Flirting with Yasmine – first build

Today we’ve released the first playable build for all our $5 PATREONS.

In this build you’ll be able to experience the game, play with the environment and interface, get familiar with the leading characters and, if you’re smart enough, take a peek and see how the sex animations will look like.

It’s our first build and it was the most difficult / time consuming to produce. We expect following updates to be released much more frequent and with much more content.

Please let us know in the comments what do you think about it.

So if you like you may take a look at our PATREON page, find out more about the project and see what kind of rewards we’ve prepared for our PATREONS.

Read more about YASMINE here: REAL LOVE 3D – PATREON

* * *

ELEANOR 3: BLUE ORCHID expansion – release date 25/26 June 2019.

I want your blood!

Listen up guys – together with IL we’re planning to deliver something special for all fans – a bonus game with a MATCH3 gameplay mixed with RPG stats and colored red with with vampire blood.

Your role, as vampire, would be to to seduce and dominate sexy females using your dark powers… The females that you might previously meet in our games. So in the first release we’ll have:


If you like this project we’ll continue to expand it adding other girls ready for your sharp vampire fangs.
Which one should go next?

* * *

BTW – we’ve just relased AMAZING DAY WITH ELEANOR.

Short game build from the scenes implemented into ELEANOR 3 PREMIUM. If you want to play, just click here: ADWE –

Argh! Pirates!

Shawn Grey desired on thing in his life: the chance to sail the world, make his fortune and leave behind a legacy that he and the world can look back upon fondly… even if he sails under the black banner of privateers and lead by the notorious and famed Captain Perry, the Ruthless Red Head of the Seas!

But after an unsuccessful raid, Shawn’s captain is now locked away and awaits execution for crimes against the King and now it is up to Shawn as the new acting captain to make a play and possibly start his own legend.

Hire new crew members, practice your swordsmanship, spin a tale or two to boost your legend status among the townsfolk and help assemble other captains and their crews of other like-minded privateers to help aid in his mission to free the captain and hope she will be grateful for his loyalty. But with your new station as an acting captain, can you not let the power go to your head and focus on the mission at hand?

Will you prove to be a loyal brother of arms and aid your captain?
Or will your own selfish motives shirk you from your duties in favor of your own?

High adventure is coming soon, best ready and arm yourselves for adventure and peril are never far behind!

Game is based on original DAMAN’S idea and is reinforced with SEDUCING THE THRONE dating sim engine.

Release 2019 / 2020

Yes, Master!

The magic locket gives you mind control powers. Will you resist or yield to the lust?

My friend Abadonna / IL, with who we co-operate in terms of games, is developing something interesting.

  • The disturbing story about the mysterious hypnotist
  • Female protagonist
  • Visual novel mixed with point-and-click adventure
  • Explore your sexuality and will to submit… or to control
  • Adults only uncensored version

As you may notice, this game will be available on STEAM as well as for all SEXANDGLORY.COM members as a bonus content.

Release date? 2019

Use your hypnosis skills here: Yes, Master! – STEAM update

So, let’s sum up the projects that are under development right now for

All renders and texts are complete. I’ve already put those texts into a game file and started to build logical connections between scenes. So development is advanced and release in JUNE very real.

All renders and texts are complete and as you noticed above – we got a name for this expansion. I’ve also already started to implement texts from the expansion to the game file (original texts are already there) and when I complete ELEANOR 3 EXP I’ll come back to this.

Creating connections between scenes will be very difficult, time consuming and mind blowing but so far I don’t see any issues that could impact our planned release date in August / September 2019.

All static and most animations are already complete. The same with texts. I’m not sure if we gonna release this update just after LWT2: Revelations. Probably we’ll take a short brake from continuations and we’ll come up with new game that would be announced next week.

Most of the renders are complete. Now I need to come up with detailed game script that I’ll pass to copywriter so  she / he could fill it with alluring texts. So in terms of release date 2020 is real.

Next week we’ll announce a new pirate game designed by Daman and that still isn’t everything. Despite the continuations we’re developing for ELEANOR 3, we’re also about to start scripting another dating sim with STOPER renders (the same guy who rendered CALL GIRL DENISE).

What’s more, we’re thinking about a game that would be released in chapters – a mix of visual novel, adventure game and with some super mild RPG elements.

Pledge: Teacher’s secrets delivered!

Today we’ve released promised expansion to PLEDGE.
All new features are listed below:

– a new way of earning money: posing naked
– thrilling events with your teachers – Anett and Margaret
– an extra scene with Rebecca
– get revenge on Annet and humiliate her the way you like
– a new cheat menu that allows you to boost your stats

I’m sure all PLEDGE fans will enjoy it.

Visit Melissa’s dorn here: PLEDGE: Teacher’s secret –


What’s up sisters?

ItMakesMeBlush is slowly completing renders to LWS second expansion that would be exclusively focused on Jade – Serena’s sister.

I have to admit that I just love those characters and if you will fall in love with this expansion (and I’m sure you will) we’ll probably develop full sequel to present even more adventures of Serena, Julian and Jade.

BTW – we’re releasing PLEDGE: Teacher’s secrets next week!

LWT2 EXP – closer and closer

YamYoda is making huge progress with LWT2 EXP rendering and we see the end in this tunel. Most of the renders are already prepared – now we need to add just single scene and around 15 additional animations. There will be a lot of new scenes and I’m sure you gonna love it.

As I mentioned before, I’ve already put “old script” from the original game into new game file and I need to do the same with the new scenes so there is still a lot of work in terms of coding.

So when we gonna deliver it?
We can say that exactly but there is our roadmap for the incoming months:

PLEDGE expansion – May 2019
ELEANOR 3 first expansion – June / July 2019
LWT2 expansion – August / September 2019

Please bare in mind that those are only our estimations (especially in terms of LWT2 expansion) and we can’t guarantee antyhing but we’ll do everything to make it happen.

Eleanor 3 expansions

As we’ve mentioned before we plan to provide regular updates to ELEANOR 3. We got full set of renders to the first expansion and Daman is working on texts.

What can you expect?

  • additional scenes with Amber
  • extra scene with Drake where Eleanor can show him how much she desires him,
  • amazing gangbang scene with football team,
  • quest from her Master – she need to seduce and humiliate  innocent instagram model,
  • plotline where Eleanor and Drake got a chance for a swinging dinner with our old friends from the Club Velvet Rose,
  • 2 more endings.

If you guys got some special wishes in terms of scenes you want to see in further expansions please let us know in the comments:

– provide us with character description,
– general scene plot,
– explanation why do you think that this scene will be hot.

Basing on your feedback we’ll try to implement some of your propositions into the game.