25 thoughts on “Merry XMAS and a Happy New Year!”

  1. Merry XXXMAS and Happy New Year LOP Team. Beautiful ladies. I can’t wait to play new games next year specially LWT2 expansion.
    P.S: why we don’t see Lisa or Antoinette in these post? They’re one of your most beautiful girls and they deserve have more attention

    1. @slayer

      Nothing in mouth? Okay then…hey everyone, listen up! No more things in mouths! No gags, cocks, dildos, strapons, bananas, cucumbers, or anything like that!

      *Everyone looks at me with a confused look before shaking me off and going back to work*

          1. @Phlebas

            The idea of it is about trust and surrender (for full details of it please refer to Madam Miranda from CVR). Some go above and beyond with gadgets and rigs, but most of it is for eye candy and to make it look more…sensual than it really is. The mouth gag is an item that is used for two things: to make the wearer produce louder moans as well as make them be able to be louder without being too loud that the neighbors can hear. The second is a form of control where they are not allowed to speak except for muffled yeses and nos (very dangerous to have if you have a safe word to use, mind you! 🙂 )

            Some girls like to be in control and other like to have someone else in control. So that just means you haven’t found the right person to ying your yang. Give it time, you will.

  2. What’s up, LoP Community?

    It’s been one crazy year of triumphs, struggles and discoveries that we all experienced together. With every year we finish, we look back at our year with reflection and pride in our creations. We also like to to take the moment to thank you, the LoP Community, for your dedication, feedback and support for this year and we hope it carries over into the new year as well!

    We have a long list of projects lined and with the new Unity engine and talented staff behind it, we are projecting a prosperous and fun 2018 (more details to come later).

    And on a personal note, thank you all for allowing me to produce two wonderful games, write two fun expansions as well as one great game this year. And to hint a bit your way; I have more in the pipeline coming your way (two of them are code named BLACK and PLEDGE) and I hope you guys enjoy them when they get released later as well.

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays and the new year everyone!

    Best Wishes,

    1. @daman
      merry christmas to you too and all the best in new year
      i hope the next year will be even better for lopteam,looking forward to what you have prepared for us

  3. Best wishes to you and by not stuff in mouth confused guy i thought no cucumbers carrots gagballs etc. Never said no cocks,
    girl eating banana which you never tried and i suggested once or twice its cute, dildo maybe fine i guess, but no gagballs and other stuff i mentioned before Greetings to all and happy Holidays!

  4. Merry Xmas LOP team way to close the New Year in a high note. Can’t wait for New Year as I’m hoping for ELEANOR, LWT as well as LWS. Seeing you guys build all those three games will be exciting.. @Daman @ LEO, Did I mention wouldn’t mind another add on to CVR lol.

    1. @lifeball224

      “Did I mention wouldn’t mind another add on to CVR lol.”

      Did I mention that I too wished for that too? I put it on my wish list for Santa, now we just wait and see! 🙂

  5. That’s a great Santa wish @Daman. Who is the girl with the Santa hat and the tattoo don’t recognize her. Like her alot. And the ball gag girl is who? You guys always do Eleanor right she wears lingerie perfect. To make her so open and slutty behind close doors she is always classy in pics and in work environment lmao. (Unless doors are shut) That’s what makes her perfect.

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you very much for great news about the return of eleanor … So next year it will be great. That’s why I’m a member of Lop. because of your good work and because you listen and fulfill your wishes. you are such a santa 😀

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