7 Day Quest

Witten by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Items (ITM)
Sex Scene Guide (SSG)
Specials (SPL)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide! In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in 7 Day Quest. Please do head over to lessonofpassion.com for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion. This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)


Every action forwards the time by one. There are three actions in a day (21 in total) so plan your next move and strategy carefuly.

Items (ITM)

Sex Shop
Viagra $100
Dildo $100
Condoms $20

Sex Scene Guide (SSG)

Lily and Jack
Go to the gym three times ($90 in total) and then go to the bar at night and talk to the red head, this is Lily. Arm wrestler her and she will strip and give you a blowjob for every win you get (once a night). Buy the condoms and on the third match, she will let you ride her.

Mrs. Edwards and Jack
Follow the sex scene with Lily and Jack to get some nice pills from her. Go to the hotel’s lobby and give it to poor Mrs. Edwards for her headache. She will reward you in kind.

Mrs. Adams and Jerry
The most crazy one to get is this one. First and secondly, you will need to have sex with Lily and then the pills sex scene with Mrs. Edwards in order to unlock the chance to see this scene unfold. Talk to Jerry at the bar in the afternoon twice (paying for lunch) and then meet Mrs. Adams at the bar later and talk to her. Be nice and then talk to Jerry at the bar and introduce him to Mrs. Adams. Buy the viagra form the sex shop and go to the bar late at night. Buy the champagne ($120) and then next night go to the hotel room.

Barmaid and Anna
Talk to the blonde at the bar at night. Agree to her plan an buy a beer and then a drink for the barmaid. After you talk about Anna, you will be treated to a nice lesbian scene. Go to the sex shop and buy the dildo and then talk to the girls again and tell them you have toys for another fun scene.

Mrs. Adams and the Neighbor
Go to your hotel room at night (not late night) and you’ll here a moans coming from next door. Go to the lobby and take the key. Take some pics and enjoy the show.

Mrs. Adams and Elizabeth
Get the first lesbian scene with Anna and the barmaid to unlock this scene. Go to the gym in the afternoon and run into a scene with Elizabeth talking about a membership card. Ask about a free massage and go to the park to walk around. Go back to the gym, get a free massage and then blackmail Elizabeth. Go to the house and watch the scene unfold.

Mrs. Adams and Jack
To unlock this, you will need to get photos of Mrs. Adam having sex with two of the three people you can photograph (Jerry, the neighbor and/or Elizabeth). Go to her house and blackmail her, you will get a nice steamy scene with her.

Specials (SPL)

Park Cameos
If you go through the park during the day you will run into several female characters in their day attire. If you go at night you get one of two scenes; the sounds, but not sight of people having sex. And the other scene is you getting mugged and loose all your money.

Endings (EDG)


Ending 1 [Poverty]
The simplest of endings. Once the game starts, go to the house where you were assignment to keep an eye out on, knock on the door and tell Mrs. Adams the truth about your mission. And…done!

Ending 2: [Memories]
Go to the hotel and then the lobby three times. Once you hear noises coming from next door, go to the lobby and take the key. Take the photos and the next day go to the house and knock on the door. Choose to blackmail her and you will go back to her husband. Say she is faithful to get this ending.

Ending 3: [Evidence]
Do the exact same thing as ending two but after you blackmail her and you are reporting back to her husband and show him the photos.

Ending 4: [Money]
This is the long one so buckle up! Go to the hotel and then the lobby so that you meet Mrs. Edwards. Next, go to the park and work as a photographer and do that twice to earn some cash then go back to the hotel lobby and take the key to take some pics of Mrs. Edwards in the hotel room. The next day work at the park as a photographer again but do it three times. At night go to the bar and choose to talk to the blonde, Anne. Agree to her request then buy yourself a drink and then her a drink. After she get’s sauced talk to her about Anne and get a small scene between the two girls.

At start of Day 3, go to the sex shop and buy a dildo and then head over to the gym. After a subtle scene between Mrs. Adams and Elizabeth, ask for a free massage and then head out to the park and walk around to find the lost club card. Head back to the bar and talk to Anne again and say you have toys with you.

It’s now Day 4 and it’s time to head back to the gym and get that free massage you missed out on last time. You can do either ask her for help or blackmail her at this point to help you. Go to the sex shop and buy the viagra and then go to the park take some more pics for cash and then hit up the bar and talk to blonde one more time.

Day 5 now and it’s time to head to the house and take pictures of Mrs. Edwards and Elizabeth. Now go about and do whatever, or whomever, you want till day 7. On that day, you will go back to the husband and show him all the photos you took of his wife while you were away.

Ending 5: [Truth]
Exactly as the same as above, the only difference is to tell the husband at the end that she was faithful to him.

I hope you all enjoyed this walkthrough! If you have questions, please leave a comment below and either an LoP staffer or a fellow player will answer it! Thanks again!