Johnny Bullet

Written by Daman

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Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Rules (RLE)
Conversations (CNV)
Places (PLC)
Items (ITM)
Event (EVT)
Achievements (ACI)
Endings (EDG)

Disclaimer and Intro (DSC)
Hello everyone, welcome to my guide!  In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Johnny Bullet.  Please do head over to for more great games such as this one and support them!

The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to Lesson of Passion.  This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun.

This is a free guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask for your money back, it is a scam.

Rules (RLE)
Johnny lived his whole life in Miami. When others thought of sunny beaches and crazy nightlife, Johnny saw hustles, drugs and death. Johnny grew up being nothing more than a gangster; a small time, bottom of the pyramid gun for hire for his mafia boss. But things are going to change! Johnny wants to make some moves and to earn some respect, some green and, of course some girls!

Johnny Bullet contains several key elements to help Johnny along his way to the top of the criminal underworld. From his look, physique and skills all have to be tip-top if he wants to get some respect!

APPEAL: Look the part of the gangster is just as important. Your appeal helps Johnny get the girls as well as perform certain jobs.

RUNNING: Can you outrun the law? Your running stat can help Johnny stay in shape as well as get away from slow, fat cops!

TECHNICAL: Know how a car works? Better brush up on your technical skills then. This skill helps you during your missions.

HACKING: Windows or Mac? Either way, you will need to know some skills for hacking during certain jobs.

STEALTH: Be the ninja, you always wanted to be minus the black uniform! Your stealth helps when people do not detect you when doing certain missions.

DRIVING: Remember that the faster cars are manual shifters! This stat helps with invading police and getting away from certain jobs.

COMBAT: Sometimes you just need your fists to get the job done. How well you learn hand-to-hand combat may affect certain jobs you undertake.

FIREARMS: Aim and then slowly squeeze the trigger. Your guns as well as your training help perform more dangerous jobs.

EXPLOSIVES: Johnny want big boom. This stat is necessary for any pyromaniacs and high value job hunters.

RESPECT: Earned but never given. With every action and job comes the respect from the community of thieves and liars around you. The higher the respect the more jobs and actions you will get.

Conversations (CNV)
As the respect and money comes in, the women will come along with it as well. Below is all the interactions and limits needed to get woman to like you better.

Little Chat +2 Relationship
Give a Gift (see Items section for details)
Sensually Flirt with Her (10 Relationship) +5 Relationship

Touch Her Hair (5 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Admire Her Boobs (10 Relationship) +4 Relationship
Touch Her Pussy (50 Relationship) +5 Relationship

Compliment Her Nails (5 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Touch Her Arm (10 Relationship) +4 Relationship
Caress Her Sexy Belly (50 Relationship) +5 Relationship

Compliment Her Necklace (5 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Caress Her Thighs (10 Relationship) +4 Relationship
Caress Her Breasts (50 Relationship) +5 Relationship

Compliment Her Makeup (5 Relationship) +3 Relationship
Touch Her Thighs (10 Relationship) +4 Relationship
Play with Her Boobs (50 Relationship) +5 Relationship

Places (PLC)

Abandoned Building (Only at Night):
Enter the Fight Club (Requires 30 combat) +5 Combat
Buy Illegal Stuff (see Items list for details)
Buy Weapons (see Items list for details)

Study illegal Websites +3 Explosive
Socialize on a Wannabe Gangsters Forum +5 Respect
Relax for a While Advance Time by 1

Look for Buried Coins (Metal Detector) +Random Amount of Money
Watch sexy Girl (Binoculars)
Sun Tan for Awhile +5 Appeal

Club (Only at Night):
Drink a Beer and Watch Girls $5
Order a Top Shelf Whiskey $100 +10 Respect
Provoke a Fight +3 Combat

Criminal Activity:
Perform an act of crime

Visit a Used Car Lot (see Items section for details)
Pay for Programming Classes $100, +10 Hacking

Gym (Unlocks after meeting with Marika):
Practice with Marika (Unlocks after getting training gear) +5 Running

Office (Unlocks after getting 200 Respect and available at Noon only)

Sneak Between the Trees Unnoticed +5 Stealth
Play with Your Dog (Pure-bred Doberman) +10 Respect
Jog for an Hour +5 Running

Russia Villa:
Train with Dmitry’s Body Guard (100 Respect) +5 Firearms
Assist Dmitry’s Mechanic +5 Technical

Attend Programming Class +5 Hacking
Attend Chemistry Class +5 Explosives
Maneuver on the Crowded Parking Lot (Car Needed) +5 Driving

Shopping Center:
Buy Stuff For Yourself (see Items section for details)
Buy Presents for Girls (see Items section for details)
Visit the Manicure Saloon $20 +5 Appeal

Shopping Center Items:
Metal Detector $20
Binoculars $70
Notebook $420
Small Diamonds to Your gloves $920 (+20 Respect)
Platinum Trim on Your Glasses $2100 (+50 respect)
Golden Chain $5000 (+100 Respect)
Elegant Suit $800
Training Gear $250

Car Lot:
Delivery Van $1500 (+25 Task)
Comfortable Sedan $3200 (+50 Task)
Turbocharged SUV $5200 (+75 Task)

Buy Illegal Stuff:
Viagra $50
Ecstasy $92
Crowbar $120
Wire-Cutter $320
Tranquillizers $420
Explosives $700
Sniper Riffle $4100
Pure-bred Doberman $7200 (+200 Respect)
Police Interceptor $13800 (+100 Task)

Buy Presents for Girls:
Red Rose $20 +5 Relationship
CD with Romantic Music $55 +8 Relationship
Weekend in Spa Voucher $135 +12 Relationship
Bottle of Expensive Wine $240 +18 Relationship
Exclusive Lingerie $350 +25 Relationship
Earrings with Small diamonds $520 +50 Relationship

Buy Weapons:
Pistol $1200 (+25 Task)
Uzi $2400 (+50 Task)
Shotgun $3700 (+75 Task)
Assault Riffle (+100 Task)

Event (EVT)
Day 3: Natasha in the pool
Day 6: Missing Engagement Ring at Beach
Day 16: Wingman at the Club
Day 20: Ricky in the Bathroom at the Club
Day 29: On the Beach with Jessica
Day 31: Natasha wants to go to the Beach
Day 50: Natasha live with you
Day 55: Natasha food
Day 60: Panties for Natasha
Day 70: Natasha naked (if you completed both errands for her)
Day 74: Shannon calls you
Day 76: Natasha is Kidnapped
Day 77: Game Over

Achievements (ACI)

My Precious:
Requires the Metal Detector. On day 6, go to the beach and you will find a girl who, after a long night of drinking, lost her ring on the beach. Afterwards, a new action will allow you to use the metal detector to find the ring. Once you find it, ask for her to flash her boobs at you as a reward. POP.

Don’t Make Me Angry!:
On Day 31, go to the beach and Natasha will call you. She will ask you to accompany her to the beach. When the guy slaps her ass, pull out your gun and shoot him! POP.

True Friend:
On day 20, Ricky will be in the bathroom at the club, side with him and buy him a drink. On day 29, go to the beach and take Jessica to your apartment. When given the option do NOT have sex with her! Pop!

Sparkles of Champagne:
Requires $500 and ecstasy pills. Once you reach 100 with Miley, a cutscene will trigger with her at the club. Invite her for a drink and lie about your job. Buy the champagne and then at your house put the ecstasy pill in her drink. Follow the bad boy approach, force her to deepthroat and then finally give her anal sex. Don’t stop and go faster and it will pop!

Jizz Under Shower:
Requires Viagra. Once you reach 100 with Marika, a cutscene will trigger with her at the gym. Once in the shower, take the Viagra pill and then stroke your manhood and then have her handle it. Whichever position you pick will result in the same conclusion. POP!

Ass Punishment:
Once you reach 100 with Shannon, a cutscene will trigger with her in her office. Have sex with her and make her cum and then complete her missions and then trigger the cutscene on the beach. Wait until day 74 and you will get a phone call from Shannon. Choose to eliminate her husband and a mission will be ready in her office. Once it is complete, go back the office and a cutscene will take place. Once it is over, the achievement will pop.

Baby Boom:
When Natasha is in the safe house, she will ask for some favors, complete them. On Day 70, she will be naked on the bed, lick her and then have her ride you. Choose to cum inside. POP.

No Cats Allowed:
At night, go to the abandoned building and buy the Pure-bred Doberman ($7200). Pop.

Ultimate Felony:
Requires 500 Respect, any weapon, any car and explosives. Go to Criminal Activity and select the Bank Heist. If you are successful, the achievement will pop.

Hawk Eye:
NOTE: This is a game ending achievement, getting this will end the game!
On Day 76, Natasha will be held hostage. Take the shot and shoot him in the head (if you are not quick enough or if you shoot Natasha or miss, you will not get the achievement).

Endings (EDG)

Ending 1: Natasha dies and you do not have $10,000 to escape.
Ending 2: Natasha dies and you have $10,000, and no relations with any other girls.
Ending 3: Natasha lives (complete Hawk Eye achievement)
Ending 4: Natasha dies and you have $10,000 and choose Shannon.
Ending 5: Natasha dies and you have $10,000 and choose Miley.
Ending 6: Natasha dies and you have $10,000 and choose Marika.


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