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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Places (PLC)
Items (ITM)
Events (EVT)
Specials (SPL)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Tori 500 Reloaded.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion games.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)
Jordan is small town girl with big dreams of city life and the big screen as an actress.  Once in the city, she faces struggles for the next 10 days to go big or go home!

LOOK- If you want to make a good impression, you need to look the part.  Your LOOK stat helps you obtain certain jobs and even date certain people. It is broken down into 3 categories: face, Body and Dress.
I.Q.- All looks and no brains makes Jordan…well just don’t be that.  I.Q. allows you to work certain jobs in the game.
SINGING- Either professional or recreational, singing is good for the soul. Your SINGING stat allows you to work on the side and make money.
SELFDEFENSE- Every woman should defend herself.  Your SELFDEFENSE stat allows Jordon to fight back against robbers or customers.
HEALTH- Pretty straight forward.  Your HEALTH stat reflects Jordan’s “healthiness”, if it gets below 0, she will not be able to work and will be sick.
MORALE- How rested and relaxed are you? Your MORALE stat allows you to perform strenuous activities, with no morale you will be stopped from doing them.
REPUTATION- How well do people know you? Your REPUTATION stat allows you to work in different places if people know you well enough.

Places (PLC)
Your Apartment
Sleep (Advance to Next Day)
Make up (Time 10)
Dress Up (Time 10)
Read Books (Time 15) +1 IQ

Fashion District (See Items List for Details)
Buy Cosmetics (Time 20)
Buy Clothes (Time 30)

Outlet Mall (See Items List for Details)
Buy Homeware (Time 40)

City Park
Find C-Class Customer (Time 10) (Time 45 if you accept)
Take Day Off (Time 100)
Take a Walk (Time 20) +5 MORALE, +1 HEALTH
Practice Singing (Time 35) + SINGING, +$Random

Beauty Center
Hairstylist (Time 30, $40) +3 FACE
Solarium (Time 40, $50) +2 BODY
Massage (Time 40, $100) +100 MORALE
Work as a Personal Stylist (Time 40) LOOK 0-19 +$40, LOOK 20-39 +$60, LOOK 40-59 +$90, LOOK 60-100 $120

Sports Club
Buy Club Card (Time 10, $300) 7 Days Membership
Training Bicycle  (Time 35) +3 BODY
Sauna (Time 40) +20 MORALE
Self-defense Training (Time 50) +5 SELF-DEFENCE

Strip Club (LOOK 35)
Perform a Pole Dance (Time 35) +$40, +1 STRIPTEASE, -2 MORALE
Buy and Expensive Drink (Time 10, $20) +10 MORALE
Find ‘B’ Class Customer (Time 10, Reputation 1000) (Time 45 if you accept)

Black Market (See Items List for Details)
Buy Black Market Stuff (Time 20)

Medical Treatment (Time 40, $200) +100 Health
Breast Augmentation (Time 90, $2500) +25 BODY
Blood Donation (Time 60) +$150, -30 HEALTH
Work as a Nurse (Time 40, Nurse Outfit) IQ 0-29 +$50, IQ 30-49 +$70, IQ 50-69 +$90, IQ 70-89 $120, IQ 90-100 $150

Platinum Club (Requires Platinum Club Access Card)
Flirt (20 Time) +20 REPUTATION
Buy Ecstasy Pill (Time 10, $60) +25 MORALE
Find ‘A’ Class Customer (Time 10, Reputation 3500) (Time 45 if you accept)
Sing on the Stage (Time 60, Pop Diva Outfit) +SING, +Random Money

Items (ITM)
Little Mermaid Set $50 (+1 FACE)
Lady Arabella $100 (+2 FACE)
Crimson Princess $500 (+3 FACE)
Sara Lucia $1500 (+5 FACE)

Young Gypsy Princess $50 (+10 DRESS)
Little Schoolgirl $100 (+20 DRESS)
Dangerous Chic $250 (+35 DRESS)
Call Me Candy $400 (+50 DRESS)
Cheating Housewife $900 (+60 DRESS)
Leather Bitch $2000 (+75 DRESS)
Vampire’s Charm $3200 (+90 DRESS)
Luxury Mojito $5000 (+100 DRESS)
Nurse Outfit $150
Pop Diva Outfit $600

Homeware: (Applies to when you sleep at night)
Fish Tank $150 (+2 MORALE)
Microwave $250 (+2 HEALTH)
Comfortable Bed $450 (Time regenerates to 100)
Notebook $600 (IQ +1)
Plasma TV $1200 (+10 MORALE)

Black Market Items:
Pepper Spray $50 (+5 SELFDENFENSE)
Taser $200 (+20 SELFDENFENSE)
Small Pistol $800 (+30 SELFDENFENSE)
Platinum Club Access Card $1000 (Allows access to the club)

Events (EVT)
Day 4: Home Event
Day 5: Brooke asks about your job hunting
Day 10: Brook is in deep with Mob
Day 20: You and Brooke go to mafia boss top pay off her debt (BJ +5, Reputation +500)
Day 100: GAME OVER

Specials (SPL)

Back-story is Important:
At the start of the game you can skip the intro, but if you play through the game you can increase your stats before the game begins.  If you study for the biology test, your IQ will increase 30. If you go to the party you can increase Sex, BJ, Anal and Striptease by +10 each depending on your choices.

Weekly Specials:
Every week or so, Jordan will receive a special offer at home that will affect her stats. Anything that asks for donations will be increase your MORALE. Any sex ads will give you sex stats as well some money. Any fitness things will increase your BODY/LOOK. Any cosmetics will give you cash but may cause your FACE/LOOK to decrease, so be careful.

Achievements (ACI)

My First Fuck Money:
Go to the park and find a C class customer and agree to have sex with them. Pop.

Full Closet:
Purchase all clothes from the Fashion District.

We Pay, Not Fuck:
On day 10, your roommate, Brooke will tell you she owes $300 to the mob.  On Day 20, pay the $300 to the man. Pop.

Am I President Now?:
Raise your rep to 3500 and find an A class customer until you get the politician. Accept him and it will pop at the result screen.

Boobs of My Dreams:
Pay $2500 for breast augmentation at hospital.

Welcome to the Club:
Buy the platinum membership ($1000) from the black-market. Then go to the platinum club. Pop.

I Got My Dignity:
Raise your REPUTATION to 2000 or more a producer named Jeff will invite you to work as a model. He will ask for you to take part in an orgy. Turn it down. POP.

Spicing up the Popcorn:
Buy a gym membership and ride the bike.  You will meet Tom and then 5 days later will go on a movie date with him. Choose to go wild. Pop.

Black Rosemary:
Once you reach a reputation of 4000, Katrina will call you with a job offer. Accept it.

Final Round:
Raise you Self Defense to 50 and immediately you will get a job.  Accept the job and it will unlock at the end.

Fake Orgasm:
Raise your Look to 60 and then work at the Beauty Center.  Accept the proposal, afterwards it will pop.

Sex Tapes:
(This is only available if you unlocked the Fake Orgasm achievement)
Sing in the park with singing at 35.  Accept the job and then accept the sex tape proposal.

Alone in the Pool:
Raise your look to 35 and then perform a pole dance at the strip club. A guy will offer you a job for a threesome. Accept it and after the scene it will unlock.

Sister of Mercy:
Once your IQ reaches 70 and you have $450 and a nurse outfit, work as a nurse.  Offer to help the girl. Pop.

Go Home Baby:
(This is only available if you unlocked the Sister of Mercy Achievement)
On Day 98, Sonia will be in your room. Turn down Sonia. Pop.

Karate Kid:
Fight off an unsatisfied customer.

Endings (EDG)
Unlike traditional games, Jordan 500: Reloaded gives players an option of what ending they want to see/finish with depending on how they play. Below are the ways to unlock certain endings in the game.

Ending 1: Buy the VIP card from the black-market.  Once your reputation is 1000 or higher, go to the Platinum Club and watch the cut-scene. Two days later, Katrina will give you a test, if you choose not to have sex with the man, this ending will be available at the end of 100 days.

Ending 2: A generic ending that will always be available at the end of the 100 days.

Ending 3: Once you reach a reputation of 2000, you will meet a producer named Jeff.  Two days later he will invite you to an orgy. Take part in it and this ending will be available at the end of the 100 days.

Ending 4: A generic ending that will always be available at the end of the 100 days.

Ending 5: Buy a gym membership and ride the bicycle at watch the cut-scene. Five days later, you will go on a movie date with Tom. Be romantic and the ending will be available at the end of the 100 days.

Ending 6: Raise your look to 60 and then work in the salon.  Agree to have sex with her.  Go to the park with your Sing at 35 or higher and agree to be in a music video with them.  Afterwards, agree to be in the sex video. Jill will then come and thank you and offer you a job with them.

Ending 7: Gain access to the Platinum Club and raise your LOOK to 70 and Flirt. Accept his invitation and later there will be a cutscene and this ending will be available at the end of 100 days.

Ending 8: Buy the nurse outfit and work at the hospital. Once your IQ is over 70 a cut scene will take place. Pay for Sonia’s treatment ($450). On day 98, when you go to sleep, Sonia will show up. Ask her to kneel and this ending will be available after 100 days.

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