LWT: American sunset

Recently we’ve release PREVIEW 2 of our LWT: American sunset

What is included in the PREVIEW 2?

Complete interactions at LEVEL 2 & LEVEL 3 for Lisa and Tracy around the house, sending the whole relationship-building experience into space. Just a crazy amount of new content to explore during daily actions.

Expanded VEGAS TRIP quest, including new photo sessions with Tracy and redesigned scenes in the city of sin, where you’re going to meet new characters and see the whole event in the club on new renders, with new animations and interactions that took place before the show.

Slightly expanded the event when Lisa invited Justin to the club for the first time – new scenes and renders.

Expanded WEEKENDS IN THE CABIN with Tracy, including new scenes on a deck during night hours and scenes with Tracy in their bedroom on a Sunday morning.

Introduction of new dating possibilities with girls, spending their free time around town (COCO, LISA and DOMINIQUE)

All events from the BASE game, WILD WEEKENDS, and most from the WIFE GONE WILDER expansions

What is NOT included?

SWINGERS CLUB scene from the WIFE GONE WILDER expansion – we plan to significantly expand this scene, including new characters meeting during the VEGAS scene, and we need much more time to prepare new renders for this QUEST – both for what happens in the club and for events that took place before Justin and Tracy go there.

With time, we’ll include much more sophisticated events and introduce new characters, which will always play a key role in putting our key sweethearts in the center of attention but in a slightly different light. All new events will be a more quest-driven chain of actions instead of a one-time event. New sex scenes need to be earned, and the reward will be worth it.

What are the changes?

First, the gameplay is so relaxing – it flows like a stream, and you just follow the current, unlocking new scenes and enjoying every minute. Forget about mundane and repetitive actions. There is no time limit (before, it was 30 days), so you can experience the game as long as you want, at your own pace, doing whatever you want.

To achieve quests, you need to make an effort and be focused, but everything is clearly explained by the quest system, so pursuing interesting scenes is not a matter of luck but your actions. If you don’t achieve something one day, don’t worry – you can try it another day or next week – no pressure, you won’t miss any scene by accident.

Some of the scenes were redesigned to make everything more approachable. For instance, you don’t need to worry about blocking some parts of the content because you’ve made a wrong decision (for example, you can no longer progress your relationship with Lisa). Now, all events are streamlined and designed so you won’t miss anything that would require you to start playing from the beginning. Just relax and let the story flow.

What are the plans for further development?

Our plans are super ambitious because we have so many stories to tell. Today, I’m going to reveal the first 2 key characters who will play a significant part in the incoming addition.

We’re splitting the LUSCIOUS SECRETS content into modules oriented around characters. That way, you don’t have to wait until we complete the EXPANSION with all changes to every character we want to include in the game. So first, I want to present a first module from LUSCIOUS SECRETS, including HANNAH, which will come with new content. Also, she will be a datable character, so we gonna change the structure and outcomes of the original scenes to make everything more seamless and exciting at the same time.

For the first time, we’re going to see what is below Justin’s house. There is an old basement that Lisa suggested redecorating. For that task, she recommends Caleb, Derek’s friend doing construction work. Caleb is a very genuine character, with a lack of self-confidence and some social skills. Justin notices that Tracy made a massive impression on Caleb when he notices her for the first time at their house… and that would probably transform into erotic tension during Caleb’s construction work at their place. Oh boy… that content is going to be so hot!

The rest of our plan is secret for now – I don’t want to promise too much and keep you waiting too long for the new content. Of course, in the first place, we will seriously redesign the SWINGERS CLUB scene, including new scenes with Amanda and Blake, and expand the storyline for Black Dove publisher Dominique and much, much more.





We’ve just released PREVIEW 2 for all lopgold.com members. PREVIEW 2 is a mix of this splendid gameplay, elevating the experience to an entirely new level and a very generous amount of content. Everything, except the SWINGERS CLUB scene and LUSCIOUS SECRET expansion from the original game, is reinforced with beautiful new scenes created especially for AMERICAN SUNSET + some key scenes from the past supported with new images, characters and interactions. Enjoy the AMERICAN SUNSET now and get access to the game before anyone else. Then, share your opinion with us on our blog and help us shape the LIVING WITH TEMPTATION you have always dreamed about. 

Later this year, we’re releasing AMERICAN SUNSET as EARLY ACCESS on STEAM.


The game is already released as PREVIEW 2 and you can experience it right away.

For the STEAM EARLY ACCESS version, we need to wait a little bit longer.

Ready to dive into the steamy world of adult-only games on STEAM? First, make sure you’re logged in and click your name in the top right corner. Then, select “Store Preferences” and check the box for “Adult Only Sexual Content.”



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  • st1 says:

    Location visuals look absolutely fantastic,still prefer this style of rendering locations and characters seperately,especially now after you made great improvements in final products. Love the use of DoF too,Tracy in living room is such nice looking scene
    Thanks for all your work guys

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