32 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. I love all of them they are beautiful and sexy espically tracy with that sexy assaination custom on. Also the new womens that on the pictures will they be an upcoming game in the furture for them?

  2. Pretty. Eleanor is the first to be clear to me. Tracy super. They’re friends. The game where both would be ….. I have no words, fantasy. But it probably is not. Everyone has their artist. I would like Eleanor to continue, I would wish. It is a pity that there is no answer anywhere, no indication whatsoever with her. Such a shame

  3. Goodness tracy looks like a sex goddess! Eleanor really shines in her beauty, really hoping you guys bring her back for more premium games. Not only is she one of the sexiest women you guys have made, her story is incredible. Her costume seems a little too conservative for her personality haha

      1. @Thomas

        They are on the banner, if you have difficulty seeing them, zoom out (command then the minus button (-)) or go to the view toolbar on your browser and zoom out from there.

      1. @Vortex

        It’s because the backgrounds are not the same so the pictures jump out. It should be the desert background instead of black. So no worries, your computer is running fine, it’s on our end!

    1. I agree with this guy, either are girl characters are average looking, maybe more realistic but still the spark, hotness, slutines elegance still missing CVR great project though, other last projects like said before not by my type. People expecting LWT, Serena, Eleanor others, you guys still creating new projects to call them average, i suggested before and again focus on older characters, or spend more attention and time on new ones, backround story, clothes, make up hair styles etc.

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