Jacob’s Rebound

Witten by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Places (PLC)
Items (ITM)
Asuka (ASA)
Brandi (BRD)
Elena (ELN)
Isabelle (ISB)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Jacob’s Rebound.  Please do head over to lessonofpassion.com for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Note: This guide reflects the new expansion “Menage a Trois” and varies differently from the first release of the game.

Rules (RLE)
Jacob wanted nothing more than to play professional basketball and never have to worry about money or shortage of women. But as the money began to compile so did his ego. Endless parties at the bars, skipped practices with the team and fights, oh the crazy fights, he finds himself in. The league was faced with no other choose but to suspend him for five years. After months of the bad press and spending almost all his money, Jacob sobered up and invested the remainder of his money into opening his own gym and in hopes that he can stay in shape until his ban is lifted or maybe find something or someone better than his old dream.

“Jacob’s Rebound” is an dating simulator game where you control Jacob and for the next month (30 Days) you try to sort his life. Organize your gym, enroll new members, work out yourself and just watch as the money comes in. But besides work, you can meet several girls around the city and see if there is a possible future with them. Below are all the stats and what the correlate to in the game:

Fitness: No one likes a beer belly, especially when you are now sober! Your fitness allows for you to perform more actions at your gym and impress the ladies too.

Culture: Knowing about things from countries to current events. Your culture allows you to not only be open-minded but can allow more creative actions to take place.

Social: No one likes to be a hermit, especially Jacob. Your social stat allows for more interactions with girls as well as do things like interviews for your gym.

Gym Reputation: Word of mouth no longer can help a business thrive, you need a good reputation to keep your customer base happy and bring in new customers. Your gym reputation allows for more interactions in the gym and hold outdoor events as well.

Morale: The mind is a terrible thing to rot away. Your morale stat determines if you can work or do actions. If it’s zero, then you will need a break and relax.

NOTE: Whenever you go to bed, you will be paid for how many people are enrolled in your gym and also get +1 Morale as well.

Places (PLC)

Watch a game on the TV +3 Morale
Chat with your on-line friends +1 Morale, +2 Social
Learn how to paint pictures (25 Culture) +5 Culture, -2 Morale
Take Steroids (Steroids)  +8 Fitness, -10 Morale

Brandi’s Bar (18:00-24:00)
Have a non-alcoholic beer ($5) +3 Social, +3 Morale
Buy a round for everyone ($25) +5 Social, +10 Morale
Earn extra money and help Brandi clean the tables +$15, -2 Morale
Distribute leaflets (Leaflets) +3 Gym Reputation, +1 Social, -2 Morale

Crocodile’s Gym
Train your muscles +2 Fitness, +1 Morale
Motivate your customers +1 Gym Reputation, -2 Morale
Individual training (30 Gym Reputation) +2 Gym Reputation, +$30
Offer free fitness meals (50 Gym Reputation, 10 Moral, $100) +5 Social, +10 Gym Reputation
Body Pump Session (80 Gym Reputation, 50 Fitness) +5 Gym Reputation, +$50
Invite local TV for interview (100 Gym Reputation, 50 Culture, $500) +10 Social, +70 Gym Reputation, + 5 Morale
Celebrity Training (200 Gym Reputation, 50 Social) +20 Gym Reputation, +$100

Hospital (12:00-24:00)
Earn extra money and donate blood (15 Fitness) +$50, +2 Morale, -2 Fitness
Purchase steroids ($25) -3 Morale

Marina (9:00-15:00)
Go fishing +5 Morale
Read your favorite Lovecraft horror book +2 Culture, +2 Morale
Organize promotional event for your gym (120 Gym Reputation, $150) –3 Morale, +10 Gym Reputation

Park (9:00-15:00)
Read newspaper +2 Culture, +1 Morale
Organize a run with your gym (80 Gym Reputation, $80) +8 Gym Reputation, -3 Morale

Shop (12:00-21:00)
Go shopping (see Items section for details)
Earn extra money as a security guard +$30, -5 Morale
Distribute leaflets (Leaflets) +1 Social, +3 Gym Reputation, -2 Morale

Office Building (9:00-15:00)
Design and print your leaflets ($80) -2 Morale
Design your own website ($1000) -2 Morale, + 170 Gym
Send e-mail newsletter ($150) -2 Morale, +23 Gym
Advertise in a local newspaper ($350) -2 Morale, +50 Gym

Items (ITM)
Umbrella $50
Flashlight $75
Fashionable watch $120
Concert tickets $250
Spa voucher $340
Limo voucher $400
Phone with Camera $500
Cheerleader outfit $600
Luxury bag $800
Apply for Gold Credit Card (must have $1000 in your bank account to get)

Asuka (ASA)
NOTE: Actions with a ‘*’ are hotspots on the girl’s body.

Chat with her +1 Asuka
Talk about her life (25 Asuka) +3 Asuka
Invite her to go for a walk (50 Asuka, 20 Culture, Umbrella) +20 Asuka. Go to Walking Date for details.
Invite her to dinner (200 Asuka, 60 Culture, 40 Fitness) +30 Asuka. Go to Dinner Date for details
Give her the Spa Voucher (250 Asuka) +20 Asuka. Go to Spa Date for more details.
Show her your new Phone with a Camera (Asuka 500)
*Talk about her ink (3 Asuka) +2 Asuka
*Kiss her neck (10 Asuka) +3 Asuka
*Kiss her (20 Asuka) +4 Asuka
*Ask her to flash you (50 Asuka) +5 Asuka

Walking Date
Say something sweet +5 Asuka
Reach under her skirt (150 Asuka) +6 Asuka

Spa Date
*Nibble her nipple gently +5 Asuka
*Spread your fingers a little +5 Asuka
+20 Asuka at the end

Dinner Date
* Compliment her eyes +5 Asuka
* Caress her arm +5 Asuka
* Play with her stockings +5 Asuka
* Kiss her +5 Asuka
* Light a candle +5 Asuka
* Touch her belly +5 Asuka
* Stroke her hair +5 Asuka
* Slide her other strap down +5 Asuka
* Tickle her thighs +5 Asuka
* Stimulate her nipple +5 Asuka
* Glide her finger down her arm +5 Asuka
* Slide her dress off +5 Asuka
* Ask her to play with herself +5 Asuka
* Run your hands over her stockings +5 Asuka

Brandi (BRD)
NOTE: Actions with a ‘*’ are hotspots on the girl’s body

Chat with her +1 Brandi
Talk to her (25 Brandi) +3 Brandi
Invite her out to eat (50 Brandi, 20 Social, $20) +20 Brandi. Go to Lunch Date for details.
Ask her out (200 Brandi, 60 Fitness, $100). +30 Brandi. Go to Hotel Date for details.
Giver her concert tickets (350 Brandi) +10 Brandi. Go to Concert Date for details.
*Kiss hand (3 Brandi) +2 Brandi
*Sensually kiss her (10 Brandi) +3 Brandi
*Grab Ass (20 Brandi) +4 Brandi
*Pull her towards you (50 Brandi) +5 Brandi

Lunch Date
Clean ketchup from her lips +5 Brandi
Passionate kissing (150 Brandi) +6 Brandi

Concert Date
*Compliment her lips +5 Brandi
*Touch her hair +5 Brandi
+20 Brandi at the end

Hotel Date
* Caress her calf +5 Brandi
* Compliment her eyes +5 Brandi
* Caress her hair +5 Brandi
* Remove her blouse +5 Brandi
* Massage her thighs +5 Brandi
* Kiss her lips +5 Brandi
* Caress her ass +5 Brandi
* Ask her to lay down +5 Brandi
* Kiss her knee +5 Brandi
* Play with her nipple +5 Brandi
* Kiss her nipple +5 Brandi
* Remove her skirt +5 Brandi
* Compliment her muscled belly +5 Brandi
* Lick her pussy +5 Brandi

Elena (ELN)
NOTE: Actions with a ‘*’ are hotspots on the girl’s body

Chat with her +1 Elena
Talk with her about Life (+25 Elena) +3 Elena
Ask her out (50 Elena, 30 Social, Fashionable Watch) +20 Elena. Go to Tennis Date for details.
Ask to see her work (200 Elena, 70 Culture, Gold Card) +20 Elena. Go to Office Date for more details.
Give her a luxury Bag (400 Elena) Go to Boat Date for more details.
*Compliment her purse (3 Elena) +2 Elena
*Smell her perfume (10 Elena) +3 Elena
*Kiss her (20 Elena) +4 Elena
*Feel her up (50 Elena) +5 Elena

Tennis Date
*Give her a sweaty kiss +5 Elena
*Compliment her skirt (150 Elena) +6 Brandi

Boat Date
*Say she is doing a marvelous job +5 Brandi
*Compliment her strong grip +5 Brandi
+10 Brandi at the end

Office Date
* Ask to use her computer +5 Elena
* Touch her hand +5 Elena
* Compliment her necklace +5 Elena
* Touch her arm +5 Elena
* Kiss her knee +5 Elena
* Run your fingers along her thigh
* Remove her panties +5 Elena
* Brush her hair away +5 Elena
* Lick her heels +5 Elena
* Massage her tits +5 Elena
* Call her mistress +5 Elena
* Blow on her clit +5 Elena
* Lick her nipples +5 Elena
* Stare at her pussy +5 Elena

Isabelle (ISB)
NOTE: Actions with a ‘*’ are hotspots on the girl’s body

Chat with her +1 Isabelle
Talk with her about Life (25 Isabelle) +3 Isabelle
Walk with her (50 Isabelle, 20 Fitness, Flashlight) +20 Isabelle. Go to Walking Date for more details
Ask her to go Clubbing (200 Isabelle, 70 Social, $200) +30 Isabelle. Go to Club Date for more details.
Give her a limo voucher (320 Isabelle) +5 Isabelle
Giver her a cheerleader outfit (550 Isabelle)
*Compliment her sexy belly (3 Isabelle) +2 Isabelle
*Kiss her cheek (10 Isabelle) +3 Isabelle
*Hold her against you (20 Isabelle)  +4 Isabelle
*Feel her up (50 Isabelle) +5 Isabelle

Walking Date
Kiss her passionately +5 Isabelle
Lay her on the sand (150 Isabelle) +6 Brandi

Limo Date
*Suck on her nipple +5 Brandi
*Smell her perfume +5 Brandi
+10 Brandi when finished

Club Date
* Admire her heels +5 Isabelle
* Stare into her eyes +5 Isabelle
* Compliment her tan-lines +5 Isabelle
* Ask her to rub herself +5 Isabelle
* Talk dirty to her +5 Isabelle
* Ask her how she feels +5 Isabelle
* Compliment her abs +5 Isabelle
* Ask to see her ass +5 Isabelle
* Stare at her side-boobs +5 Isabelle
* Admire her eyes +5 Isabelle
* Make her talk dirty +5 Isabelle
* Offer her a seat near you +5 Isabelle
* Stare into her eyes +5 Isabelle
* Buy champagne +5 Isabelle

Achievements (ACI)

Over 50 One Day!
Raise your Gym Reputation high enough so that by the end of the day you have 50 members.

Celebrity Training (requires 200 Gym and 50 Social)
Once your Gym Reputation and Social stats are high enough, go to your gym and select to train a celebrity. POP

Am I a Whore? (requires 500 Asuka and Phone with Camera)
Buy the phone with camera from the store and go to Asuka and give it to her. On the date, ask her to masturbate more.

Delicious (requires 250 Asuka)
Go on the dinner date with Asuka and after getting a blowjob from her tell her to stop to have sex with her. When prompted don’t cum on her face. Pop.

Led Maiden (requires 350 Brandi and Concert Tickets)
Buy the concert tickets from the store and go to Brandi and give it to her. Take Brandi to the concert date, at the end it will pop.

Inside Her Tight Ass (requires 500 Brandi)
Go on her hotel date with Brandi. After finishing having sex, choose to put your finger inside her ass. When prompted don’t pull out. Pop.

Sticky Hand (requires 400 Elena and Luxury Bag)
Buy the luxury bag from the store and give it to Elena. At the end of the scene it will pop.

Wow Girl! (requires 450 Elena)
During Elena’s Work Date, when getting a blowjob from her, let the timer run out. Pop.

Just Cruising (requires 320 Isabelle and Limo Voucher)
Buy the Limo Voucher and go and give it to Isabelle. At the end of the date, it will pop.

I’ll Write a Check (requires 550 Isabelle and Cheerleader Outfit)
Give Isabelle the cheerleader and choose to have her on top of you. After the scene, it should pop.

Endings (EDG)


Ending 1: Gym Reputation below 500 and choosing to with no one.
Ending 2: Gym Reputation above 500 and choosing to with no one.
Ending 3: 500 and above with Brandi and choosing her in the end.
Ending 4: 500 and above with Asuka and choosing her in the end.
Ending 5: 500 and above with Elena and choosing her in the end.
Ending 6: 500 and above with Isabelle and choosing her in the end.
Ending 7: 250 and above Relationship with Brandi and Isabella. Buy the Masquerade Masks ($80) in the shop after Brandi and Isabella meet for the second time and then talk the Isabella and agree with her plan.
Ending 8: 250 and above Relationship with Elena and Asuka. Buy the Red Lingerie ($360) after Elena and Asuka meet for the second time and then talk to Elena and agree with her plan.