LWT2 almost complete

I’m happy to announce that development of LWT2 is almost complete.

We were extensively testing this game for 2-3 weeks now and it looks like that we were able to get rid of all serious issues. iksanabot and agrippa – thanks for your great support.

During those last days we were also adding new images, modifying some texts and tweaking existing scenes to make LWT2 as adorable experience as everybody are anticipating it.

I still need a few days to verify if everything works as intendent but finally I’m able to give you official LWT2 release date:
13Β SeptemberΒ 2016.


106 thoughts on “LWT2 almost complete”

  1. Bugger, I go on my holidays from tomorrow, not back till the 20th, don’t break the internet while i’m away.
    Well done to the team, love your work.
    Ps: Eleanor 2 is a great game, don’t know how people can moan about it.

  2. OH MY GOD!!!
    Too much hotness in one pic. Too much good news in one post which made my day… Good luck to the whole team. May this game be successfully launched.
    Get ready to test your servers though. This game will break the internet, literally.

      1. @st1 You know it, brother.
        @AceSpiral I’m an ass guy myself. Ass over boobs for me any day. I can’t fuck a girl with a flat ass y’know? Can live without the big boobs though.

  3. At the risk of being called a doomsayer, I’m going to say this in advance.

    For the love of the kamis, please make sure your servers are ready. Come September 13, they are going to EXPLODE.

    1. I hope they have considered the shitstorm if the release date spontaneously will be change.
      Anyway, the date doesn’t matter to me. I just want a good game. I know it won’t be so good like the first LWT game but I hope it will be great.
      Compared with ELEANOR 1, part 2 was a bitter disappointment to me. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t a bad game but not even half as good as ELEANOR 1.
      After the release of LWT 2, take a break guys… you deserve it after the last weeks and months. And then you can start new with completely new storys, games and characters.

      1. Even a quick glimpse at the comments for last few blog posts show what the reaction would be, I’m sure leo and lop team are fully aware of it.

        From iksanabots comments over on the sharks lagoon forums, lwt2 will be much more of a continuation of lwt1’s story than ele2 was with ele1. For example Justin wont have to rebuild his relationship with Tracey/Lisa as he’s already maxed that out. It didn’t really make sense to me that Eleanor had to rebuild her relationship with her husband in the 2nd game.

  4. Great JOB! knowing the exact moment of the release for lwt2 is a great relief for everybody keep doing it for coming projects as well and remember to always keep your promises
    Leovolution is coming booom

        1. From what I’ve read one playthrough will probably be a bit shorter than a lwt1 playthrough, but this game is designed so that you’ll need multiple playthroughs in order to discover everything e.g. depending on which beginning you choose some of the content may be closed off for that playthrough.

    1. If the game is well received enough then they’ll probably make an expansion, as to suggestions lop’s pretty good at listening to feedback so I’m sure they’d atleast take any suggestions under consideration.

  5. [not related to this post]
    does anyone know how to unlock the new girl in the strip texas holdem game?
    i have unlocked the four girls but having problem unlocking the fifth one (alisha)

    1. After beating Cecilia (can’t remember if it was normal poker or dare) she talks about Alisha. Go into Cecilia’s Dare options and win against her for information on Alisha, after that you can go to the airport.

  6. Guys, I have a problem… πŸ™
    I renewed my membership… But whatever I do in every game of LOP GOLD… it doesn’t save the last game… I always have to start new. And that’s really shitty. Don’t want to start every time a new game. Is it a mistake from myself or what’s the problem…

    1. Try right-clicking the game and then click on “Settings”. Click the folder icon and make sure “Local Storage” is on “Allow”.

      If that doesn’t work then it might be a browser problem. Hard to explain without knowing the browser but all you have to do is make sure your browser doesn’t delete local data when you close it. (Check Browser Settings)

      If it is still not working then sorry, don’t know what else it could be.

  7. Thanks Leonizer, Iksanabot, Agrippa and all the developers and creators of the great game. A big bouquet of appreciation to all of you for all your hard work and enthusiasm that can only be matched with our anticipation behind the release of the much awaited game of these 2 years.

    Personally, as happy and excited I’m to try on this new game, I’m a bit superstitious and still filled with doubt and apprehension so as not to find any aspects of this game less exciting. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy this game, thanks to you guys.

    Just waiting for the final premiere countdown…3..2..1…


    LWT fan

  8. I know that you guys are hardly working on several projects and probably too busy to do anything else.
    But if you will have a free time to do anything else, add new expansion for Seducing The Throne, please. Seducing The Throne is a great game and there is a lot of free space to make it even better, add new story line, new characters, quests and endings.
    P.S. Keep up the good work

    1. Iksanabot has already said an expansion will come, it’ll just take time as the script isn’t even written yet, then ofc rendering, coding etc. Its coming just will be awhile.

    1. my bro, i think noone knows, but when i look website’s time zone its shows our producers are living in america. its 13th in eu, assia africa but its not in usa, probably, it will publish in 5-6 hours. (prediction)

  9. I meant having a big dick. Men do desire of having dick bigger than they actually have…. now if you disagree well just Google it.

    Anyways, it was my suggestion not any debatable issue.

  10. Now just to control our excitement for a bit longer I suggest that we start giving a predicted rating of LWT 2 then after we play the game we can compare

    Mine is 83 out of 100

  11. πŸ™‚ Geez! Not yet guys, it’s the middle of the night in Europe. I’m doing a last play test now (in North America) and Leo will get my notes in the morning (about 5 hours from now where he is in Europe). He will make any small adjustments he might have to make if i find an error, and then release it. So at the absolute earliest I’m going to say you’ve got a few hours to wait, probably about 7 or 8. And then if you are going crazy waiting now, please be prepared to let it load for 5-10 minutes before you can play it, because it is the biggest game Leo has ever produced, and takes a while to load into your browser.

    And you 100/100 guys: Wow, you make me nervous. Thanks for your faith in us. I hope it does not disappoint you.

    1. im one of them 100 / 100 but i added a note “if there is so many scenes” :). Then we can go sleep who lives in eu. btw iksanabot good luck to you guys.
      gn everyone

    2. A. Testing time differential to see if it’s worth staying up after I get off work

      B. So are the four default states
      No cheat/ no swap= Romance/vanilla
      No cheat/ swap= Swingers
      Cheat/no swap= Favoring Lisa
      Cheat/swap= Justin is Tracy’s bitch? If I remember correctly there’s no way to have your cake (swinging with Tracy) and eat it (seducing Lisa) without Tracy finding out and cuckolding you.

      Which hey I’m down with it because I like Tracy getting gangbanged, and don’t really insert myself as Justin anyways. And I’d think it would be hilarious if Tracy gets knocked up by the cousin as we know swinger Justin is shooting blanks.

      1. Oh my God, dude! you are right! Justin had a vasectomy in LWT1! I took that in to account through most of LWT2, but momentarily forgot that for one ending where Lisa is pregnant and Justin kind of assumes it is his. Shit. I can’t fix it now – it’s too late, it would delay the release. In an expansion i will try and add in a line about Justin getting his vasectomy reversed in anticipation of having another kid with Tracy. For now, please suspend your disbelief and imagine that is the case.

        Good catch!

        I’m done play testing. I’m looking forward to the release in a few hours – by the time I wake up I’m sure there will be 30 comments either hating it, loving it, asking when the next release is πŸ™‚ , or likely a combination of all three.

        Thanks for the well wishes and support. I hope you have fun with it. Good night.

        1. Looking forward to the release as well, I don’t often comment but when I do it means you’re got something special on your hands. Keep up the good work iksanabot & lop crew.

    3. My friend, honestly at this point I could care less about it being good or perfect. Just getting hands on the game will be enough to satisfy me.

      It’s 11:15 AM here in Bangkok. I’ll go for a jog in the stadium and come back this evening. Can’t wait to fuck Lisa πŸ™‚

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