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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Places (PLC)
Items (ITM)
Event (EVT)
Aisha (AIH)
James (JMS)
Molly (MLY)
Rebecca (RBC)
Emma (EMA)
Gallery Guide (GLG)
Frequently Asked Questions (FQA)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide! In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in “Pledge: Naughty Sorority Girls”. Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion. This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)
College is always fun. The one time in a young adult’s life that he or she can explore without the nagging or disapproval from their families. Same can be said about Melissa who skated her way through college failing left and right and parting till every keg on greek street was tapped out. She wanted the freedom and not the knowledge when she left home, but her parents have had enough. Her parent put a stop to her parting ways and delivered their ultimatum; pass your classes and graduate at the end of the term or be stuck with the bill. The ball is now in her court as to what happens next.

“Pledge: Naughty Sorority Girls” is an adventure game where you take the role of Melissa and decide weather to hit the books or hit the club for the next 30 days. She will have to balance not only her social life with her friends as well as her academic life, but also her day-to-day duties as Senior Sister, one fo the the head figures of her sorority. Work for cash, ask for help and maybe find some fun meaningful connections before the end of the semester and perhaps go out with a bang! To do all that, you will need to focus on her stats.

LOOK: Some actions require you to look a certain way or meet a certain standard. Hit the gym or bask in the sun to boost this stat.
SXP: Some people know how to party and it’s required that some actions need a bit more of a…sensual touch. Abbreviated for “Sexperience”, you can play with yourself or with others to raise this stat.
ENERGY: Every action requires some effort someway or another. Rest, eat or drink to help keep this stat high so you can perform more actions throughout the day without stopping.

Your main objective is to pass your classes. To do that you will need to get an average score of 40 or higher from four classes: Science, History, Business and Math. You can study on your own or in a group and even go to lectures in the morning to help raise it. Or perhaps find a more…”percussive” manner to help boost it a bit as well.

Places (PLC)

Art Studio
Work as a body model (4 Hours)
-IF LOOK is 0-9, +$30 and +1 Follower
-IF LOOK is 10-24, +$40 and +2 Followers
-IF LOOK is 25-49, +$50 and +3 Followers
-IF LOOK is 50 or higher, +$70 and +4 Followers

Nap (2 Hours) +6 Energy
Masturbate (1 Hour) +2 Sxp, -2 Energy (IF Aisha comes back with 50 Relationship or higher, +10 Relationship with her and +1 Sxp)
Study (2 Hours) -3 Energy, +3 Subject of your choice
Webcam (NOTE: Money depends on how many followers you have, you will also get additional followers and money for each show. Also, if Aisha is to come back and REL is below X, it will stop. If you choose to do a show with her in it, and her Relationship is 120 or higher, she will join.)
-STRIPTEASE: T-Shirt and Jeans (2 Hours) +1 Sxp, -2 Energy
– STRIPTEASE: Swimsuit (2 Hours, 10 Look, Bikini) +1 Sxp, -2 Energy
– STRIPTEASE: Cheerleader (2 Hours, 20 Look, Cheerleader) +1 Sxp, -2 Energy
-SOLO: Toy Show (2 Hours, 20 Sxp, 30 Look, Dildo) +1 Sxp, -3 Energy (If done the show 5 times, you will get a bonus scene)
-BDSM: Mistress Show (2 Hours, 30 Sxp, 40 Look, Leather Outfit) +1 Sxp, -5 Energy
-BDSM: Slave Show (2 Hours, 30 Sxp, 50 Look, Leather Outfit) -5 Energy
–Masturbate for them +1 Sxp
–Play with your dildo (Dildo) +1 Sxp
Visit On-Line Store (1 Hour) (See Items section for details)
Wait 1 hour [Advance time by one hour]
Sleep [Advance to next day @7:00) +15 Energy

Classroom [Science 8:00-9:00, History 10:00-11:00, Business 12:00-1:00, Math 2:00-3:00]
Ask questions (1 hour) +3 Subject, -5 Energy
Take notes (1 Hour) +2 Subject, -2 Energy
Zone out (1 Hour) +1 Subject, +2 Energy

Club (20:00-24:00)
Dance (2 Hours)
Get a drink (1 Hour, $5)
Relax and gossip (2 Hours)
Order shots with Black Bull (1 Hour, $15) +2 Energy
Flirt (1 Hour) +5 Followers

Coffee House
Work as a waitress (8 Hours) +$80, +1 Follower, -10 Energy

Front Lawn
Sunbathe in front of the house (2 Hours, Bikini) +2 Energy, +1 Look, +1 Followers [IF Aisha is present, she will join you and get +7 Relationship as well as get +5 Followers]
Eat Instant Noodles (1 Hour, Instant Noodles) +10 Energy
Drink Cold Coffee (1 Hour, Cold Coffee) +7 Energy

Gym (Workout Outfit)
Small Workout (1 Hour) +2 Look, +1 Followers, -2 Energy
Long Workout (2 Hours) +5 Look, +2 Followers, -5 Energy
Work (3 Hours) +$50, -2 Energy
Order a Wheat Grass Shot (1 Hour, $15) +5 Energy

Locker Room
Take a shower (1 Hour) +2 Energy

Study (4 Hours) +1 All Subject, -6 Energy
Join a study group (8 Hours) +2 All Subjects, -12 Energy
Take a nap (2 Hours) +5 Energy
Work (5 Hours) +$35, -5 Energy

Buy food and drink (see Items section for details)
Buy clothes (see Items section for details)

Buy a hotdog (1 Hour, $10) +8 Energy
Buy a soda (1 Hour, $7) +5 Energy
Wait 1 hour [Advance time by one hour]

War Room (Unlocks after Day 2)
[Note: All money “earned” goes to the sorority, not the player.]
Plan a charity event
-Support the elders (4 Hours, Nurse Outfit) +$50 for Sorority
-Sorority car wash (8 Hours, $20, Bikini) +$70 for Sorority
-Charity “Fun Run” in sexy lingerie (2 Hours, $50, 30 Look, Lingerie) $100 for Sorority
Plan a prank
-Vandalize (1 Hour, After 20:00) +$30 for Sorority
-Bar Tab (4 Hours, $25) +$50 for Sorority
-Pizza Man (2 Hours, $50) +$100 for Sorority
Recruit new members
-Tea (3 Hours, $20) +$30 for Sorority
-Hazing (2 Hours, Flogger) +$80 for Sorority
-Training (5 Hours, $70, Collar with Leash, Serving Trays) +$150 for Sorority

Items (ITM)

On-Line Store
Dildo $100
Strap-on $200
Leash and collar $50
Flogger $68
Leather outfit $120
Lingerie $110
Nurse outfit $70
Cheerleader outfit $90
Serving trays $55

Downtown Store (Food)
Instant noodles $5
Bottle of cold coffee $3

Downtown Store (Clothing)
Bikini $90
Workout outfit $35

Event (EVT)

Day 1: In locker room, meeting Emma (Start of bet between sororities)
Day 2: James comes back (James unlocked)
Day 2: 16:00 at your sorority house, War Room meting (War Room and Molly are unlocked)
Day 2: 20:00 in your room, Aisha comes out to you (Support her (+5) or kiss her (+10))
Day 3: Meeting Rebecca in the hallway (Rebecca Unlocked)
Day 5: Webcam idea
Day 5: Party down the road (+5/-5 Molly for going or not)*
Day 12: Party down the road (+5/-5 Molly for going or not)*
Day 15: Midterm review (Score of 20 needed). If not, you will be given a chance for extra credit.
Day 19: Party down the road (+5/-5 Molly for going or not)*
Day 20: Senior Sister Meeting in War Room (between 12:00-16:00 and150 Relationship with Molly)
Day 20: Jame’s Booty Call (If 100 Relationship)
Day 20: The night you need to go to Greg’s Place (If you discovered Annet’s and Emma’s secret)
Day 25: End of the bet
Day 25: Rebecca texts you (If 50 Relationship and you lost the bet to Emma)
Day 26: Aisha’s confession (If 150 Relationship)
Day 26: Party down the road (+5/-5 Molly for going or not)*
Day 28: Jame’s Proposal (If 150 Relationship)

*At the parties you can trigger several different event scenes. However in the case of no scene, you will be given a small scene with the character with the highest Relationship status and be given +10 Relationship as well.

Aisha (AIH)

Bedroom (7:00 & 20:00-21:00)
Chat (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
Study Together (2 Hours) +2 Random subject, +1 Relationship
Share a meal (1 Hour) +2 Relationship, +5 Energy
Kiss (1 Hour, 10 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Touch her breasts (1 Hour, 30 Relationship) +4 Relationship
Masturbate together (1 Hour, 70 Relationship) +5 Relationship, +1 Sxp, -1 energy
Do a 69! (1 Hour, 100 Relationship) +6 Relationship, +1 Sxp, -2 Energy

Hallway (8:00 and 12:00)
Chat (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
Treat her to coffee (1 Hour) +2 Relationship
Kiss her (1 Hour, 10 Relationship) +3 Relationship

Locker Room w/ Molly (14:00) [After Molly is unlocked]
Talk with them (1 Hour) +1 Relationship for both girls
Massage Aisha’s back (1 Hour, 10 Relationship with Aisha) +3 Relationship
Flirt with Molly (1 Hour, 10 Relationship with Molly) +2 Relationship
Ask girls to pose for a sexy picture (1 Hour, 30 Relationship with both girls) +3 Relationship for both

Gym (16:00-17:00)
Chat (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
Workout Together (2 Hours) +3 Look, +3 Relationship, -3 Energy
Flirt with her (1 Hour, 10 Relationship) +2 Relationship
-If 100 RELATIONSHIP, Shower sex (+20 Relationship, +3 Sxp) if 150 Aisha returns the favor (x2)
Shower with him (After sex in the shower scene) +20 Relationship, +3 Sxp

Front Lawn (18:00-19:00, Bikini)
Ask her for a sip (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
Flirt with her a little (1 Hour, 5 Relationship) +2 Relationship
Kiss her lips (1 Hour, 10 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Put your hand under her panties (1 Hour, 50 Relationship) +4 Relationship, +1 Sxp, -1 Energy (Doing three times will unlock “Lick her pussy”)
Lick her pussy (1 Hour) +5 Relationship, +1 Sxp, -2 Energy

Bedroom (22:00-23:00)
Ask her to read to you (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
Massage her back (1 Hour, 5 Relationship) +2 Relationship, -2 Energy
Take some flirty pictures (1 Hour, 25 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Spread her legs and finger her pussy (1 Hour, 50 Relationship) +4 Relationship, +1 Sxp, -1 energy
Ask her to lick your pussy (1 Hour, 60 Relationship) +5 Relationship, +1 Sxp, -2 Energy
(Doing a camera show while she is present will get you a lesbian show (120 REL))

James (JMS)

Hallway (8:00 & 13:00)
Chat (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
Walk with him (2 Hours) +2 Relationship
Give him a peck (1 Hour) +3 Relationship

Library (15:00-16:00)
Chat (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
Study Together (3 Hours) +3 Relationship, +2 Random Subject, -5 Energy
-IF 50, choose to study together (5 Random Subject) or fuck (+20 Relationship, +3 Sxp)

Gym (18:00-19:00)
Chat (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
Workout Together (2 Hours) +4 Look, +2 Relationship, -5 Energy
-IF 50 Relationship, secret shower (+25 Relationship, +3 Sxp)
Flirt (1 Hour) +2 Relationship

Street (21:00)
Ask for a bite (1 Hour) +2 Relationship, +2 Energy
Kiss his cheek (1 Hour) +3 Relationship

Molly (MLY)

Locker room w/ Aisha (14:00)
Talk with them (1 Hour) +1 Relationship for both girls
Massage Aisha’s back (1 Hour, 10 Relationship with Aisha) +3 Relationship
Flirt with Molly (1 Hour, 10 Relationship with Molly) +2 Relationship
Ask girls to pose for a sexy picture (1 Hour, 30 Relationship with both girls) +3 Relationship for both

Front Lawn (16:00-18:00)
Chat (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
Offer her a cigarette (1 Hour) +2 Relationship
Ask her to oil your back (1 Hour, 10 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Gently kiss her lips (1 Hour, 20 Relationship) +4 Relationship
Kiss her bare ass (1 Hour, 35 Relationship) +5 Relationship

War Room (18:00-19:00)
Compliment her spirit (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
Push heron the sofa and massage her feet (1 Hour, 10 Relationship) +2 Relationship
Seduce and undress her (1 Hour, 20 Relationship) +3 Relationship
-Passionately kiss her (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
-Encourage Molly to play with herself for you (1 Hour) +2 Relationship
-Lick her pussy (1 Hour, 50 Relationship) +3 Relationship, +1 Sxp
-Smack her ass (1 Hour, 75 Relationship) +4 Relationship
-Penetrate Molly’s pussy with black dildo (1 Hour, Dildo, 100 Relationship) +5 Relationship, +1 Sxp

Rebecca (RBC)
Hallway (9:00 & 11:00)
Chat (1 Hour) +1 Chat
Share Stories (2 Hours) +2 Relationship
Hug (1 Hour, 20 Relationship) +3 Relationship

Hallway w/ Emma (14:00-15:00)
(Always result in -1 Rebecca)

Locker Room (16:00)
Chat with Rebecca for a while (1 Hour) +1 Relationship
Compliment her body (1 Hour, 10 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Kiss her neck (1 Hour, 20 Relationship) +4 Relationship
Play with her tits (1 Hour, 40 Relationship) +5 Relationship

Club (20:00-22:00)
Chat (1 Hour) +2 Relationship
Order some shots (1 Hour, $20) +5 Relationship
Flirt (1 Hour) +3 Relationship

Emma (EMA)
[NOTE: There is no real scene progression, but she will insult you each time you talk to her in different ways.]

Hallway with Rebecca (14:00-15:00)
(Always result in -1 Rebecca)

Locker Room (17:00)
Call her a slut

Coffee Shop (20:00)

Coffee Shop w/ Annet (21:00)

Gallery guide (GLG)

Webcam: T-shirt and jeans
[Need webcam and selecting this from in her room. All are unlocked after doing this show.]
Removing her bra…
…and revealing her naked pussy
Webcam: Swimsuit
[Need 10 LOOK and swimsuit. All are unlocked after doing this show.]
She presents her sexy boobs…
…and naked ass
Webcam: Cheerleader
[Need 20 LOOK and Cheerleader outfit. All are unlocked after doing this show.]
Covering her boobs with pom-poms and…
…her pussy as well
Webcam: Toy Show
[Need 20 SXP, 30 LOOK and Dildo. All are unlocked after doing this show expect for the third. You will need to do this show 5 times to get it.]
Melissa is putting a large dildo inside her pussy
She licks the dildo
Putting the dildo inside her ass
Melissa climaxes
Webcam: Bondage Show – domination
[Need 30 SXP, 40 LOOK and Leather Outfit. All are unlocked after doing this show.]
Order fans to lick her heels
Masturbating for them
Webcam: Bondage Show – submission
[Need 30 SXP, 50 LOOK and Leather Outfit. The first two are unlocked by choosing to masturbate, the other two require the use of a dildo.]
Masturbating for their fans
Licking her wet fingers
Putting the dildo deep inside her throat
Pushing it into her pussy
Melissa teasing her pussy in the bathroom
[Discover Annet’s and Emma’s secret (see Frequently asked questions for details) and choose to go to the restroom that night.]
Melissa is touching herself
Passionate climax
The night with Greg
[Discover Annet’s and Emma’s secret (see Frequently asked questions for details). Stay for the entire thing and be sure to have 40 SXP to get the second image.]
Melissa is sucking Greg’s cock
Now she is licking it clean
Greg fucks Melissa
He cums inside her pussy

Roomies Confession
[Have Relationship of 150 and on day 26 accept her love and you will get all the scenes below.]
Aisha licking Melissa’s pussy
Melissa’s climax face
Mellissa fingering Aisha’s pussy
Aisha’s climax face
Cool down
[Have Relationship of 100 and workout with Aisha between 16:00-17:00 at the gym. Choose if she wants to see more. To get the third and fourth scenes, you will need 150 Relationship.]
Melissa fingering Aisha under the shower
Aisha climaxing
Licking Melissa’s sweet pussy in revenge
Melissa cums with Aisha’s tongue on her clit
Webcam: Lesbian show
[Have 120 Relationship at start a show while Aisha is in the room with. The first and third can be unlocked normally, but the second requires a dildo to unlock.]
Girls are doing a 69
Melissa fucks Aisha with her dildo
Aisha climaxes
Webcam: Aisha in charge
[After doing the lesbian show 3 times, this will unlock. The first unlocks when you choose to suck it, the reaming two require 40 SXP to select the other option.]
Flirty Melissa catches her breath
Aisha penetrates her roommate’s ass
Melissa cums with Aisha’s dick in her ass
Aisha’s garden teasing
[Requires 50 Relationship and meeting Aisha out on the lawn between 18:00-19:00. Finger her pussy three times to unlock these scenes.]
Melissa easts Aisha’s pussy
Aisha cums with Melissa’s tongue buried inside her cunt

Hard workout
[Requires 50 Relationship with James and working out with him at the gym between 18:00-19:00. Choose to follow him into the locker room. Requires two trips to get all four scene.]
Melissa sucks Jame’s cock under the shower
James cum over her face
He penetrates her from behind
James release his sperm over her pussy
[Requires 50 Relationship with James and choosing to study with him in the library between 15:00-16:00. The first two come from letting the scene play out, the third requires 40 Sxp and doing the scene again.]
Melissa kneels in front of James
She swallows his cum
James fucking Melissa between the bookshelves
Booty call
[Requires 100 Relationship with James. On day 20 after 20:00 in your bedroom the scene will play out. Choose “You know me all to well” to get it the first scene. You will need 40 Sxp to get the last two.]
Melissa sucks his cock
James cock between Melissa’s tits
He comes on her boobs

Comforting Rival
[Need 50 Relationship with Rebecca and loose the bet to Emma. At 20:00 in your bedroom, Rebecca will call you. Choose “She is wasted and willing”. The first two unlocks from picking “An eye for an eye”. A a strap-on is required for the other two scenes however.]
Rebecca is playing with her pussy by Melissa
She cums for her
She rides her from behind with a strap-on
Rebecca cums with a dildo inside her
Drinking contest
[Drink with Rebecca at the club between 20:00-22:00. After the third time she will challenge you. You will need 50 Relationship to continue the scene and unlock all four scenes.]
Mellis passionately fingers Rebecca’s pussy
She comes very loudly
Rebecca eats Melissa’s cunt
Melissa’s climax
Sucking Cody’s dick
[Go to the party on day 26 and this scene will play.]
Rebecca with her boyfriend’s dick insider her mouth
He cums over her face and Melissa records it
Rebecca and James in the restroom
[Win the bet against Emma and then chose to take it out on Rebecca. Go to the party on day 26 and this scene will take place.]
Rebecca sucks his cock
He cums over her face
Fucked in the changing room
[Win the bet against Emma and then chose to take it out on Rebecca.]
Used by three guys while laying on a bench
James is getting ready
He joins the party and fucks her wet pussy
Rebecca is covered with cum
Charity run
[Do “Charity Fun Run” from the war room with Rebecca’s Relationship 50 or higher. Choose to stay and fool around in the forest. The first is the default choice while the other two requires the 50 Relationship check.]
Rebecca teasing with Rebecca.
Melissa fingering Rebecca by the tree
Rebecca’s climax face

Playing with molly in the war room
[Raise Molly’s Relationship over 100 and get a dildo. Meet Molly in the war room between 18:00-19:00 and make her undress. Choose the use the black dildo to get the two scenes below.]
Pushing a dildo deep inside her cunt
Molly climaxes
Molly’s collection
[After completing the above scene once, you will get the a cutscene going back to your room at night. Choose to close the door and pick from her selection of toys; twos scene per toy. You will need 50 Sxp to get all six of them.]
Scissoring on the bathroom floor
Girls cum together
Double stuffer dildo action
Molly’s climax face
Fucking Melissa’s ass with a handy dildo
The time it’s Melissa’s turn
Moly’s initiation
[Raise Molly’s Relationship over 150 and got to the war room any day after 19 between 11:00-16:00. Choose to nominate Molly and the scene will play out. ]
Slapping Molly’s ass
How deep is your throat
Molly’s anal penetration

Extra Credit: Annet
[Be sure to have a 40 LOOK and a midterm score below 20. On the 15th, choose to do extra credit for Defolio (History) and then ask for something else instead of a writing assignment an dog to her place. Keep choosing to continue and then pick of of the three choices (each choice will unlock one scene).]
Lay back and rub your pussies together
Lay down and let her finger you
Tell her to sit on your face and eat her out
Extra Credit: Margaret
[Be sure to have a 50 SXP and a midterm score below 20. On the 15th, choose to do extra credit for Heard (Science) and then ask for something else instead of a writing assignment and go to her place when you have a leather outfit. Do not say the safeword at anytime and then pick your reward (each choice will unlock one scene).]
Make her fuck your mouth
Beg her to ride your ass hard
Tell her how bad you want to cum
Defoilio’s Punishment: Classroom
[Discover Annet’s and Emma’s secret and choose to visit Greg. Choose to leave and then comfront Defolio in the library at 17:00. Choose to see how far she wants to keep her secret and pick for her to wear a revealing outfit in class the next day. To unlock both scenes at once, choose to play with ther settings and then ask if she wants to cum.]
Annet with vibrator inside her pussy
Melissa being licked by Annet on her teacher’s desk
Defoilio’s Punishment: Club
[Same as the above scene, but instead choose to take her out to the club. Meet her there at 20:00 where the first scene unlocks. Make him cum for the second scene or choose to share her with others for the third and fourth.]
Annet sucking a cock in a restroom cabin
Defolio sucking 4 cock in a restroom cabin
Single cumshot on her face
A lot of cuimshots on her masked face

Frequently Asked Questions (FQA)

How to discover Annet’s/Emma’s Secret?
There are a lot of components so listen up! Go to the coffee shop at 21:00 every now and again and interact with Annet and Emma. After a few times you will get the chance to eavesdrop, do it. Next go the bathroom at 14:00 and talk to Emma and wait for her to leave her phone (you can watch her too fi you like.) Next, go back to the locker room at 14:00 to try and trick Emma into leaving her phone unattended. If you get it wrong, try again tomorrow (the correct answer is to say there are cameras).

How to get Greg?
Once you discover Annet’s and Emma’s, when you go to bed that night, choose not to go to the bathroom to release. Go to the store and buy a nice dress ($250) and wait till day 20. On that day be sure to be in your room at 20:00 to talk to Aisha. She will dye your hair and you are off to Greg for that night.

Can I keep the $500 from Greg?
Most definitely you can! Just go through the entire sex scene and do not leave at any point.

Do I need to complete the sex scenes with Defolio or Heard for the extra credit?
Yes and no. For Defolio, you can stop before the sex scenes and still get the same ammount even if you go through with the sex scenes (+25 History). For Heard, saying the safeword at any time will get you+25 Science, but going to the end will get you +50 science instead.

Are there any progressive scenes in the game?
Plenty! Taking sexy pictures with Aisha will get you new images (four in total) and raising your LOOK stat while doing a modeling at the art class changes the image as well as the money value (four levels, money back is $30, $40, $50, and $70 at 0, 10, 25 and 50 LOOK respectively). For the opthers, check the Gallery Guide section for others.

How long does it take to complete the extra credit form teachers?
A good while. Every time it requires 4 hours as well as 5 Energy and only gives you 15% each time. Meaning it will take seven days to complete. But the end result is +25 for the subject you picked.

Is there a way to win the bet against Molly at the party?
Yes there is. When it’s your turn to pick a dare for her, pick to have her “make a loud fake orgasm”, “flash the party” and “take a shot of her breasts”. If you do all the dares she ask, you win by default. If you choose to skip the dares and drink you will get +3 with her Relationship but will loose all your energy from drinking. Picking other dares will result in the same for Molly as well as she will get drunk.

Endings (EDG)


Ending 1: Do don’t complete “Molly’s Initiation” and fail to get a 40 or above average at the end of the 30 days.

Ending 2: Get a 40 or above average of your grades, have a low relationship with all characters and win the betting war (it helps) at the end of the 30 days.

Ending 3: On Day 28, with James Relationship above 250, James will ask if you love him. Accept his offer and pass your classes with a 40 or above average at the end of the 30 days.

Ending 4: On Day 26, with Aisha Relationship above 150, Aisha will ask if you love her. Accept her love and pass your classes with a 40 or above average at the end of the 30 days.

Ending 5: Raise Rebecca’s Relationship above 150 and pass your classes with a 40 or above average at the end of the 30 days. (If Aisha or James asks if you love them, turn them down.)

Ending 6: Loose the bet on Day 25, and do not go to any parties. Doe snot matter what your grades are is at the end of the 30 days.

Ending 7: Discover Emma’s and Annet’s secret and chose to have sex with Greg. Afterwards, confront Annet in the librbary (17:00) and tell her you know. Accept her offer to work for her.

Ending 8: Discover Emma’s and Annet’s secret and chose to not have sex with Greg. Afterwards, confront Emma in the locker room (14:00) and at 20:00 in your room a scene will play.

Ending 9: Complete “Molly’s Initiation” and fail to get a 40 or above average at the end of the 30 days.

I hope you all enjoyed this walkthrough! If you have questions, please leave a comment below and either an LoP staffer or a fellow player will answer it! Thanks again!