Blind Date 3d

After almost a 9 months of development we’re ready to present you our first 3d game.


Roam Liam and Olivia’s apartment for an evening and accompany your ravishing date, Maya while trying to seduce her… or ditch her for a passionate tryst with your host’s wife.

There are a lot of choices, and the objects you pick up and the way you interact with them may be the key to a girl’s heart… or the best sex of your life.


A blind date. Noah’s best friends, Liam and Olivia, have just set him up for a night at their own home with an extra special guest: Maya, the newest and most promising model at Olivia’s agency. There’s just a slight complication: while Liam is his best mate and the co-owner of their marketing firm, he’s also Olivia’s husband, and Olivia is… the only woman for whom Noah has felt anything in a long, long time.

In an outburst of mutual weakness, they shared a moment, which became their secret and, since then, Noah has struggled not to act on the attraction both of them feel. So, this date could be a catalyst for something he has been dreading and desiring for a long time, or a way for Olivia to set him up with a younger girl and get him out of her radar.

To sum it up: any uncertainty and anxiety one feels before a blind date has been, at the very least, squared.

Join the party here: Blind Date 3d at RL3d

182 thoughts on “Blind Date 3d”

    1. I would also like to buy but only if it can be paid via PayPal. That same is true for your other games it would be nice if there were again the Option to pay with PayPal exuse my english, it is not Special good. I hope you understand what i have written yet

    1. Draconis, you pay for the product and then you receive an e-mail with download links. You download the game (zip) and unpack it on your harddrive. Then you can enjoy our game as long as you want – without monthly subsciptions, etc.

    1. About PayPal payments – they don’t want to have anything in common with adult content so it’s impossible to pay with PayPal for adult stuff (with some exceptions vide Epoch and their PayPal solution for some markets used for and is a different kind of product and we need to find a different payment solution for it – unfortunately none of them were accepting erotic content with PayPal transactions.

      If you don’t want to give your full address – don’t. We’re not shipping our games to your doors so those type of information isn’t relevant for purchase transaction.

      1. How about offering this game via your Lopgold website? This seems to accept PayPal. I sence that there are more people like me who don’t use or don’t own credit cards and are accustomed to using PayPal as a means for paying online. As it is now, I don’t have a paying option so this means I have to skip this game…

  1. Looks really interesting. I’m a bit hesitant about having to install the game on the computer. Have you added any features to make the game hard to find on the computer or at the least very discreet and are there any way to password protect the game?

    1. LOL Why do you need to hide it? KIDS?

      Simple answer buy a USB stick download it copy it to USB stick and unpack and play from USB. When you’re done remove USB stick and no one else will see or find it.

  2. This looks interesting, I might buy it in a week or two when I have time. I have some technical questions. I know you guys use Victoria models for your games and the male equivalent and I was just wondering if you are more limited with the models you can use and the assets if you decide to use them in a 3D engine like Unity instead of your 2D games. For example are you allowed to use some models for your flash games but not for your 3D games? Just being curious since the 3D game idea is rather intriguing to me. Good work guys!

    1. Yes, you can use those models in a 3d game – but you need to buy a special game developer license for that (it isn’t cheap). For 2d games (only renders) such license is not required.

  3. Leo it’s fanstastic that you finally could manage to sell the actual game (and not the subscription). I’d really like to see the same for the rest of your games (past and future ones)

  4. Will there be updates available? Lately LOP games have been buggy with players unable to get endings or scenes to work. I don’t want to buy it and have it not work. I’ll wait until all the bugs are worked out.

  5. thanks for the help leonizer, only one question is this a complete game or can we expact patches? more content/ or something like that ??
    and good luck with new site, the game is very impresive and a can’t wait to see how the next game turn’s out

  6. Not to be a cheap-skate, because $10 seems reasonable for your hard work… but any chance you’d give a small discount (the way you do for the S&G website), to members of LOP Gold, for this new game?

  7. Game look very nice and 10$ is not bad price only think is minus, it take 5min per game was hoping game was bit larger! i mean you pay 20$ games and you get play 10 games and all them are larger then this one

  8. for all those who don’t want sex on their credit card statements or are terrified of viruses get a prepaid visa or mastercard. Paypal takes 3% on transactions so it would be cheaper with the prepaid visa. You can go on ebay, amazon or whatever else.. even buy a fleshlight! yay

  9. Can the fridge and table be used for anything? It’s weird that they have just a line of text associated with them and that’s it.

    Also, finding the sex books lets you bring them up in conversation, but it just decreases relationships. Is there any benefit to finding them?

  10. I just checked it out and decided NOT to buy!
    The payment is a bad gag!!!
    Why should I buy this game with a price of $11,89 (incl. taxes) for €11,49??? – The exchange-rate is really a bad gag!!!

    Also I wonder, how many Payment-Web-Sites LOP starts up!
    I think enough is enough …
    $10 for a new “buggy” game is simply much to expensive!
    As LOP-Gold-Member I just would pay $5 for 10 bigger games at – you see the difference?!

    I’m play online-games since 2008 and I’ do it always with a fixed monthly budget. This way I decide from month to month to pay LOP-Gold and/or SaG or not.
    I’m a fan of the LOP-Games but at this point I think the price massively exaggerated and for this money you don’t get the worth of it approximately!

    I’m really disappointed and I’m a little bit “pi…d” too, that the LOP-Gold- & SaG-Members have to pay the same price like everybody else. I think this way the is promoted at the wrong blog and should have it’s own one because LOP and Reallove3d seem to be different projects of different companies.

    That’s my opinion and I won’t pay that price …

    Best regards

    1. I understand you but the difference between Real Love 3D and LOP Gold/ Sex & Glory is the amount of time, energy and money it takes to make a 3D game. I personally haven’t played the game but in my opinion the price for the game is very reasonable and should not be lowered just because of the subscription sites price. When you pay the €11,49 you will always keep the game since you have to download it to play it. Whilst LOP Gold and S&G are subscriptions, once it is up you have to pay again for another month. So you can either pay the price for the 3D game and keep it always which is a great deal or you pay for a month subscription to the other sites and get access to 16 games alone on LOP Gold which is also a great deal. That is my opinion anyway.

      1. Sry, but I don’t agree!

        First of all LOP-Gold is time-limited, that’s right, but there also is an exchange between LOP/PF1 and newer games or versions, else noone would pay the LOP-Gold twice.
        Also you can find 8 DL- games at the “Bonus-Section”of LO-Gold, what is in no way anything else, than owning this new game …

        Second the exchange-rate from US$ to €uro is totally wrong! With € you pay for the same game more than 1 US$ more – that’s rediculous!

        Third: How often do you play the same game with the same few endings? – That’s why I prefer online-gaming, you automatic get updates and patches – with a baught DL-game you mostly have to pay for them! – And there is noting in the description, what would exclude this possibility!

        As programmer with my own company I don’t think that this is a great deal, how you call it, on the contrary I think this is too expensive and the exchange-rate is a kind of “ripping-off” the European users!
        With selling only 1k ZIP’s in Europe the margin will be more than US$ 1.130 higher than in the USA – nice globalized world …
        There is no shipping or any other additional costs, which could cause any higher price for Europe!

        Sry, but your arguments don’t change my mind and I don’t buy this game.

        1. I respect your opinion and I agree about the exchange rate for example the price is £8.51 including VAT which is €9.68 (the euro price will be higher or lower depending on the countries VAT percentage) which is a problem. Apart form that I disagree. I don’t really understand the first paragraph but the downloadable games from LOP Gold are just HQ versions of free games which is more of a bonus which you get as a member and the third thing you said I play many games and don’t mind playing the same ending again because most games don’t update with new endings.

          LOP do update a game or 2 a year so you just pay for a membership when that comes out if you don’t feel like playing any of the other games again.

          Like I said there is somethings that I disagree with but from your perspective I can understand where you are coming from. I just see it differently which is fine. Everyone is different and the exchange wait is strange and sadly many different products use a bizarre exchange rate which dose not make sense to me.

        2. OldCuteBoy, you’re right about the exchange rate – it was unfair. It’s a first time we co-operate with BMT and we weren’t aware of that.

          So right now I’ve modified the prices:
          9.99 USD
          8.99 EUR
          6.99 GBP

          In terms of game updates and expansions – we decided to use BMT as a payment processor cause they have a great mechanisms for updating game file – you pay once and you may re-download our games many times with the same download link you received during purchase process. So for us it’s easy to prepare updates and additional content – we’ll just ask you to download the game file again, without any extra charges of course.

          And give us some time to prepare a promotion for LOP and SAG users. This whole experience with launching our first 3d game is new to us – we need some time to analyze everything and then we’ll come up with promotions and stuff. I promise.

          1. @leonizer:
            Thank you for these answers!
            Those are important notes!

            The exchange-rates are the first things I always check out because they show you mostly the seriousity of the providors.

            I’m a bit more satisfied with that – and your reaction to the exchange-rate and the announcement for LOP/SaG-Users sounds a lot better than it was at the beginning of this day 😉

            So I will take my time and wait for the promised offers and afterwords I will decide to buy it or not …
            That depends on the offer 🙂

    2. I have not play the game, but I don’t know what to think about it.
      Almost 12€ for a 3D game seems reasonable but if that some people are saying is true, that it takes only 5-10 min to finish it, I think the price is too high. So it will be without me, sorry.
      Maybe a little demo would have been a good idea, because what I have seen in the video don’t make me buy it immediately.
      However it’s a good thing that the team is experiencing new things, new concepts. Keep up the good work.

      1. A demo would be good since this is a new product and we haven’t had a chance to experience something like this. Knowing a bit more about what you are buying could help a lot.

  11. Actually it’s somewhat possible to pay via paypal. At least with a credit card associated with them. BMTMicro via which the payment is made allows to perform the payment through paypal, but I can’t confirm whether it’s possible to do with the money that’s directly on account, because my country isn’t fully supported and allowed only to send payments from payment cards through the system.

  12. I download the game bu can not play. I get this message Data folder not found “there should be ‘BlindDate3D_PC_Data’ folder nex to executable . Can you please help me?

    1. Of course. In a zip file you got one EXE file and one folder. To run the game properly you need to unzip those 2 elements (exe file and folder with the whole structure) into a new location on your hard drive.

      In your case – I guess you unzipped only exe file (without additional folder) or you tried to run the exe file from the zip file, without unpacking it.

  13. To be honest, the girls are ugly and thats reason enough to not play the game.

    Nevertheless, i dont the see point of the 3d porn games ’cause they are not good enough to produce yet, maybe in 3-4 years but now? Not really
    I would rather spend more time in the “old” lopg games and make them perfect.

    I really like the LOPG games, i would rather see a really good designed “picture” then an ugly 3d porn charackter, because in the end thats game, right?

  14. Just paid for the game. Just gives a blank screen, and no email. Tried to do it all over, but said duplicate order.

    So – money gone, no game? Can’t find any contact email? I would have rather sent a technical request instead of posting this where potentiel customers are watching.

    Love your work and will continue supporting it 🙂

  15. The game is fine. The story and conceit is good, and the replay factor is fine. I am having such a hard time just navigating the space, mousing and using the keypad to maneuver. It kills my desire to replay and explore – I hate the effort I have to give just to open a door or click on the next action item. I’ll wait to replay until someone publishes more hints or a walkthrough.

    The models are not my favorites, especially Maya, just not my type.

    1. I haven’t found one so far. I haven’t figured out how to get the scene with Liam and his wife either. Seems like all anyone is doing is here and on Sharks is complaining about the game not actually playing it.

      1. Regarding Liam and his wife: make sure to concentrate on raising both Liam and Olivia’s affection. Don’t forget to follow Liam inside and check the books for the pills. When Liam goes to the terrace before everyone dances in the living room, you are given a choice to either talk to Olivia or go out to the terrace. Go outside and talk to Liam. After Maya goes home, say that you are feeling tired. This should cause Olivia to go to the bedroom and Liam to pull you aside to talk about what you discussed on the terrace earlier. This should help.

  16. I’ve been a big fan of much of your output…what are you guys looking for, insofar as people who can contribute to both gameplay ideas as well as (potentially) character design ideas? What requirements do you have, to be a part of your team?

  17. Finally, I figured out the problem and played the game. I was extracting them via raropener. I downloaded winzip and the problem was solved.

    Game Review,

    First of all, Game is too shorter then sexandglory, lopgold and most of the games at playforceone.

    Second, Story lacks of quality.

    Third, Graphics are awfull most of all of the carachters are almost completely bald at the terrace and sex scenes.

    Fourth, obviously the game is not finished and bugs at the game are beyond the tolerable limits. The worst is, I have been playing your games for a while now. Total quality of this game is way below of the quality of your average games. Your lopgold games are million miles ahead of this one.

    Finally, I love your games(except this one) and they are addictive. Please consider me as a dissappointed fan of your work and consider my comments within that perspective.

    1. What do you mean by “the game is not finished and and bugs at the game are beyond the tolerable limits”?

      It was the most intensively tested game so far and it’s bug free. No one ever reported a bug so far, except some issues with image quality which depends on specific system configuration. Those issues we try to solve individually with the users via our support contact form. 2-3 cases so far.

      As far I can understand constructive criticism, your opinion doesn’t fit that format.

      1. Q: What I mean by the game is not finished?
        A: There are many problems related to the game.

        1. Story is too simple and short. There are not many alternative scenarios to follow like most of your other games. Yes, this is a problem.

        2. There are many problems with graphics.
        * People are bald at terrace and sex scences .
        * There are wierd black things fluctuating behind people at all terrace scenes.
        * Texture quality of models are not as good as the other games.
        * View is not good when you change the camera angle

        Briefly, this game is like a beta edition provided to certain amount of players to receive player feedback before commercial release. I suggest you to check the 3dgames from a…..3d.

        1. 1. There a lot of paths to follow. As far as I remember you may find 6-7 different ending sequences – both positive and negative. And a lot of different scenes to unlock before reaching the end.

          2. As I mentioned before – those issues are caused by specific system configurations. It’s a 3d PC game – we’ve tested it on many PC’s and every single issue we saw – we solved it. However the number of PC specifications are countless (both in terms of hardware and software) and it’s impossible to predict if configuration XXX100Y, for instance on your PC, will cause any issues or not. RL3D was developed in Unity3D – one of the most popular platform for game developers providing very good compatibility with most of PC’s on the market, matching the minimal system specification criteria. If you want us to help you fix this issues, please contact us via and describe you issues in details, together with your PC configuration and include screen shots of that situation. We’ll try to help you – as we did with unpacking the zip file.

  18. Bought it yesterday and really liked it 😀
    Got 3 different Endings so far 🙂
    MY question: Will there be expansions for Real Love 3D, i mean 4 characters are a good start and for your first 3D title i think it´s great work, but after 2 hours of playing i think i saw most of the content – so are there any plans in future of expanding that story?

    greetings from space

    1. Yes, we plan to add expansions to RL3D. Both in terms of boosting visual quality as well as additional scenes and other elements.

      And what is important – all expansions will be available for no extra charge for everyone who bought the original game.

  19. @Leonizer Will you add something like a in-game-menu for checking the recieved achievements and maybe which characters you have been succesful, also i would really an option to fasten up the dialogues!

    Although it’s a nice work!

  20. general review. The story was decent, the new style is interesting but some of the models don’t exactly move right. Like when their mouths are supposed to open it doesn’t so it kinda looks like some nodding dolls (voice actors maybe?) . The girls are nice, the whole cheating wife thing is hot, I really liked the fact you could be a bull this time in a game instead of the cuckold (maybe make a rpg game with more focuses on that dynamic aye? Chasing hotwives would be fun). The characters themselves were interesting, I think I’d like to see them in a larger environment, as a RPG gamer being restricted just to the apartment is okay, but it’ll be interesting to see where you take it and how far you can go with the full 3D. Generally I’d rate it a 6.5 to 7 out of 10. I think it was for a first effort a valiant one and I hope to see you build on it.

  21. Bit of spoiler

    What am I missing?? Am I done?
    1. Maya on Terrace
    2. Maya in Bed room
    3. Olivia on Terrace
    4. Jerk off on Olivia
    5. Olivia 3 some
    6. Maya leaving
    7. Nothing happens (with Olivia or Maya)
    8. Maya gets upset

    Any more?

      1. *SPOILER*
        To get the threesome, you have to like 20-30 with Liam. (Go with him for drinks, and comment them in the hot tub. Maybe one other). Go talk to him on terrace, before the dancing in living room. Say his wife is hot and if high enough, he’ll bring the idea up. Continue on agreeing with it until done. This one took me a while to find the last step. When choosing to stay for more drinks or go home, choose leave and Liam will bring it back up as you leave. That’s it.

  22. People need to stop bitching, especially the ones who haven’t bought it and don’t plan on buying it. The game is fine. It’s $10, that’s butt wiping money and y’all act like your expecting a Halo game. It’s little laggy and I personally don’t care for the Maya character but I like the non linear paths, decision making, and the way the graphics are heading, 3d instead of 2d images. There aren’t enough games being made to piss off the ones who are going out of their way to produce content.

    1. I agree. All I see is people whining here and on other blogs about every LOP game lately. Sooner or later these guys are going to throw in the towel and decide it’s not worth it. Then we will be left with nothing halfway decent to play. If your expecting a game like witcher 3 then go buy that game and pay the $60. Bear in mind games like that take several years to make so plan on waiting 3 years between games.

  23. So, first of all, it’s awesome that you are moving on to new things, but to be honest, the girls in this game were not attractive, bodywise they were hot, but their face and the short hair didn’t go so well. And I understand if you want to charge more, since it was a more elaborate project, but for me it was too short. I played it like 7 times and I could only get 4 endings. I really wished you could do something with both girls and a longer strory.
    But for being your first 3D story was good. though the graphics need some work.
    Keep up the good work guys. And I am still waiting on the LWT2 storyline! When is it coming out?

    1. SPOILER

      I got the ending where you get
      Maya on the terrace, and bedroom.
      Olivia on terrace.
      And jerking over Olivia
      Nothing happens with either of them

      and what effect do the pills have?

    1. *SPOILERS*
      You need her at 100% (maybe 90%? don’t remember). She will never agree to come on terrace when you ask her dancing. After she goes to bed, stay for drinks. At first prompt, you can either get up on stay up. If you get up, go to their bedroom, wake her up and she’ll come to the terrace. Kiss her and if high enough, you get scene. If you choose wait, she will come to terrace on her own, and I think you’ll have option on that too. Same scene either way.

  24. congratulations.
    I didn’t expected the game to be so good . That’s why I wanted to write my first post on your blog – to congrat’ u.
    Contrary to many opinions here, the story line seems very ok . It provides a good starting point for further developments ( my advice , if I may offer you one , is more focused on continuing to with other episodes and not necessarily only with other scenes ).
    keep the good work!

  25. you’ve done a really simple and no detail in terms of the game story. Is this a good graphic style can be considered satisfactory, but certainly not for a game. There is also a price of 9 euros. It’s like a joke …

      1. 1. Go with Liam for the coktails. When you are downstairs, go into the bedroom and check the camera and the adult book, then in the living check the books and take the lsd, take te wifi sterea next to the tv and then go to.Liam for the drinks. When asked put the drugs into the drinks.
        2. Outside go wirh Maya into the tub, try to kiss her (even if she doesn’t liked it, u’ll get some points with Liam and G)
        3. Talk with the couple, not with Maya – asked about the erotic books (points for Liam), say they are perfect etc
        4. Go outside and speak with Liam – this will trigger the 3some (do not stay in the living and don’t speak with G). Encourage Liam to speak about his fantasy and compliment his wife when asked.
        5. Ask Liam to switch PArtners.
        6. After Maya has gone home, say that you want also to go (do not asked for more drinks outside)….and from now on u’ll get it.

  26. First of all, I just wanna say I really enjoyed this game. The atmosphere was great, I liked the characters and the story.

    Suggestions; I think the sofa gets in the way of movement in the apartment and maybe could be shortened a little bit to make it easier to walk past.

    I also think there should be more to the hottub segment. Maybe some truth or dare, or at least something fun.

    The ecstasy should have more of an effect too, none of the characters act high at all when you dose them with it. There should also be some kind of consequence for drugging them.

    Other than that, great game. There was one typo I noticed, where the word ‘two’ was spelt ‘wo’ but that is it. Thanks for your hard work Leo, ignore the haters, they would criticize heaven if they were there.

  27. Congratulations on the LOP crew on their first 3D game.

    In short: I think the graphics look good, the premise of the story is interesting (if unoriginal) and the writing is solid. True, the game is a bit on the short side, but as the first outing in the world of 3D, it’s not bad and I’m glad to hear that there will be expansions. There are plenty of choices and paths to follow and I love how, seemingly unimportant choices can have big repercussions. The whole mechanic about viewing the sex scenes from any angle you want, is a nice addition.

    I like the looks of the girls. But I suppose that’s very subjective and their appearance can’t please everyone.

    I have to say though, that I still prefer your 2D games to your 3D games. While the 3D is good, the graphics in your games were never what intrigued me. It’s secondary to the premise, the story and the dialogue. As far as I see it, 3D games is more work with less pay-off than a longer, more detailed 2D game that perhaps requires lesser effort for greater pay-off. Please correct me if I am wrong. Anyways, from the standpoint of evolving and expanding your business, I can understand the venture into 3D.

    While I do think the game is a bit expensive, considering the pay-off, it’s not something I take a big issue with. What I do take an issue with, however, is the change in exchange rate. I bought the game on the day of release, for it’s original price. Now the price has been lowered and I paid a higher price for the game than people who bought it after the lowering of the price. That’s a horrible way to do business and something that has put me off from purchasing future releases competely.

  28. For your first 3d game this was actually really good. 9months of development now will be 5 in the future once you get to learn from your mistakes and what you can improve on.
    As an indie game designer, it’s not until you get in this line of work that you start to realize just how much time and money goes into making something like this, so people need to calm down.

    There’s a lot of potential in this tbh and I for one couldn’t stop thinking how a LwT 3d game would look like…maybe have the characters from LwT and other LoP games show up in a future “Blind Date” expansion ?! 🙂

  29. I checked the real love 3d site to check if there are scenes that i haven’t seen. I still haven’t seen the part where one is girl is standing in the bath kissing the guy and her hand is holding his crotch… Help.

  30. this game feels like a beta version due to its shortness, which is good news for the future given that the next 3d game/expansion you create, will surely take you less time to make and you’ll be able to give it more content.

    i like the game more for what it seems to promise in the future than for what it is now, and i really hope you keep up the awesome work you guys do.
    having said that, i do have one critique: the textures of the walls, furniture, objects, etc. look way better than the textures of the characters, and i know that static textures are easier to handle than those of moving elements, but great skin textures have been one of your trademarks (even in animating parts), specially in the last year or so of lop games, and its something that you dont really see everywhere, so i hope you continue to apply that to these 3d games in the future.

    again, love your work and keep it up!

  31. Congrats on the new game i loved it. as a first 3d free roaming game it’s awesome and theres room to get better andding scenes optimazing performance awesome job guys.home to see more games and scenes added in the roaming games are great to add some secrect scenes hope youl try to do so

  32. at first i really like the game, it was a lot of fun to play it. My favorite scene is fuck olivia infront of her drunken husband. Very nice, id like too see more of those in further games!!!

    Some details are a littel low and you can see grafic fails, but i think the first step is done and the games become much better in the future.

    Big Thanks, go on!!

  33. *******SPOILERS******
    I got these listed endings; are these all of them? 1. olivia blindfold being cucked 2. olivia outdoor after BF after party drinks 3. jack off to olivia while she sleeping 4. maya outdoors 5. maya indoors. Also I got some questions. Is there a scene where Olivia is OK with (not blindfolded) on a threesome/cuck with her BF? Is there a Olivia/Maya threesome? After the Maya in the bedroom end, is there a way that she is not mad due to the camera? or is there any interaction besides her just leaving?

  34. I love the game besides for some minor graphics issues and I thought it was maybe a little to short, but with expansions coming this is no longer an issue.

    The thing I wish it had the most was an option to adjust your mouse sensitivity

  35. How do I know if my graphics card is up to snuff for this game. It is the ONLY thing holding me back. I can’t find where it says what I have, but I believe I have ALL the other elements. However, I never saw a preview of this game as it always looks to be “LOADING”….

    1. well at you’ll see the system requirements for minimum. For your Gpu what you have you can either go in windows (do not know for mac or linux)to your device manager or run diax diag (for 8.1 hold windowskey + x >> run >> dxdiag) and you know what your pc is capable of. And for this game the minimal requirements aren’t even that big imo

  36. 9 months waste of time.
    locations looks enougth good, but models are.. poor. Women clothes -> no comments.
    U can do it better, i know that. I am sad becouse know your budget is too low.

        1. I agree 100%, it seems like they have forgotten why people play their games…

          The characters and the sex are the most important and this game as well as their recent few lacked that.

    1. It was their first attempt that is not their usual, the first try isn’t always going to be the best.

      For example Half Life 1 looks so bad compared to Half Like 2. With your logic Half Life 1 was a waste of time to create because the models of characters in that game looked like crap.

  37. I prefer the flash, and prerendered web games on sex and glory. I just like the higher quality graphics, though the full camera control is extremely nice. I think there is some room for improvement on the engine, or maybe just some options. 3dxChat character have quite a bit more detail.

  38. After playing the game multiple times I found that it was quite enjoyable and I do like the fact that certain small things can change the outcomes of other actions. Like a butterfly effect!
    I was not a huge fan of the 3D and really would have prefered if it was like Sensual Haunting, in that you could explore the whole house but did not have to “walk” around it.
    I enjoyed the music and hidden aspect of finding things. I was rather let down when I found that some interactable things did not help the story in any way.
    My favourite character was Olivia, mainly because she actually seemed like a real person, talking about their profession and how it felt to be in that profession. The other girl just felt out of place.
    I can’t wait for the dlc and thanks for making this fun game!

    1. Yes, Blind Date 3d was our first 3d game presented on

      And Yes once more – we plan to add expansion to this game. I can’t tell about the details right now but we’re very excited about this. And as mentioned before – expansion will be free for everyone who already bought the original game.

      Right now we’re studying 3d technology deeper and deeper and in a while we’ll present something new.

  39. I attempted to contribute to a game developer in Russia, but he was using PayPal for his transactions. PayPal sent me emails six times, telling me that the transaction had been denied. My bank checked the records, and told me that their had been no transaction request from PayPal. When I asked PayPal for an explanation, I received repeated requests that I update my registered email at the PayPal website. I received those requests at the email address I had registered – and updated – at the PayPal website. This is the first time I have discovered why my transaction did not go through. Thanks LOP.

      1. At a guess, because someone mentioned earlier that Paypal has nothing to do with sex, which he may not of known hence the reason Paypal messed him around before.

  40. Game looks wonderful, and I’ll be sure to pick it up in a few. However I’m looking forward to Seducing the Throne and seeing what crazy ideas iskanabot has came up with when he isn’t plotting dirty deeds for Tracy and Lisa to do. That said as much as I want to play it, it’s release means Eleanor 2: Fuck Harder will be on the horizon, which in turn means Living With Temptation is due after that. Curse you LOP staff you make it hard to stop and sniff the roses with this line-up. : )

  41. hi…
    first you did shit because everything has already been tried for the first series of the game, but keeps the game to reproduce. but this does not at all satisfied us as players. we better quality scenario, plenty of options, which control more than beautiful images that we (the V6 is not) we would like to see and play. This is a beautiful and meaningful for us. Buy this product may be a factor but otherwise not take us the feeling we always get ripped off.

  42. Can u not pay for this game with a pre-paid visa gift card? I tried and it says that the address doesn’t match what the card/bank has on file. (obviously wouldn’t since it’s pre-paid)

    Seems odd that that’s not an acceptable payment method. Oh well.

  43. I agree with some of my predecessors.
    The game story is ok, and the image surface is
    acceptable, but to start a new pay-to-Play side,
    you could have worked out the textures and graphics so as
    the story too, because at the current status its not
    worth the price in my opinion.
    And why exactly is LWT 2 Taking you so long ? You pronounced
    that you started rendering months ago, it would be nice to see it coming out or even getting an update why it takes so long,
    because we are all lookin forward to that game

    1. it’s been said already that lwt2 will come out after seducing the throne and eleanor 2,probably early next year so let the guys do their work and stop whining

  44. Hi leonizer
    where is the free games?
    it’s more than 1 month…
    please get back to your old version for games…you use text and pictures for games and it’s not exciting for player just we enjoy pictures not game play ! we must play game not just click on text and they do that….
    i play one by one all your games and tell this….
    Regards for all your works but last years you create better games with better scenario.
    and about scenario ,all your works go for some dudes fuck girls or haze them and we don’t play as girl…

    1. really? you want free games?
      omg. please pay for the games you get…

      I prefer paying for something i get. So normally i know that good games take time.
      Free Games are not here to make money.

      Please take your time and do really good games.
      dont hear on these people who want free games. they are not here to give you anything for your games.

  45. I spend 2 hours playing the game and find (i think) all possible endings.
    It’s nothing outstanding but pretty ok for the price and it was interesting enough to keep me playing – which not all games manage to do 😉

    But, there is one huge flaw in the gameplay:
    With the target audience the game HAS TO BE PLAYABLE WITH JUST ONE HAND.
    Might sound stupid, but mixing keyboard/mouse input is a big annoyance with a game like this. Please fix it in future games.

    Other minor Issues i found:
    Why can’t i move the camera in some situations (sex mode) without an additional click to “change camera”.
    If you give me a proper 3D game i expect to be able to do that directly, otherwise just pre-do all the animations and have them run like typical cutscenes moving through something like a 2,5D game. This would solve the previous issue also, though maybe cut away too much of the fun.

    Of course the graphics still have room for improvement, but give its the first 3d game it’s not so bad. If you keep up with how you improved the other games of the last years we will get some incredible 3d games in 2-3 years, hopefully sooner.

    Gameplay and story was ok, no big game but interesting enough to keep me busy for a while. I would really like to see some add-ons to the game though, instead of doing other games.
    Pretty much like: improve this one to be awesome, then apply this to the next games, instead of the other way around.

  46. Saw a video of this game, no sale. Why? This game wasn’t any different from sexual haunting, just pick a room to go to and pick a choice. But this has the added inconvenience of having to walk everywhere. You could have easily done this in the usual 2D format. There’s no point to a 3D sex game if the player can’t control the sexual interaction. And is there really no group sex? WTF? Should be there, especially for what you’re charging.

  47. 3D is a bad direction to go, there was obviously limitations that the similarly designed 2D games didn’t have. You can have any number of characters and multiple, repeatable sexual actions. 3D is just a recipe for killing creative possibilities.

        1. Yeah, your work is awesome. But I think it would be nice if you mantain this blog updated, adding new games and news about future games at most every 10 days (just my opinion, I think it would be nice for blog and clients).

      1. Don’t take it the wrong way…you guys are the Michael Jordan of 2D games. I wasscared you were going to leave to go play baseball when you’re the king of basketball. But it looks like the 2d games are still coming on strong.

  48. You are on the Frontier of interactive adult gaming as 360 degree head tracking virtual reality is becoming very cheap…. Smells like a recipe for success if you can combine your current and future work with these capabilities… See the “Mobile VR Station” App with its easy user interface mixed with a 360 video from virtual real… Mix this with a very affordable version of Google cardboard made out of foam and boom…. Who needs a girlfriend anymore…….

  49. living with serena was good idea and very nice game but no body is not in game ,maybe you can update that and add some other guys.for example her boss catch her or a girl seller in shop for bdsm or partner in her work or her husbend work or in park….in game we just have 2 charecter.maybe that game can be nicer like lwt or eleanor…i invite many guys for lop team and i think me and my friends deserve that…
    i know that game was for last months ago but i play yours game again and again….
    (sorry for temp email but we need privacy—maybe you don’t know me but me and my friends have your premium)

  50. Well, I just got the game for € 5.40 (including VAT) through the site ^^

    This is a good 3D game for a start. The story takes place. Technically, there are some small problems but it’s your first, you have to refine it and you improve. (I give an example. Sometimes clicking with the mouse, there is the taskbar that appears again and there one can not click anywhere. Basically, the mouse is no longer on the game screen and as you click next, it’s like doing a back office. we must therefore determine where the mouse is on (I have two screens) and bring it back on the game screen to click again)

    I still have to add a little question: Where is the toilet? Maya knows, but I searched everywhere without finding the door.

  51. Truly well done, I only wish there were more twisted and turns, alternate endings, more scenarios and ability to go outside and visit the town, engage in new characters and bring them back.

    So much can be done with this game concept, I hope they take it to the extreme , it would be very enjoyable. Nice Job

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