House Party

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Wave One (WV1)
Wave Two (WV2)
Wave Three (WV3)
Items (ITM)
Vivian (VVI)
Jazz (JZZ)
Erica (ERC)
Janet (JNT)
Monica (MNC)
Trina (TRN)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide! In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in House Party. Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion. This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

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Rules (RLE)

Welcome to “House Party” where you fill the shoes of the host, Nico Robinson. The goal is simple; throw the bets party in town while his parents are out of town! But it’s not simply putting on music and hitting play, being a host requires skills, patience and of course strategy. Plan the day and mingle with your guests and hope that more come to partake in the festivities! Bellow are all the stats you need:

LIBIDO: As a man you can not control your urges. If your libido is too high, you will release it in your pants and girls will freak out affecting your Relationship (-15) and no girls wants that!

MOOD: How goes the party? This meeter tells you everything. If it’s yellow and growing, you are doing fine, if it’s blue and falling, it’s a buzz kill and people will leave (game over). So keep playing games, buy more food and drink and mingle to keep it from falling!

But what to talk about with your guests? It’s hard to say because every time you play the game, their interests change (just like real people’s). So keep in mind that someone may like to talk about school during one play-through, they may hate it the next. For every correct response, you will get +2 Relationship with that person, an incorrect one will get you -1 Relationship.

Wave One (WV1)
the start of the party depends on you. Youc an call Vivian, your current girlfriend over, you can watch porn or you can read a book on how to throw good parties.

-If you call Vivian (see her section for details)
-If you watch porn (see Trina’s section for details)
-If you read “Parties for Dummies you will get a small luck bonus that will allow you to play darts and poker better during the party.

After you make your choices, the first group comes over: Vivian, your best friend Bob and Jazz, your ex-girlfriend. Converse, buy food and drinks and do what you can to keep the party going.

Wave Two (WV2)
More people are filling inward, now that the party is starting gain momentum. We meet the very shy Erica, the sexy bride-to-be Janet and her fiance who decided to dress up, Luke. It’s time to break out the big guns as with more people, means a faster drop in your Mood Meter. Play some games to earn more money and subsequently more food and bev for your guests!

Wave Three (WV2)
The party is about to take off now with the last group coming in! First we have the schoolgirl crush, Monica and the mysteriously sexy Trina walking in to make things a bit more steamy for the rest of the group. The Mood Meeter at this point will stop falling now that everyone is here, but does not mean to lighten up on the fun. Close the deal with some of your guests and try to wrap the party up or try to go out with a bang!

Items (ITM)

Online Store (Parent’s Bedroom)
Pizza $20
Beer $20
Tequila $50
Poker Set $30 (Only One)
Dart Set $30 (Only One)
Viagra $30

Vivian (VVI)

-Vivian can come over early to hang out before the other guests show up. Bring her some champagne from the kitchen and she will “thank you” in her own little way in the pool.

-Once you reach 20 Relationship with her, she will talk to you upstairs in your room giving you a nice little talk and +5 extra Relationship points as well.

-Raise your Relationship with her to 40 and you will have a nice, fun moment with one another. She will stop the foolishness early asking for something to prove your willingness to be exclusive to her alone.

-If you want to get down with Vivian, do NOT have sex with Jannet while wearing her fiance’s costume (tell her instead). Once your Relationship reaches 10 with Erica, she will say a ring is the bets answer. Talk to Janet who will give you the ring and then go to Vivian and give it to her.

-If your relationship with Vivian is below 40 by the time the third wave comes over, you will see her and your best friend Bob upstairs doing it. She may not make it up to you, but Bob most certainly will later.

Jazz (JZZ)

-Once you reach 20 Relationship with Jazz, she will want to chat with you in your room. After a nice talk, she will kiss you and give you +5 Relationship to boot.

-After getting 40 Relationship, Jazz will mention she is going to change in the upstairs bathroom and to tell you not to peek. But we both know you have too see it! Afterwards you will remember that Jazz likes Sunrise Cocktails and you know someone who makes a god one.

-When you talk to Bob about making the recipe, he will be against it as he and Jazz have some bad history together. But he willing to forgive that if you find him a girl to have some fun with. If you told Janet about her fiance being passed out, she will be looking for some rebound sex. He will give you the drink as part of the deal. Give it to Jazz and you will have some makeup sex (with anal if you want)

-If you do not like Jazz and want to get some revenge, talk to Bob upstairs once she arrives and then buy some tequila from online. Agree to go along with the revenge. Give her the drink and she will ahte you and if you have any Relationship points with her, you will loose them all.

Erica (ERC)

-Once you achieve a 20 Relationship with Erica, talk and flirt with her to earn a bonus +20 Relationship with her.

-The next milestone is when you get to 40 Relationship with her and she says she likes to dance. Go to the bathroom on the first floor and find the CD there. Give it to her and get a +20 Relationship boost as a reward.

-During the last scene, Jazz will make fun of Erica’s dancing and make her upset. Go to Jazz and talk to her about Erica and one of two things will happen; if your relationship is higher than 900, she will apologize and move on. But if below that and you can throw water on her in retaliation (you will loose all points with Jazz). Either way, Erica will feel better, but if you threw water on Jazz, you will get +10 Relationship for your effort.

-Once Jazz has been dealt with, raise your Relationship with Erica to over 50. Once you do, wait for everyone to be away from the pool and invite Erica out, undo her top and a nice steamy scene in your parent’s room will take place.

Janet (JNT)
(Arrives during the second wave)

-After she and her fiance Luke arrives, she will ask if you seen him. You can find him in the bathroom downstairs passed out from drinking. Take his costume to trick Janet into a sex scene. Just note that doing so will result in her leaving the party.

-If you choose not to wear the costume and tell Janet where her fiance is, she will be happy and give you +10 Relationship with her as a reward. Luke leaves the party and Janet stays.

-If you are with Jazz and follow her route, you will need to bribe Bob into making a drink for you. Talk to Janet after her fiance leaves and she will be on board with it. You will get a nice view if you go upstairs and watch (either Jazz or Vivian will join you if you peek too).

Monica (MNC)
(Arrives during the third wave)

-Once you get to 20 Relationship with Monica you will catch her in your bedroom…checking for porn mags. After a small chat, you will get +5 Relationship with her.

-The moment you get to 40 Relationship with Monica, she will mention a wet t-shirt contest with all the girls and you are the judge. She will bribe that she will rock your world if you rig it and have her win. If you play ball with her and choose her as the winner, you will get a nice sex scene with her. If by chance you choose NOT to pick her, she will be pissed at you will loose all Relationship with her.

-Once you have the dildo, give it to Monica and it will trigger a dildo spinner game. When it’s your turn, you will get three spins. Whomever you land on will get +10 Relationship with each person and you can land on the same girl again if you want easy Relationship boosts.

Trina (TRN)
(Arrives during the third wave)

-After getting 20 Relationship with her, go outside and cannonball all over her face in the pool. Afterwards, get +5 Relationship for your efforts.

-The fun begins once you get to 40 and talk to her again. She wants to have a drinking contest, so grab Bob and do it. After some sexy time, you will be videotaped by Jazz. It’s not that bad, you do get +5 Relationship in the end.

-The final sex scene plays out one of two ways once you get to 60 Relationship with Trina. If you choose the follow her upstairs or did not watch porn at the start of the game, you eill get some one-one-one with her. But if you did watch porn and Bob did not cheat on you with Vivian, you can blackmail her and her and get a nice threesome scene.

-If Bob cheats on Vivian, her will come back with ecstasy pills. Give them to Trina and she will, pass them around.

Frequently Asked Questions (FQA)

Where are the ecstasy pills?
Bob has them. To get them, let Vivian cheat with him and talk to him. A bit later, he will give them to you.

Some scenes will not trigger when my relationship if higher than what you said. Why?
It also triggers when your passion is raised up a bit. So wait around, watch some steamy scene unfold around you or buy some Fake Viagra online if you have the money.

How to get the dildo?
The fastest way is to simply go into your parent’s room and click on the pillow on their bed (don’t think about it too much). The other way is during Erica’s sex scene, she will pull it out.

How come Jannet is not in the orgy or wet t-shirt contest?
…no clue.

How do I keep getting money?
At the start of the game, click on the tequila bottle and give the shot to Bob. He will give you some money during the game the longer you play and the higher your friendship with him is. Once people are interested in Poker or Darts, play them. You will need $20 for poker and $5 for darts. If you read the book “Parties for Dummies” you will have a better chance at winning and scoring money.

What does the champagne and shot glass at the start do?
Relationship boosters. If you give Bob the shot, he will give you extra cash to spend during the party. Giving it to others will result in some bonuses of Relationship as well. But you only have one of each, so choose wisely.

Achievements (ACI)

Good Start
At the start fo the party, invite Vivian at the start of the party. After she asks for a gift, go to the kitchen and grab a bottle of champagne and bring it to her.

Proposal (Requires 40 Relationship with Vivian)
Give Vivian the ring and have some passionate sex with her (see her section for setup details)

Cheating Heart (Requires Vivian’s Relationship below 40 and getting to the Third Wave)
After the third wave of guests come over and head upstairs and you will see Bob and Vivian having sex.

Slippery Bikini (Requires 50 Relationship with Erica)
Talk to Erica when no one is in the pool and untie her top.

Reconciliation (Requires 50 Relationship with Jazz)
Raise your relationship with Jazz and she will take you upstairs for some sex (you can anal or not, it doesn’t matter).

Costume Mix-Up (Getting Second Wave of Guests)
Go to the downstairs bathroom after a bit to find Janet’s fiance passed out. Take his costume and fuck Janet.

Peeping Tom (Requires: Getting Second Wave of Guests)
Go to the downstairs bathroom after a bit to find Janet’s fiance passed out. Tell her and then talk to Bob about making a drink for you for Jazz (see Reconciliation achievement for details) and then ask Janet about Bob.

Wild Girl (Requires: 60 Relationship with Trina)
Get level three with Trina and give her the vibrator. If you have the choice to blackmail her, don’t.

Blackmail 3 Some (Requires: 50 Relationship with Trina)
At the start of the game choose to watch porn and then get to third wave of quests. Once you get to stage three with Trina, blackmail her and talk to Bob. Head upstairs. (Be sure that Bob did not cheat with Vivian.)

Wet Contest Winner (Requires: All Girls 30 or more Relationship)
Talk to Monica and start the wet t-shirt contest. Select Monica as the winner.

Orgyfest (Requires: “Cheating Heart” achievement to trigger)
NOTE: This is a game ending achievement, be advised.
Refer to “Cheating Heart” for the set-up. Afterwards, Bob will give you pills. Give them to Trina and then do the wet t-shirt contest. Let Monica win and choose not to go with her.

Poker Star ( Requires: Poker Set)
Beat 3 girls in poker (to the point they strip out of their clothes). Best way is to read the “Parties for Dummies” book at the start of the game.

Dildo Spinner (Requires: Dildo)
Give Monica the dildo at anytime to play a game with the other girls. At the end, it will pop.

Party of the Year
Get to the third wave of party guests and it will unlock automatically.

Keen Eye (Requires: Dart Board)
Win a game of darts against anyone. Best way is to read the “Parties for Dummies” book at the start of the game.

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: Your Mood Meter drops to zero and the party ends.
Ending 2: Achieve the “Orgyfest” achievement to unlock this ending.

I hope you all enjoyed this walkthrough! If you have questions, please leave a comment below and either an LoP staffer or a fellow player will answer it! Thanks again!