Girl with Tattoos

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Conversations (CNV)
Places (PLC)
Character Locations (CHL)
Items (ITM)
Event (EVT)
Extra Scenes (EXS)
Specials (SPL)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Girl with Tattoos.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)
Charlotte was an inspiring artist who just happened to hook up with Brad, a young, attractive man who just so happened to have a tattoo parlor and needed a girl of Charlotte’s skills. One thing led to another and they soon turned their professional relationship into an exclusive one as they found each other in bed, clothes off and moaning likes wildebeests. But the Cinderella story died there as Brad found himself arrested after an altercation one night at a bar. He has arrested and charged for assault and sentenced to thirty days in prison. Now Charlotte has a month to herself to try and free Brad or maybe…free herself.

Girl with Tattoos is an adventure game where you take control of Charlotte and progress her through her daily activities. Pass out fliers to attract more customers, apply your trade by giving them some sick ink in your tattoos parlor, hit up the local scene at the bar to beach or wherever for the next thirty days until Brad is released from prison.

TATOOS MINI GAME: During the game you will be prompted to give people tattoos. For a few, this will bring you to the mini game. You will be given the outline of the tattoo and several images to choose form. Match the image with the outline by clicking on it to fill it in before time runs out. But be careful, if you choose the wrong design you will loose ten seconds of the clock.

LOVE TO BRAD: Though you only just met him, Brad is a decent guy. For every deed you do for Brad, your love for him goes up and can alter missions, dialogues and even endings, depending on the level.

PASSION: Without love, what is there? Charlotte is a helpless romantic and deep down she wants nothing but to be loved. Raising her Passion will allow Charlotte to delve into more intimate acts and be more risqué acts around people.

ATTRACTIVENESS: Though she may have the mind, she also needs the body too. Charlotte’s Attractiveness is her stat is how beautiful she is and can be used to draw people a little closer to her at her wish.

MORALE: All work and no play makes a woman want to stab someone with a tattoo needle. With a high Morale, players can do almost any work or activity, but once it gets too low, Charlotte will not want to do anything at all!

REPUTATION: Though Charlotte looks like a walking advertisement for a tattoo parlor, she needs customers and they need to spread the word. With a higher Reputation Charlotte can get higher volume of clients and in return higher paying ones at that.

Conversations (CNV)
There are several topics to talk to other players about to get them to like you more. The categories are: Gossip, Jokes, Flattery, Flirty, Intimacy, and Philosophy. Here are the characters you can talk to and which categories they like to talk about. Getting both will give you two point each, while the neutral ones will get you one point.

Aria: Gossip, Jokes, Flirty
Luke: Flattery, Philosophy, Gossip
Madison: Gossip, Flattery, Flirty
Sophia: Intimacy, Joke, Flattery

Places (PLC)
8:00-15:00 Catch a Tan (4 Hours, Swimsuit) +1 Morale, +1 Attractiveness
-If passion is greater than 5, +1 Morale and if Attractiveness is above 5, +1 Passion.
Distribute Leaflets (4 Hours) +1 Reputation

Pool Bar
Buy Cigarettes $20
Have a Beer $10 (4 Hours) +1 Morale
Distribute Leaflets (4 Hours) +1 Reputation
Mop the Floor (4 Hours) -1 Morale, +$20
13:00-24:00 Play Pool (4 Hours) +1 Morale

Prison (Monday & Friday 8:00-16:00)
Visit Brad (4 Hours) +1 LOVE
Conjugal Visit (4 Hours, 10 Passion, 10 LOVE) +2 Love for Brad

See Items section fro more details

Tattoos Parlor
Work as tattoo artist (4 Hours)
-If no one comes, -1 MORALE
-If tourist comes, -1 Reputation, +$20
-If Biker comes, +1 Reputation +$40
-If Glamour Girl comes, +1 Reputation +1 Passion, +$80

Make some tea (4 Hours) +1 Morale
Bake apple pie (4 Hours)

Read erotic novel (4 Hours) +1 Passion
Sleep (Advance to Next Day)

Character Locations (CHL)
NOTE: Not all characters will appear at their appropriate times or places as the game features a vanishing feature for main and background characters. Also, you will need to unlock some characters by doing certain actions.

(Luke appears at the Pool Bar at night, but until you go to prison and talk to Brad for the second time, you will be unable to speak with him)
12:00-24:00 Bar

(You first meet Madison on the beach after 18:00. After a small cutscene, you will be able to talk with her.)
18:00-24:00 Beach
20:00-24:00 Bar

(You can find Sophia at the Pool Bar or at the beach where you can hand her a flyer.)
12:00-17:00 Beach
14:00-24:00 Bar

Items (ITM)
Cigarettes: Give to Brad for +1 LOVE (Buy at Bar)
Elegant Dress: Needed for Sex with Frank
Swimsuit: Tan on the beach
Lingerie: Needed for sex with Aria and Sophia
Camera: Do a photo shoot with Aria

Event (EVT)
Throughout the game, you will meet people and have events and even quests from them. Below are the events, categorized by characters.

Aria’s Events
1) Go to the beach and suntan (requires swimsuit) or pass out broachers and you’ll be approached by Burton. He will mention that you are unknown and need to build your reputation up.
2) Once you raise your reputation to 15, Burton will appear in your studio with an offer for a client he is guarding. Go to Aria’s place on the map to meet her and talk to her to get her convinced to get a tattoo.
3) Once your relationship with Aria gets past 11, you can convince her to get the tattoo. However, because she drinks and doing tattoos while drunk is bad and in some cases illegal, you must choose to either give her the tattoo or not. If you do ink her, stop here. If not, continue on.
4) Sleep for a couple of days and Burton will come over to your parlor in the morning to talk. Afterwards you will be rehired and launched into a tattoo mini game. If you succeed, there is $500 as a reward.
5) Several days later (normally after 19:00) when you go to your studio, Burton will be there again, this time with a box. You are invited to spend time with Aria in her limo. If your Passion is over 10, you can have sex with her in the limo.

Sophia’s Events
1) Meet on beach or bar and choose to “Give leaflet to female stranger”
2) Raise your rep to more than 5, your relation higher than 10 with Sophia and she will appear in your studio for a tattoo. If your PASSION is above 5, you can seduce her into bed.
3) Once you talk to Luke in your parlor, go to the bar and talk to Sophia, who lost her ring. Go to the store and find it then return it to her.
4) Raise your relation past 30 then go to bar. Sophia will ask if you would like to partake in a threesome with her husband. If with Passion above 12, you can agree. If your LOVE is lower than 5, you can have a slightly longer session with them.

Brad’s Events
1) Meet Brad at the prison. You’ll lose a bit of MORALE but gain LOVE in return.
2) Talk to him at prison a second time and learn about Luke and how you can try t persuade him to drop the charges. Also, you can go to bar and buy him his cigarettes for +1 LOVE.
3) Brad will ask Charlotte is she could bake him a pie. You can now go to the kitchen and bake him a pie and deliver it to him in prison for +2 LOVE.

Luke’s Events
1) Talk to Brad twice and he will ask you to talk to Luke. He will be at the bar where you can gain a little relationship if you don’t defend Brad.
2) Raise Luke’s relationship past 10 and in the morning he will come to your parlor. If you try to blow him, your relationship will reset to 0.
3) Raise your relationship to over 25 and meet him at the bar. You can join him in a swingers club or not. If you do you need 10 PASSION to continue.
4) Raise your relationship over 30 and Call Luke from your bedroom. You can have him clear Brad’s name or sleep with him instead.
5) If you had sex in the previous scene, Luke will talk to you about it. You can be sincere which will end the game with him, or say it was a mistake and have him drop the charges on Brad.

Madison’s Events
1) Meet her on the beach by distributing leaflets or tanning between X time.
2) If you talked to Luke and he came to your parlor, you will get s scene with both of them in the shower at the beach
3) Raise her level to 26 and your attractiveness to above 10 and she will tell you what she does for a living
4) Buy the dress and call Frank from your room.

Extra Scenes (EXS)
Private/Public shower: If you get introduced to Madison and was able to talk to Luke in your parlor, go to the beach and you will see a special scene between the two.

Specials (SPL)
Can’t Sleep: If your passion is higher than 15 before you go to bed, you will get a small cutscene of Charlotte taking care of herself.

Too easy: When doing either Madison’s or Aria’s tattoo, they are impossible to fail, so just click any of them and you will proceed. For Sophia’s, if you succeed you will get paid $100, if you fail you will not get paid.

Achievements (ACI)
Public Shower:
Meet Madison and get to the part where Luke comes to your parlor. Go to the beach and a cutscene will take place, pop.

Limo Ride: (Requires 10 PASSION)
Do an action at the beach and be approached by Burton. Raise your REPUTATION to over 15 and he will visit you at the parlor. Meet Aria and raise your relationship with her to 11 and don’t give her a tattoo. A few days later, you will be asked by Burton to give her the tattoo. A few days after that, Burton will arrive with a box and invite you to a party with Aria. Chose to stay with her. POP.

Pics for a Con:
Go to the bar where a scene takes place between Aria and Sophia. After they fight, go to the bar later and talk to Sophia. Then, go to the prison and talk to Brad and then buy the camera and call area from the bedroom. POP.

Conjugal Visit: (Requires 10 LOVE and 10 PASSION)
Go to the prison on Monday or Friday and select conjugal visit. POP.

The New Guy: (Requires Under 5 LOVE and 10 PASSION)
Once you can call Luke from your place, choose to kiss him. Then choose to keep kissing him (“I was a little high”) and watch the scene unfold. POP!

Sex with Frank: (ATTRACTIVENESS 11, Fancy Dress, $10)
Befriend Madison and give her a tattoo. and then meet back up with her at the bar and buy her a drink. She will talk about Frank and now you can call Frank from your room. Call him then, buy the dress and go to his apartment.

Swingers Party: (Requires PASSION 11)
Get your relationship with Luke over 25 and talk to him at the bar. Accept his offer to go to the party and then choose to stay and participate.

New Feelings: (Requires PASSION 11, REPUTATION 6)
Meet Sophia and raise her relationship to 11 or more. She will come to the parlor for a tattoo and when prompted, say that you want her.

Birthday Present: (Requires PASSION 12)
Raise your relationship to over 30 with Sophia and go to the bar. Sophia will ask about doing a threesome with her husband. Accept it.

A-List Threesome:
(NOTE: This is game ending, so make sure you have all the achievements before attempting this one!)
Follow the Pics for a Con achievement for the setup. Go back to prison and trade the pictures for the drugs. Go to the store and buy the lingerie and then return to Aria’s Villa.

Complete the Swingers achievement and then go to the bar. A guy will blackmail you into distracting Sophia’s husband while he fucks her in the bathroom. Accept the terms and then select “Try to stop him”. After a lengthy cutscene, it will pop.

Endings (EDG)


NOTE: If your MORALE is 0, regardless of any choice you made, you will get ending 1.

Ending 1: Less than 14 Brad’s Love by the end of 31 days OR your MORALE drops to 0 at the end of any day.
Ending 2: Have sex with Luke and tell him you were sincere.
Ending 3: More than 15 Brad’s Love at the end of 31 days OR Ask Luke to drop the charges.
Ending 4: Have sex with Frank and then finish the game.
Ending 5: Get the A-List Threesome Achievement.