New erotic date for and more

Today we’ve launched a new short erotic date with Sylvia and Nick. You can find this game in a BONUS section of

The action is very intensive and the visuals were made by ASTAROTH – his artwork is really impressive, especially in 30 frames animations. Just take a look below.





This is standalone, HIGH QUALITY EXE file that you can download on your PC and keep it for eternity.

What’s more going on with LOP GOLD? Together with IKSANABOT we’re working very hard over Seducing the Throne.  Right now we’re remodeling some visuals to make it ever more alluring and maybe we will add a little more scenes to diversify the gameplay even more.

I’m very satisfied with it’s current state right now – we’ve got working prototype and the gameplay is intriguing with a lot of fun elements that I’m sure you gonna love. If I was asked to compare it to some of other previous games, I’d say that it’s a mix of Looking for Love (TOP 15 best game on PF1) with elements from our fantasy games but without fighting system cause we don’t wanted to mix romance with a blood of ugly orcs.

We’ll present some new visuals soon.

And you were asking about Living with Serena update. Yes, we’re working over it and it will be massive. With this expansion we’ll add 2 new girls into Serena and Julian’s life, together with one sexy guy – is Serena able to resist his charm?

Some visuals below.







And important announce to everybody:
If I ever see another comment in which someone asks about “release date” – this comment together with it’s author will land in the SPAM. I’m serious guys cause it’s getting ridiculous.

138 thoughts on “New erotic date for and more”

  1. there’s only one thing that I hated in living with serena, and that’s there is no real sex scene for nicole (the blonde girl, not the one in the new pic). I really hope you add it, the new visuals are not getting my hopes.

  2. Suggestion for ALL up coming games is for some audio check. Erotic date with Sylvia and Nick is practically blowing out my headset. Can you guys make a volume slider? Sometimes the music/sound effect is great but its just seems its at full blast.

  3. please add more and more visuals to serena . we are waiting how many times you need.please don’t hurry about that…..please add more charming guys…we need them 😉

  4. Mmm maybe there’s a bug in Sylvia & Nick, “ass” option is unclickable. She doesn’t deny, it’s simply unclickable, and it’s not greyed out, you just click on it and nothing happens. Got her maxed at 100.

      1. I’ve uploaded modified version with bug fixes – together with visuals demo of another erotic date in the same format which will be available this year.

  5. What happened to the dates with Tracy and Lisa seems like ages since you said they were going to be made? When is serena update expected, after ele2 and lwt2 or before?

    1. Yes, we still remember about those games with Tracy and Lisa. We’ll need more time with them cause YamYoda is busy with different projects right now and only he is able to render those characters.

      And about expected time of launching LWS expansion – it looks like it will be released at the beginning of next year, before LWT2 game.

  6. Hey Leo,
    I’m a LOPGold subscriber and I’d love to play the new bonus game, but I use a mac. Any chance you are going to put a version online (like the other bonus games are — although they are free), or provide a mac version in the near future?

    1. Another mac user who’d like to play these games.

      (For anyone else stuck with this, try virtual box. It’s a decent workaround but the games, and everything else, will work really slow.)

        1. As promised – MAC version is ready to download. For now in one huge ZIP file I’ve included all SWF files together with instruction how to run them on your machines.

  7. Looking forward LwS. The new visuals look good. The 2 new girls aren’t as beautiful as Serena, but they seem to be hotties.

    I hope you guys make a good cheating path for Serena and the new dude.

  8. Great game. The graphics look terrific. I can see why this took longer to put together.
    It looks like when you replay from the end of the game the “blow job” option in the classroom disappears.

  9. Great game! Graphics are outstanding, Sylvia is one of your hottest models yet. I am also getting the bug where the blowjob option is not available on replay, and no function on the anal button on the final sex scene.

  10. personally,erotic date with sylvia is the best short game you published,graphics is stunning,amazing job by astaroth
    i really liked this game,sylvia is so hot and i would love to see her more in the future

    1. Great job on this latest game, Sylvia & Nick. Sylvia is definitely one of the best looking women you’ve rendered so far (behind Lisa for me).
      Yes, please continue to make games like this… with new characters and/or existing characters. They are excellent distractions between your larger games.

  11. This is a very solid, short game. Amazing graphics, good story and good dialogue. The characters are well designed.

    While it’s good, it doesn’t quite reach the level of quality that living with Serena has, but to be fair, LwS is a much longer game. So all in all, I wouldn’t mind seeing more games like this on LOPGold, as long as there will also be time devoted for longer games like LwS, LwT, etc.

  12. please if you can add a man middle age or older age for serena’s boss and some special visual for that….i appreciate that…if it’s possible.thank you leonizer and dear YamYoda and all lop team for all your good works.i don’t send too much comment here and just read them most times but it was amazing news about serena and i send another comment.

    1. To be a little clearer, if you give her a drink, in the final sex scene the option is available to “test how deep she can go” but the option to do her in the ass is not clickable. If you do it without giving her a drink the option to do her in the ass IS clickable, but she refuses and you get ending 2.

  13. Nice to hear so promising news regarding LOPGold. But I’m a bit disappinted with the new game geing an .exe. I’m a MAC user and one of the things I like about Leonizer and his team is that are Flash based games totally compatible with Apple users.

  14. Leo? I like your new game a lot.
    Especially your new Visual artist “Astaroth” has done an incredibly good job. The game is relatively short but the setting is great. Sylvia is the hottest girl in the LOP universe. Compliment for your great work.
    I hope you make a slightly longer game with the setting of a school. Where to play a teacher and hot girls can be seduced.
    Somewhere in the old posts, someone who had been a very ambitious, interesting story about a teacher and a hot cheerleader posted on your site. I remember MrGoodman?
    If you put his story with these great graphics, that would be a “mega boner game”.
    A statement from you would be nice!
    What do you think Leo?

    1. TheGreatOne, yes we’ve such a game in our plans. I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same concept but in our dating sim you’ll play as a married teacher who is thinking about seducing his sexy female students. Right now we’ve got concept ready for this game with most of the events described – waiting for location renders. But shhh… It’s still top secret.

      1. Leo, thank you for your reply. I think we talk about the same and it sounds like a great game!
        Dude, I love you for creating such a game. I can’t wait to play it. For the future game you have certainly again so hot schoolgirls. Perhaps you have also a place for Sylvia.
        I hope you give us soon first details concerning this game.
        But no stress, take your time and presents us the best LOP game ever.
        I am already full of anticipation!
        And Leo, your secret’s safe with me.

  15. Leo first of all, sorry if my english isn´t the best. Have you ever considered the idea of translate your games into another lenguages?.
    Because in my case, sometimes it´s a bit hard to follow the story or choose the “right” option. I´ll be very grateful if i can play your games in spanish, and this idea, probably, will improve your market and profits.

  16. Great job on this game, short and fun with good interactions. Sylvia looks awesome, please make a bigger game with her, she deserves it since everyone seems to like her a lot.

  17. Loved the new game. An excellent way to add extra value to the Lopgold membership. Would love to see it more often. Great graphics. Both Nick and Sylvia are hot. Even though the game play was fairly linear, I really liked that it was quite hard figuring out the right path. It really works in a short game.

    Really looking forward to the LwS expansion. Serena is by far my favorite character in the LOP universe.

    1. There is a version 0.92 to download. Apparently there was an error with an earlier version related to the anal scene.

      Hints in the game: You need a combination of high scores, alcohol and not having eaten anything spicy.

  18. Short story, but the graphics were truly amazing! Hopefully your games coming up have those or better graphics, and I didn’t know you were releasing an expantion for LWT, Lisa in those graphics would be the best! haha.

    And I’m liking the fact that models in this game are much more toned. Looks better.

  19. I am a big fan of Lesson of Passion, Lopgold and Sex and Glory games, i have played all of them. I thing that Sylvia is by far the hottest girl with Lisa from LWT in second place. Also i believe that the anal scene with Sylvia is the hottest of all scenes. Thanks, and please give us more Sylvia. Best Regards, Sakis

  20. Amazing update leo! Hope that the Living with Serana update features a long and extensive path for Serana and the new guy that is just as good as the main romance. While I know that’s kinda hoping for too much, I just love it when both sides are cheating since it gives real depth to the game since the player can actually see the progress and even influence how far it goes according to her preference. I hope that Serana’s story is amazing with the new guy!

  21. Sylvia has to be the best looking girl ever in the changing room she bends against the locker that has to be the best pose ever. She needs her own full game also Alyssa from my gf is a models hot too. Maybe they should be sisters.

  22. If I had to vote for the best LOP model of all time, it would be Sylvia!! You made a great job there! She deserves her own show 😀

    Still, I’m slightly disappointed that YamYoda is busy with different projects, because LWT is your best game EVER.

  23. Have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of this game. I’m not fond of the new character designs-they seem more cartoonish to me. I’m also not the best at video games so it’s frustrating to play a game a dozen times or more and feel like you have to do everything in exactly the right order before you get to one good scene. I don’t mind linear games but I like to have a couple options to choose from (such as 2 coeds) that way I can find an easy path and get some gratification before I tackle the harder path.

  24. Excellent little game.
    Graphics are awesome, congrats to Astaroth. The writing and the dialogues are very good. Sylvia is really beautiful.
    I like this kind of games (same formula seen in My Sex Date Eleanor). OK it’s too short, but it is very enjoyable.
    Just a little thing : maybe the teacher seems a little too young. An older character would be better in my opinion.
    I would like to see a longer game using this formula, with more locations, more options, featuring Tracy.
    Excellent job. Congrats to the team. Thank you.

  25. I didn’t play the game unfortunately because of money shit but I can tell by looking SS’s, there are some problems with the anatomy. I think artist should work harder, especially to think that he/she has an eye for sexy compositions.

      1. Now my friend, unfortunately I can’t do that if I want to see those games get better. Or at least characters which are more similar to humans instead of Xenomorphs.

  26. first the game is great!!! Grafic absolut amazing.

    I hope we see many more games like these in the future, may be with achievements and Upates.

    I´d like to see Sylvia in Group action with more guys ;D

    Really nice job, go on!

  27. The downloadable game was excellent.

    Minor bug: If you know where to click after a short dialogue, and click there before option “Touch her boobs” appears, the game doesnt recognize the mouseclicks

  28. You are on the Frontier of interactive adult gaming as 360 degree head tracking virtual reality is becoming very cheap…. Smells like a recipe for success if you can combine your current and future work with these capabilities… See the “Mobile VR Station” App with its easy user interface mixed with a 360 video from virtual real… Mix this with a very affordable version of Google cardboard made out of foam and boom…. Who’S with me!

  29. Sylvia is definitely one of the hottest girls in the LOP world!

    I would say the top 5 are:

    1. Alyssa from My girlfriend is a model
    2. Sylvia
    3. Lisa
    4. Serena
    5. Girl with a Tattoo game

  30. Sup guys,

    Great stuff, as usual. This game was short, but since you had to figure out alot of stuff to get everything right in order, it was challenging and fun. And once you got it, you can get through it again fast. Just what I want in a short game. Great job, per usual.

    The chick looks really good too, props to the artist. I hope he gets some more complex jobs too in the near future.

    One small thing, I noticed you stopped putting bonus pictures in the downloadable games section, that’s a bummer. I usually really liked that little extra, and especially for something like the Die 4 Glory game, it could’ve been a nice touch.

    But hey, can’t complain, just a minor remark.

    Keep it up guys.

  31. Please, guys. Fix the missing/dead links to bonus pictures for LOP GOLD’s Tori 500 Dirty Business. I’m getting tired of requesting it already, and no one fixing it(really I’m asking for months). Makes me wonder if the staff “lost” those pictures so they can’t reupload them… if someone else here, does have the bonus picture for Tori 500 Dirty Business, please, send them to me via email ( It’s supposed to have 6 pictures, I guess.

  32. Game graphic is excellent. .. but to be true in story wise it remembered me of your starting games when you started your lessonofpassion site …. graphic is excellent… but with almost no story

  33. HI, awesome game as allways 🙂 this is kind of beside the point but i was’nt sure if there was a suggestion place for casual gamers so i thought i would put it here, hope it’s no trouble . 🙂
    Was replaying some of the older games and got onto “Spy agent 069”, it’s an awesome game and was wondering whether there where any plans to revisit it? As iin start over with the same heroine but a different storyline?
    I’m sure this is not the right place to post this but if you could point me towards the right place would be much appreciated 🙂

  34. I would love to see an expansion on Sensual Haunting i thought it was still one of the best games made and defiantly the best on sex and glory side.
    Great work Leo

  35. The visuals in your games improved amazingly over time. Unfortunately, I have to admit that morals and ethics fallen down as well. In “13 rooms” you had non-consent sex and now.. now you have protagonist that sexually abuse his student. And the only negative outcome is he being fired.

    I love your games but your recent changes make difficult to enjoy it the same way as before…

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