20 thoughts on “Party with friends is ready!”

  1. Is there a way for me to play this through chrome? For some reason the music is on but I have nothing on display. All the other games work fine through chrome?

    1. At the party, you have to talk to Jared and choose the option with a kiss on the cheek … You should stay three (Nancy, Sandra and Corey) and then you start a conversation with Nancy. You choose the last dialogue option and you’re done.

  2. Sadly, had to write tech support too, due to my pc starting to screach as long as the game runs actively (not when I go to sound menu). Hope it’s a simple fix/error, due to flash?

  3. I have played this a few times. I like it, but I have to press ctrl+alt+del to end task with task manager to close the game. Surely there is a better way.

    1. The only other way to end the game is hit full screen which returns it to a window from which yyou can hit the X in the top right corner and close the window. That is better than ctrl+alt+del and ending the task, but I don’t know why it doesn’t have a quit button. Am I missing something? One of these photos shows both girls with Corey. I have yet to figure out how to make that happen. Any hints?

  4. Good game.Needs to have more options during erotic scenes but it is bonus game so I’m ok with it.Just make sure that for gold games you improve them bit more.

  5. who managed to open the zip file of the game For me unfortunately the answer is always the same when I click on the executable file (-exe): There should be ‘PartyWithFriends_Data’
    folder next to the executable. And of course no response from the “hotline”. Who can help me?

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