option to take Taylor on vacation, not Lauren. There is an option to invite Lauren over, not Taylor. Am I mistaken?
    In endings 4 and 5 define high. I have had Alice and Taylor for ending 4 several times even when my highest points were with Taylor and Lauren. Is it necessary turn down Alice’s cry for help on day 24 to reset your score with her back to zero, so your high scores are Taylor and Lauren?

    “Ending 1: Take Lauren on a vacation and then cum inside her.
    Ending 2: Invite Taylor over and then ask her to stay with you.

    Ending 4: Have a high enough relationship with Alice and Taylor by the end of 30 days.

    Ending 5: Have a high relationship with both Taylor and Lauren by the end of 30 days.”

  • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:

    Has anyone else noticed that there is a built in advantage in the game for amassing points with Kim over anyone else? After you first meet Kim you can return to her in the boutique and converse with her and date her as much as time will allow every day. You cannot have a second date with or converse a second time with any other girl. I thought that might come in handy. This allows you to easily get her to 115 plus points on day 11 when you catch her giving head in the club.

  • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:

    I would like to comment on Snake Valley. I have made it to Level 10 with $275,584.00 accumulated. I was disappointed to discover that nothing new happens at level 10. He merely gets 10 more life force and he can shoot a little better. It was also rather boring getting from level 9 at 50,000 points to level 10 at 100,000 points. It’s not a bad game, but it could use some tweaks. I would like to see an option to make love, not war, with Angry Betty.

    • LOP_Daman says:


      A bit strange to comment all the way over here, but okay. I did have some plans early on to make certain mission not accessible until you reached a certain level, but we scratched it as it might be too aggravating for players. As for Angry Betty, there is a reason why she is upset at you and I plan to delve into more details in the days to come so stay tuned!

  • Djoki996 says:

    for endings 4 and 5: how high does relationship have to be?

    • LOP_Daman says:


      By “high” I mean the highest of all the girls but not become exclusive to any of them (Meaning don’t move in with any of them). So by not being exclusive to any of the girls, but having their relationship high enough, you will trigger these endings by the end of the 30 days.

      Please note that this is all from memory so if it does not work, let me know and I can fire the game back up and play it again and let you know. Have fun!

      • Djoki996 says:

        I’ve had over 600 relationship with lauren and taylor but instead of getting that ending, I got ending 7.

        Although, I didn’t do Taylor’s last event (vacation) so that might be why.

        • LOP_Daman says:


          Hmmmm, you should do all their events (including the vacation) and choose not to cum inside her or ask Lauren to move in with you after her last event and you should get it in the end.

          • Djoki996 says:

            Alright, thanks.

          • Djoki996 says:

            Alright, did as you told me and got Taylor and Alice ending.

          • xcro says:

            Same problem here, I cannot get ending 5.
            I had both Lauren and Taylor over 1000, did all their quests (Moving Day, Train Ride, Ferrari, Friendly Dinner and the “Final” Dinner Date with Lauren, – Pool, Yacht Trip, Beach Blowjob, Drunk Event at the Club, and Vacation with Taylor), had Alice at 0 (turned down her Help event), no commitment to either (didn’t ask Lauren to stay over or cum inside Taylor), and still got ending 7.
            Are you sure it’s not bugged somehow?

  • RegisNex346 says:

    How do I get my relationship level with Lauren and Taylor over 100 by Day 2 and Day 8 before the Meeting with Lauren and Bumping Taylor at the Mall to unlock the extra choice?

    • LOP_Daman says:


      I’m assuming that you mean with Taylor at the mall the ability to kiss her in the pool. Now, you can’t get it that high that quick (by Day 2), but if you want to see the scene, call her, hang out with her and do your best to stay away from the mall before you trigger the scene.

      As for the Lauren’s, I’m not sure which part you need 100 with as her interactions at the mall do not require it to be that high.

      • RegisNex346 says:

        Not that. When you meet taylor at the mall you’re given the option to say hi or smack her ass (relationship 100 and above).
        how to trigger that before Day 8.

  • paling1234 says:

    kim is so great anything new in progess with kim i would like that very much thanks anyway for this good game

  • YankeeInKy says:

    I swear Kim needs her own series. I find her more sexier then Eleanor. I know I’m gonna get flamed. I think Eleanor is so popular because.. she’s a whore LOL. Seem like you gotta work for Kim. I guess that’s why I like her more.

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