Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Places (PLC)
Vivian (VVN)
Favors (FVR)
Items (ITM)
Event (EVT)
Club Events (CLV)
Extra Scenes (EXS)
Specials (SPL)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Roommates.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)
College; the place for experimenting and discoveries of both body and mind! In Roommates, you play as Lina; a straight ‘A’ student who wants nothing more than to have the college experience and at the same time move on to the real world prepared for whatever comes her way. But her roommate, Vivian is one of those girls who think that college time is party time and spends more times hitting shots and not the books. All comes to a head when Vivian is told that is she doesn’t pass all of her exams, she will be expelled from school. She turns to her egghead roomie for help and exchange Vivian promises to make Lina get the college experience she has been missing out, and even volunteer her body for her to experiment with.

Until her finals, players must raise both Vivian and Lina’s stats to help them both get the things they want. They include:

INTELLIGENCE: Vivian cannot cheat, or sleep her way to pas her classes. She needs the brains. Her (INT)ELLIGENCE stat shows both the what she has and what is needed for upcoming test.
MOOD: Pressure can be hard on a young mind. Vivian’s MOOD reflects her mindset and if it gets too low, she will not be able to do certain activities or favors.
GOOWILL: Most good deeds go unpunished, but not this time. For every good thing that Lina does for Vivian, her GOODWILL will get higher. The higher it gets, the closer they get a friends and the more fun and intimate things they can do for each other.
SOCIAL: Lina is a bookworm and doesn’t go out that much. Her SOCIAL stat allows her to go places like parties and how she can converse with others.
FAVOR: Lina’s most important stat. For every time she helps Vivian study, Lina will get a FAVOR which she can use to ask Vivian to perform.

Places (PLC)
Dorm Room
-Work (1 Hour) $10 per work
NOTE: For every class on Speed Typing that you complete you will receive more money $15 per work, $25 per work, $40 per work.
-Watch Porn (1 Hour) +1 Fantasy
Sleep (Advance to next day)

Classrooms (open only on the morning and on the weekdays)
Basics of Teaching 2 Hours (Lessons cost $50, $150, $300)
Speed typing Introductions (Lessons cost $50, $150, $300)
Go to Class (1 Hour)
Go to Dean

Store (See Items section for details)

Warehouse 9 (Open on Saturday, Must have Fancy Party Clothes)
-Get Drink for Vivian ($15) -1 INT, +1 GOODWILL
-Gossip +1 SOCIAL
Dance Floor
– Dance -1 INT, +1 GOODWILL, +1 MOOD
– Tease (20 GOODWILL) +2 GOODWILL, +2 MOOD
– Mingle +1 SOCIAL, +1 MOOD, +1 GOODWILL

VIP Lounge (unlocks after Day 60 and going to Warehouse 9 with Vivian once)
-Get Drink for Vivian ($5) -1 INT, +1 GOODWILL
-Get House Special ($10) -3 INT,  +2 GOODWILL, +3 MOOD
-Popping Bottles ($150) -5 INT, +5 GOODWILL, +20 MOOD
-Gossip +1 SOCIAL
Dance Floor
– Dance -1 INT, +1 GOODWILL, +1 MOOD
– Tease (20 GOODWILL) +2 GOODWILL, +2 MOOD
– Mingle +1 SOCIAL, +1 MOOD, +1 GOODWILL
Private Room
-Private Dance ($100) +5 GOODWILL, +5 MOOD
-Toy with Vivian (100 GOODWILL) +2 GOODWILL (+5 GOODWILL if using items)

Vivian (VVN)
Tutor Vivian (20 MOOD)
– Recommended Reading (1 hour) +1 INT, +1 FAVOUR, -1 MOOD
– Basic Tutoring (1 Hour, 21 MOOD, 1st Teaching Class) +2 INT, -1 MOOD, +2 FAVOUR
– Comprehensive Tutoring (2 Hours, 2nd Teaching Class) +5 INT, -2 MOOD, +5 FAVOUR
– Cramming (3 Hours, 3rd Teaching Class) +10 INT, -5 MOOD, +10 FAVOUR
Chat (1 Hour, 30 MOOD) +1 GOODWILL, +1 MOOD (+5 SOCIAL for every star)
Massage (1 Hour, 30 MOOD)
1 Star  (10 GOODWILL) +3 GOODWILL, +3 MOOD
2 Stars (50 GOODWILL) +3 GOODWILL, +3 MOOD
3 Stars (100 GOODWILL) +3 GOODWILL, +3 MOOD
3 Stars and OIL (100 GOODWILL) +13 GOODWILL, +8 MOOD
Give Present (1 Hour) (See Items for details)
Sexual Favors (see Favors section for details)

Favors (FVR)
NOTE: All favors need 20 MOOD or more.

-Feather (2 FAVOR and Feather)
1 Star +3 GOODWILL
2 Stars +4 GOODWILL
3 Stars +5 GOODWILL
-Tease her with Kisses (4 FAVOUR, 30 GOODWILL)
1 Star +3 GOODWILL
2 Stars +5 GOODWILL (Requires 2 Star Feather)
3 Stars +6 GOODWILL
-Feel Her Up (6 FAVOUR, 80 GOODWILL)
1 Star +3 GOODWILL
2 Stars +6 GOODWILL
3 Stars +7 GOODWILL (Requires 3 Star Kiss)

-Upper Body Modeling (6 FAVOUR, 80 GOODWILL)
1 Star +4 GOODWILL
2 Stars +5 GOODWILL
3 Stars +6 GOODWILL
-Full Body Modeling (8 FAVOUR, 80 GOODWILL)
1 Star +4 GOODWILL
2 Stars +6 GOODWILL (Requires 2 Star Upper Body Modeling)
3 Stars +7 GOODWILL (Requires 3 Stars Upper Body Modeling)
-Pose for the Camera (10 FAVOUR, 100 GOODWILL)
1 Star +4 GOODWILL
2 Stars +7 GOODWILL (Requires 2 Stars Full Body Modeling)
3 Stars +8 GOODWILL (Requires 3 Stars Full Body Modeling)

SEX (Unlocks after 7 Fantasy)
-Insertion (12 FAVOUR, 100 GOODWILL, Dildo)
1 Star +5 GOODWILL
2 Star +6 GOODWILL
3 Star +7 GOODWILL
-69 position (12 FAVOUR, 150 GOODWILL)
1 Star +5 GOODWILL
2 Star +7 GOODWILL
3 Star +8 GOODWILL
-Sex (14 FAVOUR, 150 GOODWILL)
1 Star +5 GOODWILL
2 Star +8 GOODWILL
3 Star +9 GOODWILL (Requires 3 Star 69 Position)

BDSM (Unlocks after 15 Fantasy)
-Make her play with herself (10 FAVOUR, 100 GOODWILL)
1 Star +5 GOODWILL
2 Star +6 GOODWILL
3 Star +7 GOODWILL
– Make her submit (12 FAVOUR, 150 GOODWILL)
1 Star +5 GOODWILL (Requires 2 Star Make Her Play with Herself)
2 Star +7 GOODWILL
3 Star +8 GOODWILL
-Complete submission (14 FAVOUR, 150 GOODWILL, BDSM Outfit)
1 Star +5 GOODWILL (Requires 3 Star Make Her Submit)
2 Star +8 GOODWILL
3 Star +10 GOODWILL (GOODWILL will go to 1000)

Items (ITM)
Chocolate $20 +5 Mood, +1 GOODWILL
Rave Band $50 +10 Mood, +1 GOODWILL
Expensive Alcohol $75 +20 Mood, +3 GOODWILL
Concert Tickets $100 +100 Mood, + 4 GOODWILL
Fancy Party Clothes $200
Sexy Dress $500

Adult Goods Section
Feather $20
Massage Oil $70
Crotch-less Panties $100
Love Egg $150
Dildo $200
BDSM Outfit $700

Event (EVT)
Every Friday: Pay Day (If you worked on computer)
Every Saturday (Afternoon): Vivian goes out to party
Day 15: Test Day (3 INT Required)
Day 29: Test Day (15 INT Required)
Day 43: Test Day (30 INT Required)
Day 51: E-mail from Secret Admirer (if you go out to party with Vivian)
Day 57: Test Day (60 INT Required)
Day 61: Marcie asks for a $100 loan
Day 62: VIP Party Invitation (if you went to party with Vivian once)
Day 71: Test Day (90 INT Required)
Day 85: Test Day (130 INT Required)
Day 96: Marcie pays back the loan (if given on Day 61 and not demand sex)
Day 99: Test Day (200 INT Required)
Day 113: Test Day (300 INT Required)
Day 113: GAME OVER

Club Events (CLV)
Below are all the events that can happen when you go out with Vivian. The first two actions can be done in any order, however the final action is the one that must be triggered.
NOTE: The events with a ‘*’ are events only available at the VIP Club. All others can be done at both clubs.

Alcohol Poisoning: Drink with Vivian threes times  -5 INT,  – 10 MOOD, -5 GOODWILL
Caught Masturbating: Tease W9, go to bathroom then leave, mingle MOOD goes to 0, -10 GOODWILL
*Extra Service: Mingle, Popping Bottles, Private Dance, $100 +10 GOODWILL
*Flash the Crowd: Toy with Vivian, Private Dance, Mingle +2 GOODWILL
Kiss a stranger: Drink with Vivian W9, Gossip W9, Mingle W9 No changes
*Pool Party: Mingle, Popping Bottles, Dive In
-Yes +30 MOOD
*Ruined Dress: Buy House Special (3x) Party Ends
*Sex with a Stranger: Toy with Vivian (2x), Mingle -10 MOOD, +5 GOODWILL
*Skinny Dipping: Buy House Special (2x), Dive In +20 MOOD, +10 GOODWILL
Strip Dance: Drink with Vivian W9 (2X), Dance +2 GOODWILL, +5 MOOD
Wet T-Shirt Competition: Drink with Vivian W9, Mingle (x2), $50 +5 GOODWILL, +5 MOOD

Extra Scenes (EXS)
Sex with Interest
If you demand sex from Marcie for the $100 you will get a scene, but if you bought the vibrating egg from the adult store before, you will be treated to an extra scene.

More Toys, More Fun
If you toy with Vivian in the Private Rooms at the VIP club, you have the options of using the vibrating egg or dildo on her.

When Life Gives You Lemons
After getting the “Double D” achievement, if you have sex (at three stars) you will be treated to a longer scene with them using the double-ended dildo.

Specials (SPL)
Asking Vivian to Stay
If you have Vivian go out to party and you stay put, she will get -2 INT and -10 MOOD and will be unable to study the next day. To make her stay you will need 50 GOODWILL and will make her stay but also loose 10 MOOD. If you go out with her, the following day she will have a hangover same as if she would go out without you.

Clock is Ticking
If Vivian fails a test and players do not go to the dean in three days the game will end.

Get Those Stars:
To get more stars, there is a system in place. To get the second star, you must do the first star action twice. To get the third and final star, you must do the second star action three times.

Achievements (ACI)
NOTE: Some achievements require multiple steps and some may be out of order, so please read the entire achievement.

Breaking Bad (Requires “Caught at Party” or Strip Dance Event)
Go to classes five times and on the fifth time you will get a scene with Mason. Go to the club and talk to Manson. Pay him $200 or show him naked pictures of Vivian. POP.

Fetish Wear (Requires access to VIP Club and $150-$300)
Go to the bar at the VIP club and choose to pop the bottles. After a small cutscene, go back to the club during the day for another scene. Wait till morning and go to class where a cutscene with Marcie will take place and then go back to the VIP club during the day. Either pay the DJ $150 or ask Marcie to give him a BJ. (Note: if you did not do the ”Best Friends” achievement, she will refuse). Afterwards, wait till the club is open and go there. POP.

Graduation (Requires “Best Friends”, “Double D”, “Secret Admirer”, 85 GOODWILL and $100)
(NOTE: This is a game ending achievement, so make sure you have all the achievements before attempting this one!)
Go to class for a cutscene where the girls talk about having a final party. Go to the shop and buy party supplies. Next day, go talk to the dean about the stripper situation. Email Lightning Fingers on your computer and meet him at the Private Room at the VIP club. Shortly after, you can leave the party and the cutscene will take place. POP.

Secret Admirer (Requires Fancy Party Clothes, 75 GOODWILL, access to VIP and one class for speed typing.)
After going to the party for the first time go to your dorm room for a cutscene about an email. Choose to take the photo, go to class and take another photo. Check your email on your computer where it asks to take a naked selfie with Vivian in their dorm room. Go to the VIP lounge and then go to the bathroom like the message instructed. POP

Double D (Requires “Pleasing Dean”, Naked Pictures of Vivian, access to VIP and $200)
Go to the Sex Shop and watch the cutscene. Go to his office and listen to his deal and then show him photos of Vivian naked. Search online on your computer (optional) and then get a private dance at the VIP club ($100) and talk to Diamond and pay $100 for lessons. Go back to the Sex Shop and watch the cutscene. POP.

Best Friends (Requires 100 GOODWILL, Fancy Party Clothes and access to VIP)
-Make Vivian cum once in the dorm
-Go to the club and tease Vivian on the dance floor, go to the bathroom to see Marcie and Vivian get it on.
-On Day 61, Marcie will come in and ask for money. Choose to demand sex for the money.
-Go to the VIP lounge go to Private Room and watch the cutscene. POP

Pleasing Dean (Requires $500)
Have Vivian fail one of her tests and go talk to the dean. Buy the Sexy Dress before the week deadline and the game will automatically go forward. POP.

Porn Addicted
Watch porn 15 times.

Caught at Party (Requires 20 GOODWILL and Fancy Party Clothes)
Go to the club and tease Vivian on the dance floor. Go to the bathroom and see Vivian by herself. Leave and go to the bar and gossip. POP.

Perfect Stranger (Requires access to VIP, 100 GOODWILL)
Go to the Private Room and Toy with Vivian twice. Then go out to the dance floor and mingle. Watch the cutscene. POP

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: Vivian failed to pass two tests
Ending 2: Vivian passes her exams
Ending 3: Throw a graduation party
Ending 4: Vivian passed all her exams AND got three stars in Complete Submission
Ending 5: Vivian passed all her exams AND got three stars in all Sex categories and 3 stars in Kissing.


  • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:


    I really like this game. Thanks for the walkthrough. It’s helpful. I have a couple of achievements I am having difficulty obtaining, Graduation and Double D. They both seem to hinge on naked photos of Vivian which I am presuming are acquired through the sexual favor, modeling. The trick seems to lie in holding back her tutoring enough for her to fail a test, but still have enough favor points to complete 3 stars in Pose for the camera under Modeling. Am I heading the right direction? If so do you have any further hints? If not, help, please. 😀

    • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:


      I got Double D but it was too late in the game for Graduation. Apparently I need to get her to fail the 130 test and have $500 for the dress. I just realized I don’t have to have the nude photos until later, so I will have time to do that. I guess I won’t need your further help after all. Never mind.

      • LOP_Daman says:


        My pleasure bud! Enjoy!

        • starlordpeter005 says:

          Hi Bro. I can do all achievements. But unfortunately i dont know how to get Best friends ending. I have tried the walkthrough,still it didnt help. I made vivian cum once in her room, saw marcie and vivan at the bathroom, demanded sex from Marcie..But still its not happening. can you help?

          • LOP_Daman says:


            When you demand for sex with Marcie, it helps to have the dildo (I think). If you make her cum, it might help trigger the scene you are looking for. Try it and let me know if it works.

          • starlordpeter005 says:

            No Brother. Its not Happening 🙁 I have massaged vivian with the oil and made her cum. then i demanded sex with marcie and had sex with her. But still when i go to the vip lounge, its not happening.

          • LOP_Daman says:


            Wait, now I know what went wrong. There are only a few ways to get an orgasm, a TRUE orgasm, with Vivian you will need a level three scene in either; feather/strawberry teasing, kissing, touching, insertion, 69, sex, and making her touch herself. Sadly you don’t get one from massaging her.

            So get one of the orgasms listed above and try it again and let me know if that works!

  • paling1234 says:

    great game

  • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:

    I played this game again today for the first time in a few months. I like it very much. I played to ending 3 where they live to party. The one thing that bothers me about this game, but I doubt that you would go back and change it is that although Lina is bi the only time she is ever fucked by a guy is in a demeaning gang bang with her dean and his friends and has to pay $500 on top of the humiliation for a dress that she wears for 5 minutes. I would have liked to see her get some good m-f sex with someone, maybe a random guy at the club or even Lightening Fingers. If you ever update this game please consider a bit more hetero/lesbo balance. I like Lina very much and would like to see her in some future game.

  • lodomer123 says:

    Hi! How to get nude Vivian nude picture?

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