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Right now I’m fully focused on project Snake – I want this game to be as awesome as possible. We’re preparing additional content to it, putting everything together and testing if everything works as intendent.

When we release this game we plan to get back to our FREE games. First we gonna launch ANGELICA and then small scifi dating sim.

After that I’ll come back to WEEKEND WITH BRADLEYS – original script requires some work to make it more engaging.

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  1. @LOP_Daman – even Goldberg returned to wwe after 12 yrs but Eleanor return is impossible . Demand for Eleanor is increasing day in day out but business protocol do matter and above public choice.

    1. @Cole

      Ah, but if you remember he came back for nostalgia and for a simple push because he was being featured in a upcoming WWE video game (I followed a lot of pro wrestling here in Japan, and it kind of carried over after I left).

      Now with Eleanor, I’m never going to say never if given a chance to write a story for her nor deny her fans the chance to see her in action again, but if there was ever was going to be a chance it must be done right.

      So we just have to wait and see to what happens next and who knows what will come next?


      1. It’s good when Daman answers. Thank you so much for that. But I do not understand this answer about Eleanor and her future. I do not think it’s bad to inform fans. For example: The Eleanor project is postponed indefinitely or canceled. But thank you very much Daman for the conversation.

  2. “If everything will go well and we won’t encounter any crucial technical issues we plan to release this game by the end of next month.”

    So “Snake” is going to be released this month if all goes well and no major bugs appear.

    1. Just to let you guys in on a little backstory to this game (and some secrets too).:

      This game was conceived during a lunch-in meeting a long time ago . After the meeting, I had concepts and outlines for not only this game, but outlines for games like Lily in Hawaii, Pledge, and three other projects (that I will not disclose at this time…yet). To look back at my old spiral notepad and flip through the pages of it and see how far this and other games have come is a real joy to behold! And for that allow me to say thank you to everyone and anyone who has played them or will play them in the future!

      Now to the untrained eye, some people just read a game title that was not announced yet. Oh contraire good people. It was subtle but we did.

      That’s you’re little tease for this entry, see you all next time!


  3. Seeing as you enjoyed the little match maker game I did last time, here is another one: LoP Quiz. Three questions, each one more difficult than the last. Put your answer in the comments below and wait till the next blog update for the answers. Or head to the Wikia page to find the answers later. Here we go!

    1) What was the first Lesson of Passion game?
    2) What was the first game to feature “Living with…” in the title?
    3) In the Outcast Academy series, the girls are divided into four different cliques. What are they?

    Have fun!

    1. 1) I’m between Passion Hotel and Date with Naomi. I’ll bet on Date with Naomi. The first LOP game that I played was I Love Laura, though. And the game that made me become a fan of your work was Dirty Pictures. I’m an old time fan and I hope you guys understand why I’m not into the completely different gameplay that your games have nowadays.

      2) Living with Britney, that was a nice new game, until almost every game after it had the same tiring and boring (in my opinion) kind of gameplay.

      3) Never played it. Not a fan of lesbian scenes.

      1. 1) I’m pretty sure it was the Lesson of Passion balck edition or whatever was its name. That time it was just a sim girl rip of, with some real model’s pic. Still would be a good game.

  4. Can you guys cr8 soon walkthrough for CVR extension, i got almost everything but some pieces still missing i want to complete whole game, endings and achievements tnx!

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