LOP GOLD update


I’m working as fast as I can with this project. FAITH is open for co-operation and we’re making progress with almost every day. Still it requires huge amount of time to complete it – I’ll do everything do deliver this game this year but I can’t promise that.


As mentioned before – all renders are complete but still… we continue rendering to provide as much new scenes as possible in incoming expansions to this game.

Right now DAMAN is doing his magic with texts but there is a lot of work ahead of him. Scripting all interactions with DRAKE, AMBER, PAIGE, FLAKE, daily actions, events, endings. Still a lot of work. I can promise you this ELE3 should be our first PREMIUM game released in 2019 and we’ll try as hard as we can to deliver it ASAP.

It won’t be version 0.4 or game with 50% of content – you’ll get complete, huge and amazing game with the first strike. And then when you want more ELEANOR we’ll provide expansions to the main game. So I’m sure you gonna be fully satisfied with that solution.


YamYoda’s exclusive task is to render LWT2 expansion. As fast and as efficient as possible. In most cases those are very difficult renders – mix of several numbers of characters on a scene together with very specified body position and other details. Also Yam was busy with our 3d projects so the rendering speed wasn’t at the rate we all anticipate. But now… he is fully devoted to this and cause we got all texts ready for this game there is a huge chance that we’ll deliver it just after ELEANOR 3.

Next week I’ll tell you more about our FREE games – there is a lot going on in this department.

Night with Veronica is getting closer

Real Love 3d team is working really hard to deliver our second 3d game called Night with Veronica as soon as possible.

It will be a short project during which you’ll get exclusive access to special evening during which Veronica told James about a place called CLUB VELVET ROSE and tried to convince him to visit club together in order to have sex with other partners.

And she was very convincing – sexy outfit, flirting, striptease and then amazing sex. Everything to make James say yes.

We plan to release BASIC version of the game for FREE and then PREMIUM version with some extras.

Meanwhile I want to remind you about our first 3d project, recently upgarded with new visuals: BLIND DATE 3D BIG BANG – reallove3d.com.

Much Ado About Nothing is here!

Yes! Our latest sexandglory.com is ready!

  • based on William Shakespeare’s comedy
  • a simple point-and-click adventure game
  • distinctive and memorable characters
  • non-linear dialogs and actions that lead to 7 different endings
  • beautifully animated sex scenes with a gallery of already unlocked events
  • mini-games that let you unlock extra content

Benedick is a lord of Padua (a northeastern Italian city near Venice) and is the closest companion and highest military officer of the Prince of Aragon, Don Pedro. The charming Benedick has a sharp mind, a witty tongue, handsome looks, and a relaxed manner that is easy to like.

On his return to Messina he is about to meet Lady Beatrice, a previous dalliance whose sharp tongue and thornier wit made enlisting an attractive proposition, or, at least, a safer one than her companionship – frontline battles were ever less dangerous and tricky than love jousts. But the war campaign is over now, and so he follows his prince back into Beatrice’s territory.

His newest junior officer on this past campaign was Count Claudio and, although he outranks Benedick by birth and by wealth, they are already as close as true brothers. And now the impulsive Claudio has fallen in love with an innocent and very beautiful maiden called Hero – the daughter of Messina’s Governor… and Beatrice’s less caustic cousin.

A happy wedding is expected, but… here comes Don John, the bastard brother of the Prince of Aragon, Don Pedro. Don John presently believes his relationship with his brother is once again faltering because of Don Pedro’s growing friendship with Count Claudio, as if the prince has found a better, happier younger brother; so, Don John’s hatred for Claudio grows, fed on spite and envy. And the gloomy princeling always liked to share his feelings.

The player, as Benedick, can choose to be fully in Don John’s service, or merely pretend to be. This Bastard Prince will try to lure Benedick and turn his loyalty and goodness into darkness – and if he does, Benedick will help him in executing the humiliating ruin of Claudio and Hero’s wedding.

Join Benedick here: Much Ado About Nothing – sexandglory.com

Halloween Special

Something extra for all naughty fans.
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    Cockwork Industries: Available Now!

    As I mentioned before, Tokage and Astaroth have been developing their first game: Cockwork Industries. After many months of hard work their product is finally here.

    Cockwork Industries is an erotic adventure game where you play as Dwayne – an everyman who (to his own surprise) wins an online competition to be the guest of honor for an event held at Cockwork Industries, a renowned, yet very mysterious body-alteration facility.

    Learn the secrets of Cockwork Industries and romance its steaming-hot employees in this thrilling tale of sex, science, deception and panda plushies!


    • A fully-fledged adventure game with 2-3h of gameplay for a single playthrough
    • Full-HD (1080p) graphics with fully animated dialogue sequences and sex scenes
    • Multiple playthrough paths leading to different romance outcomes and endings
    • Interactive sex scenes and minigames
    • 5 romance options + 1 optional gay romance option
    • 7 rich and interactive locations

    Put elegant suit on and knock the door of Cockwork Industries here: https://cockworkindustries.com/

    Hello Julian. I’m Jade – Serena’s sister.

    Ever wounder how Serena’s sister would look like?
    Intrigued what is located on the upper floor of Julian’s apartment?
    What kind of twisted desires does Serena has?

    Now you got a chance to get answers.

    In 2019 we’ll present huge update to Living with Serena game.

    – new daily actions with Serena
    – new events with your wife as well as her friends
    – introduction of her evil sister: Jade
    – new endings
    – native 720p resolution
    – re-engineered in UNITY

    Hey, do you have a great event idea?
    Write in the comments what kind of event you would like to see in this expansion and we’ll choose the most popular one and implement it into the game.

    Serbian Casino coming next

    Our next LOPGOLD.COM is called Serbian Casino. All visuals are ready (except endings which should be rendered next week), Daman is already finishing writing all texts and the development should start next week.

    To remind you the game idea – you’ve been held hostage in a Serbian mobster villa until your husband pay the debt he took in a casino. It’s up to you if you gonna co-operate with the villan and do nasty things to please him or stay faithful for your husband and be a good girl.

    My friend’s game – COCKWORK INDUSTRIES

    Tokage and Astaroth, who rendered some of LOP games in the past – for instance TORII 500, OUTCAST ACADEMY, CHERUBIM, OLIVIA, ELLIE AND PAUL, run their own websites with kinky stuff. What’s more interesting – they are releasing their first game soon.

    Take a look at this trailer and let me know what do you think about this.

    If you’re interested with this project please follow https://digitalseductions.com blog.

    Denise is ready!

    Yes! Today we’ve released long anticipated game called Call girl Denise. As we mentioned couple of weeks ago, this production is inspired by JORDAN and TORI 500 projects. It’s 2018 so we’ve implemented awesome visuals and improved gameplay features to make the concept much more appealing and playable.

    Now, where to begin my story? With my mother’s death, when I was 6? My abusive father, who drank too much? Or how every guy I ever dated was a complete and utter zero? No, I think the best place to start would be when I moved in with my bestie, Karen.

    See, Karen and I had known each other since kindergarten and grew up just a few blocks from one another. As we got older and moved out of our houses, we thought “why not move in together?” Now, I would like to say that was our high point, but we soon realized that we were way in over our heads. The bills were crazy big, the utilities were a challenge to pay and just getting frozen dinners was steadily chipping away at our savings.

    I tried to get better jobs and soon I felt like there was little to no hope. I was not trained to do anything, never went to college and God knows the second I turned eighteen and got a hold of my money I blew it within the first year. So I wasn’t able to find the light at the end of the tunnel… until I met a woman in the boy’s restroom who told me how to use my talents to bring happiness to others and earn good money at the same time.

    First I discovered the secret hidden in our favorite bar’s restrooms – there was a hole in the wall where guys put their dicks in and whispered to the girls hidden on the other side what they expected. It wasn’t the kind of job I would like to put into my CV, but the money was okay and it gave me a chance to get a lot of experience – experience I would need in my next position.

    When I met Barbara she gave me an offer: she had a lot of customers willing to pay for sex with a young and open-minded girl like me. So I started to fuck them. How was it? In most cases, it was great – the guys were handsome and polite, and the money was very good. There were just some times, when their dick was too big or the guy had had a couple of drinks, when it got dirty… but it wasn’t anything I wasn’t able to handle.

    After I got enough experience and bought some really sexy clothes I was able to get the most prestigious customers in town – it was like a dream come true for me.

    Is the cop dirty enough?
    Be a good girl and use your charm and
    nimble tongue to make him fall in love.

    How will you handle blackmail?
    Maybe pay the money, report it to the authorities or solve it with a gun in your hand?

    My knight in shining armor?
    Get closer to Yuri and find out if he is really able to keep his virginity until his wedding day.

    Best friends, really?
    Show yourself that you got rules and try to keep yourself from fucking Karen’s handsome fiancée.

    Are you naughty and like to watch?
    Will you give Kyle and Denise some privacy or do you want to see him cumming on her face?

    Do you love anal penetration?
    Prove it and let Barbara, your boss, shove a huge, black strap-on inside your tiny ass.

    Can you spread your legs wide?
    Get ready for the good doctor’s examination and let him put his fingers inside your pussy.

    Start earning money with your ass here: Call girl Denise – lopgold.com

    Eleanor 3 and LWT2 expansion

    Wow, Eleanor 3 is going to be super epic.
    We’ve just completed rendering the base version of the game and soon we’ll start writing texts.

    Below some new renders to tease you.

    In terms of LWT2 rendering we don’t progress as fast as we would like to but this is going to change soon and rendering will start with full speed. We plan to complete all renders by the end of this year.