Christmas Eve in Metropolis

XMAS are comming!
A friend of mine, with who I’m running SEX AND GLORY, has just released a new xmas project.

Your job? Help Santa to find and hand out all presents.

CONTROLS: mouse drag to look around, wheel to zoom, click to collect items. Drag items from your inventory to correct characters to make a gift.

You can give it a try here:

BTW – our girls are also preparing for a special xmas photo shoot. You gonna see the results soon.

17 thoughts on “Christmas Eve in Metropolis”

  1. Just finished it. I didn’t find it that enjoyable but that might be because it’s a simple hidden object game and after spending a few minutes finding the right people for the presents, you don’t get any type of payoff, but I do like the art style and the humour that I got from that. Also some nice easter eggs like Freddy Krueger. Overall it’s not something I would play again since I didn’t like the gameplay and I didn’t find it erotic, however, if in a future game it uses a different game style and rewarded you for completing it, there’s a chance that I could get into. Looking forward to the Christmas photos!

        1. The wand is on the windowsill of the middle house (right by the guy tagging the wall) and the weeds go to Santa’s reindeer on the roof.

          Not an LoP game but still making helping people with it…it’s a decease, I think!

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