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  1. The games pretty nice, but making it a dating sim style thing was a miss step. For a sex game there was far too much “grinding” stats compared to the actual sex, mainly because there are only six sex scenes, a blowjob, a lesbian one, and the three endings plus the hooker. That wouldn’t be bad except they’re really short, take ages to get to and give you no options. Most of the game felt like filler, and wasn’t fun or sexy. Plus the absence of the volume slider was annoying, if not game breaking.

    On the plus side, most of the girls were nice, and the story was pretty interesting. The addition of a “new game plus” was great, giving you genuine incentive to play the game multiple times. This should defiantly be included in other lop games if possible.

    All in all, this game was alright, but was less interesting than something like divided heart. Should have been an adventure game, not a dating sim. Not worth a re-sub either. That said, more content is more content, and if the LOP team keeps pumping things like this out between big releases then that increases the value of the (expensive) subscription, so I’m not complaining. I look forward to seeing more from Rimyirr.

    P.s Cant’ wait for the velvet rose expansion.

    1. It was kinda fun. Of curse we are all waiting for cvr expansion, but I guess it’ll take al while 1-2 months, hopefully it’ll be sooner but like 3 weeks ago they had only 50% of the renders. About the lop calendar that’s really never expected u guys would have done something like that but I like so we can see Eleanor again.

  2. I wish I could enjoy the game but do not know how to scale down the screen resolution, with my monitor I cannot see anything at the bottom of the screen 🙁

        1. No, I’ve just tested it with my old MAC and it works the same way as PC – it downscale the game to fit the screen.

          Instead of using ALT + ENTER just click ENLARGE icon, which is always presented in the MAC app window in the top left corner – 3rd icon from the left.

          NOTE: Don’t use COMMAND + F cause it could cause aspect ratio distortions.

          1. Not sure if its a bug or not but just been able to try on pc and on mac the picture does downscale but it still leaves things off screen like the lust meter and the ‘city’ button when in home so once in home I cant leave again

  3. when I download this game I cannot play. When i open the file in zip (loat.zip) and I click on loat.exe the file doesn’t opened and it’s written “There should be ‘loat_Data’
    folder next to the executable”
    a solution?


      Double click the LOAT.ZIP file and copy everything you find inside it (both loat.exe file as well as loat_Data folder) to a different folder on your harddrive. Then run the game from the new directory.

      Double click the LOAT.ZIP file and run the loat.exe from the ZIPPED folder – it won’t work cause you need to unpack the game first.

  4. Okay, this is really concerning to me. This is the 2nd game you guys release with Unity and the 2nd one which won’t work on my hardware. I really hope you won’t just throw the good SFW away.

    1. I don’t know whether this is possible, but in case it is, you guys really should consider a possibility of releasing in both versions(for the ones with older hardware).

      1. In case you’re releasing Unity games for more compatibility with mobiles, I see no point. There’s no graphical gain with this and I’m absolutely sure most of people won’t play porn games on mobile. You’ll end more like losing members(as me).

        1. Okay, I was reading, and it seems it’s possible to convert Unity games into SWF or making both technologies talk with each other, so maybe you can provide both version of games you’re going to release: answers.unity3d.com/questions/1070103/is-there-a-way-to-import-convert-etc-a-swf-file-in.html

          1. BTW, when I say “my hardware doesn’t run Unity games” I mean that Unity won’t run under older Windows.

      1. @lachis17, @cutecucumber
        Finish the game and choose to continue. Whomever you end with will tell you a small little detail about what happened earlier in the game. Follow their instructions and you should figure it out.

  5. Sorry to say this… But I am NOT a fan of this game and it is unfortunately far below your usual standard. I hope Olivia, Ellie and Paul is released within 30 days, because this has not been worth a renewal of my subscription.

    Renders/animation: Considering that LOP is usually the cream of the crop in erotic games when it comes to renders and animation, this game is a considerable downgrade and looks like every other standard porn game you can find on patreon. The characters look like cardboard figures or mannequins and none of the girls were even remotely hot… Backgrounds look cheap and lifeless.

    Music: ok, I guess… But the music didn’t really get my blood pumping during the sex scenes and the transition of sound in the workout sessions were annoying and near laughable. I wish there’d been a volume slider.

    Writing: Pretty much non-existent. The characters are barely characters. There’s no depth and no characterization beyond cliched stereotypes that are very badly defined (girl won’t let a student cheat on the exam… girl gets present… suddenly girl is fine with letting student cheat on test). The dialogue is clumsy, robotic and cringe-inducing with zero hint of any sort of realism. The premise is interesting, but the absence of any sort of story (beyond standard no-personality dude wants to bang standard no-personality girls) ensures that the premise never explores its potential. There’s zero atmosphere and the sex scenes are not in the least bit enticing… they actually really boring.

    Gameplay: I like the gameplay model of x number of days and 3-4 actions a day. I like to evolve stats and see them implemented in strategic ways throughout the game. But this game fails to give the stats any sort of relevance, you don’t need them except to get that first girl to talk to you… you just use the culmination of those points and the individual stats mean nothing (you don’t use your fitness or your style at any point in the game). The game also makes the same mistake as Johnny Bullet and Eleanor 2… the grind is too tedious and it becomes all about the stats rather than have the grind compliment the gameplay. LwT fx, had you raise your stats but gave you plenty of things to do WHILE you raised them. Here, the focus is on raising the stats and they ultimately don’t mean anything. Besides this, there’s barely any sex scenes. Nothing really happens in the game and the quests are cookie-cutter boring… a lot of trouble with the smallest amount of actual substance… trick guard, get key, copy key, steal documents… no imagination went into these quests.

    I went into this game with zero expectations and I was still severely disappointed… If this is the kind of games I can expect from LOP going forward then I doubt I’ll be coming back.

    Sorry, but that’s my opinion.

    1. @Nemo
      True, but for someone’s first game to render, program and write it’s pretty good. I mean, look at what Leo did back int he day by himself and you’ll see the same thing. Hell, even my first game was not up to par with the rest, I must admit.

      I give full props to the new blood for going the distance and sticking it out and I, as well as probably a lot of others, expect some good things in the future from him.

      Congrats on your first game rimyirr!

      1. That’s fine. You think it’s good for a first try, I don’t. I don’t judge a product on whether it’s a 1st try or a 300th try. I take the game as it is. That’s my opinion and I won’t sugarcoat it.

        Saying “yeah, this thing is not good… but remember that thing long ago that was also not good?” is, in my eyes, not a valid way to justify what I perceive as flaws in this game. And neither is speculating on hypothetical future releases. I’ll judge those on their own terms once they’re released.

      2. @Daman
        I didn’t play this game and don’t have any plans on doing so, since I vowed to not play status grind kind of games anymore, but I agree with Nemo’s point.

        This is rimyirr’s first game, ok, but this is a paid product. People renewed their subscription to play this game, so they’re going to judge the game for what it is, not for the fact that this is rimyirr’s first game.

        Actually, I think that in this cases, it would be better to try games from new writers as free games. iksanabot’s first game was a free one (Stripper Pick-up). When he wanted to experience something totally different and new, he also went for a free game (Get me Pregnant). Leo’s first games were also free ones.

        Of course there’re some exceptions in which a writer’s first try can be a hit, like Rahvin’s Eleanor, but I stand by my point that it is less risky and that it is better to experience new writer’s games as free than going for a paid one.

        1. Yeah, I agree. Making this a free game would have made a lot more sense. While 1st tries can turn out to be hits, fx with Eleanor, these games have, up until now, not been solo efforts. In Eleanor there was a new writer, an experienced artist and an experienced programmer (maybe more, idk). But this is a solo effort and the quality is simply not up to par with the usual standard for LOP’s premium games.

          One correction on your post though, Vkalvkal. As far as I recall, Iksanabot only wrote the dialogue for Make Me Pregnant. I think it was beyond him to decide whether it was to be a free game or not.

          And yes, I’m going to venture the guess that this game is not to your tastes.

  6. Guys, I downloaded the game, unpacked, but when I run loat.exe the game shows up without any possibility to click “Play” or click on the music icon. Nothing is clickable. I’m running Windows 7, I paid money for a game that is unplayable?

    Please help.

  7. Its underrated. You guys should make Eleanor and Living with Temptation games. Not new ones. You guys should upgrade old ones with mixes. Like Tracy and Eleanor like this.

    Well the game is 3/10 for me.

  8. Have to say that although Nemo’s comments are a bit harsh I agree with most of them. Visually the game does not compare well with other LOP products – even much older ones. And the gameplay offers little challenge or reward. I like games that require you to build stats, but they need to be more cleverly designed than this.

  9. Wasn’t fun for me either guys.
    Characters lack dephts, almost no storyline. As for visuals it was clear that couldn’t have competed with LOP standard. Just got 1 ending but I don’t think i’l be playing again.

    Wainting for Olivia and Ellie in the bonus section.

    My 2 cents

    1. Side note: dialogues and writing are as important as visuals in a game. This one almost doesn’t have any and writing doesn’t get interested or engaged the player.

  10. surely this game is not on the same level as top titles,that’s why it is bonus instead of gold game
    i’m not so harsh with my thoughts on this game,i’m always interested in projects and artwork of new members since i’m trying to create artwork myself so i appreciate the efforts
    it is solid game for a first project in my opinion but not for lopgold material,however there is lot of room for improvement to be made and i hope rimyirr will succeed

  11. I would not be as categorical as the others. The fact that it is not released in free games is an error in itself, it is true but it does not play either online, it is downloadable, which is a good point.

    On this … pfff … what about this game? It is the first game of rimyirr, ok but in this case, do not compare with your first games, because technology has evolved since then, knowledge also. If every time a new person wants to develop something, he is told that what he is doing is good because 10 years ago, that’s what we did, it will not help him And it will not improve. And above all, as said above, customers will be unhappy. It is the same finding regardless of the sector of activity. Would you like to pay to see a new film with the special effects of 10 years ago?

    Now concerning the game, I think but it is only my opinion, that the script would have worked better with a female main character. When I started the story, I said to myself: “well that’s nice, it’s not bad” and sometimes “ah it’s a bit big for it to be credible.” Choosing a male lead character is understandable for a first game, but I’m still hungry because there were so many possibilities on this story with a female character, especially with the headmaster who blackmail the female teachers.

    Finally … animation side, inevitably it is archaic compared to other games pay, but that has already been said.

    Music, I found that in the tone of the game, neither more nor less.

    As for the gameplay, it’s pretty basic. It reminds the games of 10 years ago … I think it would have been better without the stats to go up, but hey it is the choice of the creator so we must comply.

  12. Hmmm… Sry if i am rude or so direct but probably not gonna take look in the game. Well most important and what man see in women first its the look: eyes, smile, face, cleavage, boobs, body legs clothes etc. then what kind of person is, but graphics are bad i’ve seen a lot of this like in the 90′ first games erotic & sexy well some companies tried but without success and they still making them like the one in Shark Lagoon they look like pentagons not good shape not sexy faces
    not clear graphic more important its also the contrast and the behind pictures to attract you the girls can be cartoony like if someone played “Injustice Unlimited” from “Sunset Riders”but still very hot or some pictures & Games from characters from “Disney Cartoons” not Totally Real but fun hot sexy with the good story some of the games i played. Today with all these advanced softwares i think even if he cr8 alone he can cr8 better more attractive chicks but i’ve seen many others like this on patreon maybe depends on the budget but if you can see on Patreon some games are a lot better in graphics and above the others this is one of the simple graphics and dont impresses me, maybe the graphics are not so bad but characters i cant give positive grade leaks in sexuality and shape sry its just how i see it hope not hurting any personal feelings!

  13. Well friend brought the game and i must change the opinion a little, body’s are not so bad and with angles like i said before but faces still needs work i must say, animations either way but still needs work!

  14. Originally, I didnt wannted to try this game, because it seemed a much less tempting. I thought I will wait till Snake Valley. But after all this reviews I am much more curious. Is this realy that bad? 🙂

    1. It is not bad to play. It is even good if you like to do several parts as a result to unlock things you would not have seen before. But visually and technically, it is a game of another time.

  15. its important character to look sexy even if not realistic their faces not impressing me what can i say gameplay i i dont judge hardly started the game will see what future will brings!

  16. “Just because you could, doesn’t mean you should.”

    This would be a good game if it were to be relased in 2007 -not 2017. Or, it’d be a “ok” title in the free games section.

    It looks like those games on Patreon that people ask for donations for their “first” games.

    I do not want to be harsh but, this one definitely does not catch up with the LOP games. Not even the free ones. You would not probably get much hits even if it were to be on the freebies section of LOP.

    Rimyirr has potential and this game is absolutely great for a starter. No doubts on that. But I believe LOP Gold’s Bonus sections is not the right shelf to put it on.

    Models are ok, music is fine and even the dialogues are eh -ok. The problem is the gameplay. It is supposed to be a kind of time management, open world, skill building kind of game but the story is: Linear. There is no meaning in the time intervals, the player just needs to find the correct place at correct time to proceed the next stage.

    It is a short visual novel in fact. Although, it was made lenghty with unnecessary management tools such as time passing, seduction etc. Which, all are, have no ingame functions but keeping the player away from a fast-end.

    That ruins everything and I’ve to say, in my opinion, this is the worst LOP Gold game ever -worser than that endless space mining thing.

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