Pledge: Teacher’s secrets delivered!

Today we’ve released promised expansion to PLEDGE.
All new features are listed below:

– a new way of earning money: posing naked
– thrilling events with your teachers – Anett and Margaret
– an extra scene with Rebecca
– get revenge on Annet and humiliate her the way you like
– a new cheat menu that allows you to boost your stats

I’m sure all PLEDGE fans will enjoy it.

Visit Melissa’s dorn here: PLEDGE: Teacher’s secret –


What’s up sisters?

ItMakesMeBlush is slowly completing renders to LWS second expansion that would be exclusively focused on Jade – Serena’s sister.

I have to admit that I just love those characters and if you will fall in love with this expansion (and I’m sure you will) we’ll probably develop full sequel to present even more adventures of Serena, Julian and Jade.

BTW – we’re releasing PLEDGE: Teacher’s secrets next week!

LWT2 EXP – closer and closer

YamYoda is making huge progress with LWT2 EXP rendering and we see the end in this tunel. Most of the renders are already prepared – now we need to add just single scene and around 15 additional animations. There will be a lot of new scenes and I’m sure you gonna love it.

As I mentioned before, I’ve already put “old script” from the original game into new game file and I need to do the same with the new scenes so there is still a lot of work in terms of coding.

So when we gonna deliver it?
We can say that exactly but there is our roadmap for the incoming months:

PLEDGE expansion – May 2019
ELEANOR 3 first expansion – June / July 2019
LWT2 expansion – August / September 2019

Please bare in mind that those are only our estimations (especially in terms of LWT2 expansion) and we can’t guarantee antyhing but we’ll do everything to make it happen.

Eleanor 3 expansions

As we’ve mentioned before we plan to provide regular updates to ELEANOR 3. We got full set of renders to the first expansion and Daman is working on texts.

What can you expect?

  • additional scenes with Amber
  • extra scene with Drake where Eleanor can show him how much she desires him,
  • amazing gangbang scene with football team,
  • quest from her Master – she need to seduce and humiliate  innocent instagram model,
  • plotline where Eleanor and Drake got a chance for a swinging dinner with our old friends from the Club Velvet Rose,
  • 2 more endings.

If you guys got some special wishes in terms of scenes you want to see in further expansions please let us know in the comments:

– provide us with character description,
– general scene plot,
– explanation why do you think that this scene will be hot.

Basing on your feedback we’ll try to implement some of your propositions into the game.

Flirting with Yasmine – PATREON project

As you may know, couple of years ago, my friends and I assembled a team (a bit like the Avengers, but with less spandex and a deplorable lack of Black Widow) and called ourselves Real Love 3D.  Our mission is to develop 3D games, and so far we’ve released two full games: BLIND DATE 3D and NIGHT WITH VERONICA.

With our next game we want to do something really big – develop the 3d game we’ve always wanted to play: a relationship simulator with amazing 3D visuals, adorable characters, a breathtaking story, and super spicy, erotic scenes. What’s more, it would be regularly updated with new content and maybe, when it’s advanced enough, we’d publish it on Steam.


We’ve decided to call it “Flirting With Yasmine”, because the core of the game will revolve around your high school crush and the game’s eponymous heroine. Yasmine always was the highlight of your day – the best friend who could lift your mood with the mischievous lilt of her lips, the partner-in-crime who would laugh the hardest whenever you got away with something and would trade all of your stupid jokes with even sillier ones of her own. The confidant who lent an attentive ear to any and all of your secrets… except one. That you had fallen for her. Hard. That whenever she spoke of her latest crush you would smile a brittle smile as you felt your insides crumble. That you knew your fat self would never number among those crushes, that she would never see you as more than a friend… that was Yasmine for you: Heaven and Hell in one gorgeous package. Honestly, parting ways with her after graduation was the most bittersweet experience of your young life. As for meeting her again… you are not quite sure what that will be like.

The years have been more than kind with her – they have been downright generous: she has matured into a beautiful, intelligent, fun woman… who is married to your best friend. And that might be an even thornier issue than it usually would, seeing as you will be spending a month living with them, all the while trying to navigate your loyalties, morals, and desires and trying not to be too obvious when you leer at Yasmine in her pajamas. Also, maybe you could try to channel that pent-up teenage lust into a more acceptable target? Like that newly divorced woman who keeps showing up or that wannabe influencer with the huge- you know what? This is an emotional, hormone-ridden wreck waiting to happen. I hope you enjoy the ride.

In terms of gameplay, this will be a relationship simulation with free roaming in key locations, interactive dialogs and mild stat building.


Developing a 3D game on the scale we’re aiming for isn’t a one-man show (Kryptonians need not apply), you need a team of talented specialists – and, luckily, we’ve got them. Those specialists, no matter how much passion they feel for the project, have their own families – and families need to eat. Or so the judge told us last time we tried something like this. We remain skeptical, but will respect the court’s ruling on the matter.

Until now, we have funded our 3D projects with other sources of income, but, if we are to give Yasmine all the attention she deserves, we will need your support to be able to work on her for several months straight.

So if you like you may take a look at our PATREON page, find out more about the project and see what kind of rewards we’ve prepared for our PATREONS.

Read more about YASMINE here: REAL LOVE 3D – PATREON

Office romance on the horizon

It’s about time to announce another project for – OFFICE ROMANCE.

Mike works as a Senior Designer at a web-developing site alongside of a woman named Rachel. Rachel used to be one of the women who mocked him when he was fat in high school, and she was given her position due to being engaged to Teresa’s nephew. He decides to take out his past aggressions by breaking up her marriage and making her fall for him.  

Office Romance is a game where the player, in the role of Mike, slowly tries to break Rachel down into an unfaithful slut who falls for him within 30 days, ruining her marriage to Steven. Since Rachel is the primary focus, the stats determine how she interacts with him.

The Love stat governs the affection/trust that Rachel has for Mike.  Casual talk and things that build the trust that she has in Mike will raise it and will make her more comfortable with Mike, allowing him to take advantage of her in various ways. If Mike is doing anything with another girl her affection will drop for Mike.

The Lust stat governs how lustful Rachel feels. Doing acts that raise her arousal or appeal to her sexual nature will influence Rachel’s desire towards Mike, making it easier for her to do things that are sexual in nature.

The Control stat governs how submissive Rachel is to Mike. Forcing her to work or doing things that exerts the power he has over her will raise it and allow him to push her into more uncomfortable things.  This includes sex scenes with other girls.

The other stats are irrelevant to Rachel and instead dictate how Mike influences the other people and world around him.

The Design stat simply influences fast he finishes work progress, making it easier to makeMoney, which is spent on items and other things. The Charisma stat influences how fast the other stats grow and is a measure of how attractive Mike is to other people besides Rachel.

The other characters are relatively minor in terms of importance, with the ones who offer the player additional sex scenes or options being the other women Mike can have casual sex with. 

Deborah prefers attractive men, so if your Charisma is high enough she’ll go along with about anything. Chanel works professionally for the VIP section of the club, meaning Money is all she cares about. Teresa can influence the endings based around Lust and Control depending on whether she has been satisfied during an office event or feels vindictive for him spurring her. 

Depending on the actions that Mike takes with Rachel and which stat is the highest, a corresponding ending is unlocked at the end of the time period.

I’m sure you’re aware that we also work with very ambitious girl LILITH who want to become a pop star. We’re making significant  progress with this project as well.

* * *

BTW – we’ve just launched our PORNHUB profile where we’ll be uploading our promotional and gameplay movies. So if you’re interested in such content please visit PORNHUB and SUBSCRIBE our account: LOP games –

* * *

And once more, as a test, we’re giving invitations to our DISCORD CHANNEL – this time for 100 users, valid 1 day – LOP at DISCORD. Later today we plan to launch another short quiz about ELEANOR where you can win 1 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION for

Eleanor 3 is here!

The never-ending struggle between being
a dirty whore who won’t flinch away at anything,
and the perfect wife everyone dreams about.

Yes! She is back!

Last time we met Eleanor, she’d moved with her husband Drake to a new city in order to start a new job – her husband had founded an accounting company and she would be…

his assistant, jumping on every dick she could see around her.

One of those dicks belonged to Don Mario, a local crime boss who fed Eleanor’s immense appetite by letting her dance at his club and have all the sex she wanted. The only catch was, he wanted Eleanor to convince her husband to do more dealings with each other. In other words, Don Mario had dirty money and he intended to launder it through Drake’s company.

When the situation blew up, he framed Drake and it was Eleanor’s husband who was arrested for the crime boss’ sins. Eleanor wasn’t even able to testify to protect him – Don Mario blackmailed her, saying he would reveal all the dirty stuff she had done in his club.

Ashamed, afraid of what might happen if Drake found out, and desperate protect their marriage, Eleanor didn’t take the stand and kept her mouth shut. With no character witnesses to speak on Drake’s behalf, the judge sentenced him to six months with no parole.

You’d think that, without her husband around, Eleanor would have held a massive orgy till he got out. But for the first time in her life, Eleanor thought that the apartment without Drake felt much like herself: empty. She soon decided to pack her things and move back to Passion City to try and rebuild her life while she waited for Drake to get out of jail and join her.

So, in four days Drake will be coming back from jail and she just can’t wait till that moment. Will he ever forgive her? Is she going to make him love and trust her again? Or maybe Drake is a closed chapter of her life and it’s time to look for new… inspirations? As always, you have thirty days to find out.

That’s interesting!
Now you have a unique chance to create your own Eleanor. Try to imagine your perfect wife and assign those perks that would suit that character best. Bear in mind that said perks might be crucial in-game, giving you access to unique options available only when a specific one is assigned to Eleanor.

Eleanor 3 is a dating sim where you need to make various choices and perform actions based on a daily schedule in order to put her life on the right track. In this story, you’ll meet characters from the previous parts as well as new ones. You’re in command here, so, according to your actions, Eleanor will become their best friend or… take off her panties in front of them, exposing her wet cunt while awaiting their rough touch. But hey – she is married, so don’t forget to balance life between her wifely duties and her more adventurous lifestyle. Though maybe balance is overrated?

But that’s not everything: there is a huge shadow circling around her life. Can you identify it? Can you stand against it? And, most importantly, not end up with her soul and body consumed by its lust for revenge?

This is not our final word! We plan to release updates for Eleanor 3, expanding her universe with new events, characters, and plot twists. Stay tuned for more info about incoming expansions on our blog.

It’s simple – get MEMBERSHIP
here: ELEANOR 3 –

BTW – We’re testing our DISCROD channel. Here you can find a link valid for the first 50 users, open for 24 hours – LOP at DISCORD
More invitations soon.

So what’s coming next?

As you all know, we’re doing everything to release ELE3 next week.
Generally we got everything except verified texts – I hope this missing piece will be delivered on time 🙂

Cause YamYoda is still rendering LWT2 EXP we we’ll release PLEDGE update first (together with cheat menu as some of you asked) and then when Yam will complete rendering we’ll go with Justin and his gang. Some new images with Lisa doing some nasty stuff below:

Then we’ll announce something new that we kept deep in our treasure chest. Arrgghh!!!

BTW, you may noticed on our INSTAGRAM account that we’ve released couple images from WAITING 4 YOU game – that would be our next project available for FREE for everyone (with LOPGOLD.COM PLAY IT FIRST priority).

Eleanor 3 in April!

I’m proud to say that Eleanor 3 is close to it’s release date!

We’re just after the first phase of beta test and the game is fully playable. I will spend more time in order to balance the gameplay and stat building but so far everything is awesome.

Still we need to add music, sounds, galleries and add fully verified texts (89% so far).

I expect to release this game in the first half of April.