Jacob’s comes first

As I was affraid – we need more time to complete the development of our first western game. Basically there are still technical issues with our new engine we need to overcome and what’s more – we need more time to add additional scenes we’ve decided to include in the basic version of the game and them balance everything.

So I was to optimistic by saying that we’ll lanuch it by the end of this month (that’s why I hate to give potential release dates). Right now we’ll do everything to release the game next month.

Instead of Snake we’ll soon release expansion to Jacob’s Rebound with very alluring threesome scenes.

18 thoughts on “Jacob’s comes first”

  1. Noooo I was so anxious for Snake.
    Although I don’t like JR that much, the expansion might be good.
    I really hope that nothing like this happens with LWT2 expansion

    1. @BigArgieCock

      Sorry to let you down, but technical is always a troublesome area in our games. They’re like spiders under your bed; they will crawl up on you when you least expect them to, but you’re optimistic that there arn’t any to begin with. (No try sleeping tonight knowing that! 😉 )

      1. No problem Leo said that there was a chance of not finishing the game by November.
        I might try to play JR expansion insteed.
        And like I said let’s pray that nothing wrong happens with LWT2 exp because I adore that franchise

    1. @st1

      My second conceptual game ever and I pulled out all the stops and even Leo and others have added ideas to the mix. Once all the tech is finished and we tested the hell out of it, we hope to deliver a game worthy of the wait!

  2. Ah i like this game too good luck with Snake better a good game then an Assassin Creed game which required a patch to work on PS 4 after you payed 50 $ for the blue ray disc either way i like all your games.

    1. @Xex_Boot

      And unlike AC games, we can show graphic nudity, not just topless women walking around! So you could say, we put more ‘Ass’ than ASSassin’s Creed.

      (This bad pun is not endorsed by LoP or any of its affiliates. It was a terrible pun and he who spoke it shall now hold his head in shame for until further notice is given.)

  3. Why don’t you try ren’py games if you have technical with Unity longer story less animation more pictures looks like balance to me, cr8 game or two until master the software like patreon developers! Suggestion you could think no need to be exactly but you can try in game or two of the free games at least. Cheers!

  4. I am afraid is a bit to late to say I’d like to see some dp in JR ext. Like Asuka tricking her husband or at least Elena gets dominant controlling and put on a strap-on. 🙁 From threesomes I much more prefer to watch MMF than MFF. I mean in porn, IRL is the opposite.

  5. I bet you’re loosing a lot of money. Most people have quit buying your games. You never release anything anymore.

    The sub system needs to be removed. Pay for content only. Not sure why you get paid for doing nothing lol.

  6. Sounds alright to me! Although JR was not one of my favorite games, hopefully the added threesomes will push it to the top! Also, and I’m sure this is a daily reminder by now, but please don’t forget about Eleanor! She’s the reason I subscribed to LOP and became a fan, and is a clear favorite for many of us. Just thinking, a return to some classic favorites (and our new CVR characters) would be a welcome surprise.

  7. Well i hate to start mutiny and people will get you wrong but i tried once or twice to explain but LOP dudes no listening very much and they struggle with some problems they must fix:
    1. They must start tell exact release date at least month all developers on patreon do that and never late.
    2. Create voting pool and start creating what fans like.

    Snake valley maybe its me but hardly people want western this days, arkham was not big hit i guess to, occult things hmmm… not so sure. Was well represented in STT the religion without implementing all that spells and all that but here, well i guess maybe its me but…
    3.To give extensions of games people like Eleanor,Serena LWT, STT CVR, and start creating maybe more expansions or at least from one of this games monthly updates or episodes or something like that kind of system. On Patreon there is a games who are very long and still being updated and are nice and still are very well played, People get their update start playing not waiting and waiting and discussing ideas on forum which hardly someone read.
    I tried to explain this once this guys but they not toke it easy
    people telling which couple of games like by you still experimenting with some half successful projects. Many writers in business want to write their own stories but its very important, most important if you want profit ofc to give what audience wants, and they telling Eleanor, LWT, CVR STT, but you not planing to release LWT till probably summer next year, so suggest you to throw some new projects or work on them when you have time and release them somewhere in future and focus on your old hits people want to see. i’ve seen on patreon one man alone developing same game for over two years very popular making tons of profits, and its always, always released on time when its announced, you guys have whole team, you late, delaying, never knowing even you when you will be releasing the games, sometimes they have bugs, experimenting with projects that will be accepted from part of the customers instead creating the games all want to see, i can see for sure blog getting smaller only the most dedicated stayed, and if not secret if i may how much you earning per month on patreon you have solo developers earning from 2000$ up to 12000$ per month. I hate to see LOP going down but kinda does i will always stay loyal i used to play all games but now i play only some. I really hope you will reconsider to try cr8 episodes games like LWT can be done with monthly updates maybe start from the beginning, build relationship with girls, long game, a lot of options or hidden opportunities, maybe more characters, to need a lot of time till laid Lisa or maybe other game based on episodes, this games getting shorter and kinda out of context and i think many will agree
    Not an insult or critic pure analysis

    1. while i’m looking forward for snake valley and new projects i can definitely agree with you for the rest of the arguments you presented
      a while ago i said that certain lop games would benefit from similar approach that patreon creators use for their projects,gradually adding content on monthly or bi-monthly intervals which would allow the stories of best games such as LWT,LWS,Eleanor to develop to it’s full extent,most of the games have good and interesting stories but those stories and premises are kinda limited by the length of the game itself
      it’s easily imaginable how much better lwt2 could be presented if it was released as one big update for each day,this way when the expansion lands i already know i will want more
      on the other hand,we are receiving finished games and i appreciate that,not to many creators,especially with appearance of patreon do that

      “I really hope you will reconsider to try cr8 episodes games like LWT can be done with monthly updates maybe start from the beginning, build relationship with girls, long game, a lot of options or hidden opportunities, maybe more characters, to need a lot of time till laid Lisa or maybe other game based on episodes, this games getting shorter and kinda out of context and i think many will agree”
      —with this part i agree the most,i most of us would want that and since lop switched to unity engine i think it would be nice to go back since that game still has so much to offer


  8. Happy Thanksgiving every one i stated on another blog….

    Why not make another Eleanor Or LWT or LWS should already have the specs right and keep adding on to old ones like bi weekly something new. That would be cool then would make the money we spend worth while… All these new games look great but I’m sure if you took votes people would want those 3 before new games. Add on to the worlds already built. Add Didi to Eleanor since they already have met. Add more to the bar scene in Eleanor like her picking up guys or something. Add more to LWT2 like having them go to club meeting characters from CVR. Even games like seducing the throne good have gotten a upgrade. Eleanor, Serena and Tracy are special trying to make characters that are equal is great but dont forget about them . New games are great and fun but you have classic characters that are special that need to be revisited and a idea is giving them a upgrade every other week it could be just one or two scenes or adding them to CVR . There is a great universe that can be one game with Eleanor, LWT and LWS and CVR what a game that could be.

    Eleanor 3 = 1st

    LWT 2 =2nd

    LWS Expansion = 3rd

    New games = 4th


  9. Well better game to be later they always late anyway but full with minimum 40-50 days and more actions per day like LWT Eleanor then like LWT 2 cool game nice graphic but not enough want more of the game 7 days not enough not enough chances or actions to have with girls in LWT 2. Instead making bounty hunter which everyone forgot one they colud cr8 from that type extension from “Johnny Bullet” or like one guy said apparently there was scenario or just his idea to cr8 Tori 500 from mafia right hand guy point of view killing, stealing, fucking around including Tori, or Tori and he whatever his name was work together like hired guns Tori seduces he kills or she can ke thought to kill to or something. Arkham, Bounty, Snake to will not be mentioned later in future temporary and then forgotten short projects, or not explored and represented well enough. By the way on JB behind of the picutres is that CVR that will be awesome :). Cheers!

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