Snake – work in progress

Snake is our first LOPGOLD.COM UNITY game developed with a new tool and I’m proud to say that we’re making huge progress on two fields – game development as well as adjusting this tool to our custom needs.

This project is complex in terms of gameplay and programming (if you’ve played ALMOST NOBLE HERO) you’ll see that there are not only dating / sex oriented elements but also RPG stat building, combat with various enemies and weapons + trading and more. So when we’ll be able to develop with UNITY such complicated game as SNAKE we would be able to develop any game format we’ve tested so far.

If everything will go well and we won’t encounter any crucial technical issues we plan to release this game by the end of next month.

Some new images to tease you guys even more.

16 thoughts on “Snake – work in progress”

  1. Let’s not forget besides LWT 2 Expansion that there are
    1.City Of Love great game deserves an update
    2.Dignity One also a nice game
    3.Living With Serena Forbidden Fruit another great game
    4.Seducing The Throne
    5.A combination between Tori 500 + Jordan 500 with chose your character male or female and make him a boxer with a mini game where you even promote the match as a girl or play the match as the guy and add girls from other games you have a lot of girls now from all your game.
    I just share my thoughts no need to take me serious.

    1. City of Love has an update. Remember Kim? She’s hot.
      They’re going to make a sequel for LWS.
      They’re planning an expansion for STT but we don’t have infomation.
      D1 wasn’t well recieved but with an expansion can get better.

    1. Actually, Bounty Hunter has a couple great tit fucking scenes – but yes, it would be great to see more options for it during the sex scenes.
      Look forward to this game.
      The redhead looks like she has a bit of Lilly and Lisa in her – great combo 🙂

  2. Totally agree with the dude above only titfuck i saw in lop at least one remember was in LWT 1 expansion with Lisa in the shower!
    You should do it not like limitation, but like another options of choices!

    1. that’s why i hope unity will allow them to expand sex scenes and give more options with poses and angles,for example toggle third person and pov view of each scene
      as for the game i’m really looking forward to it since it will be completely different from what we got so far,i like western themes so i can’t wait to play it
      that native indian girl looks beautiful and of course redhead too

  3. Hey guys i’ve been thinking my self also, like the dude above i think i mentioned before maybe not, can you cr8 the same sex position from different angles? For example from aside, behind, above, etc. I think you should do it think about it, i think other fellas will like it 2. See around and stay cool!

    1. we’re on a same boat,there is definitely room for improvement for sex scenes,like more and longer scenes,different angles,options for interaction during scenes such as grab boobs,kiss,lick etc…
      as i said the thing i would mostly love to see if it’s possible to create is toggle first/third person view,i haven’t seen that in any other games and i think lop would be first ones to include that option in games
      one last thing that i would want to see more in the games,and this is pretty easy to make,is more kissing-it’s simple sign of affection that is,i must say,rarely used in lop games

  4. Soon it will be Halloween.. Will we see our girls in sexy outfits this year? Last year there was a beautiful photo session. Six beauties. By the way, what kind of girl is in the second photo? And from whom of the girls can we wait for a gift? I want Tracey, Eleonor or Gabriele.

  5. Yeah i like kissing to, and i’ve seen 1st 3rd person options on 3d sex villa, there are more games from that company, you can also with the mouse move around the room and choose which angle you like, simply you can rotate around persons or move freely around. Also you can choose around which person you want to rotate or simply freely move camera aorund, or you want to watch the penis, the vagina or tits bouncing, or part of the body, a lot of options from camera point of view, you can choose where camera to focus they focus a lot on that. In those game there’s no story, simple foreplay dialogue then fucking, but a lot of clothes to change and places to choose.
    You can implement that in your games for example if one of the characters its in the mood for everything can ask you “The character you play” how you wanna do it for example: On the wall, Bend on desk, Spread her legs on table, On couch, On chair, Bed, Shower, etc. Also in many of your games clothes are limited, some characters are “marked” remembered with one kind of clothes or hair style. With character building or earning more money you can make them more fancy. For example to choose more options, more availabilities to open or choose your character what hair style to have no need to be so many, better hair style more the stats will increase, more expensive clothes, better looks, not like in same games you buying more elegant clothes stats increase but the dude still wearing same clothes. I like Jordan – Tori 500 system you can choose clothes you can also choose make up, even make up. I like also sex with clothes still on, like LWT fucking Lisa behind the club in that dress, one of the best scenes ever if not the best, or just pull her pants down or just rise the skirt you should implement this, like options before scenes start. Sry i know to long but the dude above started 🙂 and i’ve been meaning to mention this for a while so i guess now was the real moment, this is small analysis of mine so tell me what you think i am open for suggestions Greetings!

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