Living with Lana

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Leveling (LVL)
Places (PLC)
Event (EVT)
Extra Scenes (EXS)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Living with Lana.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)
Everyone is familiar with the tale of two star crossed lovers, like Romeo and Juliet. Well, her is a slightly different version with Doug and Lana. Doug was simply passing out flyers around the local university when he caught a glimpse of a blond angel named Lana. After nearly talking for 3 straight hours they began to date and after about 6 months they took their commitment to the next level and moved in. With Lana still in school and Doug struggling in anyway to make ends meet, how can anything go wrong?

Living with Lana is a adventure date-sim where you take control of Doug as he navigates through the world, trying to gain the affection of his live-in girlfriend, Lana. Lana is a single child whos parents are not only wealthy but raised her right, maybe a bit too right. You can date her and love her or try to corrupt her for your own pleasure, the chose is yours to make.

ART- Doug’s passion or somewhat his fall back. With this stat you can raise money and the higher your skill the better paying jobs you can do.
FITNESS- No girl wants to date a slob. Your fitness can help impress Lana and also nab a few extra jobs as well.
SEX- How good are you with your other pen? Your sex stat allows for longer scenes and even bonus scenes if high enough.
RELATIONSHIP- Most important of all, money- oh, I mean love! Your relationship with Lana will be tested and depending on how well she feels about you, she may be more accepting to…intimate suggestions.
MORALE- Peace of mind is always a good thing. If your morale is too low, then certain tasks will be blocked until you raise it back up.

Leveling (LVL)
In the game your Relationship stat will lock up until you achieve a certain aspect of the game. Below are the situations and what must be done to move on in your relationship with Lana.

Locks at 5 Relationship. To get to Level 2: Give her flowers $25 (Reward +5 Relationship)
Locks at 50 Relationship. To get to Level 3: Fitness over 25 (Reward +3 Relationship)
Locks at 100 Relationship. To get Level 4: Pick her up from school @ 12:00 for a date.
Locks at 150 Relationship. To get to Level 5: Buy the golden ring $150 (Reward +15 Relationship)

Places (PLC)

Living Room
-Watch TV and relax +2 Morale
-Eat Healthy Meal +1 Fitness

-Read about Art +1 Art, -2 Morale
-Watch Porn Movies +5 Sex, +1 Morale (If Lana is home and awake, you will be unable to use this)
-Work as a Freelance Artist (30 Art) +$30, -7 Morale


-Sell Newspapers +$5, -5 Morale

Park (9:00-18:00)
-Practice Jogging (5 Fitness) +2 Fitness, +1 Morale
-Sketch People for Money (10 Art) +1 Art, +$10, -2 Morale

School (9:00-18:00) (Closed on Weekends)
-Talk with Friends +5 Morale
-Play Basketball (15 Fitness) +3 Fitness, -3 Morale
-Take Art Classes ($10) +5 Art, -2 Morale

Club (18:00-0:00)
-Have a drink ($5) +5 Morale
-Work as a bouncer (30 Fitness) +$30, -6 Morale

Lana’s Location (LNC)
Living Room 9:00
Ask her how she’s doing +1 Relationship
Kiss Her (5 Relationship) +2 Relationship, +1 Morale
Caress her pussy (50 Relationship) +5 Relationship, +3 Morale

Kitchen 15:00
Eat Dinner with her +1 Relationship, +1 Morale
Hug her and kiss her (5 Relationship) +2 Relationship, +1 Morale
Pick her up and set her on the dinner table (10 Relationship) +2 Relationship, +1 Morale
-French kiss her (15 Relationship) +2 Relationship, +1 Morale
-Remove her top (20 Relationship) +4 Relationship
-Lick her pussy (75 Relationship) +5 Relationship, +1 Sex
-Take her on the table (130 Relationship) +20 Relationship, +5 Sex
–Cum inside her +2 Sex, -10 Relationship (If you make her orgasm and cum inside her, +20 Relationship instead)
–Cum over her pussy +5 Relationship

Living Room 18:00
Talk with her
-About her parents +2 Relationship
-About her education +2 Relationship
–Mention that her father could help her get a job -5 Relationship
–Say that you believe her +1 Relationship
-About their relationship +2 Relationship
-About her favorite memories +2 Relationship
-About her first kiss +3 Relationship
-About her fantasies (50 Relationship) +5 Relationship
Flirt with her (5 Relationship) +2 Relationship, +1 Morale
Ask her to show you her pussy (50 Relationship) +5 Relationship, +1 Morale
Cover her eyes and lick her (75 Relationship) +5 Relationship, +1 Morale, +3 Sex
-Try to convince her
-Don’t listen to her and force her to spread her legs +5 Relationship, +1 Sex
Ask her for a blowjob (150 Relationship) +20 Relationship, +5 Sex, +1 Morale
-Hold her down and cum in her mouth +10 Relationship (if Relationship is over 200, +20 Relationship)
-Cum over her cheeks +5 Relationship

Bedroom 21:00
Massage her back (5 Relationship) +2 Relationship
Kiss passionately (25 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Strip her (50 Relationship) +5 Relationship
-Finger her pussy (50 Relationship) +3 Relationship
-Ask her to play with your cock (75 Relationship) +4 Relationship
-Ask her to masturbate in front of you (100 Relationship) +5 Relationship
–Say it was awesome -2 Relationship
–Order her to continue +5 Relationship
-Ask for sex (130 Relationship) +30 Relationship, +5 Sex (If Sex 45, +20 Relationship, +5 Sex)
–Cum inside her +2 Sex, -20 Relationship (If you make her cum, +20 Relationship instead)
–Cum on her face +20 Relationship +2 Sex
–Cum on her boobs +5 Relationship

Club (Friday Nights)
Compliment her dress +2 Relationship
Offer her a tequila Shoot ($10) +3 Relationship, +5 Relationship, -8 Relationship
Talk with her
-Ask her how things are going at school +2 Relationship
-Ask her if she gets hit on a lot at the university +2 Relationship
-Talk about her favorite place to go on vacation +2 Relationship
-Ask her what’s the craziest thing she ever done +2 Relationship
Gently Caress her body (50 Relationship) +5 Relationship
-Touch her boobs +2 Relationship
-Massage her thighs +2 Relationship
-Caress her calve +2 Relationship
-Stand Between her legs and kiss her +2 Relationship, +1 Sex
–Put your finger inside her panties (75 Relationship) +5 Relationship (If over 100, +10 Relationship and next scene)
—Ask her to spread her legs for you +5 Relationship
—-Lick her pussy +12 Relationship, +1 Sex
—-Just fuck her +2 Relationship
—Ask her to kneel in front of you (160 Relationship) +5 Relationship
—-Surprise her and cum inside her mouth +2 Sex, -20 Relationship
—-Ask her to spread her legs for you +3 Sex, +2 Relationship
–Release her

Event (EVT)
Day 5: Club Night $20 +5 Relationship, Stay -5 Relationship
Day 6: Laundry Day 1
Day: 12: Club $20 +5 Relationship, Stay -5 Relationship
Day 13: Laundry Day 2
Day 19: Club $20 +5 Relationship, Stay -5 Relationship
Day 20: Laundry Day 3

Extra Scenes (EXS)

After School Date
Put your hand on her knee +3 Relationship
Kiss her and put your hand under her skirt +5 Relationship, +1 Sex
Ask her to spread her legs for you +5 Relationship
-Touch her pussy +5 Relationship
–Push your fingers a little deeper +5 Relationship, +1 Sex
–Ask her to lick her saliva from your fingers +10 Relationship, +1 Sex
-Say that’s enough
Take her Home
-Pay the bill ($20) +5 Relationship, +2 Morale
-Ask her to pay the bill -10 Relationship

Laundry Day 2:
Start to touch her (25 Relationship) +3 Relationship
-Touch Arm +2 Relationship
-Enjoy her thighs +2 Relationship
-Caress her calve +2 Relationship
-Rise her dress a little bit -3 Relationship
-Ask her to move her arm -3 Relationship
-Kiss her and continue -2 Relationship, +1 Sex (End Event)
Just compliment her smile +2 Relationship (End Event)

Laundry Day 3:
Spread her legs (35 Relationship) +4 Relationship
-Ask her to touch her boobs (50 Relationship) +4 Relationship
-Kiss her +2 Relationship (End Event)
Kiss her +2 Relationship (End Event)

Achievements (ACI)

Dessert is Served (Requires 130 Relationship)
At 15:00, go to the kitchen and put her on the table. Choose to take her on the table and when you cum, choose to cum over her pussy. POP.

The Girl that Swallows (Requires 200 Relationship)
At 18:00, go to the living room and ask for a blowjob. When it comes time to cum, choose to hold her head down. POP.

Blind and Wet (Requires 75 Relationship and 30 Sex)
At 18:00, go to the living room and choose to cover her eyes. Ignore her and watch the scene. POP.

Sexy Show for You (Requires 100 Relationship)
At 21:00 go to the bedroom and have Lana strip. Tell her to masturbate in front of you and the order her to continue. POP.

I Love Hot Cum Inside Me (Requires 130 Relationship, 40 Sex)
At 21:00 go to the bedroom and strip Lana and ask for sex. Fill her meter to the top and make her cum, then choose to cum inside her. POP.

Touching Myself in Public (Requires 50 Relationship)
On day 20, you will go to do laundry with Lana. Tell her to spread her legs, then have her touch her boobs. POP.

To Drunk to Sit (Requires $50)
On Friday evening, Lana will ask to go to the club. Go with her ($20 cab fare) Then offer her 3 tequila shots for $10 each. POP.

Let’s Go to the Bathroom (Requires 100 Relationship, $20)
On Friday, Lana will want to go to the club. Once there, gently caress her body and then stand between her legs. Choose to put your finger in her panties and you will go the bathroom. POP.

Lick this Honey (Requires 100 Relationship)
To get to level four, you need to pick her up at 12:00 from school and go on a date with her. Ask her to spread her legs and then touch her pussy. Choose to have her lcik your fingers afterwards. POP.

Slut I Am (Requires100 Relationship, 45 Sex, $40)
(NOTE: This is game ending, so make sure you have all the achievements before attempting this one!)
Learn about her fantasies in the living room at home then go to the bar on Friday. Make her drink two tequila shots and then feel her up and slide your finger in her and then go to the bathroom. Ask her to spread her legs and then make her cum. Then cum in her mouth. POP.

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: She gets mad and throws you our. Fastest way is to not go with her to the club two times.
Ending 2: Get to the end of the 21 days.
Ending 3: Get the “Slut I Am” achievement