House party – ready to play

I’m proud to announce that our latest project House party is published.

Nico has very strict parents – his dad is a military man and his mother a teacher – so he was kept on a short leash for a very long time, but this night will change his life: his parents have left on vacation and he’s got the whole house to himself. It was an obvious choice to throw a party.
He’s invited just a couple of friends – his girlfriend, his best buddy and… that is it. But as time goes on, more and more guests have arrived – Nico’s sexy ex-girlfriend, Jazz; a well-dressed chick with her drunken fiancé; a shy Asian girl and… many more. Too many to keep count.
Play as Nico and run this party! Entertain your guests, flirt with them and organize party events. Stay faithful to your girl, Vivian, if you want to; but remember: you can get back with your ex or bang any other female party attendant… or go for all of the above, if you think you are good enough.
This night could be a boring slumber party with a couple of friends pretending to have fun or, if you play it wise and plan everything perfectly… This night can become something bigger than life, a tale forever remembered as the greatest night of debauchery they ever partook in. But who cares about them, this could be your greatest night ever.

You can join the party here:


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  1. @leonizer or Daman

    I am new to this game. I have eleven of the achievements if memory serves, but I have a couple of questions. Two of the ones I have yet to get are Blackmail Threesome and Poker King if that’s the right names. Am I missing something or is there no way to check achievements or save progress at any point during a game? The first good game I played I thought I had it figured out what topics were right for each girl. The next game I discovered they keep changing, so you don’t know fro one game to the next what your best topics are. If a walkthrough by anyone exists anywhere on the web could someone please hook me up?


    1. @JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

      Let me answer each on of your questions in order.

      No there is no safe function in the game. Every party/playthrough is new and it is a linear story.

      As for the changing topics, that is a feature in the game to make it more interesting and fun.

      As for the final achievements, here is how you get them:

      For the “Blackmail Threesome” you will need to watch porn in the intro and then wait for Trina to show up. Blackmail her by telling her she was in a porno and she will exchange your silence if you and Bob fuck her (note if you caught Bob with Vivian, it will not work)

      “Poker King” you will simply need to play and defeat three girls in poker. And by “beat” I mean for them to strip until they want to stop. Do this three times and it should unlock.

      As for a walkthorugh, I have this game on my list. So don’t be afraid to ask questions in the meantime and I hope this helps you out!

      1. @Daman

        Thanks. That clears up a lot. That leaves one more question. How do I get Orgyfest? That is the third achievement I have yet to attain besides the two you just explained.

        I appreciate your help

        1. @JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

          To get that you will need to catch Bob and Vivian together (happens after Monica and Trina show up) and he will give you pills for later. Go to Trina and she will hand the pills out. Trigger the wet -shirt contest and it should follow soon after.

  2. @Daman

    Since my earlier questions I whittled it down to three achievements left. I would have had Poker Star except that I got tired of a game that refused to end and shut it down losing the achievement. It is rather easy to do as long as I don’t lose patience before the game ends.

  3. @Daman

    I am about to get the threesome with Trina, but Bob refuses because the video Jazz took earlier after the drinking contest with Trina has not been destroyed. Bob wants Rico to distract her. I have $17 remaining. Is there a way to distract her left for him, or do I need to try again?

  4. @JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

    Hmmmm, I think you can give her the drink with tequila. Afterwards Bob will join plus he may give you some money as well down the road.

    1. @Daman

      Thanks for the suggestions. The tequila bottle was empty. I could interest no one in a game of darts to earn more money. Poker was out of the question since you need $20 for chips to play. After 45 minutes of going back and forth to everyone racking up points with them. I am giving up on that game ever ending. I will make sure next game that we destroy the video right after being caught.

      Either I am doing something wrong or this game has long boring periods of simply going to everyone and asking them their two questions. It has become a matter of principle to get the rest of the achievements, but after I do I am never ever playing this game again. It is boring.

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