Tori 500

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Places (PLC)
Items (ITM)
Event (EVT)
Model (MDL)
Movies (MVS)
Special Events (SPV)
Special Clients (SPC)
Specials (SPL)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Tori 500.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Note: This guide reflects the new expansion Dirty Business and varies differently from the first release of the game.

Rules (RLE)
Tori thought she found the love of her life when she meet Nathan. He was caring, funny and took care of the bills for them both. When she felt that this could be “the one” she gets a rude awakening when a group of hitmen make a visit to their bedroom. Apparently Nathan owes some money to the mafie and they were here to collect. So then Nathan skips town and with Tori being the only link to the money, the Mafia Boss calls for Tori to pay back his debt!

Tori 500 is an adventure game where players take control of Tori and try their best to raise the money needed to pay off the dept, by any means until the Mafia Boss comes back for it after 100 days. Tori needs to work her stats to help make some money in all different fields of work:

LOOK: It’s divided into three groups; FACE, BODY and DRESS. The average of the three will be your total.
IQ: The higher your IQ, the better your SMALL TALK for sexual encounters.
SELFDEFENCE: Some people see a woman as an easy target. Raise this stat to help fight off any unwanted people or unsatisfied customers.
HEALTH: You need to be healthy in order to work any job. If your HEALTH drops below 10, you will take time to recover automatically.
MORALE: A sound mind is a good mind. But your MORALE drops too low, you can not work and need some time to relax to get it back up.
REPUTATION: If you choose to become an escort, rep is what brings in the money. The higher your REPUTATION the better clients will come to you and the bigger the money will follow.

Places (PLC)

Sleep (Advance to next day) +70 TIME
Make Up (10 TIME) (See Items section for details)
Dress Up (10 TIME) (See Items section for details)

Blue Trailer (Available After Day 27 and accept to do the movie)
(See Movies section for details)

City Park
Find C Class Customer (45 TIME)
Take a Day Off (100 TIME) +30 MORALE, +10 HEALTH
Take a Walk (10 TIME) +1 MORALE, +1 HEALTH

Extravaganza Club (Available After Day 60)
Flirt (20 TIME) +20 REP
Buy Ecstasy Pill (10 TIME, $200) +30 MORALE
Find an A Class Customer (45 TIME, 5000 REP)

Gogo Club (Available after 35 LOOK)
Perform a Pole Dance (35 TIME) -2 MORALE, +$
Buy and Expensive Drink (10 TIME, $20) +5 MORALE
Find a B Class Customer (45 TIME)

Buy Club Membership (10 TIME, $300)
– Training Cycle (35 TIME) +3 BODY
– Sauna (40 TIME) +30 MORALE
– Self Defence Training (30 TIME) +5 SELFDEFENCE
– Work (40 TIME)

Medical Treatment (80 TIME, $200) +100 HEALTH
Breast Augmentation (90 TIME, $2500) +25 BODY
Blood Donation (60 TIME) +$150, -30 HEALTH
Work (40 TIME)

John Wee Shop
Buy Weapon (20 TIME) (See Items section for details)

Luxury Shop
Buy Luxury Items (40 TIME) (See Items section for details)

Model Agency (Available After Day 13)
(See Model section for details)

Shopping Center
Buy Homeware (30 TIME) (See Items section for details)
Buy Cosmetics (20 TIME) (See Items section for details)
Buy Clothes (30 TIME) (See Items section for details)
Work (40 TIME)

Spa & Beauty Center
Hair Stylist (30 TIME, $50) +5 FACE
Solarium (30 TIME, $70) +2 BODY
Massage (30 TIME,  $100) +30 MORALE
Work (40 TIME)

Witch Trailer
Buy Magical Items (30 TIME) (See Items section for details)

Items (ITM)

Upper Parts
-Daddy’s Girl Shirt ($50) +10 DRESS
-White by Dolce Shirt ($100) +15 DRESS
-Latex Queen Shirt ($200) +20 DRESS
-Plane Cpt Jacket ($350) +25 DRESS
-Pro Office Shirt ($500) +30 DRESS
-Bahama Love Shirt ($700) +35 DRESS
-Vampire Blouse ($1000) +35 DRESS
-She is Not Shy Bra ($2500) +35 DRESS
-Liberato Blouse ($5000) +40 DRESS
Lower Parts
-Jeans Skirt ($50) +10 DRESS
-Mersace Skirt ($100) +15 DRESS
-Latex Long Skirt ($200) +20 DRESS
-She Louis Jeans Skirt ($350) +25 DRESS
-Short Latex Pants($500) +30 DRESS
-Indiana Jones Jeans ($700) +35 DRESS
-Latex Arma Jeans ($1000) +35 DRESS
-Fishing Line Skirt ($2500) +35 DRESS
-Moulin Rouge Skirt ($5000) +40 DRESS
-Purple Maria ($200) +35 DRESS
-Octoberfest Girl ($500) +40 DRESS
-Silky Pink ($700) +45 DRESS
-Golden Eye ($1000) +50 DRESS
-Black Desire ($2500) +60 DRESS
-Dare Me! ($5000) +70 DRESS
-Dealer of Lust ($8000) +80 DRESS
-Rainbow Socks ($50) +5 DRESS
-Black Virgin ($100) +10 DRESS
-Pink Lady ($200) +15 DRESS
-Dark Passion ($350) +20 DRESS
-Beige Princess ($500) +30 DRESS
-High Class Chick ($700) +30 DRESS
-Born to Seduce ($1000) +30 DRESS

Little Mermaid Set ($50) +1 FACE
Lady Arabella ($100) +2 FACE
Crimson Princess ($500) +3 FACE
Sara Lucia ($1500) +5 FACE

Fish Tank ($150) +1 MORAL Daily
Microwave ($250) +1 HEALTH Daily
Comfortable Bed ($450) Wake up with 100 TIME
Notebook ($600) +1 IQ Daily
Plasma TV ($2500) +5 MORAL Daily

Luxury Items
Diamond Ring ($500) +200 REP
Golden Earrings ($1500) +400 REP
Luxury Necklace ($5000) +800 REP
Exclusive Sports Sedan ($15000) +2000 REP

Magical Items (Never Ending Supply)
Rabbits Tongue Mixture ($100) +1 STRIP
Bat Wings Sauce ($100) +1 BJ
Lizards Tail Cream ($100) +1 ANAL
Bloodmoon’s Mushroom Pill ($100) +1 FUCK

Pepper Spray ($50) +5 SELFDEFENCE
Kitchen Knife ($200) +10 SELFDEFENCE
Teaser ($1200) +20 SELFDEFENCE
Small Pistol ($4000) +30 SELFDEFENCE
Mini Uzi ($12000) +50 SELFDEFENCE

Event (EVT)
NOTE; All events with ‘*’ are explained further in the Special Events section.

Day 2: Corin’s Offer*
Day 7: Corins’ First Mission
Day 10: Alvin Munk (First Mission)
Day 13: Meet Amand
Day 15: Corin Pays for First Mission +$500
Day 19: Corin’s Second Mission
Day 20: Corin Hangs Out
Day 22: Richard Martin (Second Mission)
Day 24: Corin Pays for Second Mission +$650
Day 27: Porn Movie Director *
Day 29: Allegra at Photo Studio
Day 31: Meet Liz
Day 34: Allegra Photo Session
Day 38: Allegra and Shady Guy
Day 40: Offer to go to Acapulco
Day 43: Allegra’s Confession*
Day 45: Meet Rosa Bella*
Day 48: Allegra’s Plan*
Day 51: Tori at a Dance*
Day 57: Meet Felicia*
Day 60: A Dangerous Woman*
Day 63: Allegra’s Suicide
Day 70: Felicia Date
Day 71: Liz Comes Clean
Day 72: Allegra and Tori’s Mission
Day 75: Corin is Shot
Day 79: Tori and Armand are Mugged*
Day 80: Corin on the Street
Day 82: Rosa Bella’s Event*
Day 89: Felicia on the Beach
Day 91: Allegra’s Offer*
Day 92: Exclusive Event
Day 97: Liz’s Offer
Day 98: Armand’s Offer
Day 99: Felicia Helps
Day 100: GAME OVER

Model (MDL)
NOTE: Unlocks after Day 13

Each Session: 70 TIME
-Freestyler (40 LOOK) +$150
-200 MPH (45 LOOK) +$180
-Malice (50 LOOK) +$200
-Dark Reputation (65 LOOK) +$320
-Foxy Boxing (70 LOOK) +$500
-Cowgirl (75 LOOK) +$600
-Daddy’s Little Girl Grown Up (80 LOOK) +$750
-Win the Uneven Fight With Curly Hair! (85 LOOK) +$900
-Sexy Siren (90 LOOK) +$1000
-Seduction (95 LOOK) +$1500
-7 Sins (95 LOOK) +$1800
-Full Moon Passion (95 LOOK) +$2200
-Pink Temptation (98 LOOK) +$2300
-Oriental Magic (100 LOOK) +$2500
-Legendary (100 LOOK) +$2500
-It’s Soul That Matters (100 LOOK) +$2800
-Breeze (100 LOOK) +$2800
-Toyz for Big Boyz (100 LOOK) +$3000

Movies (MVS)
NOTE: Available after Day 27.

All Moves: 90 TIME
-Feasting on Rotten Flesh (60 LOOK) +$250
-Enema of the State (70 LOOK) +$350
-Gangbang Theory (80 LOOK) +$520
-Me, Irene, and a Huge Dildo (90 LOOK) +$740
-Misadventures of Catwoman and Dickman (95 LOOK) +$820

Special Events (SPV)
NOTE: All these events are in alphabetical order and are extensions of the Events section.

Allegra’s Confession
I’m… not the right person to judge you. (unlocks “Allegra’s Plan”) (End)
You’re… You’re sick! Your kind belongs in jail! (End)

Allegra’s Offer
Gladly, but I must settle a few things before (Unlocks “Call Allegra” at the bottom of the screen) (End)
I wish you the best of luck but… I don’t trust you anymore.: You denied Allegra’s offer. (End)

Allegra’s Plan
I already told you that I’m going to help you (Unlocks “Allegra and Tori’s Mission” and “Allegra’s Offer”) (END)
You’re overestimating our friendship. (Unlocks “Allegra’s Suicide”) (End)

Corin Comes Over
Accept (Unlocks all “Corin’s First Mission” and ”Corin’s Second Mission” events) (End)
Disagress (End)

A Dangerous Woman
I have nothing to lose… (Unlocks “Corin’s Shot” choice and “Corin on the Street”) (End)
Just… just leave me alone. (End)

Meet Felicia (80 LOOK)
Sounds promising (Unlocks “Felicia’s Date”, “Felicia on the Beach” and “Felicia’s Offer”) (End)
I…I’m not keen on women (End)

Meet Rosa Bella
Sure! Hope you have champagne inside!
-A little climate change may be what I need right now (Unlocks “Liz Comes Clean”, “Rosa Bella’s Event”) (End)
-Sounds like a shady business (End)
Sorry but I follow a completely STRAIGHT road (End)

Porn Movie Director
Sure, I always wanted to star in a B-class porn movie (Unlocks Movies, +$350) (End)
Tempting offer, but I am afraid I must refuse. (End)

Rosa Bella’s Event
I’ll take that risk
-Call Liz and tell her everything you know (Unlocks “Liz’s Offer”) (End)
-It’s too risky (End)
I’m not a gambler, I’m not betting without knowing the stakes (End)

Tori and Armand are Mugged
Give him your wallet (Unlocks “Armand’s Offer”) (End)
Let Armand handle the situation (End)

Tori at a Dance
God, I was afraid you’d never ask! Sure, let’s get the hell out of here! (Unlocks “Tori and Armand are Mugged”) (End)
I’m sorry Armand, but I came with another man and (End) +$500

Special Clients (SPC)
NOTE: These are ALL the sex scenes that can happen in the game, however some will appear and others will not.

Day 25: Bald Man Sex (REP 150)
Ignore outcall and go back home (End)
I have nothing to loose, let’s do it
-Ride your cock +10 FUCK, +$100
-You seem like someone who like anal sex +10 ANAL, +$100
(If FUCK or ANAL is above 35, +$250)

Day 30: Skater Kid (REP 500) +10 FUCK

Day 37: Ebony (REP 150) +$450

Day 42: CEO (REP 150) +5 FUCK, +$300

Day 50: Maid Fantasy (1000) +10 FUCK, +$250 (If 50 FUCK, +$550)

Day 56: Hostess at Convention (REP 2000) +$200

Day 58: Orgasm Battle (Accept Work from Bella Rosa) +$700
I was afraid you’d never ask! (End) +100 MORALE
Maybe some other time (End)

Day 61: Rock Star (REP 150) +$1000

Day 63: Arabian Birthday (Accept Work from Bella Rosa) +$1400

Day 65: Mark at the Carnival (REP 2000) +10 FUCK, +$2000

Day 67: Orgy at the Club (Accept Work from Bella Rosa) +$1500

Day 76: Bondage Sex (Rep 150)
Sure, why not, boys! (End) +$1400
I’m sorry boys (End)

Day 84: Bella Rosa’s Private Party (Accept Work from Bella Rosa, REP 3000) +$950

Day 90: Fetish Show (Rep 5000)
Sure why not +$250
It sounds too perverted even for me
-Gee, okay +$500
-No, thank you (End)

I’d love to but… you see, I’m straight (End)
Money is money. Why not? +$250, +ANAL 20 (End)

Day 95: Sex with Chairman (REP 6000) +$500
I’m afraid that I’m dead bor.. tired… already so (End)
With pleasure, sir +$1000

Threesome sounds like fun (End)
I don’t like crowded places (End)

Specials (SPL)
Working Your Way Up
After working 20, 40, 60, 80 times at places, you will get promoted and earn more money at the Beauty Center ($50, $75, $150, $250, $350), Gym ($90, $120, $200, $250, $450), Hospital ($5, $40, $150, $290, $420) and Shopping Center ($35, $60, $130, $320, $480)

But No Meant No!
During the “Fetish Show” event, if you accept to do the lesbian scene or not, it will still play out.

Achievements (ACI)

Moulin Rouge (Requires 30 TIME, $5000)
Go to the Shopping Center and Buy Clothes, go to the Lower section and buy the Moulin Rouge Skirt. POP.

Boobs and Science (Requires 90 TIME, $2500)
Go to the Hospital and get a Breast Augmentation. POP.

Like Chuck Norris
Raise your SELFDEFENCE to 100. POP.

Tony Montana was Here (Requires 20 TIME, $12000)
Go to Jon Wee Shop and buy the Mini Uzi. POP.

I Love German Cars (Requires 40 TIME, $15000)
Go to the Luxury store and buy Exclusive Sports Sedan. POP.

Catwoman and Dickman (Requires 90 TIME, LOOK 95)
On Day 27 there is a cutscene with a porn director. Agree to be in his movies and continue going back to do more movies. Once you finish all the movies, the last one being “Misadventures of Catwoman and Dickman”…POP.

Revenge is Red (Requires $1000)
On Day 40, Corin will call you and ask you to go to Acapulco. Go there and find Nathan. Kill him. POP.

Knife Killa
Go to Acapulco and don’t kill Nathan. On day 60, a strange woman will come to Tori and ask for her help. Agree to help her and on day 75, Corin will come to you, shot and bleeding. Don’t help him. POP.

Goodbye My Love
On Day 51, Armand will come and see Tori at the club and agree to go with him. On Day 79, a thug will come and mug Tori and Armand. Refuse to give him the money. POP.

Save the World (Requires Corin to be Alive)
On Day 82, accept work for Bella Rosa and then call Liz. On Day 92, there will be a cutscene. POP.

Endings (EDG)


Ending 1: Pay back the Mafia boss and agree to work for him on Day 100.
Ending 2: Pay back the Mafia boss and refuse to work for him Day 100.
Ending 3: Killed ex Boyfriend, and refuse to pay back the mafia boss (unattainable)
Ending 4: Both Nathan and Corin are alive and you refuse to pay back the Mafia Boss on Day 100.
Ending 5: Corin is dead and you refuse to pay back the Mafia Boss on Day 100.
Ending 6: Same as ending 1, but accept the stranger’s offer on Day 60.
Ending 7: Armand offers you to go to Ireland with him. Choose to “Call Armand” before Day 100.
Ending 8: Complete, “Save the World” achievement and then agree to be a witness for Liz on Day 97.
Ending 9: Agree to help Allegra (not calling the police). On Day 91, tell her you have some things to settle first. Click “Call Allegra” before Day 100.

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