Blind Date 3d on STEAM!

Today we’re releasing our first game on STEAM – upgraded version of BLIND DATE 3D. So what’s new?

We’ve added much more details and effects making our characters more glamorous and desirable.

We’ve refreshed the wardrobe by adding new colors, fabrics and in general making everything look much more handsome.

In this department serious changes in terms of used materials and general illumination setting for the scenes making it even more natural and visually appealing

Now game works much faster offering better visual quality than before.

So, if you’ve never played BLIND DATE 3D now it’s the perfect opportunity to give it a try and if you already got earlier version – it’s up to you. It’s always nice to have something new and shiny in your STEAM library.


How to Show Adult Only Games on STEAM?
To find this option, login first, then click your name at the top right corner of the Steam client and then select “Store Preferences.”
Under Mature Content, check the “Adult Only Sexual Content” box to view these types of games. Your change takes effect immediately.

And now it’s time for FREE STEAM KEYS.
First 20 persons who will reply to this post with words “FREE STEAM KEY” will receive such key from us by e-mail to the address assigned to their blog account. If you like the game – please give it review on STEAM.

UPDATE: All keys have been given away – thank you.

Official DISCORD channel

For a couple of months we’ve been testing our DISCORD channel with a closed group of 250 users and I believe that today we may open it for everyone.


Please accept our invitation:

What’s more, some Q&A below.

When our STEAM games are going to be released?
Right now ELEANOR 3 is under their review and if everything goes smooth we’ll release it on August 26th.
BLIND DATE 3D we’ll be released much sooner.

Any progress with LWT2: Revelations?
Yes, first stage of betatest is complete and everything is playable – I was able to achieve every scene in the game and that’s a very good sign. Still missing some elements (cumshots, text verification, implemented audio) but it’s going very well and the release in the first half of September is certain.

Under the black banner

Argh! There is a black flag on the horizon and pirates are coming to plunder and enslave the most beautiful maidens on the island.

Daman is polishing the texts and we’re starting the development process just after the release of LWT2: Revelations.

Huge project with a lot of erotic scenes reinforced with interesting visuals and entertaining gameplay taken from Seducing the Throne and Looking 4 love. So expect good old school dating sim with pirate theme and some black magic.

And one more thing…
During development of this game we’ll probably release new expansion to Eleanor 3 where we’ll have a chance to meet again Samantha with her son and spend much more time with Ben – Drake’s prison buddy.


Tracy and Lisa are closer and closer

Last couple of days mean constant development of LWT2: Revelations. My task was to rewrite the whole game, from FLASH to UNITY, so it isn’t only adding extra scenes operation. It’s building the original LWT2 game from scratch, in new engine, and then adding the new content to the base version.

The whole process is going okay but because the fact, that the script is very complex with a lot of variables and tricky jumps between scenes (depending on various conditions), beta testing process is very complicated and time consuming. I’m trying to test every scene in every single possible variation and… my brain is almost melting.

So what is left?

– more and more betatests
– final text verification
– some cumshot images
– add AUDIO & SFX
– add GAME+

How do I see it so far?

New scenes are adding extra tension and depth to the game – you can learn a lot about background of the most desired characters, their experiences from the past and understand their role in this story. From the gameplay point of view, achieving the most erotic scenes, will require using smart approach and staying focused on your target for the whole game.

The game is much longer – we’ve managed to stretch it from 6 to 11 days and what’s important – every day matters and offers a lot of interesting activities. So no fillers – only fresh meat.

In terms of sex scenes – I’ve made a short calculation and I’ve counted around 14 sex oriented scenes in the original game. This expansion will add around 24 new sex scenes so as you see it’s a huge progress.

Is it going to be awesome?

If you loved LWT2 you will be just amazed with the expansion. Really. For some, who said that LWT2 was to short, this will be also great addition cause this time Tracy and Lisa got much more to offer. Not only much more scenes but also the variety and context of them.

Yes. This game is worth waiting for!

LOP Update

LWT2: Revelations

Slowly I’m putting everything together. Links between scenes are mostly done and soon I’m going to start tests.

ELEANOR 3: 2nd expansion

Rendering process is started and so far we got two events rendered. DAMAN is going to prepare very interesting scenes and we gonna publish the list soon. Some samples below.


Couple weeks ago I’ve received complete texts for WWW and when my brain is melting cause of my core projects I’m crafting this FREE game. Gameplay very similiar to Beneath steel clouds.


We’re testing new rendering method and so far we’re happy with the first results. We’ll post most images soon as we test new locations and characters.

As you’ve noticed, here we’re rendering characters and images together – so far we were rendering backgrounds and characters separately. With this new method we’ll be able to present much more interesting angles during sex scenes together with more natural character positioning on the screen (no more head moving outside the screen during animations) 🙂

It’s hard to predict when we gonna start rending games that way. For sure we’ll start with a free game as a technology demo and then we’ll implement this technic for much bigger project.

Flirting with Yasmine – build 0.01

KEMP and SLAWEK are developing our next build which will push the story forward – we’ll be able to experience day 2 and 3 in it. And yes, we’ll have a playable sex scene there.

Meanwhile SZUGA is assigned to a different task – his job is to put the level of visuals into a new level and he is doing pretty amazing job with that. PATREONS should expect new build with improved image quality soon.

So today we’re releasing our first playable build for the public.

Visit our PATREON page here: REAL LOVE 3D – PATREON

Enjoy and please let us know in the comments what do you think about it.

Eleanor 3 coming to STEAM

I’ve decided to make an experiment and let Eleanor shine on STEAM. We’ve been talking a lot about this with her manager: FLAKE and he clearly stated that she got potential to achieve success there. Of course she’ll need to suck cock or two to get on that platform but it isn’t nothing new for her mouth.

What does it mean?

  • You’ll be able to purchase ELEANOR 3 on a new platform, download it and play without subscription,
  • This version of a game  is NOT CENSORED and contains BLUE ORCHID expansion.
  • I’s an experiment only – right now we don’t plan to release more LOPGOLD.COM games in that format.

So, all of you, who wanted to have ELEANOR 3 downloadable, now got the best possible chance to get it.

We plan to release it in AUGUST so if you don’t want to miss the RELEASE DATE please click ADD TO WISHLIST button on STEAM STORE page. We’ll also organize a contest so you’ll be able to win 20 STEAM KEYS for ELEANOR 3.


We’ve decided to release BLIND DATE 3D on STEAM!
Couple of months ago it was completely impossible but recently this platform become more erotic content friendly and we would like to try if we can find some new fans there with our games.

As you know KEMP and SLAWEK are busy with FLIRTING WITH YASMINE:

– preparing new animations for further parts of the story,
– completing materials and lights for new locations,
– completing new characters in UNITY environment,
– general visual upgrades (with very significant progress that we’ll reveal soon)

Cause this is important release for us, we’ve assigned SZUGA – one of our very high level paladins who has remarkable 3d wisdom and experience, to visually upgrade our game. In his quest he will focus on updating:

– skin materials: adding more glam, sex-appeal and make it as close to reality as possible to make the characters much more desirable than before
– clothes: we gonna refresh the wardrobe a little bit adding new colors, fabrics, etc
– locations and lightning: serious changes in terms of used materials and general lights setting for the scenes making it even more natural and visually appealing

So as you see – we gonna keep the game the same as before. The only changes are planned in visual department.

We plan to release upgraded BLIND DATE 3D this AUGUST.
So, if you’re interested in getting it on STEAM, please click ADD TO WISHLIST button on our STEAM STORE page to don’t miss the release and the contest – that day you’ll be able to win one of 20 FREE STEAM KEYS.

Visit our STEAM PAGE and click ADD TO WISHLIST!

Expect more information from OLIVA and MAYA soon.

LWT2: Revelations – work in progress

Finally! I was able to transfer all texts received iksanabot into a game file, matching them with corresponding images from YamYoda.

Now I need to make connections between scenes, import everything to UNITY for the first time and start testing it. So still long way ahead of us but we’re making significant progress.

I’m amazed once more by iksanabot creativity – we’ll get a lot of new scenes, which are not only alluring and super sexy but also adds more depth to the characters we know, presenting some interesting facts from their past.

In terms of gameplay, we’re implementing much more stats here – not only various variables but also relationship level with key characters.

Sound department – we’ve got professionally recorded sounds for this game – all moaning, orgasm, penetration sounds and everything is custom and new.

Interesting fact: our 2d artist, adding juicy cumshots on our images, got a lot of work – so far I’ve counted 60 images that need to be covered with jizz and this number is still growing.

Thrilled? Release date: August / September 2019

Eleanor 3: Blue Orchid

As promised, today we release the first expansion to ELEANOR 3 game called Blue Orchid.


  • additional erotic foreplay options with Amber (sauna and club)
  • extra scene with Drake where Eleanor can show him how much she desires him
  • amazing gangbang scene with football team
  • quest from her Master – she need to seduce and humiliate innocent instagram model
  • plotline with swinging dinner with our old friends from the Club Velvet Rose
  • 2 more endings

Right now ELEANOR 3 got almost 1000 static images and 80 animations, 30 frames each.

Daman is working with the EXPANSION 002 and Chestnut already started to render it. So you should expect it after the hollidays. More info about what to expect soon.

Experience new scenes here: ELEANOR 3 –