Divided heart

Witten by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Conversations (CNV)
Places (PLC)
Event (EVT)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Divided Heart.  Please do head over to lessonofpassion.com for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Note: This guide reflects the new expansion Divided Heart and varies differently from the first release of the game.

Rules (RLE)
Peirce is having trouble trying to maintain his marriage with his lovely wife Camille. With her working as a nurse, she has very little time to spend with him, especially when she picks up more late hours. Peirce has decided to give himself, and his marriage, a two-week notice to try and turn his marriage around or maybe it’s time for him to jump of this sinking ship.

Divided Heart features a forward advancing clock starting from 8:00 until 24:00. However, the timer changes not by the hour but by sections. Starting at 8:00, they go to 9:00, 12:00, 18:00, and 19:00. Every action and move, advances the clock until the next day until all 14 days are up.

Conversations (CNV)

Camille at Home Morning (8:00):
Talk with her +1 REL, +1 MOR
Prepare a breakfast for her +2 REL, +1 MOR
Say that you love her +2 REL, +1 MOR
Offer her a morning massage (REL 40) +6 REL, +1 MOR

Camille at Work (12:00):
Talk about her work +1 REL +1 MOR
Kiss her (REL 25) +3 REL, +1 MOR
Lick her nipple (REL 40) +4 REL, +2 MOR
Ask for a quickie (REL 80) +2 MOR, +16 REL

Camille at Home Evening (19:00):
Spend evening with candles +1 MOR, +2 REL + 5 Hours
Massage her with oil (REL 40) +3 REL, +1 MOR
Eat sushi from her body (REL 50) +4 REL, +1 MOR
Invite her on a date (REL 40)
– Date in the park +5 REL
– Date in a restaurant $50 +10 REL

Lexi at Tennis Court (12:00):
Train tennis with her +2 REL
Flirt with her (REL 10) +3 REL
Invite her on a date (REL 20)
– Date in the park +5 REL
– Date on the beach $30 +7 REL
– Date in the restaurant $60 +10 REL
Kiss her goodbye and leave

Lexi at home (18:00) (unlocks after Lexi comes to your office):
Talk spicy with her +1 REL
Kiss her (REL 20) +3 REL, +1 MOR
Ask for a blowjob (REL 50) +8 REL, +1 MOR
Tease her (REL 30) +5 REL, +1 MOR
Ask about sex (REL 60) +3 REL, +1 MOR
–  Cum inside her mouth +18 REL
–  Cum inside her +5 REL

Places (PLC)
Apartment (8:00, 12:00, 19:00):
Watch TV and Relax (12:00) +5 MOR, +7 Hours

Park (18:00):
Jog in the park +5 MOR

Work (9:00)  +$10, -2 MOR
Play some games (9:00) +5 MOR
Work (12:00) +$40, -5 MOR

Events (EVT)
Day 1: Introduction
1a) Gently rub her ass -5 REL
1b) Carry her to bed and let her sleep +2 REL
Day 2: Camille flirting with a doctor at hospital
1a) Interrupt them +2 REL
1b) Let them continue and see what happens -5 REL
Day 5: Lexi comes to your office (if REL is 30 or more)
1a) Ask her to stop -5 REL, +3 REL Camille
1b) Tell her it’s very pleasant +3 REL
2a) Ask her to get dressed -5 REL
2b) Dive Between her legs +5 REL
3a) Ask Lexi to dressed quickly +2 REL
3b) Ask Lexi to hide somewhere -5 REL, +3 REL Camille
4a) Ask her to stop -4 Camille
4b) Let her continue +5 Camille, -5 Lexi

Fantasy for Fantasy:
If Peirce can have a quickie with Camille in the hospital, Camille will tell Peirce that she will fulfill one of his fantasies when he gets home (starting with +7 REL). During the scene if Peirce cums in her mouth, the vent will end with -14 REL. If you ask her to stop, the vent will continue (+15 REL)

Lexi comes to work choices:
When Lexi comes over, if players choose to have Lexi hide, they will be faced with a choice of going to see Lexi or seeing Camille.
-IF you go to Camille, you will have a chance to have sex with Camille and a chance for ending 1.
-IF you go to Lexi, you will get a cutscene of Camille going out in a black dress. Players will be able to order flowers for her from work as an apology.

Flyers for Lexi (Unlocks when Lexi’s REL is 6 or higher)
Go to Lexi when above 6 REL to accept the position. You need to place the flyers in your office and at Lexi’s hospital. After returning to Lexi the quest will be complete with +5 REL with her as well as an eye-full inside the locker room. Giving her the towel for +5 REL or say that you don’t have a clue for +1 REL.

Lexi gets caught:
Once you have 40 more with Lexi and Camille, go on a date with Camille to the restaurant to catch Camille with another guy. The next day, go to the tennis court and ask Lexi about the guy. You will then get a special BDSM scene with her. If you don’t accept his terms you will end the scene.

Camille gets caught:
On day 12, Camille will go out for a party. If players follow her, they will see her going with some guy. If you go home afterwards, Camille will come home drunk. If they choose to use the situation, they can have sex with her and take a picture of her in the end.

Endings (EDG)
NOTE: All endings can take place after reaching day 14.

Ending 1: Either ask for a quickie at work with Camille or hide Lexi in the office. But when you get home, have sex with Camille (don’t cum in her mouth) Cum inside Camille and then on day 14 the game will end.
Ending 2: On Day 14, go home and catch Camille cheating on you. Choose talk about it.
Ending 3: On day 12, Camille will go to a party. Follow Camille to the party and catch her cheating. Show yourself and then go to Lexi (REL 60 or higher).
Ending 4: Same as endings 3, but instead go home. OR go to Lexi with a relationship 59 and lower.

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