Outcast Academy

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Skills (SKL)
Places (PLC)
Items (ITM)
Event (EVT)
Specials (SPL)
Achievements (ACI)
Secret Achievements (SRV)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Outcast Academy: Voodoo Girls.  Please do head over to lessonofpassion.com for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion games.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Note: This guide reflects the new expansion Voodoo Girls and varies differently from the first release of the game.

Rules (RLE)
Kim Milano was the daughter of a Sicilian family where power, sex and drugs are the ways of the world.  But when she begins to flaunt her power, she is finally brought down and sent to an all girls’ boarding school for the next two years, with a chance of parole within the first 50 days of her punishment.  She now faces her choice, change her ways or be stuck in the school for the next 2 years of your life.

Outcast Academy features a five-attribute system that helps you progress further in the game, but also allows you the opportunity to better yourself.

Fitness: Whether fighting girls or running from them, everyone needs to stay in shape now and then.  Your FITNESS stats help you defend yourself and help other girls when needed.

Look: If your brain fails you, your looks should not reflect it.  Your LOOK stat allows you to flirt and mingle with other girls.

Smart: Double threat; an amazing girl with an equally amazing brain.  SMART stat reflects the average of your 4 classes: Biology, Geography, Math and Language.

Passion: Don’t look like a virgin, be passionate and loving.  Your PASSION stat allows for more intimate encounters with other girls.

Reputation: Just like any school, you can be the popular girl or the school bully.  This sliding scale depicts your alignment and allows you to either talk to certain people and/or perform certain tasks.

Skills (SKL)
There are four skills that can be learned in the game that can make your experience in the academy a little more relaxing.

Trade: This skill is taught by your roommate, Taylor. Once learned, you can sell your items to the nurse for twice the amount and buy items from the nurse at about half the price.

Massage: This skill is taught by the nurse.  Once mastered, you can give massages to other girls.

Tutor: One of the most time consuming skills to master in the entire game.  But if you do learn this skill, you can teach other students.

Steal: This skill is taught by Becca.  Once you learn this, you can steal panties from the locker room without being detected.

Places (PLC)
NOTE: Talking to girls or staff for the first time will get you +10 Friendship with them, afterwards it will be for +5.

Your Room
Sleep (Advance to Next Day) +20 Mood
Read Books (20 Time) +2 Subject Picked, -20 Mood

Talk with Taylor
Talk (10 Time)
Learn How to Trade (40 Time, +20 Reputation, 50 Friends) +20 Trade (+50 Friends when skill learned)
Sensual Approach (50 Look)
Kiss Her (10 Time, 50 Friends) +10 Friends, +1 Passion
Masturbate Together (30 Time, 100 Friends) +10 Friends, +2 Passion
Lick Her Pussy (30 Time, 150 Friends) +10 Friends, + 3 Passion
Fuck her With Strap-on (30 Time, 200 Friends) +10 Friends, +4 Passion

Cindy and Tia’s Room
Talk with Cindy
Talk (10 Time)
Ask Cindy to Do your Nails (30 Time, +20 Reputation, 20 Friends) +3 Look, -1 Reputation
Sensual Approach (30 Time, 80 Look, 200 Friends) +50 Friends, +5 Passion

Talk with Tia
Talk (10 Time)
Ask Tia to Tutor You (40 Time, +20 Reputation, 100 Friends) +5 Subject, -1 Reputation
Sensual Approach (30 Time, 40 Look, 200 Friends) +50 Friends, +5 Passion
Use her Dildo (80 Passion) +70 Friends, +10 Passion

Sasha and Caytlyn’s Room
Talk with Catylyn
Talk (10 Time)
Sensual Approach (30 Time, 60 Look, 200 Friends) +20 Friends, +2 Passion

Talk with Sasha
Talk (10 Time)
Sensual Approach (30 Time, 70 Look, 200 Friends) +5 Passion, +50 Friends

Becca’s Room
Talk with Becca
Talk (10 Time)
Ask Becca for a Massage (30 Time, 20 Reputation, 20 Friends) +50 Mood, -1 Reputation
Learn How to Steal (40 Time, 50 Friends) +20 Skill (+50 Friends when skill learned)
Sensual Approach (30 Time, 90 Look, 300 Friends) +50 Friends, +5 Passion

Force Sandra to Pass You a Smoke (10 Time, -50 Reputation) +30 Mood, -5 Reputation
Smoke a Cigarette (10 Time, Cigarette) +100 Mood

Read a Romantic Novel (30 Time) +10 Mood, +1 Passion
Relax for a While (50 Time) +100 Mood

Teacher’s Room
Extra Lessons (30 Time) +4 Course Selected, -30 Mood
Tutor Girls (40 Time, Teaching Skill) -20 Mood, +40 Reputation

Talk to Teacher
Talk (10 Time)
Learn how to Tutor (30 Time, 90 Smart) +20 Skill (+50 Friends when skill learned)

Take a Relaxing Shower (30 Time) +30 Mood
Shave your Legs (30 Time) +2 Look
Steal a Girl’s Panties (20 Time) +1 Panties (Failure -50 Mood)
Make a Prank (10 Time) -5 Reputation (Failure -50 Mood)
Naughty Shower
Force Nerieda to Masturbate Under the Shower (20 Time, -50 Reputation) +3 Passion, -10 Reputation
Force Sandra to Kiss your Boobs (20 Time, -100 Reputation) +3 Passion, -10 Reputation
Force Jennifer to Lick Sandy’s Pussy (20 Time, -150 Reputation) +3 Passion, -10 Reputation

Consulting Room
Talk with Nurse
Talk (10 Time)
Trade (20 Time, 30 Friends)
Learn How to Massage (40 Time, 50 Friends) +20 Skill (+50 Friends when skill learned)

Mess with Cyntia
Force Her to Kiss Her (20 Time, -50 Reputation) +1 Passion, -10 Reputation
Force Her to Show Her Boobs (20 Time, -100 Reputation) +2 Passion, -10 Reputation
Force Her to Show Her Pussy (20 Time, -150 Reputation) +3 Passion, -10 Reputation
Force Her to Lick Your Pussy (20 Time, -250 Reputation) +4 Passion, +10 Passion

Light Training (20 Time) +1 Fitness, -10 Mood

Talk with Joanne
Talk (10 Time)
Train with Joanne (30 Time, +20 Reputation, 20 Friends) +3 Fitness, -1 Reputation, +10 Friends

Jog with Girls (30 Time, 30 Fitness) -10 Mood, +5 Fitness, +5 Reputation
Sun Tan (30 Time) +10 Mood, +2 Look
Sun Tan Naked (40 Time) +10 Mood, +4 Look (Failure -50 Mood)
Force Jennifer to Sun Tan Naked (40 Time, -20 Reputation) +1 Passion, -5 Reputation
Message Jennifer’s Back (30 Time, Massage Skill)  +30 Reputation

Items (ITM)
Girl’s Underwear (Can be sold for $20, or $30 if you learned the trade skill)
Personal Items (Can be Sold for $50 or $70 if you learned the trade skill)
Booze (Used to Increase Friends Scores)
Ecstasy Pills (Used to Increase Friends Scores)
Cigarettes (Used to Increase Friends Score and to Relax Mood if smoked outside)
NOTE: Cigs, Booze and Ecstasy Pills when given to the girls will give them +5, +10 and +30 Friendship, respectively. However, Taylor and Sasha have a lower reward system for each item and Tia and Joanna respond to -5 Friendship to for ALL items.

Pay Attention and Study Hard: -50 Mood, +3 Subject
Just Listen to the Lecture: +1 Subject,
Relax and Take a Nap: +20 Mood
Make a Prank (If you are successful, you will get -5 Reputation.  If you fail, you will get -50 Mood)
Monday: Biology
Tuesday: Geography
Wednesday: Math
Thursday: Language

Event (EVT)
Day 3: Sasha comes to school
Day 4: Nadia wants to do a photo shoot
Day 8: Erika in the shower
Day 9: Sasha asks for help with gathering herbs
Day 11: Taylor looses her earrings
Day 16: Tia finds a magic book in the library
Day 18: Becca and Sandra ask for your help to steal Tia’s diary
Day 19: Headmistress’s First Review
Day 22: Biology Teacher talks to you
Day 23: Swim party at the lake
Day 29: Caytlyn tells you about a new emo magazine
Day 31: Becca asks you to steal Cindy’s Lipstick
Day 32: Sasha invites a group to the courtyard
Day 36: Jennifer ask for help with Erika
Day 37: Sasha performs voodoo in class
Day 38: Sandy asks for your help with Joanne
Day 39: Sasha asks for blood sample
Day 40: Headmistress’s Second Review
Day 43: Taylor leaves
Day 44: Sasha’s Ritual
Day 46: The girls make a bet on who is better at eating pussy
Day 50: Headmistress’s Final Review

Specials (SPL)
Rain Rain Go Away:
One of the features in the game is a random rain day that prevents you from going outside and enjoying any activities.  However, this feature is not hardwired into the game and can be skipped.  If you have a raining day and you want it to dissipate, simply stop and reload the game.  When you come back and continue your game, the rain will be gone.

Good Read:
If you get the opportunity to hang out with Tia after class, she will be reading in the courtyard.  The book just so happens to be 50 Shades of Grey.

Benefits of Hanging Out:
When you reach a high friendship with the girls they will invite you to hang out after class for 20 Time.  If you go, then each girl will at +5 to an individual stat for hanging out with her. This ranges from Language to Look to just Friendship.

Wait! Didn’t I Spit In HER Cup?
A Small glitch in the game is when you pull a prank in the classroom.  If you spit in the teacher’s cup, if it is successful you will get -5 Reputation, but it will be with the math teacher each time in the photo.

Jennifer is  the only character in the game who does not have an achievement tied to her but you are able to have sex with her. On Day 36, she will ask for your help with Erika.  Accept the quest and find Erika in the bathroom.  There are two ways to complete the quest either with a Fitness of 50 or a -100 Reputation to either knock her out or threaten her.  Afterwards Jennifer will be happy and you can be nice to her (+20 Reputation) or command her to go to your room (+5 Passion)

Achievements (ACI)
Get Lost Bitch:
On Day 8 after class there will be a scene in the bathroom in the showers with Erika.  If your fitness is above 15 and you choose to fight her off, the achievement will pop.

Korean Pussy Diary:
On Day 18, Becca and Sandra will approach you and ask to distract Tia so they can get her diary.  Accept it and it will pop after they reunite.

Babe Watch:
Have your Fitness at 50 or higher by day 23. There will be a cut scene where you can jump into the lake a rescue a girl from the lake.  After the rescue it will pop.

Tongue Tornado:
Requires you to have 50 Passion.  On day 46 the girls make a bet on who is the better pussy-eater.  Bet that you can do it and after the cutscene, the achievement will pop.

Red and Passionate:
On day 31 Becca will ask you to take Cindy’s red lipstick.  Accept the mission and then tell Cindy that Erika is looking for her.  It will pop shortly after you bring the lipstick back to Becca.

Cover your Eyes:
Requires you to have at least a 100 friendship with Joanne.  On day 38, Sandy will come in and ask you that she wants Joanne.  Accept and then cover Joanne’s eyes and watch the cut scene.  Afterwards it will pop.

Becca’s Strap-on:
Requires a Look 90 and 300 Friendship with Becca.  Once you do, go to her room and initiate a sensual approach on her.  Select her pussy, pop.

Nails and Cunts:
Requires you to have a Look 80 and 200 Friendship with Cindy.  Once you do, you can do a sensual approach with her.  It will pop at the end.

Romantic Fingering:
Requires a Look 40 and 300 Friendship with Tia.  Once you do, go to her room and initiate a sensual approach on her.  It will pop at the end.

Cum Delivery: You will need 30 Time and 50 Look. Outside near your dorm room there will appear (randomly) a small van. Flirt with the deliveryman. Pop at the end.

Secret Achievements (SRV)
Before this game came to LOP Gold, it had 18 different achievements, but since the move, the limited them down to the traditional 10.  So here are the “other achievements” in the game, with their original titles!

My Precious:
On Day 11, Taylor will tell you she lost her earrings.  Search for them by the lake until you find them.

Spell Caster:
Translate the book that Tia found (Requires 40 Language).  Afterwards, you will need a cross.  Find Sister Mary (either Sunbathe Naked by the lake and get caught or Relax for a While in the ruins) and ask for the cross.  Perform the ritual with Tia.

Dark Side:
Lower your reputation to 250 and force Cynthia to lick your pussy in the nurse’s office.

Naked Photos:
On day 4, Nadia will interview you and take pictures.  If your Look is above 15, you can flash her and have some fun with her.

Bio Pussy:
Probably the longest and most difficult achievement to get.  Raise your Biology stat to 30 or higher before Day 22.  After class the Bio teacher will want to talk with you personally. Then raise your Look to 60 and learn the massage skill from the nurse.  Then meet the teacher in the lounge and talk to her and offer her more ways to “relax”

Emo Magazine:
On day 29, Catyln will tell you about a new magazine that she wants.  Go to the nurse and ask for a price for the magazine.  Bring her $100 and then after giving it to her, ask for a reward.

Herb of Passion:
On Day 9, Sasha will ask you to find four herbs for her.  Go to the Bench area and find all four plants.  Then return them to Sasha.

Blood Sample: On Day 39, Sasha will come to you to ask for help with trying to get the blood from the headmistress.  Go to the nurse’s room and talk to the nurse and give her a massage. Later she will give you a vial of blood.

Endings (EDG)
Ending 1: Fail to get an average of 50 Smart or higher by the end of 50 days.
Ending 2: Get a smart of 50 or higher and no relations above 300 with any girl
Ending 3:Get a smart of 50 or higher and +300 Friends with Tia
Ending 4:Get a smart of 50 or higher and +300 Friends with Cindy
Ending 5:Get a smart of 50 or higher and +300 Friends with Becca
Ending 6:Get a smart of 50 or higher and +300 Friends with Taylor
Ending 7:Get a smart of 50 or higher and +300 Friends with Caytyln


  • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:

    I have figured out with the help of this and the application of a little logic how to get to endings 1, 2, 6, and 7. I am certain I can get endings 4 and 5, but ending 3 has me stumped. I cannot figure out how to acquire the rosary after helping Tia with the translation. Can anyone help?

    Making out with the biology teacher is pretty cool and unexpected. Are there any other secret opportunities with any teachers besides the nurse?

    • LOP_Daman says:

      For the rosary, you will need to get it from Sister Mary. There are two places where she will appear; the ruins and the lake. For the Ruins, simple relax and at random times she will appear. For the lake, she will appear if you try to sunbath nude and get caught. Either way, you can ask for her rosary and she will give it to you.

      As for secret sex scenes, sadly the biology teacher and the nurse are the only faculty members at the academy who will have sex with you. However, during the Outcast Academy Episodes series, there is one episodes (#7) where Sister Mary will have a bit of fun with Cherry.

  • JimMorrisonIsAlive1969 says:

    I feel like an idiot. I see where the walk through tells me how to get the rosary. Please ignore my previous question.

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