Something different

This week we would like to ask you a question:
Do you want to see more “exotic” body shapes and themes in our games?

Usually (with small exceptions) with our games we try to re-create reality – both in terms of female character models, her personality and the game plot. Action is placed in present times and all characters are like regular people with their ordinary problems. Type of persons you can meet next door (of course if you’re living in a neighborhood where every girl looks like model and always got huge desire for being fucked).

I’m huge scifi and fantasy fan and  I would like to try something different – not copy the reality but create a small chunk of it on our own terms.

– develop characters with more fantasy based body shapes (like on the example images) – still human but as typical LOP bodies as before

experiment with different themes: post apocalypse,  Greek myths, dystopian future

try some new game mechanics, focus more on a story and choices rather on stat building

First we would like to test those elements in our shorter games and we get your acceptation we want to try it with bigger projects.

Please let us know in the comments what do you think about that.

Eleanor 3 – work in progress

I’m making significant progress with ELE3 development. So far everything goes very smooth and all texts (both for daily actions, actions with characters and all event + endings) are already put into a game. What’s more, we got created all connections between scenes so we’re just ahead of beta testing. Right now I’m starting to finalize the game interface and next week beginning mundane betatesting process.

Still to do:

– complete game interface
– verify all texts (around 15% done so far)
– betatest and balance everything
– add sounds and music
– add animations and endings gallery

So far the game looks amazing – interesting story, well written scripts and one of the best visuals we’ve ever had in our games.

What’s more, today we’ve just released BENEATH STEEL CLOUDS on

Ohh, and we’ve just started to update our INSTAGRAM account again so it might be worth to take a look: LOP – Instagram


Today we’re releasing our latest short game that is released for LOPGOLD.COM members first and then, after 2 weeks, we’ll release it on as a free game.

So here we go!

Peter is not a hero.

He can be charming (and a little bit obnoxious), he can be gallant (and more than a little lecherous) and he can be quick-witted (or, rather, he needs to be). But he is not a hero. Because Peter is a fool.

A fool who looked for a brighter place, a better future, and found himself living on scraps and stolen goods. A fool who wanted to go beyond what his birthplace offered and found the shadows of a corporate-owned world. A fool who, for some reason or another, still tries to get a better life while clinging to his aspirations.

So, Peter is not a hero.
But, for the right woman… he can fake it.

Meet Sanake

A jaded-slash-idealist doctor who tries to be as altruistic as possible while keeping her business afloat. Despite the hardships, Sanake may be one of the most successful and genuine persons Pete can (legally) meet in this world. Now, if only all her troubles were work-related…

Meet Vanilla

Do you remember that old female friend of yours? That one with the sun-kissed, freckled face who was as often as not rowdier than your whole group of male friends put together? Vanilla was that friend, well before getting her current curves. And a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Meet Nobe

Ever wonder how an action hero would look if he was a deranged woman with enough muscle to dead-lift you? Wonder no more! Nobe has kicked ass all-over the system in her role as corporate security, which is the closest anyone can get to being a military hero nowadays. Pity about those drug-issues.

“Beneath Steel Clouds” is a life-sim set in a dystopian future with a cyberpunk aesthetic and themes but without the gritty, grim-dark tone and with a healthy dose of snark added on top. You have thirty days to get a grip on your life, earn (or get) some credits and hopefully get the girl. Get on it, chummer, things ain’t gonna solve themselves! They never do.

Dive into dystopian reality here: BENEATH STEEL CLOUDS –

What’s new?

Some the most important news:

1. I’ve received full set of texts for Eleanor 3 and the development process has started.

2. New images for LWT2 EXP  below – progress, progress, progress.

3. Beneath steal clouds is almost ready – release next week as PLAY IT FIRST for MEMBERS first and then on

4. According to you votes we’ll develop expansion to SERBIAN CASINO. More details soon.

Do you want to experience more?

We’re glad that you received Serbian Casino so well. It makes us happy even more cause we put a lot of effort and heart into this game.

Despite the fact, that we believe that the story is full and complete, we still got great ideas that we would can add to the game to make it even better.

So I just want to ask you guys if you want to see an expansion to SERBIAN CASINO? Please let us know in the comments and in our poll.


Do you want to see SERBIAN CASINO expansion?

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    Beneath steel clouds coming next

    While I was waiting for verified texts to SERBIAN CASINO I started to develop a new FREE game that will be released as PLAY IT FIRST at next month.

    It will be a dystopian dating sim based on the COLLEGE ROMANCE game engine. Copywriting by AGRIPPA – you know this guy from our earlier releases.
    I plan to release it next month.

    ELEANOR 3: I’m still waiting for complete texts (before verification). When I receive them I proceeding to development. It should take around 3 months to develop the whole game.

    LWT2 EXP: rendering is going well – we gonna present new visuals soon.

    Faith is ready!

    Today we’ve released our latest LOPGOLD.COM game called Serbian Casino. Once again it’s a dating sim with very interesting theme.

    The day Christian bent his knee to Faith and asked her to be with him for the rest of his life, she didn’t hesitate to take him up on his offer and become Mr. and Mrs. Christian Louise Grant.

    Faith basked in her new future even as she began to picture it all: first, they would get a nice apartment in the city as they continued to work; then, a beautiful house in a lovely suburban cul-de-sac, where maybe a kid or two would end up joining them – perhaps even a small dog. Christian planned much the same thing, but, before all that, he had one little surprise for his new blushing bride.

    He took Faith to Paris so she could fill their new home with designer dresses and perfumes, and, seeing her elation, decided to prolong their journey. Faith felt like a princess as she got the European royal treatment: she aged balsamic vinegar in Italy, filled up on lager in Germany… and chocolate in Belgium. They kept pushing east through Europe until they wound up in a luxurious casino in Serbia.

    There, Christian decided to use his paycheck to enter a poker tournament. Faith just watched as time ticked away and, as the early night turned late, she saw her husband’s chip pile wax and wane… but wane much more with each passing hour. After each loss, Christian’s cool demeanor slowly gave way to an infuriated man that awoke an incipient fear in Faith – a fear that grew when he started yelling at everyone. It came as no surprise when armed security took them to the manager.

    The man behind the table looked nothing like a casino owner, instead seeming part of the cast of a mafia movie. Intimidated, Christian apologized to him for his behavior and asked for a credit line so he could win his money back. Faith wasn’t even sure what that actually meant, but the manager acceded and Christian was able to continue gambling… only to lose everything once again.

    Now the situation is dire: Faith is being held as a hostage by the local mobster while Christian is allowed to get back to the States to gather the money to pay off his debt – and he only has 30 days to manage that.

    Play as Faith and discover what it means to be a hostage in a Serbian mansion. Will she survive? Find a new love? Become a sex-slave? And are you brave enough to experience her story?

    There are a lot of temptations awaiting you in the mansion
    Are you going to stay faithful to your husband?

    As you will find out, Bogdan is a very charismatic criminal
    Ask yourself if you’re strong enough to defy him

    Being surrounded by strangers for 30 days won’t be easy
    Are you going to find a soulmate there?

    You’re a beautiful woman who knows how to flirt
    Are you going to use that to your advantage?

    Intriguing story and vivid characters
    Dating sim with mild stat and relationship building
    Non-linear choices and 9 endings to achieve
    46 alluring sex animations, with 30 frames each

    We’ve spend hours on optimalization cause we wanted to deliver the best possible game experience in your browser – we’re caching a little more image at the beginning and thanks to that everything should be much smother later. However if you experience any issues please let us know by this form: LOP GOLD contact form

    Join Faith here: SERBIAN CASINO –

    We’re coming back to…

    Today we got important news for you!
    We know that you want to continue the story of your favorite characters so right now we’re not only developing new games with new protagonists and adventures but also recently we’ve started to create expansions to our older titles. We’ve started with LWT2, then Serena and…

    Can you guess the game title basing on the image above?
    It should be easy to guess. If you’ll do that we’ll present some images from the incoming game.


    Iksanabot come up with idea to not only add a new mind blowing character but also add extra cool scenes to the previous ladies.

    Elluna the Sorceress is the new character – let us know in the comments if you like her.

    We’ve decided to make a full scale update, the same technique we’re doing it with SERENA. All images are now in native 720p (no upscalling) and everything re-wrtitten in UNITY. Texts are already here, most of the new locations are already designed and rendered – just waiting for character renders (massive number).


    Who is your favorite female character from Seducing the Throne?

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      About Serbian Casino
      Planned release date is 22th January 2019 – we still don’t have all verified texts and this prevents us from launching game this week. We should receive all fixes just after the weekend so we will deliver game this Tuesday.