Seducing the Throne

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Conversations (CNV)
Places (PLC)
Dates (DTS)
Make Out (MKO)
Items (ITM)
Quests (QTS)
Event (EVT)
Extra Scenes (EXS)
Specials (SPL)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Seducing the Throne.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

The following guide is based upon version 0.98. All other versions, old and new, will vary from this guide.

Rules (RLE)
Anthony Hailing was a young lord to a well renowned family. But after the death of his family, Anthony returns to the capital only to discover he is secretly the true heir to the throne(after your mother slept with the last king). Now the clock is ticking and Anthony has only 30 days until the summer solstice to try to retake the throne, marry the princess or due whatever he wants with the knowledge he now knows.

Seducing the Throne has a new feature called “Enemies”. With every day and every action a player performs, it will slowly increase. Players will have to keep the number down by paying off people or doing certain deeds for others, because if it reaches 100 the game will end.

Much like many LOP titles; your stats play also a big role in the game as you progress.

FIGHTING: Be in-shape to swing a sword. Certain actions require strength from quests to lifting.

THIEVING: Sometimes the more subtle approach is needed more than brute strength. This stat allows for certain quests as well as to lift some extra money out of other people’s pockets into yours.

POLITICS: Sadly, if you want to become a king of the court, you must play the politics game. This stat increases your dialogue choices and knowledge of the higher courts.

SEXPERIENCE: Sex can be as deadly as any sword. This stat allows longer and better sex scenes.

HEALTH POINTS (HP): Of course your health means the difference between life and death. The better your health, the tougher quests you can go on and more actions you can perform.

MORALE: Hiding your rightful lineage and planning your moves can talk the most out of you. Your morale determines if you can do any tasks, if too low you will be unable to perform it.

ENEMIES: In the shadows, others are watching you to make sure that you are not a threat. The more enemies you have, the sooner your life will end.

Conversations (CNV)
The best way to make friends is know what he or she likes. In this world, your words should be considered carefully as friends are needed in this, literal, land of cutthroats. For every correct topic players pick in the TALK section, they will be rewarded with +2 REALTIONSHIP with the character; an incorrect topic will result in -1 RELATIONSHIP with the character.

Talk: Relationships, Art, Fashion, Politics, Tournaments, Far-off lands
Embarrass one of the Nobles (Requires 15): +3
Discuss Her Social Life (Requires 20): +3
Compliment Her (Requires 30): +3
Wrestle a Soldier (Requires Fighting 30): +6
Give Her a Gift (Requires 50, if not -2): Pastries +10, Gold necklace +50

Talk: Relationship, Animals, Art, Music, Food, Far-off Lands
Tease Her (Requires 10): +3
Pinch Her Butt (Requires 20): +3
Kiss Her (Requires 30): +3 (+3 for kissing the right places)
Gifts (Requires 50): Pastries +10, Statue +20

Talk: Weather, Animals, Music, Religion, Politics, Magic
Make her Laugh (Requires 10) +3
Compliment Her (Requires 20) +3
Say she is attractive (Requires 30) +3
Take her hand (Requires 35) +3
Giver her a gift (Requires 50) Flowers +5, Perfume +30, Silver Earrings +40, Golden Earrings +50

Places (PLC)
Below are all the locations you can visit and their limitations such as time and skill of when you can travel to them or perform certain actions

Relax (1 Hour) +5 MORALE
Read a book (1 Hour, Req. Book) +3 Skill
Sleep (Advance to Next Day) +2 HP, +1 ENEMIES

Main Square
Quest Board (see Quests for more details)
Shop (1Hour) (See Items list for more details)
Pickpocket (1 Hour) +MONEY depending on THIEVING skill, +5 ENEMIES if fail

Talk with Courtesan (1 Hour)
-Ask Her to teach you how to please a woman (1 Hour) +2 SEX
-Take her to the Room (2 Hours, $100) +10 SEX
Eavesdrop (2 Hours) +1 ENEMIES, +2 POLITICS
Have a Drink (1 Hour, $2) +8 MORALE
Buy Round for the House (2 Hours, $20) +30 MORALE, -10 ENEMIES

Warriors Guild
Clean the floors (5 Hours) -10 MORALE, +$5
Join the Warriors Guild (20 Gold membership for 7 days)
-Train with Dummy (4 Hours) +1 FIGHTING
-Train with an Amateur (4 Hours, $5, 15 Fighting) +4 FIGHTING, -5 MORALE
-Train Younger Adepts (5 Hours, 30 Fighting) +$20, -10 MORALE
-Train with Professional (4 Hours, $20, 50 Fighting) +6 FIGHTING, -15 MORALE

Request a Blessing from the Priestess (1 Hour, $50) +30 MORALE
Request Healing (3 Hours, $30) +10 HP
Meditate (5 Hours) +30 MORALE
Sneak into the Temple (1 Hour, Thieving 65, Req. Lock pick)

High Court
Talk with the Queen (1 Hour) +14 ENEMIES (see Conversation section for details)
Engage in Politics
-Weave a Web of Lies (3 Hours) +1 POLITICS,  -5 MORALE
-Develop some Cunning Schemes (4 Hours, Requires POLITICS 15) +4 POLITICS, -10 MORALE
-Manipulate your enemies to work against each other (6 Hours, Requires POLITICS 50) +6 POLITICS, – 15 MORALE
Sneak into the Queen’s Chambers (1 Hour, Thieving 85, Lock-picking)

Thieves Guild (Catch the Thief to unlock)
Talk with Raven (Initiate Test, wine cellar, lock pick and 1 Hour OR buy wine from store)
Talk with Flickerine (1 Hour)
Learn the Basics (4 Hours) +1 THIEVING, -5 MORALE
Learn More Advance things (5 Hours, Req 15 Thief) +4 THIEVING, -5 MORALE
Practice with Flick (6 Hours, $30, 50 Thief) +6 THIEVING,  +5 MORALE
Pay Raven to Talk to People about You (2 Hours, $50) -20 ENEMIES

Dates (DTS)
Below are all the Talk menu options except for the TALK for all three girls and their limits and consequences. (NOTE: The “requires” listed below means the RELATIONSHIP required for the positive increase in this stat.)

Flickerine (Requires 50, 30 Thief, 20 Gold)
Make a Toast +5
Talk with her
-Previous Boyfriends +2
-Say something funny +3
-Say something interesting and insightful +3
Hold her hand (Requires 60) +3
Tell her she looks beautiful (Requires 70) +3
Take her foot in your hands (Requires 80) +3
Invite her to your side of the table (Requires 90) +3

Caress her leg +3
Kiss her +3
Touch her boobs (Requires 110) +3
Pull her skirt up (Requires 120) +3
Try to rub her pussy (Requires 130) +3 END
Ask her to kneel under the table -5
Humiliate the server -5
Stand on the table, stick your finger in your ass, and cluck like a chicken -5
Make out (see Make Out section)

Lola (Requires 50, 30 POLITICS, HP 100%)
Greet her properly +3
Talk with her
-Ask about her family +3
-Ask if she is a virgin -2
-Say something self-deprecating +3
-Say something sweet +3
Touch her leg underwater (Requires 60) +3
Wash her feet (Requires 70) +3
Massage her back (Requires 80) +3
Wash her legs (Requires 90) +3 (+3 for touching the right places)

Kiss her -5
Touch her pussy underwater (Requires 120) +3(+3 for touching the right places)
Pull her onto your lap (No Change)
Ask her to wash you (Requires 130)
(If Over 200 +30 and +3 SEX, if less than 200, see below)
-I guess I would appreciate it
-I…thank you, but +10
Let your dick hand in her face -10
Make Out (see Make Out section)

Kionavaar: (Requires 100, FIGHTING 30, POLITICS 30):
(With Vasquious)
Talk to Her
-Ask about previous boyfriends +5
-Ask about her family -2
-Ask about her future +5
2) I see no reason +5
2) I disagree -5
3) Everyone must change -30 (END)
3) I spoke only for myself +10
Suggest a Competition (Requires 70 FIGHTING) +5

Talk about Mushrooms
-Stay Silent -10
-Eat Mushrooms +10
1) Dueling Cocks -10
1) Fuck -20
1) Orgasm Contest +30 (-10 for sex under 30, +30 if sex is over 30)
2) Shouldn’t the Loser Kiss? -20 (END)
2) Um. (END)
Gaze at her legs +3
1) Stay Silent (No Change)
2) Protect her +10
Pick flower (Requires THIEVING 30) +10

(Without Vasquious)
Suck Her Nipple +8
Pull Your Dick Out +13 (END)
Make Out with Her (see Make Out section)

Make Out (MKO)
Once the girls are all wild up, it is up to you to seal the deal. Below is a guide of every action and reward to getting the girl to LOVE you. If successful, the girl’s stat picture will have a pink heart on it showing that you fully LOVE her. (NOTE: Only if the player makes the girl LOVE him, will they be able to unlock the specific ending.)

Flick (Requires 100, 50 THIEVING, Comfortable Bed)
Pour the wine +5
Kiss her (Requires 100) +5 (+3 for kissing her in the right places)
Caress her (Requires 150) +5 (+3 for touching her in the right places)
Unbutton her blouse (Requires 200) +5

Play with her nipples +5, +1 SEX
Slide your cock between her tits (Requires 220) +5, +1 SEX (Cum -30)
Let her suck her cock (Requires 260) +5, +1 SEX
Play with her pussy (Requires 280) +5, +1 SEX
Remove her dress and fuck her (Requires 300) +35, +5 SEX

Cum on her Boobs  (END)
Take Her Sideways (Requires 30 SEX) +20, +2 SEX

Cum on Her Pussy (END)
Ask for Another Position (Requires 45 SEX) +20, +2 SEX

Cum Inside Her (END)
Change Position Once More (Requires 55 SEX) +10,+1 SEX

Cum on Her Face (END)
Make Her Cum (Require 65 SEX) +80, +1 SEX, LOVE

Lola (Requires 100, POLITICS 50, MORALE 100%)
Kiss her+3
Slide your hands down her back (Requires 210) +3
Caress her chest (Requires 240) +3
Undress her (Requires 250) +3

Suck her nipples +3, +1 SEX
Play with her pussy (Requires 280) +3 (+3 for touching the right places), +1 SEX
Rub your dick against her pussy (Requires 300) +23, +5 SEX

Cum Inside Her Mouth -30 (END)
Increase the Pace and Change Position (SEX 30) +5, 1 SEX

Cum on Her Belly (END)
Ask Her to Ride You Again (SEX 45) +5, +1 SEX

Surprise Her and Cum Inside (END)
Get Back to the Previous Position (SEX 55) +5, +1 SEX

Make Her Climax and Fill Her With Your Cum +50 (END)
Use the Magical Sex Talisman (Requires Talisman) +50

Tell Her About Your Claim to the Throne +50, LOVE
Keep Silent (END)

Kionavaar (Requires 200, Gold Necklace, better than Vasquese at the sword)
Kiss Her +3
Touch Her +3
Feed Her +5
Show more (Requires 220) +3
Strip Her (Requires 250) +10

Cover her with milk and honey +5
Offer her an oily massage +5
Ask about the dildo +5
Let her undress you (Requires 300) +10

Titfuck +10 (Cum -30 and END)
Rub dick on her clit (Requires 380) +10 (Cum-30 and END)
Star making love (Requires 400) +25, +5 SEX

Cum on her Belly -20 (END)
Take her Sideways Again (SEX 50) +1, +1 SEX

Cum Over Her Ass -20 (END)
Demand That She Sit on You (SEX 70) +1, +1 SEX

Cum Over Her Boobs -20 (END)
Penetrate Her Ass (SEX 80) +1, +1 SEX

Cum Over Her Face -50 (END)
Fuck Her Ass Deep (Sex 90) +50, +1 SEX

Sure, if it’s Meant To Be +20, LOVE
Nah, I’m Not the Marrying Kind +20, LOVE

Items (ITM)
In any adventure, the items you buy can help you. Here is a list of items and their rewards or stat changes that appear daily.

Goods for the Estate
Flower in a Pot $50, MORALE +2
Flute $150, MORALE +5
Singing Bird $250, MORALE +10
Enchanted Pillow $350, Wake up at 8:00
Comfortable Bed, $500, Gives +5 extra HP

Flowers $5
Pastries $25
Statuette $50
Perfume $100
Silver Earrings $200
Golden Necklace $500

Other Stuff
Animal Furs $5
Food Supplies $10, +5 HP when eaten
Bottle of Wine $30, +15 HP when drank

Illegal Stuff (Bought from Flick at Thief’s Guild)
Lock-picks $25
Crystals $200

Acolyte Stuff (Bought from Lola at Temple)
Heal Me Potions $40, +30 HP
Red Potions $50, +10 SEXPERIENCE
Magical Scroll $100, +5 MAX HP

Trade Books (Bought from Kionavaar at High Court)
Knights and Dragons $50, +3 FIGHTING when read
Ruling the Kingdom for Dummies $50, +3 POLITICS when read
Sticky Fingers $50, +3 THEIVING when read
Art of Love with Maiden $50, +3 SEXPERIENCE when read
Far Far Away Story $50

Quests (QTS)
In the main square contains a bulletin board full of quests from easy to heroic that can pocket you some good coin, if your skills are up to par. All quests will give the player +10 MORALE.  (NOTE: The money amount is a round figure, it is possible to receive more or less than what is posted.)

Easy Quests (HP 0-10, $20-$50 Reward)
Clear Out the Butcher’s Cellar, -2 Enemies
Recover a Stolen Wagon, -2 Enemies
Find a Lost Child, -5 Enemies

Hard Quests (HP 0-20, $100-$200 Reward)
Slay the Brigands, -5 enemies
Steal the gold Pouch, +5 Enemies
Scout the Goblin’s Position, -5 Enemies

Epic Quests (HP 0-30, $200-$500 Reward)
Slay the Beast, -10 Enemies
Marriage Affairs
Find the Robbers, -15 Enemies

Event (EVT)
There are several events that are timed in the game that you can not avoid. Here is a list of all Day events that will happen right after you sleep.

Day 2: Thief Robs You, Lost All Money and MORALE
Day 3: Thief Returns (if you are unable to catch her, she will appear every two days afterwards)
Day 10: Evil Man Appears, Gives You $100
Day 15: Arrow to the Gut, HEALTH drops to 1 and Receive $20
Day 25: Invited to Party
Day 30: Summer Solstice Party

Extra Scenes (EXS)
There are a few hidden sex scenes within the game itself that some players will be unable to find. Here are a few!

Acolyte: If you have a low enough relationship with Lola while on a date, you can ask for release. Lola will ask one of her Acolytes to help you. (see Dungeons and Maidens achievement for more details). Also, she will appear in one of the endings later on in the game!

Courtesan: The courtesan in the bar will help raise your SEXPERIENCE stat, but every time you take her to her room and pay her, you will get a different scene.

Specials (SPL)
There are a few secrets in the game such as extra scenes, glitches, and cheats that can help you in the game.  Here are a few:

First Impressions Do Help:
If the player does not skip the introduction, they can talk to Kionavaar. If the player picks both bottom options, they will receive +2 RELATIONSHIP with Kionavaar. Also, it will open up the Talk menu afterwards. If the player skips the introduction, players will be unable to Talk to Kionavaar on the first day.

Something for The Effort:
After helping the acolyte’s brother (see Dungeons and Maidens achievement for more details) she will reward you with…two potions? Sadly, she will not have sex with you.

The More You Buy, The Better You Find:
If you hold ten items in an item and choose to steal from the Kionavaar, Lola or even the Tavenr’s wine cellar, the game will not give you that item. So if you want the expensive gifts or the books, simply buy the inexpensive items first and then search the rooms for the better items.

You Have Been Warned:
If your Enemies rating gets to 80, you will receive a warning to have it lowered before it reaches 100.

Decisions, Decisions:
If players raise their relationship with Lola above 69 (insert sex joke here), Lola will ask you about your opinion about the acolyte’s potions. If players select the option that they do not know, Lola will give them a Heal Me Potion, a Red Potion AND a Magical Scroll. If players select the answer that they already know, they will be rewarded with +5 RELATIONSHIP with Lola.

Beware the Sorceress:
If players raise their relationship with Flick to 45 and travel to the temple, there will be a special scene with Flick, warning you about Lola.

Buy a Woman a Drink?:
If players raise Flick’s relationship higher than 50 and have a THIEVING of 30 or higher, players can have a scene where they can buy a drink at the tavern (for themselves or for the house). Randomly, Flick will join you and you can have a Date with her or not. If they choose not to join her, the player receives -10 RELATIONSHIP with Flick.

Caught by Your Love:
If players attempt to picklock into Lola’s chambers, they WILL get caught (only if they have a positive relationship with Lola). However, if the player’s relationship is over 300 with Lola, you will automatically be put into the Make Out scene with her. Also, you DO NOT need to have the other requirements (POLITICS and MORALE) to do so!

Sword Skills
If you go to the Warrior’s Guild with your FIGHTING 30 or higher, there will be a special cut scene with Roderick, the sword master.

Achievements (ACI)
The following are all the achievements that can be found in Seducing the Throne and how end when you can get them. (NOTE: Sadly it is impossible to get all of them in one play-through and some are game ending.)

I Got You!:
(Requires STRENGTH 20)
After the thief steals your money on Day 2, she will return on Day 3 and every two days afterwards until your STRENGTH reaches 20. Once it is at 20 or higher, choose to chase after her. POP.

Serving the Justice:
(Requires 130-199 RELATIONSHIP with Lola, 150 RELATIONSHIP with Kionavaar, POLITICS 30)
Go to the Temple and talk to Lola. Ask her for a date then wash her feet and ask her to wash you. Then accept to offer. Go to the High Court and talk to Kionavaar about the acolyte’s brother. Afterwards, return to the Temple. POP.

Now She Likes It:
(Requires Lockpick, THIEVING 85, 300 RELATIONSHIP with Lola, SEX 55)
Go to the High Court and break into Kionavaar’s bedroom. Search and find the Sex Talisman and go to the temple. Choose to Make Out with Lola. Keep going until you use the Sex Talisman and then tell your claim to the throne. Later, go back to the temple and Make Out with Lola again, until you have the option to cum in her mouth. POP.

Beast Slayer:
(Requires 10 Hours, FIGHTING 70, THIEVING 25, 30 HP)
Go to the Quest Board and select Epic Quests. Select the quest “Slay the Beast”. POP.

Dark Visions:
(Requires over 100 RELATIONSHIP with Kionavaar, FIGHTING 30, POLITICS 30)
Go to the High Court and ask Kionavaar for a date. Agree to have Lord Vasquious come with you. Talk about mushrooms but DO NOT EAT THEM! When the wise men come by, look into the crystal ball. POP.

Dungeons and Maidens:
(Requires 300 RELATIONSHIP with Kionavaar, Lockpick, 1 Hour, THIEVING 75)
Go to the High Court and select “Sneak into Queen’s Chambers”. After searching the Queen will enter and take you to the dungeons. Choose to kiss her. After the scene, it will pop.

God Save the Queen:
Go to the Tavern and choose to Eavesdrop. After eavesdropping four times. On Day 25, choose to follow Bigtoes and listen to the plot. On Day 30, confront Bigtoes about the plot. POP.

Royal Celebration:
(Requires LOVE with both Kionavaar and Lola)  (NOTE: This is game ending, so make sure you have all the achievements before attempting this one!)
On day 30, tell Lola that you will become king and take her as a lover. Then tell Kionavaar the plan. After the sex scene it will pop.

Priestess and Thief:
(Requires LOVE with Lola and Flick)  (NOTE: This is game ending, so make sure you have all the achievements before attempting this one!)
On day 25, you will be invited to the masquerade. Go to the Thief’s Guild and invite Flick to the masquerade ball.  On day 30, talk to both Flick and Lola and agree for them both to meet. After the sex scene, it will pop.

Cum on Golden Coins:
(Requires LOVE with Flick and Kionavaar) (NOTE: This is game ending, so make sure you have all the achievements before attempting this one!)
On day 25, you will be invited to the masquerade. Go to the Thief’s Guild and invite Flick to the masquerade ball.  On day 30, talk to Flick and Kionavaar and encourage Kionavaar to go to the vault to have sex with him and Flick. After the sex scene, it will pop.

Endings (EDG)
There are 9 endings in the game; 5 bad, 4 good.  Here are all the endings and how to get them all. (NOTE: All endings, except #8, is obtained on day 30)

Ending 1: Marry Kionavaar
Ending 2: Poison Kionavaar with Lola’s support
Ending 3: Poison Kionavaar and runaway with Flick.
Ending 4: Lola and Flick Forgive Each Other
Ending 5: Marry Kionavaar with Lola as Your Lover
Ending 6: Flick and Kionavaar Sex in Vault
Ending 7: Leave the Party on Day 30.
Ending 8: Reach 100 Enemies.
Ending 9: After completing God Save the Queen achievement and no girl is in LOVE with you, leave the party on day 30.


  • lifelove1 says:

    how to catch the theif?

  • LOP_Daman says:

    To catch her, you need to have 20 Strength or more at the start of any day after the second day (that is the day she robs you). You will see her and have the choice to chase after her or let her go. Refer to the “I Got You” achievement for more details.

    Hope this helps!

  • lifelove1 says:

    sex scenes are black nothing to see in his game and living with serena why?
    what is the soluion?

    • LOP_Daman says:

      They seem to work for me. There are two things that can be the issue:
      1) your browser needs to update your flash player
      2) you are playing a version that is not on the website (cracked or downloaded from the internet)

  • auldgit says:

    This game is a masterpiece !!!!

    I find it more exciting to try and find all the twists and turns than using a straight walkthrough !!!
    The graphics and storyline sets it above all other games I´ve played from LOP !!!

    i still check back now and then for hints, but still enjoy finding things out for myself !!!
    Number one !!!!!

    Number two is Serena: living with temptation !!!

    Keep it up please !!!

    • LOP_Daman says:

      I’m glad you like it. It was always my intention to make this not to spoil the game but to show all the, as you said, twists and turns in the game that maybe someone misses.

      More will come but thank you for the encouragement.

      • auldgit says:

        One of the things I really love about this game is the fact that some of the sex situations are far from exaggerated and I have actually found myself in similar situations, obviously not in a fantasy land with dragons and trolls !!!

        If I was to give it a score out of 10 it would be 9.999999 because I think there are little tweaks that could make it PERFECT in every way !!

        my comments are in no way a criticism of the work and effort that have gone into the game, in fact I find myself returning to the game to discover more endings !!!!

        Where is it possible to download without ripping you or anyone off, because I believe in supporting work like yours !!!!

        • LOP_Daman says:

          Unfortunately, they do not offer this game for download as of this moment. They do provide several games for download in our Bonus Sections on the LOP Gold site, but STT is not one of those titles.

          This may change in the next few years, but as of now, the best way to play AND support them is buying a Gold account and playing.

          As for your comments on the game, they are always welcome. Without them the developers can take note and make changes and/or improvements to their games and they do listen to the LoP community, such as yourself.

  • magicnixius says:

    Is incredible deep, and well structurated…
    I love game in fantasy/medieval style, would you make others one like that?
    Maybe is possible to see in future a STT 2?

  • BloodyMares says:

    I am slightly confused. You wrote that if relationship with Lola is nearly 69 then she will give the 3 acolyte items. That’s not what happened. I had 68 relationship points with her and she just gave a tutorial about what these items are for but when I checked later the items weren’t added to my inventory. Is that a bug or a mistake in the walkthrough?

    Also, in the Ending 3 Lola gets poisoned instead of the queen.

  • shadow5 says:

    How can i optain the Talisman for lola?

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