LOP GOLD calendar

Starting from the 30th of June we’re introducing LOP GOLD calendar – a new section for a PREMIUM MEMBERS in which we’ll present sexy images, animations and other interactive elements.

What type of models are invited for those photoshots?
We’re focusing on existing characters that you love from our most popular GOLD games but also, from time to time, we’ll work with newbies.

How often are we going to update that section?
Every Friday we’ll present new element.

21 thoughts on “LOP GOLD calendar”

  1. fantastic news,to be presented with more stunning artwork is great idea since you are by far the best in that area
    i repeating myself like a broken tune now but lisa is out of this world,absolutely breathtaking,i hope there will be much more of her

  2. Great news. I’m anxious to see Tracy. She’s the most beautiful girl.
    The animations are going to be from old games, new games or only made for LOPGOLD calendar?

  3. Could I make a selfish request,

    Lisa from LWT and Lily from LIH
    In Bikinis
    And Tribadism

    Selfish I know but god those two rocked my world 😀

  4. Lisa & Eleanor are hottest by my opinion ofc there are extremely gorgeous other characters. In the calendar will be nice if you introduce older characters like reminder of the past then and now, older games characters then newer games characters and how stories graphics and development advanced. You should implement also older characters like Jordan 500 & Tori 500 and others. And one question animations will be sexy provocative seductive with girls blinking with eye, smiling or other provocative moves like licking finger or something or naughty and sexual or with intercourse?

  5. I fully support the idea. Actually, I’ve been thinking about it since I heard of LOPGOLD for the very first time. My idea was more about comics, though. Anyway, I really expect to see more of our beloved characters like Tracy, Eleanor, Kim, Lily, Britney and others. I also hope we’ll see both naked and hardcore pictures. I really expect the designers to play with our girls. Like, doing some scenes they’re not really experienced into, or even some spin off-like scenes(maybe putting characters from different series together). From my personal taste, I would like to see some more Trace and Kim doing anal, and Vivian(from S&G Roommates) close ups on sucking on a dick + anal too. Oh, I almost forgot, this reminds me of game Strip Texas Hold’em(S&G) I really would love to see more updates on that one. Some of the best girls/models ever.

  6. Yeah Me to i wish to see how Eleanor pays visit in LWT3 or another extension from the LWT2 since they mentioned they work together or if hes cousin pay a visit back to be acknowledged that he knows Eleanor already since its mentioned that she traveled in France already when worked with that fashion guy or its one of the endings or something i am sure you will figure it out something like that in future.
    For the Calendar though its cool idea more pictures to refresh the website from time to time from chicks old and new and one of my favorite if not the best Lisa looks like a wet dreamed!

  7. Like everyone else, a personal selfish request especially to Daman…WANNA SEE LILY & SERENA IN LEZBO scene…I’ll pray to God to bless you for eternity if you oblige my request.

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